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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A Matter of Balance

From Uniform Girls 31
The cane clattered loudly across the table top. ‘You will stand still, you stupid child!’ He was frightening her, and she was finding it so very difficult to stand still. ‘Stand up straight!’ Once again the cane clattered down. She shook her head in near panic. ‘I can’t, Mr Edwards. I can’t. I just can’t…’ He took hold of the cane between his large hands and began to flex it, evilly, threateningly, into an arc. ‘You will, young lady. You will. I can assure you of that.’
It had begun as a play on words. Standing in his office, hands behind her back. Prim and proper. A few words of warning about her general attitude to her work. ‘You’re a slacker, young lady. You need wakening up a bit.’ Young Jackie, nodding in agreement, and promising to do better. ‘Yes, Mr Edwards. I’m sorry, Mr Edwards. I won’t be late again, Mr Edwards…’ It had been her final warning. Next time, there would be trouble. She had seen the deep-set shine of his eyes. And she was frightened. And underneath, in the honesty of her own secret thoughts, she knew he was right. She was one of nature’s original shirkers. Always late, and always inefficient. Never achieving a task before the very last minute. Jack Edwards had pondered the young girl on many occasions. Such a pity. A pretty young thing, with brains as well. Young Jackie could go far, if it wasn’t for that one handicap of hers. That evening, as he locked up, Edwards promised himself that now was the time for action. He knew the girl well. He knew the family. And his past experience would serve him in good stead. ‘Get your skates on, girl,’ he told her, his voice raised. ‘Sort yourself out, or you’ll be in trouble with a capital T.
It was inevitable that Jackie would find herself in trouble yet again. ‘You were warned,’ Edwards reminded her. He pointed to the door. ‘Get out. Go home. I’m about to teach you a lesson.’
She was standing by the full-length mirror, brushing her hair when her younger sister bounced into the room. The younger girl saw immediately the frightened expression on Jackie’s face. ‘Sorry, sis. Didn’t realise you were home.’ She looked into Jackie’s eyes. ‘Hey. What’s wrong?’ Her eyes looked beyond to the bed, and to the kit laid out upon the bedclothes. ‘Jackie? What is this?’ She crossed the room and held up a pair of football shorts, stretching them between her hands. ‘They’re mine. They won’t fit you. What are you doing…?’ Her big sister shook her head. ‘Look. Please. I just need them. Just for a few hours. Please…’ There was silence in the room for a second or two, and then little Cathy spoke: ‘Alright. God knows what you’re up to. Just don’t split them, that’s all I can say.’ She opened the bedroom door, but Jackie called to her. ‘Cathy. Please. Please don’t tell anyone about this. Please?’ Her sister shook her head. ‘Alright. But you could tell me about it, really you could.’
He had told her to attend him at his office at four. The rest of his instructions had been quite clear, and worryingly explicit. ‘In a pair of football shorts, and wearing roller skates.’ She had stared at him in total disbelief. Football shorts? Roller skates? What the hell was he talking about? But he had repeated the instruction, knowingly, in detail. ‘Your sister, Cathy? Is that her name? She plays in that girls’ football team doesn’t she?’ Jackie had just stood there, in the middle of the office, stunned by his knowledge of her family. ‘I want you here, tonight, in… er… Cathy’s football shorts… and wearing… roller skates…’ Whether it had been an inspired guess on Edward’s part, or whether he had seen her out in the park, Jackie had no idea. But yes, she did go roller skating, very very occasionally. The problem was that she had never really mastered the art. ‘No later than four, young lady. In shorts and roller skates…’ Jackie had contemplated standing her ground and simply refusing to obey this ridiculous instruction. She shook her head, intent on telling old Edwards that he was a weird old fool. As her pretty lips parted, her employer forestalled her plans. ‘You do as I say, or you’re out, young lady. Right out. And you can say goodbye to your career, because you will never, never gain a reference from this company!’ She was stunned. Quietly, she slipped away, feeling very frightened inside. Worried about the implications of Edward’s strange request. Her little sister’s football shorts? And roller skates? She was now quite convinced that the old man was more than just a stuffy old man. There was obviously some strange scheme in his mind. A scheme to teach her a real lesson about time keeping and behaviour.
It was a very worried young lady who went home that Friday afternoon, knowing that she would have to return to the office in just twenty-four hours’ time. Fortunately she usually kept herself to herself so there was no need to make an excuse for going back into town on Saturday afternoon. But Jackie slept very uneasily over Friday night, tossing and turning throughout the night hours. Perhaps her sister had noticed. It was not easy to act casually, knowing that something strange and probably not very pleasant was being planned for you on the following day.
The company offices were quiet as Jackie cycled into the yard. It was a sunny afternoon, and so her tee-shirt and shorts were not out of place, though the cycle-ride through town had become something of a nightmare, with men catching sight of her very tight shorts. The thin fabric just seemed to mould itself to her bottom like a second skin. Nothing whatsoever was left to the imagination. She blushed, as she stood beside the mirror in reception, realising for the first time just how short and tight they were, and how young and silly she looked. Not the sophisticated young woman she thought she was and intended to be. Just a silly girl. Even sillier, once she had put her roller boots on. She took them out of her cycle-bag and walked towards the cloakroom, wondering if any other member of staff was in the building. The silence was unnerving, so different from the bustle of the week. In the ladies cloakroom she sat down, slipped off her sandals, and tied on the boots. It had been months since she last went skating, over at Western Park. Her sister was much better at keeping her balance. In Jackie’s case it was just a matter of wobbling around, in a most ungainly manner, frequently falling to the ground.
Somehow she made her way along the corridor to Mr Edwards’ office, her arms held aloft, occasionally steadying herself by leaning a hand against the wall. She felt so awkward, wearing the boots, and indoors. She was wobbling about all over the place, and when she did finally reach the office door, she banged against it, finding it difficult to stand still and knock at the same time. The door opened, and she almost fell down in the doorway, as the manager opened the door.
He took hold of her upper arm, steadying her, leading her towards the centre of the room. ‘Stand still and stand up, young lady!’ It was clear that his attitude to her had not moderated overnight. Jackie made a supreme effort to stand still, keeping her legs as straight as possible, holding the roller skates together. Edwards waited and watched as she wobbled about, thrusting out her arms to steady herself. And he watched the tight curve of her bottom thrusting out and stretching the shorts. That had been an excellent idea. He had seen the two sisters out in the park, many months ago. The youngster was a pretty little thing, especially in those very brief shorts. But on that occasion, Jackie had been wearing jeans. The thought had flickered through her mind. The thought of the older girl in those shorts. He had imagined just what a struggle she had had to get them on at all. Mr Edwards prided himself on a very realistic and lively imagination.
He sat down at his desk and placed his hands upon the desk top, addressing her, as she quivered in front of him. ‘Always late, young lady. Aren’t you?’ She tried to nod, but found that even that slight movement upset her balance. ‘And when you are at work, your performance is appalling. Isn’t it?’ This time Jackie managed a hesitant nod of her head in agreement. ‘Do you know what the other members of the management team call you, Jackie?’ Of course, she didn’t. And she didn’t really wish to know. They call you ‘Get-your-skates-on Jackie’, because that is the most frequent order that they have to give you. Always late. Always slacking. Always needing a sharp word to get you to move!’ Edwards raised his arm and pointed directly at her. ‘So this afternoon, you do have your skates on, young lady. And I’m going to treat you to something which should serve as an encouragement to you to wake yourself up a bit in future.’ Jackie felt near to tears as the lecture continued. Her long bare legs were already aching as she tried to stay still, and the worst part of this whole experience was knowing that the man was right. That all those accusations were quite true. But what had he meant about giving her something to serve as an encouragement to her? There was something a little sinister in the way he was talking to her and drumming his fingers upon the desk top. She shivered again, realising that, away from the sunshine, the day was cool. There was the prickle of goose pimples upon her bare legs.
Edwards stood up, and moved an upright chair towards the centre of the room. ‘If you were a sensible and well-organised young woman, none of this would be necessary.’ He sat down, quite close to her. ‘But you are not behaving like a sensible young woman, are you? Your attitude is more akin to spoilt schoolgirl.’ He took a deep breath, knowing that this was the moment of confrontation. The moment when the girl was likely to flounce out of the office calling him a pervert and a dirty old man. ‘What you need is a good hiding, Jackie.’ His words were clearly spoken, even and soft. ‘I am going to put you across my knee, young lady, and I am going to tan your bottom.’ He waited for the inevitable reaction. She blushed profusely, her fingers flexing nervously. ‘Well? Isn’t that what you deserve?’ Jackie knew the truth, deep down. She opened her pretty mouth, finding it a struggle to find the right words. ‘And if I don’t…’ He prompted her. ‘If you don’t what?’ She clasped her hands together in front of her, now that she was becoming more accustomed to the skates. ‘If I don’t let you… spank me…?’ Edwards folded his arms and leaned back in his chair. ‘Then you can collect your cards. Right now.’
Moments later, close to tears, Jackie was hoisted across her manager’s knee. She felt the hem of her tee-shirt being rucked well clear of her back, his large dry hands, firmly holding her in place. And then, his fingers beneath the tight elasticated waistband of her shorts, tugging them down, inch by inch, rocking her from side to side. Edwards warmed to the task, but there was no hurry. He was going to enjoy this little exercise. He was going to bare this young madam’s bottom. He was going to get her shorts down, and her stupid little pants, and he was going to tan this little upstart into submission. The shorts pulled free from the rounded bottom-cheeks. He pulled them right down, until they became tangled around her ankles. And her knickers. All the way down to her ankles. He ran the palm of his right hand over the girl’s delightfully smooth peach of a bottom. She lay across his knee, strangely submissive, just waiting for the inevitable punishment. Her immediate decision to accept his spanking had surprised Edwards. Nevertheless, the prospect of teaching young Jackie a really memorable lesson spurred him on into action. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! His firm hand landed square across her up-turned cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He set his own rhythm and the girl’s body responded, her bottom-cheeks bouncing backwards and forwards, with just the hint of a struggle as she tried to wave her legs. But of course, the heavy roller skates kept her legs weighed down. She twisted her body, attempting to shield her now-pinkening bottom from further blows. But Edwards slapped on. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! There was no other sound. Just that explosive mixture of firm male palm across soft fleshy girlish bottom. She was squealing now, as the smacking continued, and her bottom began to burn. And she was sobbing quietly when he finally sat back, his arm and hand literally aching from the concentrated exertion. ‘I’ll teach you to shirk your responsibilities,’ he breathed. ‘I’ll teach you.’ She was told to stand. It was an awkward ungainly movement as the skates failed to grip on the office floor. She struggled to maintain her balance, the tears still glistening in the eyes and down her face, her bottom shining a bright burning pink.
He made her remove her shorts and knickers completely. And that meant sitting on her bare bottom in the middle of the room to remove her skates, with Edwards scrutinising her every movement. She followed him down the corridor to the back yard. ‘A touch of exercise won’t do you any harm,’ he suggested. And he made her skate round and round the rough yard, in just her tee-shirt and skates. Not just her punished bottom blushing red, but her pretty face as well. Praying that no-one else was watching from one of the adjacent windows. Knowing that the skates meant she couldn’t possibly move gracefully, especially with Mr Edwards applying the occasional sound slap to her wobbling gyrating bottom as she skated backwards and forwards.
He decided it was time for the final lesson. Back indoors, into the office. Tee-shirt off, and bra. Young Jackie was a pretty little miss. All the lads in the company knew that. Not a few would have been delighted to have witnessed the afternoon’s events. Not a few had savoured many happy fantasies relating to what young Jackie deserved, and how they would make sure she received it. The girl was now completely bared, but for her socks and skates.
She was put across the desk, legs held straight, but open. In her confusion, she failed to see the long slender cane which Edwards had collected from the corner of the room. He was going to cane her. Soundly. And then he would take her back to the yard and make her skate round again. In the nude. With the cane making frequent painful visits to her beautiful bare bottom. Later, it would be back to the office, for a further session. Perhaps the girl lying flat on her back, her legs held aloft, her straining muscles fighting to support the weight of the skates. Or he would simply make her stand straight, with her hands above her head, and he would propel her along the corridor using the cane across her bottom as the only motive power.
He flexed the cane in his hand. ‘You will stand still, you stupid child!’ He tapped the cane upon the table top. ‘You will stand still. Or we shall begin again… and again…!’
In the darkness, Jackie crept quietly into her house. She could hear the television set in the back room. She slipped upstairs, and placed the roller skates on the floor of her bedroom, just inside the door. With a pained sigh, she fell onto her bed, face down, her bottom still so tender. She began to sob to herself, quietly, in the darkness. She shivered as she felt a hand upon her heaving shoulder. ‘Alright, sis. Come on now. It’ll soon stop hurting.’ She turned to look at her younger sister. Cathy was smiling sympathetically. She pre-empted her big sister’s questions. ‘Yes. I wondered, when I saw you with my shorts. Now I know.’ She eased the shorts down away from her sister’s bottom, placing her cool soothing hand across the crimson ridges. ‘Yes,’ she whispered. ‘I thought this would happen.’ Jackie tried to find out more. ‘What do you mean?’ Cathy shook her head. ‘Not now. Perhaps another day, I’ll tell you all about it.’
With shorts and knickers tugged well out of the way, Jackie lay still as her little sister applied soothing cool cream. Nothing more was said that night. The truth about young Cathy could wait until morning.

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  1. I love the subtle hints and implication that Mr Edwards has been dealing with Cathy, the knowing younger sister, perhaps for some time.