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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

New Girl for the Clients

From Blushes 82
The photographs which Mr Renver spread out on his desk showed Diane with a middle-aged man and a rather elaborate bamboo rocking chair, though the latter was not immediately recognisable as such because it was upside-down. Diane was wearing just a sleeveless top and white knickers. The man, in shirt-sleeves, was holding a cane. In some of the shots Diane was standing by the chair and in others bent over it. In most of the bent-over shots her white knickers were pulled down to expose the full pale globes of her bottom. In the last two shots these pale globes bore bright red cane marks.
The photographs were 8 by 10 colour shots of excellent professional quality, holding every nuance of detail and skin tone. They were the sort of quality that would be demanded by an affluent client prepared to pay good money for his chosen, and perhaps also obsessive, hobby. Such as this Mr Galway who was in the photos.
‘Nice aren’t they?’ Mr Renver, standing next to Diane, said sliding his arm round her waist. The subject of the photographs was this afternoon not displaying either her knickers or her nude bottom but was somewhat more formally attired in a pretty full-skirted knee-length blue-and-white dress with navy high heels. Diane slipped nervously away from Mr Renver’s grasp. She had just stopped briefly by his office to inquire about another engagement and was in fact due to meet her boyfriend Derek in ten minutes time. So apart from anything else there was no time for anything that Mr Renver’s hand might indicate.
He didn’t immediately pursue her but asked, ‘What about that friend of yours. Mandy wasn’t it? A lovely blonde you said, with marvellous boobs. Though I’m sure no better than your own excellent ones.’
Diane said, ‘Oh yes.’ Ignoring the matter of the respective merits of their boobs, she pictured in the photos on Mr Renver’s desk not herself but instead a girl with indeed stunning long ash-blonde hair. Either in a ponytail or perhaps even more stunningly loose. Yes her friend Mandy, who had been tentatively sounded out by Diane about doing some modelling.
But it was fair to say Mandy had not been given a true indication of what was required. She certainly had not for instance been shown a range of shots such as now lay on Mr Renver’s desk. No, there had been no mention of Mandy baring her bottom, or indeed appearing in just her knickers and a top. If there had been Diane was pretty sure Mandy would turn the idea down flat. Whereas she hadn’t, she was quite keen on the idea. And Diane was very keen that Mandy should get into it.
‘I’ve spoken to her again,’ Diane said. ‘She’s interested alright but I told you I’ve got to take it carefully. I mean she certainly wouldn’t consider some of those shots.’
‘Not at the moment, eh? A softly-softly approach. But that’s what the clients really like. A nice girl who’s shy of showing what she’s got. At least at first. Just like our very lovely Diane. Mmm…?’
Mr Renver’s arm had come back round Diane’s waist and this time she didn’t twist away. Partly because her thoughts were on Mandy. Mandy posing for sweet-girl shots. And then once she had started inevitably being persuaded to do what Mr Renver and the clients would term more ‘interesting’ poses. Such as those of herself now displayed on the desk. And no doubt even more ‘interesting’ ones. Ones which commanded a higher fee. Such as some of those other ones which Diane had posed for.
Diane had also been scared and shocked at first. Scared of being caned certainly. Scared and also shocked at the thought of having her bare bottom photographed. Because someone she knew might see them for one thing. Her mother. Or her friends. Derek! But the thought then became a bit of a turn-on. (Derek at least, it wasn’t much of a turn-on thinking of her mother seeing some of those shots.)
Yes it could be a turn-on, posing for a strange man. An older man with money. Stripping off. Letting him see her splendid big boobs. Or her full-cheeked bottom. And also her pussy. Those shots some of them always wanted, posed bent right over with her legs spread — or upside-down with again her thighs spread wide. Yes it could be a turn-on alright whereas at the beginning she would simply have recoiled in shock.
And what was perhaps even more of a turn-on was the thought of her friend Mandy doing the same. Mandy who was more sweetly innocent than she herself had ever been. Or at least Mandy liked to come on that way. Mandy being caned! Mandy posing to show a strange man her precious pussy!!
‘Don’t… I’ve got to go…’
Mr Renver’s hand was of course busy. No longer round Diane’s waist, it was now working at the ripe cheeks of her bottom. Fondling and jiggling them. Wanting to get her interested or if not interested at least ready to accept whatever he wanted.
‘You need this lovely bum smacked Diane! For not working harder on that sweet Mandy. I’ve got loads of blokes who can’t wait to focus their lenses on her. On that lovely bum she doesn’t want to show.’
‘I’ve really got to go,’ she breathed. ‘I’m due to see Derek.’
But Diane’s voice was not too convincing. Mr Renver knew she was turned-on at the thought of Mandy doing it. And she was also turned-on at the thought of Derek. The thought that she was due to see him in ten minutes time… and here she was being groped by Mr Renver.
But he was taking her knickers down. Both his hands up under her full skirt. Diane was wearing nylons and a suspender belt and Mr Renver’s hands briefly explored these, and her bare upper thighs, and then the two hands were at her knickers, tugging them down. Had she subconsciously worn a full-skirted dress to facilitate something like this? Knowing she might be persuaded by Mr Renver into something just before meeting Derek?
Still making little protesting sounds she was allowing it to happen. Holding on to the edge of his desk as Mr Renver carefully pushing the photos to one side. Then letting herself be pushed face-down over the desk. Her knickers were down at her nylon tops and Mr Renver was pulling her skirt up round her waist. His hand stroking her bare bottom sending shivers through Diane. Stroking and then spanking.
She yelped, though the spanking wasn’t really hard. Not the way some of his clients liked to hit you. She thought of Mandy getting this… and also of Derek. If Derek knew of her modelling assignments.
There were some harder spanks… and then his hand slid in between Diane’s thighs. At her pussy. She was wet alright. Wet and ready. Or at least her pussy was. Ready for Mr Renver’s stiff cock. But she couldn’t let him do it now… She was probably already late for Derek!
She was protesting but of course Mr Renver wasn’t taking any notice. He was sliding her knickers on down, to her ankles. To get her knees farther apart to give himself proper access. And then it was there. The big swollen head of it nosing in the wet lips of her pussy. She shuddered as it slid up into her. Thinking of Derek… And then Mandy. Was that the ultimate turn-on: imagining Mandy here getting Mr Renver’s prick?
Or was it even more of a turn-on thinking of her getting a really vicious caning from one of the clients? Mandy not being able to refuse because of shots she’d already posed for. And having to take a real whipping.
That was the thought which brought Diane to her big climax. The heady picture of Mandy bent double over that upturned rocking chair. With her legs spread to show her pussy… and someone, Mr Galway say, really belting the cane in. Really scorching her lovely bum.
Diane was still feeling turned-on when she saw Derek. Red-faced a bit from hurrying to meet him and then the breathless apologies for being half an hour late. Saying her boss had wanted to see her at the last moment and she couldn’t get away. But red-faced also from the encounter with Mr Renver. From that vigorous fucking he had given her. Yes still turned-on enough so that she could have fucked Derek. And Derek of course wanted to, after he had got over his annoyance at her lateness. Half an hour!
They drove out and parked and, yes, Derek wanted to fuck alright. But though Diane felt like it she couldn’t, it wasn’t convenient, not in her smart dress — though of course she had been fucked by Mr Renver in the dress. But as she was turned-on still Diane did take Derek’s cock out. Gave him a wank. With her hand, and also briefly taking it in her mouth.
Derek really went for that and she wouldn’t always do it. But Diane was still feeling hot. From Mr Renver and also thinking about Mandy. She was going to see Mandy later in the evening, and it was high time she put the squeeze on her friend. Mr Renver was pressing for it and she herself was keen for it. It was time for Mandy to get some action.
Mandy first took her knickers down for the camera two weeks later. The client was the same Mr Galway who took the pictures of Diane with the rocking chair, which Mr Renver showed Diane before fucking her over the desk in his office. In fact the same rocking chair was used as a prop in these first shots of Mandy with her knickers down.
She was wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt. Looking really lovely with just a little make-up on and her shimmering ash-blonde hair in a ponytail. Mandy posed with the rocking chair in the skirt and then without the skirt, in virginal-white knickers. As she had done at the previous session. But now this time was persuaded to take the knickers down and show her bare bottom to the camera’s eager lens. Mr Galway had been very keen for the bare-bottom shots the last time, but Mandy had refused.
But this time after talking to Diane again Mandy reluctantly acquiesced. Diane, it appeared, did bare-bottom shots. They were of course only for Mr Galway’s own private collection and no one else was going to see them. And if he really wanted them… well, it was only a bit of a joke, wasn’t it? And Mr Galway did have contacts for fashion work which was what Mandy really wanted. So eventually Mandy was persuaded to shyly show her bare bottom to Mr Galway’s camera. No frontal shots showing her pussy hair of course. And certainly no shots of her bending over with her legs open to allow the camera a spicy view of her cunt. Mr Galway didn’t even suggest those shots, not yet. Nor was any mention of the cane made yet, although Mr Galway was a very keen caner of girls. And he could really hardly wait to get to work with his cane.
But yes, he could wait. Just a little while longer. Because it wouldn’t be long at all now, with this really stunning tall and big-titted blonde. Now he had the shots of her bare bum… he would be able to get all the rest. Very shortly he would be able to cane that delicious ripe-cheeked bum which he was now shyly being allowed to see.
Two days later Mandy was told that something unfortunate had happened. The bare-bottom prints had been taken from Mr Galway’s office. Even more unfortunately he had reason to believe that the cheeky shots were in the possession of a person who would like to use them, for private distribution and maybe also in a magazine.
Clearly this could be very embarrassing for Mandy and she went white when Mr Renver told her. But he said there was no cause for panic. Mr Galway knew who the people were and being a big wheel could exert pressure to prevent what was proposed. So there was no real problem. Only… Mr Renver did recommend to Mandy that if she wanted Mr Galway to do this on her behalf she should show her appreciation. By being nice and friendly to that gentleman.
And what Mr Galway would like as a show of friendliness was for her to let him smack her bottom. Her bare bottom of course. Let him take her over his lap and spank those juicy moons. Yes that would really put Mr Galway in the right mood. Because it seemed Mr Galway was very keen on spanking pretty girls’ bare bottoms. And doing something about these prints was going to mean some effort on his part.
Mandy at once contacted her friend Diane to tell her of what had happened, and also what Mr Renver had advised. Diane was very sympathetic —there were some awful people about, weren’t there? It wasn’t clear if Diane was including Mr Galway in this category. Because she went on to recommend that Mandy agreed. Letting Mr Galway spank her bottom wasn’t so awful, was it? Diane had let Mr Galway spank her bare bottom when she wanted a favour. It was only a jokey thing really. Wasn’t it?
No! It wasn’t a jokey thing! Not at all. The whole idea was awful, really sickening, for one thing. To Mandy at least. And also when she had finally forced herself to agree and to take her knickers down and get over Mr Galway’s lap… he did it really hard. Really slamming his hand down! Poor Mandy was in real tears when she was finally allowed to stand up. Rather totteringly, with the awful shock of it. Her poor bum really stinging! Red hot! Humming!
Yes Raymond Galway had rather let himself go! He hadn’t been able to resist belting his hand in on Mandy’s mouth-watering bottom-globes. His hand splatting into the firm yet yielding silky flesh. Fantastic! Giving him a really stiff hard-on, what with a bit of fondling and feeling-up too. But nothing too venturesome in that line yet. He had really wanted to get his hand in there, between the lovely girl’s legs. Get a nice feel of her cunt, but not this time. Next time though…
Because naturally there was going to be a next time.
Mandy didn’t appreciate that at first. She imagined that having undergone this sickening ordeal she was at least through with it. Awful Mr Galway would be happy with what he had done and that would be it. And really now after suffering in this shameful and painful way she didn’t think she wanted any more of Mr Renver and his lecherous clients. Because Mandy had a good idea that others could be the same as Mr Galway given the opportunity.
No, Mandy didn’t appreciate the situation at all. Not at first. But then she didn’t realise that part of that awful action over at Mr Galway’s had been photographed by Mr Renver. Mandy did realise this when he showed her some prints.
‘What d’you think? I just couldn’t resist getting a couple of shots. Aren’t they nice?’
They were sickening! It was all there! Mandy’s bare bottom, with her knickers down and her skirt yanked up over her back. With Mr Galway’s hand raised… and making that dreadful contact. And she was quite recognisable! A couple of the shots showed her face quite clearly.
Mandy looked aghast at the photos and then burst into tears. Mr Renver moved in close and put his arm round her waist. And then quickly slid it down to the main focus of the photographs. The juicy cheeks of Mandy’s bottom. She squirmed away with a yelp but he closed in again, laughingly grabbing her.
‘Don’t be a silly girl Mandy. No-one’s going to use these shots. Not if you’re a nice sweet sensible girl.’
Still crying, Mandy tried again to struggle away.
‘Shut up that racket!’ Mr Renver told her sharply. ‘Do you understand? Because if you’re not sensible I won’t care what happens to those pics. They could end up in a mag. You could be in a magazine on the top shelf of your local newsagent. Is that what you want?’
The worst of the crying stopped. Mr Renver pushed Mandy up against the table. His hands reached for her big tits under the thin blouse. She yelped again and started to struggle but at another warning word stopped. She was shaking all over but not fighting the hands.
‘That’s more like it.’ Mr Renver’s voice was softer. His hands gently squeezing the firmly jutting globes. ‘Now, just to show me that you are going to be sensible… I want you to show them to me. I want you to unbutton the blouse and then undo your bra. I want you to show me these lovely big tits. OK?’
Mandy breathed a shuddering ‘No…oo…!’ Mr Renver gave her another harsh warning. Did she really want her mother to see the shots? The locals all poring over them? Not of course that they amounted to anything, girls posed for bottom shots all the time. Her friend Diane for instance.
But clearly Mandy didn’t want her mother to see them. It was unthinkable. And Mr Renver made clear he wasn’t joking about showing him her tits. So Mandy’s hands moved reluctantly to do this awful thing. Her blouse was unbuttoned. Her bra strap unfastened. Mr Renver pulled the bra away and there they were. The big nude tits with their large half-erect deep-pink nipples staring at him. His fingers took hold of them. Mandy gasped, shuddering.
‘That’s good. Aren’t they lovely? And you’re being a nice sensible girl at last. And now I’m going to do one more test. So that you can prove you’re really a sensible girl, and disciplined and all that. Do you know what that test is Mandy dear?’
She didn’t know of course. Mr Renver, still playing with her erect nipples, told Mandy. He was going to cane her. She was going to slip her knickers down and then bend over the desk. He was going to give her four strokes with the cane on her bare bottom.
Mr Renver phoned Diane directly afterwards as he had promised, to tell her it had happened. Mandy had had her first caning. And no, she hadn’t exactly enjoyed it!
Diane was beside herself. The first thing she did was to go up to her room and bring herself off. Because she couldn’t wait! Her fingers urgently in at her hot clit. She came in seconds flat… and then almost immediately a second one. Just slightly more in control she went down to phone the no doubt desperate Mandy. Mandy wasn’t in. Possibly she was despairingly walking the streets (hopefully nothing worse!) Diane kept calling and in half an hour Mandy did show up. Diane said she would come round and see her right away.
Yes poor Mandy was in a state! ‘He c…c…caned me…!
Diane, eyes glittering, commiserated. Men could be awful, couldn’t they? But a girl had to bear up, it wasn’t the end of the world. Diane put her arms round Mandy who had begun to weep. Hugging her shaking friend. She pulled her down onto the settee. ‘I know what you need,’ Diane breathed… and slid her hand up under Mandy’s skirt.
It was fantastic because Diane, though really wanting to, had never done it before. Judging correctly that Mandy would probably be shocked at the mere thought of it. But now it was different. Mandy didn’t want it but Diane could insist. Mandy needed it. Needed a hand up there on her quivery cunt. Diane’s hand.
Breathlessly, stroking Mandy’s hot cunt now, Diane asked if Mr Renver had screwed her. Well he hadn’t said so to Diane — but he could have anyway. No! The half-frantic Mandy shook her head. That at least was one horror she had not suffered. Diane wondered whether to tell her. That very probably Mr Renver would the next time. Not to mention some of the clients. Mr Galway certainly.
Yes, it would be lovely to tell her— but also great to leave Mandy to find that out. Another nice little surprise!
She told Mandy to get up for a moment… so she could get her knickers down. She would tell Mandy about the caning though. Give her a better idea — of what Mr Galway for instance could do with a cane. Yes she would let Mandy know some of that… after she had brought her off.


  1. I've often wondered how the men at Blushes got such pretty, and yet so delightfully shy and nervous looking, young ladies for their pictorials! :-)

  2. Because they were sluts