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Sunday, 14 April 2019

September Afternoon

From Blushes 54
The bright afternoon sunlight slanted in through the high window to catch the girl in profile as she stood straight and erect in front of the polished oak desk. Outlining the softly pretty full-lipped face framed in short and glossy dark-brown hair. Outlining also the slim shape of her in a fitting pale-blue knee-length dress; a shape that was slim but at the same time undoubtedly female, the sun’s slanting rays emphasising the softly rounded peaks in the tight bodice of the dress. The pretty face, the big brown eyes, bore an intent expression. The face was devoid of make-up, a scrubbed-clean-girl look. Down below, though, her brown open-back sandals showed bare toes with pale-pink nail-varnish.
The man behind the desk, taking in all the details (though not of course the pink-varnished toes which were out of his line of sight) said: ‘One essential quality I will require is obedience. In fact one could say that is the essential quality. After of course general attractiveness of appearance which naturally is assumed, and you do seem to have that. But obedience and discipline, those are the qualities. When one observes the behaviour of so many young people nowadays…’ He shook his head. It was a large head, bald except for the sides where it was grey, the hair cut short. The face was pleasant-looking, amiable-looking she thought. He would perhaps be sixty but that was only a guess, old anyway; a nice old gentleman.
‘Anyway I have to make quite sure I am not getting someone like that. Do you know what I mean young lady?’
‘Oh yes.’ The words popping out from the soft unlipsticked mouth. ‘Yes Mr Minley.’
‘Obedience and discipline Miss. Would you be obedient and disciplined?’
‘Oh yes Mr Minley. Yes.’ She stood perhaps a little straighter, hands straight at her sides. Shoulders squarer, so that the nicely-rounded tits, not large but nice handfuls, were thrust into firmer prominence under the tight blue dress.
Mr Minley smiled. ‘I would have to give a girl a few tests. Before I could properly take her on. A man has to have some idea of what he’s getting, you can understand that can’t you Susan?’
She nodded and said yes she could. Mr Minley told her to come round, next to him. She stepped smartly forward, round the large desk and out of the patch of bright sunlight, the heels of her sandals clacking on the polished woodblock floor. A little hesitant smile at Mr Minley who had skewed his high-back chair sideways to face her.
Mr Minley smiled an amiable smile back. ‘You certainly look like a nice smart girl Susan. And a very pretty one. Very promising I would say. Tell me have you got knickers on? Under that pretty dress.’
Before she had time to reply Mr Minley continued, ‘But of course you have. Of course nice girls wear knickers when they come to be interviewed. Yes. But I should like you to take them off Susan. Can you do that?’
Her pretty cheeks flushed. Was it the test? ‘I… In here?’ she queried in a nervous voice.
‘Yes. Right here Susan.’
A moment’s hesitation and then she did it. Not looking at Mr Minley, not really looking at anything but with her face red just… doing it. Sliding up the skirt of the blue dress to reveal her pale slim bare thighs and further up a pair of brief white knickers. Pulling them down. Snaking them down the slim legs. The bare feet with their pink toenails in the brown sandals raised one by one to allow the skimpy white garment to be slipped off. She stood straight, the knickers dangling irresolutely in one hand.
Mr Minley held out his hand for them. ‘And now lift your dress up Susan. Right up.’
It had to be the test of obedience. Obediently she did as instructed. Right up. To reveal a neat bush of dark brown almost black curls for Mr Minley’s relaxed gaze. He gave another amiable smile.
"Good girl Susan. Tell me do you have a boyfriend?’
‘Y… Yes Mr Minley,’ she stuttered out.
Mr Minley’s hand came out. To lightly cup the brown bush. Gently he said, ‘I expect he’s keen on this eh? Keen to get at it. Young chaps are I know. Do you let him Susan? Let that boyfriend get at it?’
‘N… No…’ She was trembling. No doubt desperately wanting to push the intimately holding hand away but not doing so because it had to be the test and she had to pass the test. ‘N… No I… I don’t.’
‘Good girl. That’s very sensible.’ Mr Minley gave what he was holding a firm squeeze. ‘Now turn round Susan. Let me see your pretty bottom.’
On wobbly knees she turned round, sliding her private parts away from Mr Minley’s hand. That was something, a big relief. But the hand was now at her nude bottom.
Mr Minley’s soft and amiable voice asked, ‘Have you ever had it caned Miss? This lovely bottom?’
‘N… No…’ came breathily from the pink lips.
‘Ah.’ Mr Minley’s hand caressed. ‘Well now, this is what I want you to do Miss. Upstairs…’
Upstairs in the little bedroom. A spartan bedroom with a single bed covered with a brown blanket and an upright chair and a cupboard and not a lot else. The room was at the other side of the house and there was no bright sunlight streaming in as there had been downstairs in Mr Minley’s study. There was sunlight still outside the window, sunlight down there in Mr Minley’s large garden but Susan wasn’t up here to be looking out at the garden she had to do what Mr Minley had said. Put on the things that were neatly folded on the bed, and the high-heeled white shoes that were placed by the side of the bed. ‘I believe the shoes will fit,’ Mr Minley had said. ‘If not we will change them later but they will do for the moment. For the tests. I need you to be properly dressed for the tests.’
The shoes did fit. With the pair of white ankle socks. And the other things fitted OK. A short white top and a pair of blue shorts. The shorts were loose-legged, not tight-fitting. Those were the only things, there was nothing underneath the shorts and top. Mr Minley specifically said that. She was to leave off her bra, that would be required for the tests, and as for her knickers Mr Minley already had them, he had put them in his pocket.
‘I’ll be up shortly,’ Mr Minley had said. ‘I’ll expect you to be ready. Changed and waiting for me. Then we’ll see about some tests. Disciplinary tests.’
Now with Mr Minley’s outfit on she was waiting. Standing nervously by the bed on which she had placed in a neat pile her own removed garments. Her eyes darting round the sparsely furnished room. What were these tests? That business downstairs though it had been pretty awful hadn’t been the test. There was going to be something else. Something… worse. She glanced again at the door… and this time it opened.
Mr Minley. With a cane in his hand. Her heart missed a beat as she saw it. He had meant it then. A cane. She had told herself he couldn’t mean it, it was perhaps a joke. But now…
Her mind left the cane for a second to register that Mr Minley was carrying something else as well. A hot-water bottle. Through her head raced the thought: it’s daytime, I’m not going to bed, I don’t need a hot-water bottle: and then the other thought: anyway it was summer still. September. So why…
Mr Minley was putting the cane down on the little bedside table. But still holding the water bottle.
‘Good. I see you’re ready Susan. Are you ready?’
She didn’t answer. Just a nervous half-smile.
‘The bottle’s nice and hot. Not impossibly hot I don’t think. Anyway we’ll see shall we? Drop the shorts first of all please.’
Her liquid brown eyes looked like saucers. In sharper tones Mr Minley repeated his order. This time her hands went to the waist button of the loose-legged shorts. Slipping them down. Nothing underneath of course. ‘Keep quite still,’ Mr Minley said.
He moved round behind her. Still carrying the hot-water bottle. At the last moment she realised what Mr Minley was going to do. About a second before he actually did it. Holding the water bottle by the neck and bottom flap so that his own fingers weren’t burnt he placed it firmly against the rounded cheeks of her bare bottom. She let out a frantic yelp and stumbled forward.
I said keep quite still Susan. I don’t call that still. Come on its not too bad. And this is only a preliminary test, not the proper business. Come on, stand upright and still this time. Until I say…’
It was burning… Really burning! She managed to endure it for some seconds, and then with another strangled yell leapt forward.
‘Not very good,’ Mr Minley said. And what a racket. OK, we’ll give you a taste of it in the other place. They’re supposed to be more sensitive eh? A girl’s boobs. We’ll see. Lift the blouse up. Right up, let me see them.’
She was shaking her head. Rubbing her still burning bottom and with tears in her eyes shaking her head. ‘No! Please…
‘Don’t be silly, it’s just a test. It won’t hurt you, it’s not hot enough for that. You just think it’s hurting you. That’s where the discipline comes in, mind over matter. Come on, get that blouse up.’
Shaking all over she made herself lift the white blouse. To show her firm pink-nippled boobs. Mr Minley put the bottle down on the bed and grabbed her. Turning her so that she was facing away… and took hold of the pretty tits. One in each hand. His voice in her ear:
‘Mmm, nice ones Susan. Very nice ones. We’ll just see that they’re ready…’ His fingers and thumbs were working at the nipples. Rubbing and pulling them. ‘It won’t really hurt. Nothing too dreadful…’ Her nipples were coming up, stiffening. Her bare bottom that had felt the hot burn of the water bottle was now hard in against Mr Minley’s groin. She felt giddy, a bit sick. Mr Minley couldn’t…
I le let go of her. Somehow she was still holding her blouse up above her boobs. Her nipples were fully up, a pair of pink soldiers smartly on parade. Mr Minley was picking up the hot-water bottle again. She shook her head…
‘Just stand quite still Susan. It’s only a preliminary, to give you the feel of it. Then we’ll have you on the bed.’
He had placed the water bottle flat against her stiffened nipples. As she screamed he rubbed it quickly from side to side pushing in on them. With another scream she stumbled away.
Not very good Susan. Anyway, now you know what it’s like we’ll have you on the bed. Come on, get up.’
Kneeling upright on the bed. Hands at her sides, her blouse now slid back in place, over her throbbing nipples. The shorts were still down, down at her ankles and the white high-heels. Mr Minley had the cane in his hand again. He gave her a lightly stinging tap across the bare buttocks.
Now we do some proper tests Susan. Now you’ve had a feel of it. Place the pillow close in front of you. So that your hips, and your pussy, will be on it when you lie down. And that pretty bottom nicely up.’
‘No… please…’ she pleaded. But did it. Putting the pillow in place and then lying down on it. Mr Minley made her lift her arms behind her back… and hold the hot-water bottle. Hold it flat with her hands at the ends as he had done.
‘Now I’m going to time you Susan. The cane flicked lazily but stingingly across the offered bare buttocks. ‘When I say now you’ll lower it onto your bottom and take your hands away. And not move…’
Whimpering into the sheet she endured interminable excruciating seconds while Mr Minley studied his watch. The second hand had not advanced any great distance however before with a wailing screech her hands were grabbing for the burning bottle. Dragging it from her scalding bottom.
Not good,’ a stern-voiced Mr Minley intoned. ‘I do believe we need a little touch of the cane to concentrate our mind.’
She received two sharp cuts across her throbbing bottom. Proper cuts this time, producing gasping yelps. Mr Minley then, telling her not to move, went out to get a second hot-water bottle, concerned that the first might have cooled down too much. She was still in position when he returned, her bottom still glowing from the combined effects of water bottle and cane.
‘Right, we’ll do that one once more,’ Mr Minley said. ‘After that… we’ll see how those other pretty things can handle it.’
The ‘other pretty things’ were her boobs of course. She had to lift herself up. Her blouse pulled high up to her armpits and up on her hands and knees, so that the pretty tits were firmly pendant. Mr Minley had given her a second time with the bottle on her bum, making her stay in position long beyond the point at which she was sure she could take no more. And now… it was to be her tits…
He was sliding the bottle underneath her. The new bottle this time. She knew it was going to he even hotter. Mr Minley’s hand caressed her trembling bottom.
‘All right Susan? You’re not doing too badly. Not especially good but not too bad. Now I want you to lower yourself down… until you’re nicely in contact. A nice firm contact. All right? And hold it there.’
She yelled out again in fear at the thought of it, the burning bottle beneath her that she knew was even hotter than the other one. The thought of lowering herself onto it, so that it was in solid contact with her so-sensitive nipples. It had really hurt before when he had held it against them. No, she couldn’t. She let out another frantic cry. Squirming her bare bottom that still felt red hot against Mr Minley’s fondling hand.
No… I can’t…’ she gasped.
Mr Minley, eyes glinting, slid his hands between her legs. ‘Of course you can Susan. You’re going to show me… what a disciplined girl you can be.’
His fingers at her cunt. She was wet. His fingers stroked her wetness. ‘Yes. A nice obedient and disciplined girl…’
It is dusk now but still warm in Mr Minley’s garden. In his summer house. From the summer house she can see across the darkening immaculate lawn of Mr Minley’s splendid house in the last rays of the setting sun. Mr Minley sitting close against her is stroking her bare thigh.
She has passed the test. He has told her that. He is going to take her on. Of course she will need further training in obedience and discipline, she is by no means perfect as yet. But… promising Mr Minley said. Definitely promising. The hand squeezes her thigh. Mr Minley is asking about her boyfriend.
She is wearing the blouse and the white ankle socks and high-heel shoes. That is all, the shorts have been left inside, upstairs in that little room. Her bare bottom is seated on a rug placed on the bench in Mr Minley’s summer house.
Is she going to miss her boyfriend? Mr Minley asks.
Because she will he living in here. That little room upstairs in the splendid big house will be her room. The little room where she has just had her tests.
‘I don’t know,’ she answers. She is still feeling a bit numb from the tests, indeed she has difficulty focussing her mind on her boyfriend.
Mr Minley puts his arm warmly round her slim shoulders. His other hand, which has been stroking her thigh, comes up, slides up under the blouse. To stroke her bare boobs. ‘How are they feeling?’ he asks.
‘A… All right.’ she shivers as the hand plays with her nipples. The hot pain has gone now but they feel extra sensitive, the result no doubt of their painful contact with the hot-water bottles. Her sensitised nipples are immediately stiffening.
‘I expect he’s going to miss playing with these. Mmm? And doing those other things that randy boyfriends like to do?’ Mr Minley laughs softly in the semi-darkness. ‘But pretty Susan won’t have time to worry about him, I’m sure. We shall keep her nice and busy. Won’t we?’
‘Yes Mr Minley,’ she answers. A meek and obedient voice.
Mr Minley takes his hand away from the hot nipples and turns her round. Moving her sideways and lifting her feet up, onto the bench. Her head slides down, so that she is lying across the seat and his lap. Mr Minley’s hand goes to the bare warm thighs again.
‘Yes we shall keep her busy. There will be lots of things for her to do. And of course more testing. Pretty Susan will have to have more testing.’
The hand pushes in between the warm thighs. She doesn’t resist, allowing her thighs to be parted. Mr Minley’s hand fondles soft curls. Her warm moist sex. His fingers slip inside her. She groans as he rubs her erect clitoris. Arching her hips.
‘Oh yes, lots more testing.’ Mr Minley says as he commences to masturbate her.
The sun has now disappeared behind the screen of trees. The big house, the lawn, the summer house are all in virtual darkness. The beautiful September afternoon is ended. Mr Minley’s hand moves rhythmically, accompanied by little gasps and groans.


  1. Oh well, seems like she passed the 'interview' and got the job!

  2. Always enjoyed this set. One of the greatest Blushes punishers.. 'Mr. Minley' ... always looked as though he felt genuine contempt for this slut; he leers at her, clearly enjoys maximising the time the hot water-bottle is on her buttocks. A fantastic set. Thanks Fleas.