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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Old School House

Story from Kane 82 by Krista Wale
The fantasies all began with Beth when she dated a guy named Karl, until then she a naive, innocent sort of girl whose most daring sexual encounter was making love in the pouring rain across a park bench — daring enough you might think. However, Karl introduced her to something new, something she always used to think was purely for the x-rated video library, something, that only seriously weird ‘kinky’ folk got up to.
‘What?’ I hear you scream.
Fetishes, yes, that simple, but so erotic, so intimate you would need to try it to believe it. It’s so personal and private. You can’t brag about your fetish exploits like making love on the beach or in a cornfield. That’s romantic, brave, exciting, daring, but tell someone you love dressing like a schoolgirl and being spanked and caned, then see what reaction you’d get — sicko, pervert and weirdo to name a few, I would think.
Beth, sweet innocent Beth. As I said it began with Karl. When she first started dating him he seemed great, loving, caring and hopelessly devoted, a dream come true I suppose. The first few visits to the house raised a few suspicions; she noticed pictures of women’s bottoms everywhere. Yes, okay, a bloke on his own — you’d be more concerned if they were male bottoms. It was the way he kept hinting that he had a secret to tell her and he wasn’t sure how she’d take it that made the picture complete.
‘Guess,’ Karl said.
‘You’re into spanking?’ replied Beth.
He couldn’t believe she’d guessed right, all he was left wondering was ‘Is this the end of a beautiful relationship?’ Beth, to be honest had a few reservations, but he hadn’t said she had to do anything, so she decided to give the relationship a go — nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.
The first time he spanked her bottom was whilst they were making love one night. Beth wasn’t sure how she felt, part of her was excited by it whilst the other half was a little scared, why? She wasn’t sure — what people would think? Would he still want her if she didn’t participate? Does he enjoy hitting women? Mixed feelings. Huge orgasm though.
Well, to cut a long story short that was the beginning of it all. ‘All what?’ you ask. A wonderful intimate relationship with almost no holds barred, (not literally — in case you’re wondering.) We really do feel comfortable enough with each other to say what we do and don’t like. I think the turning point for Beth on the ‘I’m not sure about this’ score was Karl’s birthday. What a surprise she had for him. He was chatting on the phone when she walked in — ‘The Schoolgirl’ — dressed in white shirt, school tie, pleated gym skirt, white silky pants and stockings. Well, the phone had never been put down so fast. Beth loved the effect she was having on him, it was the first time she let him spank her properly, and they were both extremely hot. Karl could hardly undo her shirt. Yes it was truly amazing. The schoolgirl, maybe due to her ‘disguise’ really let herself go, that’s when she realised she enjoyed it too. That’s when she started to fantasise.
Her favourite fantasy is the one I’m about to tell you.
It all began when Beth was working in a small village named Grimston. Each day she had to walk past the village green and see the old stocks. She used to imagine how people in times of old would be placed in them and punished, not to mention ridiculed by the locals. It must have been terrifying, but maybe, just maybe, exciting too.
The stocks could of course be used for another form of punishment — imagine being locked in the stocks, helpless, unable to protect yourself with your hands and spanked. What an exhilarating thought. Beth felt slightly ashamed at the way she was getting aroused just thinking about what she was imagining. It would be quite a test to see how much spanking and caning she could tolerate whilst being totally restrained. Maybe she would hate it; maybe she would love it.
The stocks weren’t all this little village had to offer; there was one other thing, a building, and not just any building. No, this was a place where you could let your imagination run riot. Every room could have a different theme. Beth thought of all the fantasies she could live out in this one place: ‘The Old School House.’
Grimston was in fact a dream come true. The schoolhouse was idyllic; it was just as you would picture a school in bygone times, when corporal punishment was an everyday occurrence. Beth could hear it now; ‘Bend over, Wilson.’ She would have done it with pleasure. The schoolhouse itself was a white building, complete with the original school bell. Inside the building just one room had been kept authentic, she longed to go and see it. And see it she did.
The fantasy became reality one day; it was almost like a sign. Beth could not believe her luck when the owners of the school asked her to look after it whilst they were away on holiday; they even said her boyfriend could stay too. Beth has so kindly decided to tell us of her wonderful time at the school.
Read it and weep. Weep because you were not lucky enough to be there.
Beth and Karl arrived at the ‘house’ early evening as requested. This was an adventure they couldn’t wait to start. Beth climbed the concrete staircase up to the old schoolroom and stood in the centre.
She was in awe. The whole room was original, the desks, chairs; even the blackboard was the old style, complete with chalk and board rubber — none of the awful whiteboards of the present day. In the comer was a cane. How would that feel cracked across her bare bottom? Also, hanging at the back of the door was a black cloak and mortarboard. Karl had always wanted one of those.
Whilst Karl was downstairs, Beth changed into her uniform. School gym knickers for starters — he always liked them. Then on with the calf-height white socks, black school shoes. Next came the plain white bra, followed by the authentic white shirt, tie, and blazer. She picked up her satchel and set off down the stairs — the horny naughty little schoolgirl.
Well, Karl was aroused on sight — she was a dream come true for him, a vision of pure wickedness.
‘Wilson,’ he said, ‘go to the main schoolroom now and start writing 100 lines stating that you must please your teacher and stop being so naughty.’
‘But, sir.’
‘No buts. Now go and do it.’
Beth went back to the room and sat at a desk near the front. She opened the desk, but found it to be empty. What was she to do now? She had no paper with her, no pens. Karl arrived shortly after her. He soon found the cloak and put it on, then the mortarboard. He felt so important with them on, it added to the erotic atmosphere that was beginning to stir.
‘Wilson. Why are you not writing your lines when I specifically asked you to,’ shouted Karl.
‘I’m sorry sir, there are no pens or paper,’ replied Beth.
‘Then you should have your own. Where are they?’
‘I. Err. Forgot them sir,’ she said.
‘Forgot. Forgot. No excuses Wilson, no more. Prepare to be punished. Now bend over your desk.’
It was just like her fantasy ‘Bend over Wilson.’ It was her lucky night. Beth did as she was told.
‘Now, pull your skirt up, so I can see your pants, girl.’
The sight of her bent over the school desk, with those navy gym knickers was almost too much for Karl. Once he’d regained his composure he stood next to her and placed a hand on her bottom. He started to rub it gently, then without warning his hand came down on her.
‘Aaaagh,’ she screamed. She felt the sting on her backside, then the second followed. It stung, but this time she suppressed her scream.
Her bottom was already warming up but she still wanted more. And she got more.
Another four spanks later and Karl said, ‘Are you sorry yet Wilson?’
‘No sir. I didn’t do anything.’
‘Don’t answer me back.’
He promptly pulled her pants down, just past her buttocks, just so you could see the white gusset. God it horned him. ‘It’s the cane for you my dear, six of the best, and I want you to count each one.’
‘No sir’, she teased.
‘Do you want more?’ replied Karl.
‘No sir, sorry sir.’
He went over to the corner and picked up the cane. On the way back to Beth he swished it a couple of times, he liked the sound, it was a good cane, definitely an original.
He brought it down on Beth’s bare backside. ‘One sir,’ she cried. Oh yes, a stripe was already appearing, she was a brave girl. ‘Two sir,’ she whimpered.
‘I didn’t quite hear that girl. Louder.’
TWO, sir.’
‘That’s better, my girl — more respectable.’
THREE, sir.’
Karl whacked her bottom harder the fourth time.
‘Aaaargh,’ Beth screeched. The pain was excruciating and her bottom was stinging like you cannot imagine. She tried to rub her bum with her hand to ease the sting, but Karl abruptly pushed it away.
‘You can rub your bottom when I say young lady and not before. And I do not recall hearing a number. Maybe I should restrain you whilst I’m caning you. What do you think Wilson?’
‘No, sir. It was number four sir.’
‘Good,’ replied Karl.
Beth heard the cane being flexed for the fifth swish, she was feeling so excited, she knew she enjoyed being spanked but the atmosphere was taking her to dizzier heights. She wanted even more thrill — and she was about to get some. The fifth stroke made Beth stand upright with a start. She rubbed her bum and hopped from one leg to the other. Wow, that REALLY stung.
It’s difficult to explain the sensation of being caned; the sting soon turns into an extraordinary, erotic heat — especially when followed by a soothing hand rubbing the pain away. Then the feeling of extreme arousal kicks in. After that? Well that depends how far you want to take it, where you want the feeling to end. Let us re-join Beth and Karl to see where their fantasy leads to next.
‘Well, Miss Wilson. I really think you need a little restraint after that little performance. You really must learn to compose yourself.’
‘And what do you suggest sir — tie my hands together?’
‘Don’t cheek me, girl. Anyway, I have a much better idea than that. Now pull your knickers up and follow me.’
Beth did as she was told. Where was he taking her she wondered — she hoped — no, he couldn’t be, could he? Karl led her down the stairs. He was still wearing his gown and mortarboard.
‘You may need your jumper on Wilson — unless you think you’ll be warm enough,’ he said.
‘I’ve a feeling I won’t be needing any more warmth sir,’ she replied. Beth couldn’t believe it; he was taking her out through the back door now and onto the village green. She had such a confusing mix of emotions, excitement, fear, danger but most of all an erotic thrill running over her, causing goose pimples and an amazing tingle all over her body.
Meanwhile, Karl was in such ecstasy he really had to try to hold himself together. Never before had he been so turned on by giving CP, never had anyone but Beth had this effect on him. It was only in his wildest dreams that he would find a girl that would be so willing to except his strange fetish, let alone allow him to perform these acts with her. This felt even more special because he knew that Beth was enjoying it as much as him. Sometimes he wondered if she gave herself through fear of otherwise losing him — not that he’d be so shallow — but tonight, tonight he knew that this was her dream too. And he knew none of it would have felt so intimate, so erotic had they not been so in love with each other.
So, there they were, on the green, next to the stocks. Imagine if anyone had seen them on that moonlit night, the schoolgirl and her teacher in full ‘costume’. What a sight it must have been. Maybe someone had seen them, but they were so wrapped up in each other and their real-life fantasy — they wouldn’t have known anyway. ‘Right Wilson. If you would like to position yourself in the stocks, maybe we can complete your punishment.’ Beth obeyed her ‘teacher’. Now she truly did feel like a naughty little schoolgirl. And, my, how good that felt. She had to remind herself that she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this, not this much anyway. Once Beth was in place, the caning began. ‘Wilson, I feel six of the very best would be in order. Would you like to argue?’ said Karl.
‘No sir. Six it is,’ she replied.
Karl hitched up Beth’s skirt and pulled down her pants once more. Thankfully there wasn’t a soul around, what a nice sleepy village this was. He brought the cane down hard across her bottom.
‘One sir. Oh, two sir.’ The stroke was a little harder. ‘Ouch — three sir.’
He rubbed her bottom a little, it felt so warm, and he could see a faint outline of the stripes so far given. To say he was feeling a little hot would be a slight understatement. Another swish of the cane. ‘F-Four sir,’ she gasped. ‘Five sir. — That was a little hard sir.’
‘Perhaps you’d better prepare yourself for the final whack then Wilson,’ he said. Before she had a chance he brought the cane down just below her buttocks. ‘Ouch. sir — six sir. Six VERY fine strokes sir,’ said Beth.
‘Yes, Wilson. Very, very fine strokes. Now I think we should return to the schoolhouse and assess how ‘fine’ your bottom looks.’
Once back in the ‘school’ Karl asked Beth to remove her pants for him and bend over her desk. He hitched up her skirt. ‘Well, well my dear what a prime example of a naughty schoolgirl bottom we have here. Perfect! The best striped bottom I have ever seen.’
‘Only the best for my teacher, sir. Perhaps you would like to rub it better sir. It is a little sore, after all.’
‘With pleasure, my dear — with pleasure,’ said Karl.
At this point we leave Beth and Karl and allow YOUR imagination to run riot. If it were your fantasy, where would YOU want it to end? In the schoolroom, over the desk? At the stocks? Would you repeat the punishment, but this time have a grown-up girl with stockings and suspenders? Maybe you’d like the school secretary.
You see, my readers, as I said, spanking is one of the most erotic fetishes you can ever imagine, you can take it to different heights, (depending on your pain threshold,) and you can really let yourself go more; thanks to whichever ‘costume’ you choose. So remember, next time someone admits this strange fetish to you, try it. You never know you may enjoy it as much as Beth and Karl. And next time you hear somebody boasting about their latest beach conquest, just imagine what secret erotic memories or fantasies you could be having.

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