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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

College Classics 5

Another film in the College Classics series from Spanking for Pleasure, featuring Amber Scott
Year: 1991; Time: 50 minutes; MF/4f
Drawing graffiti will cost you your panties. Highlight scenes, set to a Chopin soundtrack, precede the story itself, another well-constructed schoolgirl episode, this one featuring two experienced CP actresses. Two naughty schoolgirls in full kit (Amber Scott and Karen Watson), draw graffiti on a wall and behave sillier than they need to, all the while flashing their hips for the camera.
In a classroom, two school administrators review the girls’ deplorable records. Mrs Warboise has been unable to control them, so the visiting male supervisor, a familiar ageplay CalStar actor from this era, announces: ‘You’ve got to get harder with them… like whacking them.’
The copy we watched was probably damaged, because suddenly blond Amber, as ‘Brown,’ is OTK with Warboise, getting the slipper. Ms Scott is a diminutive lady, with a tight, small, elegantly chiselled pale bottom, and this stature makes her perfect to play the schoolgirl. Blue knickers down, ‘I think you’re going to need cream on this afterwards, young lady.’
Brunette Karen Watson gets her turn with the slipper.
There is another cut and Warboise is in the school infirmary, receiving a third girl, ‘Roberts,’ who complains about spots on her bottom. Warboise rubs on some cream. It appears Roberts has been naughty too, because: ‘While I’ve got you in this position, I will teach you not to lie.’
Another sudden segue; the male supervisor has got hold of Karen;  she is ordered to strip down to just knickers; she does not wear a bra. A lush body she presents — schoolgirls can mature! He decides the pants have to go also; she bends over a school desk naked for 6 cane strokes, a frontal glimpse providing a flash of a rather primeval thatch of raven black hair.
Back to Warboise — she finishes Roberts’ spanking, gets in a few caresses and sends her off. ‘No more telling stories.’
The back-and-forth scenes ended, now we see Brown and Roberts fidgeting at desks awaiting the arrival of Warboise and the supervisor. The man arrives, the girls are scolded, and the man lays a cane on a table, lest there be any doubt about the purpose of this meeting.
He will spank Brown first. she goes over a desk and he exposes her panties with delicate care, but before beginning, he calls for Warboise to join him, so he won’t be accused of any ‘hanky-panky.’ And further, to Brown (Amber): ‘In fact, take your panties down.’ Amber whisks them off, much too quickly. There needed to be a pause of apprehension here. She has bared her bottom many times on film.
The gent begins a hard handspanking with her over the desk again. She jumps up angrily: ‘Sir, get off me… too hard… you’re evil!’ He is angry now too and finishes this segment with a stiffened leather square paddle. After a brief cornering, her cute bare bottom on display, she is called to go back over the table, but first: ‘Take your jumper off, your tie… and your blouse.’ ‘Sir, that’s disgusting… it’s not normal, sir.’ She is soon down to black lacy well-filled bra. Her big blue eyes flash. Ms Scott at her best.
Over the desk again for the cane, panties stretched tight at her thighs, a dozen no-nonsense strokes, lots of gasping and hard breathing, pauses to banter and let the sting subside. ‘Your bottom is what is uppermost, in your mind and in mine.’ And ours. ‘Get your clothes and get out.’
Some deference to Roberts, who is Head Girl. ‘Your punishment is going to be in private.’ She is ordered to strip to bra and panties.’ ‘Mrs Warboise, take her knickers down.’ Over the desk, this actress knows to keep her legs locked, which thrusts her bottom high. She is paddled. ‘It really hurts, sir.’
There is a break here — this actress is having a difficult time with this spanking. Touch-toes for the cane, the brunette takes off her bra while she remains bent over, to the colourful result the director anticipated, the camera exploring. She counts down 12 cane strokes backward, there are sounds of tears, her face hidden by long hair. The audio continues as the scene disappears and the closing credits appear, before we see her gather her clothes and walk off. The spanking session did not go well.
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  1. A classic. The well spoken girl at the end is a gem. Mrs Warboys is the partner of Arthur Jardine of Burning Injustice in Janus (Pippa Marshall) and others. Somewhere I have seen a photo of her in her knickers being spanked and wonder if there are others of her taking CP?!

  2. She started in Naughty Nieces as well with Jardine. Naked in the bath. Strapped in her stockings.

  3. Just realised that is Jardine.

  4. From Ted - thank you. Found the movie. She is very nice naked and has a full bush and very spankable bottom. Shame she didn't take a caning as well but the tawse on her freshly bathed bottom made its mark well. One niece looks very much like her. Arthur Jardine is pretty poor with the cane. Those girls could have had a proper six of the best touching toes. he made a mess of caning Pippa Marshall too giving her six untidy strokes of the cane!

  5. Good ole memories of renting this stuff on Calstar VHS from Downtown Books in Boston back in the 80's.

  6. I love Amber's look in this. Her riot of big hair is very post-punk, and her messy way of wearing her uniform and her general attitude are late 'Grange Hill' or 'Hot Gossip' and couldn't make her more eligible for a spanking. I love watching her get slippered over the knee like this, but would have preferred to have seen her dealt with by a creepy old man rather than Mrs Warboys and Jardine. Mrs Warboys gives an acceptable performance but reminds me a bit of Teresa May, a connection which threatens to make the situation seem no more erotic as Brexit.

  7. The 'Head Girl' was great, very pretty and authentic looking, well spoken, and with a sensational body and tits and such a great position for her to be in naked for the cane at the end. Shame we don't see much in the way of pussy though (on any of the girls, with the slight exception of the one with the big mop of black hair). Mrs Warboys was great in as much she looked the real genuine middle-aged, middle class Tory type female disciplinarian. However, I would have preferred it if she wore a skirt and also if she'd taken a much more authoritative approach to the whole proceedings, though it was nice when she started to hold one of the girls down during her punishment. The two girls at the start of the film were a bit too wild and punk looking for my taste (though at least we were spared the sight of tattoos - probably because of the time the film was made). And underwear as well - the knickers looked regulation but the bras certainly were not, certainly not the black lacy one worn by the blonde girl. More fitting for a tart in the boudoir. She should have been punished for wearing that.

  8. Nice to see the businesslike exposure of the hanging tits. Always embarrasses them to have to get the tits humiliated - as girls always think their tits are too big or too small, so they are easy to insult as a routine part of the caning.

  9. The pretty 'Head Girl' took her caning very well in the final scene (great position and lovely hanging tits too). Tearful yet stoic acceptance, that's something I always like to see.

  10. Is Mrs Warboys still handing out spankings? I'd love to take a spanking from her and Amber Scott

  11. Amber scott is so cute and georgeous. loved the brunette at the end as well. not seen her in any other spanking films. lee