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Thursday, 25 April 2019

On the Line

From New Blushes 2.14
The board of judges each studied the attractive nineteen-year-old standing in the small dock before them. This was a year well into the twenty eighth century and sentences had become more bizarre than ever could have been thought of.
‘Cindy, you admit to being guilty.’
‘Yes, your honour,’ she blushed.
She had been discovered having sex with a young man and this was absolutely taboo without the permission of the local sex councillor.
Too many children had been born and the aim of every council and county was to get people’s minds off the leisurely waste of time by resorting to sex. There were plenty of other pastimes that included sport, reading and culture endeavours, but sex invariably brought forth children. The substance to make condoms had run out long, long ago. Chemicals to make contraception pills was unheard of now, and short of being castrated, which was considered to being unhelpful in a man’s mind, the idea of reducing the birth factor by passing laws that meant no sex unless one got permission from the said sex councillor. It was all too tiresome, but if a girl was caught as Cindy had been, then the chances was that she would be catapulted into a state of terrible shame and humiliation.
‘The Line’ punishment had been dreamed up by one old and frustrated crusty Law Lord. It was simple in its design. A rope was stretched from one point to another in a back yard in the old part of the town. It was in fact in the rear area of a terraced house but this backyard appearance did little to comfort the woman who might be sentenced to spend time there. It was a general thoroughfare with people walking past freely and openly. The girl who might be sentenced to stand on the line, had to reach up — and she really got stretched — as she gripped the tight rope. She was absolutely forbidden from pulling her hands down until the time of the sentence expired. But the added twist to all this, was that passers-by were able to dally with her. No matter what they demanded. Short of expiration of life, she just had to accept.
There was always a thin cane propped against the wall and she could be made to twist and writhe if anybody thought to bring the cane down onto her naked buttocks; naked she would almost certainly be except for a brief triangle of white cloth covering her modesty. Her buttocks would be bared as was the rest of her torso and in this state she would be required to stand and become the spectacle of shame, humiliation and also obedience. Her hands just had to remain clasping the rope.
To drop her arms on any pretext whatsoever was worse than criminal and then she would be incarcerated in a dark room, windowless and pretty near airless until somebody in authority was reminded that the girl was there and arranged release. Many a pretty girl had gone away like that only to reappear as aged and haggard old women.
Cindy knew what to expect and inwardly she was shuddering at the prospect. She was quite rightly proud of her statuesque beauty and the thought of having it exhibited for the pleasure of anybody who had it in mind to take liberties with it were abhorrent as they could be.
The arms would be stretched high and the legs had to be placed wide apart. Wide was the obligatory word! The Line was only given as a sentence in sexual offending cases. Having sex with a boy was a most decidedly sexual offence. The Line would help the sexual craving to be overcome in the future! Posing with one’s legs wide apart, the arms stretched high to clasp the rope was hardly a posture that instilled a sense of hunger for sex. It served its purpose of instilling in the mind the terrible reminders of what happens when a girl is stripped and helplessly posed with some very scheming men going past.
‘I think three sessions of one hour each session,’ the senior judge told the others.
They nodded their approval.
‘You will be notified when the first hour is to be served,’ he wrote in his register and she was led away.
Three hours!! It was criminal that they expected her to serve on three different occasions. She only then wondered what had happened to the young man who had been caught between her legs!
Oh well, she knew that she would have to face the fact with fortitude.
She hoped that the time would be in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. There was a college nearby that had sixteen and seventeen-year-old youths at lessons, and she had heard some very weird accounts of what these youngsters did to sentenced young ladies. It was not pleasant. They were not permitted to draw blood or to cause serious damage to a person, but they certainly managed to get some of the women in a stew of high sexuality with their fondling and seeking hands. No part of the anatomy was forbidden to their tormenting fingers and exploring hands… a woman, she recalled, told her that when she was eventually released from the hour-long session, she realised that there were more parts of her body that these youngsters enjoyed researching than she ever thought possible!! That woman had throbbed for a long time afterwards and every erogenous zone had been ignited by these clever kids. Cindy wanted none of that, thank you very much. Another shudder rippled through her ripe young body at the very thoughts of the sheer helplessness that she would be made to suffer.
The following day, at ten o’clock in the morning, Cindy was stripped down to the small — but really small — triangle of white cloth. Her naked torso was content in the warm sunshine and the woman official smiled as she looked at her watch.
‘Alright, Miss Randy… grab the rope.’
Cindy looked up and reached for the cord-line. The woman official pulled the loose end and Cindy felt the rope being raised even higher. Her arms were stretched tight and her breasts were perfectly posed.
The woman came in front of her.
‘Ankles wide apart,’ she smiled cruelly.
Cindy dutifully spread her legs.
‘Nice titties… I like nicely-formed titties,’ the woman smiled and Cindy choked in horror as her breasts were squeezed and played with.
‘Good healthy nipples.’
The woman pinched the hard knobs. Cindy knew that she was being encouraged to break the cardinal rule, but gritted her teeth and let her breasts be mauled.
‘How about inside this.’
Cindy choked as fingers slipped into the white pouch of cloth and stroked freely along the smooth gorge of her cunt lips.
‘Oooooooh,’ she moaned as her body started to respond.
Cindy looked shamefully down to the ground.
‘I asked is it nice,’ the woman gripped the pubic bush and tugged it hard.
‘Aaaaaaaagher… yes, Miss… it’s nice,’ she knew what she had to say.
‘Then next time you come I shall spend a little more time with you.’
She patted the shapely buttocks lightly… ‘I might even put the cane across your shapely arse,’ she smiled and then left the girl standing ashamed and hopelessly weakly defenceless.
At least she felt glad that she would not be here when the kids came out for lunch.
For some fifteen minutes, all she did was to stand there. She opened and exercised her legs not aware of the delightful poses she was making and then she heard somebody approaching from behind. She stiffened and stayed still. It was a very attractive man. She was amazed when he took off his clothes. Fucking was not allowed… was it???
From behind she felt his hands caressing the bulges on her bottom and it was nice. She was not here to enjoy herself but she was as human as the next so that suddenly this bizarre situation was taking on a complexion of pleasure. She eased her bottom back to let him know she enjoyed the caressing hands. His fingers stroked ever more freely and, despite the blushes he brought to her face, she had to admit that the tickling sensations in the cleft of her buttocks was something she could quite get used to!
‘Mmmmmmm… oh yes,’ she half whispered.
Vocal responses were not permitted unless demanded.
‘Like it?’
‘Mmmmm… oh yes… very much… please… stroke me there some more.’
She pushed back on her buttocks and stayed there as he caressed her freely.
Then his other hand sneaked into the pouchette of her brief triangle…
‘Ooooooooooow… yessssss… I have never felt anything like this before,’ she was writhing in tune to his clever hands… back and front intimate creases were being brought to a height of sheer erotic passion heat… His finger had dipped deep into her sex hole and she was trying to ride her body up and down the exciting digit…
‘Tell me you will always obey me.’
‘I will… I swear I will… anytime… anywhere… I will always obey you,’ she nearly shrieked.
‘Even to letting me fuck you and then serving more time on The Line?’
‘Yes… oooh… yesssss… please… don’t stop…’
‘What am I playing with?’
‘My cunt… and my arse… I love it… oooooh yesss… yesss.’
She nearly brought her hands down in helpless response when his lips closed over her breasts… one at a time, her nipples felt the warmth of his mouth and she braced herself as the whole of her body reacted to his sexuality.
‘I am the land owner… nobody will come near you… I have forbidden anybody to come to this site when you are here… I alone am going to enjoy your body,’ he surprised her.
‘Thank you… ooooh yessss… please… anything you tell me to do… anything at all…’
‘When the official comes to release you after the third session you will come to my house… I intend to train you to please me… and me alone,’ he said seriously.
How he could even think like this when he was making her so absolutely randy she could not imagine.
That hour passed very differently than she thought it would. It was truly amazing how her body felt so full of randy thrills and she had to masturbate when she got home, and that night was not so bad as she thought it would be.

The same woman official escorted her and after the touching and playing introduction, Cindy found herself waiting in anticipation for the mystery visitor. Land owners were considered the highest of all dignitaries in the country and she had more than a healthy respect for this good-looking young man who had been able to bring her to a very honest realisation of what to expect from sex. He had managed to extract a latent truth from the very depths of her soul that had been kept locked up. It was not long before she sensed he was there… then again those marvellous hands were round her, both of them now inside the triangle and strumming the smooth furrow of her quim. She seemed to rocket off to a superb state of erotica; she spread her legs as wide as possible.
‘Have you ever been thrashed?’
‘No… never,’ she choked.
‘I am going to cane your arse,’ he was not dramatic. He was making a simple statement.
‘Yes… yes, sir,’ she gurgled helplessly.
Those fingers… so absolutely marvellous…
‘Would you like that?
‘I think I would like anything you did to me,’ she moaned.
His fingertips had not stopped for a second stroking her quim and driving her into a state of sheer heated passion flames.
‘I asked you a specific question… answer me,’
She wailed, ‘Yes… yes, I think I would love having you cane my arse,’ she told him. ‘Mmmmmm… oh yes… yes… inside please,’
Two digits slipped inside her quim. Two middle fingers, one of each hand stretched her cunt mouth open wide and tight… as he held her like that, she could feel the hardness of his manhood pressing against the gorge of her arse… but he was covered there too so there was no danger of entry there!
‘When you come to my place, I am going to make you bend over properly for a proper inspection… understand.’
‘Yes, sir,’ she blushed hopelessly.
‘I want to know every little part about you, and of you.’
‘Yes… yesss oh please please don’t stop stroking my cunt please ooooow… yes… yess…’
She started to erupt and she really did have to hold the line hard… but then she was left alone, gasping and panting… this was driving her crazy… he had brought her to a most fulfilling orgasm and now she was feeling spent.

It was not normally permitted, but the fact that he was a most powerful land owner helped him to bypass the rules.
He had slipped the triangle from her body so that she was utterly nude. He had turned her so that she was now facing the wall…
‘Thrust your arse back.’
Immediately she postured with an exaggerated backward thrust of her hips.
The cane whistled fiercely… it thwacked down onto her buttocks with a spearing sensation of a line of hot fire streaking across both cheeks. ‘Yeeeeeeeeeooooooooeee!’ her mouth dutifully acknowledged the sheer agony of the first stroke.
He watched with due respect the different contortions that she was able to perform… her arse seemed to thrust furiously about from side to side, and in response too, her breasts jerked about most attractively.
Again, the cane whipped down to stripe her arse about one inch from the first stroke. First he made her repeat the backward thrusting pose.
‘nnnnnnnnnngggghaaaaaar,’ she shrieked.
It truly was an extraordinarily beautiful picture to see how she would thrust her arse in a most exaggerated manner from side to side and then she was making the cheeks perform circular movements in some effort to ease the pain from both nates.
Six rather hard strokes she received and the sixth stroke he managed to bring down at the very point where her thighs joined the rounded buttocks. This caused the line of fire to flash across the sensitive lips of her quim and this caused a very real high-toned shriek to emit from her mouth.
‘I’ll rub it better.’
At first she was not sure that she wanted him to touch her there, but then the paradoxical emotions started to merge… the sheer pain of the caning mingled with the fantastic passion-pleasure of her sexuality so that she was wondering how on earth she had ever managed to enjoy sex without the agony of the fire burning the cheeks of her arse!
He even made her orgasm with his fondling fingers and then she was almost overcome to a point of letting the rope go.

She realised that he was a landowner but the size of his mansion took her breath away. It was colossal and the grounds in which it was set was an almost obscene thing for these days. He was very — but very — powerful. And to find this in a man so young was undreamed of. It had been one month since he had introduced her to the delights of the cane.
‘Here is a license for you to enjoy sex whenever I desire it of you,’ he threw the signed document onto the table.
Cindy blushed. If only she had managed to have this paper before, the sessions on the Line would have been unnecessary.
‘Now take your clothes off.’
He was obviously used to giving instructions and he was used to being obeyed!
Cindy did not mind stripping in front of him, she rather enjoyed it.
‘Now we can go to my playroom.’
She was surprised to see the replica of the tight rope stretched from one side of the room to the other.
She did not have to be told, it was obvious what was desired of her. Very soon she was moaning as those lovely, marvellous hands of his were once again delving into her… from the rear he was stroking her as he had done on the first occasion. This was something she could easily get used to. Then his other hand came round the front and was stroking her quim again.
‘Oh please… do whatever you like… anything at all… I swear I shall obey you to the letter… unquestionably unhesitatingly… gladly happily taking any pain… any shame… I want to be your special thing… your very, very obedient thing,’ she was gasping out her pleading obeisance… her whole body had now risen to that strange height of complete submission to do whatever he wanted her to do…
‘Will you suffer a really good whipping.’
‘Yes… happily… and if I move… tie me down… use leather on my arse… make me burn there… I want to serve you… I adore your mastery. Use the strap and whip on any part of my body that pleases you to punish. I swear I will not protest,’ she gasped as his fingers became very inquisitive instruments!
He released her from the hands’ high position and told her to touch her toes… this is what he had promised her he would make her do… whilst she stayed like that the land owner discovered more and more about the shapely young Cindy… she exposed everything to him, physically and mentally…
‘Stay still.’
She recognised the sound of the impending punishment when there was the distinct swish of thin cane-wood racing down towards the tautly stretched skin of her bottom… the thin wood lashed onto the cheeks dead centre at the meatiest part… then the end of the stick whipped round to lick greedily at the side of her right buttock.
Aaaaaaaaaaghheeer… yyyyyyyooooouuuu,’ she once again let him know vocally how the cane was stinging… .this time he was able to continue, freely letting her count and say thank you before delivering another stroke.
Eeeiiiig… eighteen,’ she screeched, ‘Thank you master… please give me another stroke…’
She was strong enough to take twenty-four rather harsh strokes, then he called another young woman, a maid, who applied the soothing creams to the flagellated buttocks…
Thank heaven for that licence, she thought… it was early next morning. He had taken her sexually some four… or was it five times? On her back… he on his back… she on her knees… sideways and over ways…
This fucking business could quite grow on a girl, she felt.


  1. Fleas.. some good reflections on the processes of female discipline and humiliation in 'Feedback' in NB 2.14... could generate some useful further comment on here??

  2. Hi Ronald, if that is you. I have locked myself out of my gmail account. Can you please get in touch on the other address I gave you so that we can continue our interesting discussion. Harry

  3. Harry .. not Ronald but sounds as though we might share interests and perspectives on female discipline and management?

  4. Fleas.. could you find the letters / feedback from 2.14 and post perhaps?

  5. There was, I recall, a delightful letter from a married lady in an issue of Janus circa 1986-88 (I had not long discovered that wonderful publication as I began to explore my own personal interest in the chastisement of feminine bottoms) in which she bemoaned her husband's reluctance to give her the thorough, sound spanking she desired. She, as I recall, declared her love for him but expressed her wish that he were able to provide her with the painful, humiliating discipline she needed.

    It was a powerful message for a young woman who had only recently come to terms with the fact that she was gay and was now just beginning to explore the ideas of D/s play. It made me realise that there might be women out there who might desire submission as much as I desired domination over them.

    Yes, the correspondent in question appeared to be heterosexual but the idea that she so keenly longed to be subject to discipline over which she had no choice made a profound impact upon me - the *were* women who craved submission - and therefore there must be gay women who wanted the same!