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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Miss James Takes Her Pleasure

From Blushes 81
Fairfield Sixth Form College for Girls was small and largely residential. It occupied a rambling Victorian country mansion in rural Hertfordshire, several miles from the nearest village and further still from anything that might answer to the description of a town. It was comfortable, the house having been converted to reasonably modern standards, and it had lovely grounds, but it was undeniably isolated. This was not a problem for day girls, driven in each morning and correspondingly home again in the afternoon, but there were only one or two of these. For the other twenty-odd girls Fairfield’s isolation could be a problem. Miss Singleton, the principal, was not keen on girls having passes out. Not when, whatever the reason given, the requester of the pass would undoubtedly be meeting a young male or even an older male. Because girls weren’t sent to Fairfield to be out with males, young or old. With the clear possibility, certainly in Clare Singleton’s opinion, of getting themselves pregnant.
So there could certainly be tensions.
Frustrations. The answer to this as far as Miss Singleton was concerned was for girls to put all their energies into their studies, or into approved sports (tennis, swimming, horse riding), or likewise approved leisure activities such as the school drama group. Then they would not be worried by those basic instincts which girls of 16 to 18, even nicely-brought-up ones, could be prey to with time on their hands.
But inevitably some girls were not going to be content with Miss Singleton’s list of approved activities.
‘Look…’ Sarah Buckley said. ‘We’re not going to muck about. OK? I don’t want to be up before Singleton, or anyone else.’
Vicky Sinclair gave a tinkly laugh. ‘Muck about? What’s muck about? I suppose you mean me getting my hand on your pussy. And getting you all hot and desperate.’
‘Cut it out,’ Sarah said with an anxious edge to her voice. This walk with Vicky was maybe not a good idea.
But it was a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon and Vicky had got permission from Miss James who taught Botany for them to walk in the adjacent wood to collect flower specimens. They were both in their first year at Fairfield College, now in the last term of it. Vicky was medium height with a full, voluptuous figure and dark, latin good looks. She liked boys but she also went for girls. With a girl she could be more in control. Sarah was just her type: Also brunette but more English-looking, tall and with a slimmer but nonetheless shapely figure. Vicky really fancied her.
Sarah wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. She didn’t like to think she liked it, doing anything with another girl. But at the same time she could be aroused, got in the mood. And Vicky was very good at getting a girl she fancied in the mood. Which was why Sarah was sure she shouldn’t have agreed to go on this walk. She knew what Vicky was like. and she also knew what Miss Singleton was like. Miss Singleton, in her fifties, could be a dragon and was very severe on any sort of sexual shenanigans. She in particular hated any suggestion of lesbian goings-on.
And it wasn’t only Miss Singleton you had to be concerned about, there were others on the staff who were equally on the alert for that sort of thing. No doubt including Miss James. Anita James was younger, still in her twenties and she could be very nice. But there were also scary rumours about her. About what she had done when she had caught a couple of girls doing it. She had not sent them to Miss Singleton but instead had used a cane herself. And after it they had wished they had been sent to the Principal.
These thoughts were definitely in Sarah’s mind as she and Vicky left the school grounds and headed for the wood. Sarah had never been up before Miss Singleton for anything — and she had certainly never been caned. The thought of the cane, and what Miss James was supposed to have done, made her go all hot and cold. Although of course the whispers could have been exaggerated. And also Sarah knew what Vicky was like. She pretty certainly would try to start something. And she could be very forceful. No, it probably hadn’t been a good idea to agree. But it was such a lovely day and she did like Vicky, very much. If only she would behave.
But Vicky wasn’t going to behave. She wasn’t interested in wild flowers, she was interested in Sarah’s deliciously tall figure. Deliciously slim-waisted but with also full boobs and bottom. She could scarcely wait to get her hands on it. And as soon as they were in the wood she did have her hand on it.
‘Cut it out!’ Sarah exclaimed as Vicky’s hand tried to fondle her bottom as they walked along the narrow track.
For an answer Vicky simply grabbed her with both hands. Backing Sarah up against a tree and tightly embracing her. Her ripe mouth on Sarah’s. Her hot tongue thrusting vigorously in.
Sarah managed, gasping, to pull her mouth away from the breath-taking kiss. But she couldn’t break away from the other girl’s enveloping grasp because Vicky was quite powerful and very determined.
‘Let’s sit down. For just a moment. Then we’ll collect some of those sodding flowers. But we need a break first.’
It was quite clear what sort of a break Vicky had in her mind. She already had Sarah’s skirt dragged up and had her hand at Sarah’s pussy through the brief knickers. And she was now hotly breathing what she wanted to do. She wanted Sarah to sit on her face. With her skirt up… and maybe her knickers off.
Sarah hissed a shocked refusal. But Vicky’s devilish hands, which she couldn’t keep away from her pussy and her boobs, were undoubtedly having an effect. You were quite starved of any sort of sex at Fairfield College. The only possible outlet was to indulge in surreptitious masturbation, in bed or the loo or somewhere, but of course masturbation was also severely frowned on and was correspondingly dealt with if discovered. And anyway Sarah didn’t like the thought of self-administered gratification, it wasn’t something a nice girl resorted to. And so especially towards the end of term a girl could be like a powder keg and if someone lit the fuse — a very determined fuse-lighter such as Vicky Sinclair — it was all liable to go off.
And so Sarah, all hot and juicy now, couldn’t help herself. Vicky was leading her away from the track to a nearby grassy clearing. Had Vicky been here before perhaps? Because she seemed to know where she was going. Not with Sarah certainly — but maybe another companion whose knickers were also getting all hot and steamy? In any event here was this very pleasant clearing where the girls were very shortly lying down. Or Vicky was lying down. And Sarah, scarcely able to believe she really was doing this, was getting astride Vicky. Her skirt up round her waist. And with a desperate moan lowering herself onto Vicky’s eager face. To make heady contact with the crotch of her knickers which were now undoubtedly stickily wet.
It was quite mind-zonking. Some frantic minutes of it… and then Sarah responding to Vicky’s gasped suggestion. The other that would be even more zonking. Disengaging, for Vicky to frantically claw off Sarah’s sticky knickers. And then the exercise mind-bogglingly repeated — now with sticky flesh against flesh.
And after that Vicky doing it to Sarah. Vicky on top, squirming and rolling. Grinding her crotch in. Moaning and whimpering. Screeching as she came. And then quickly coming again.
After which they were quite zonked out. Sarah’s mind a blank. For a while. But as the thought-forming ability slowly returned the thoughts that came were inevitably of the enormity of what they had done. In the eyes of stern Miss Singleton at least. Or no doubt for instance Miss James.
‘Stop worrying,’ Vicky counselled. ‘We’re safe here. Actually… I feel like some more. Maybe something a little different this time?’
Sarah looked uneasily around. At the trees surrounding them, and the quite thick undergrowth. You couldn’t see very far at all. If someone had followed them that somebody could easily be quite close by. Watching. Someone could have watched every moment of that really awful stuff they had just done. Someone? Miss James of course knew where they were going.
‘No! No, please!’ Sarah had the strong feeling now that they were being watched.
And most unfortunately that feeling of Sarah’s was correct. There had been eyes out there. And they were the cool blue ones belonging to Anita James. Though not now with all their accustomed coolness as she watched from no great distance, so that she was able to observe clearly every detail. Cool Miss James who could look quite prim when she wanted to had had her own hand up her skirt at her hot pussy. Her fingers urgently at her aroused clit. Watching from behind an oak’s broad trunk she had brought herself off. Her blue eyes devouring the frantic activity… and her mind also picturing what she would now be able to do to these two.
The two miscreants were summoned before her that same evening. Anita James, cool again now and sitting smiling at her desk, greeting them with a few initial pleasantries. ‘Were you two able to find anything interesting?’ Etc. And then the bombshell. They were of course struck dumb. Vicky finally managed a stuttered protestation of innocence.
‘Please do not attempt childish lies, Vicky. Don’t you understand me? I watched you. Sarah, I could not have imagined you could indulge in such a degrading performance. Vicky, well perhaps yes…’
They were dumb again. Sarah could feel her face burning scarlet, with the sickening knowledge now that Miss James had watched them.
Anita James was continuing, in level tones though experiencing hot excitement inside. Giving them the same option she had given those others. But making it not sound much of an option. She could take the whole thing to Miss Singleton, as of course she should. The Principal would either expel them forthwith or have them caned. Did they know what that meant? It wouldn’t be done by Miss Singleton, she would hand them over to Mr Sumden and Mr Driggs.
‘They will do the actual caning.’ Anita James then added graphically. ‘One of them holding you over a table and taking your knickers down, and the other one administering the cane. I don’t imagine it’s exactly a pleasant experience.’
No! Bert Sumden and George Driggs, were Fairfield College’s handyman and gardener respectively. No, that would not be pleasant at all. Sarah and Vicky certainly would not want that. And nor could they contemplate being expelled.
The other option of course was letting Miss James deal with their transgression herself. That wasn’t nice either. Not at all. If those whispers of what she had done to Sophie and Miranda were true. But… it had to be better that the Miss Singleton options. Didn’t it?
‘Good,’ Anita said briskly. ‘I’m glad. I shouldn’t want to see either of you expelled. And nor should I relish the thought of either of you in the hands of Sumden and Driggs. Because I am sure they would take every advantage of the situation. Mr Sumden taking your knickers down, Sarah. And once he had them down… he would have his hands everywhere. Wouldn’t he? Not at all nice for a girl.’
Sarah shuddered. Yes, letting Miss James deal with them would undoubtedly be best. She had risen from her chair behind her desk and now came round. Taking hold of Sarah’s upper arm. Squeezing the flesh firmly.
‘But of course I shall have to cane the two of you. For such quite inexcusable behaviour the cane is the only answer.’ Anita could feel her pulse racing. ‘I shall have to cane the two of you quite severely. So that you appreciate the seriousness of your quite delinquent behaviour. You understand that Sarah. And accept it? And of course you Vicky?’
Anita James said she would see them the next afternoon. She would carry out the canings in the theatre room and they were to report there at 4 o’clock. She would see them both together; however it might be necessary to see them again individually afterwards, if she considered that the initial canings were not sufficient. She would leave that option open.
Observing their shocked expressions Anita felt a delicious shiver of excitement. That feeling increased as she told them how she would want them to be dressed.
‘Oh God!’ Sarah wailed afterwards. ‘I think I’m going to be sick or something.’
Vicky said grimly, ‘You know what I think? I think she gets off on caning girls. I bet those stories about Sophie and Miranda were true alright. She’s going to relish this. She’s going to get herself off by caning our bums. And I bet that means she’ll really whack that cane in.’
‘Oh! Ooooohh!’ Sarah’s hand went to her mouth. She was sure she really was going to be sick.
It was the way the Botany mistress wanted them attired that convinced Vicky Miss James was going to get her jollies out of this. Because there was going to be so much artfully revealed girl-flesh for the canings. Vicky would be required to wear only a skin-tight white vest which scarcely reached to her waist, with everything else bare. And Sarah in contrast… was to wear only a pair of bottom-hugging white tights. So Sarah would be having to display her nude pink-nippled boobs in addition to her trim bottom in the flesh-hugging tights. Tights that no doubt before her caning was finished would be drawn down, right down those shapely thighs. So that her pussy and bottom would be on display, like Vicky’s.
Yes, Miss James was going to love that. The soft nude flesh of each girl artfully revealed. Then whipping the cane in. To produce sizzling bright red stripes on those quivering rear quarters. How intensely exciting — if you went for that kind of thing. And afterwards… Miss James just might want to see each of them separately.
The theatre room was quite small and intimate, with an alcove at one end which could be used as a little stage. The room was used by the drama group, also for tutorials. Or for any other purpose that a teacher might wish. Its door could be locked and its single window had a heavy drape which could be drawn closed. The theatre room was therefore highly suitable for a caning session. It was of course where Miss James had caned Sophie and Miranda.
‘Oh please God!’ Sarah whimpered. ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to take this.’
Those garments that they were to wear were waiting for them on a chair in the wings. Anita James was locking the door. She was looking very glamorous, in a white blazer and a very short red skirt which showed off her long slim legs. In the centre of the little stage had been placed a leather-covered stool and across its seat lay a wicked looking bamboo cane.
Miss James told them to get changed. She stepped over to the stool and picked up the cane. She whipped it menacingly through the air.
‘I think I’ll have you first Vicky. I am sure you were the leading light in this. Sarah can stand at the side of the stage. And watch. I want your eyes glued to this Sarah. Do I make myself clear?’
Oh yes it was clear enough. They were both changed now. What was worse: to go first and get it over with, or to have to wait your turn — while you had to watch. Not that there was any choice.
Miss James came close to Sarah, to run her hand caressingly over the taller girl’s tightly-encased buttocks. Vicky was now standing behind the stool, at attention and doing her best not to look scared. The hand painfully pinched a section of Sarah’s bottom-flesh.
‘She won’t want to sit down when I’ve finished with her Sarah. Her bottom’s to be red hot. And you’ll get the same of course. You won’t be able to sit down either when I come to you.’
Moving behind Sarah she reached round with two hands to cup her pert tits. The hands squeezed the ripely swelling flesh. Then moved to Sarah’s nipples which perhaps from fearful anticipation had become erect. As she rolled the jutting nipples in fingers and thumbs Anita’s voice in a low half whisper that probably only Sarah could hear breathed in her ear:
‘I’m really going to enjoy hurting you Sarah dear.’
She let go and was striding over in her high heels to the waiting Vicky. ‘Let’s make a start then, shall we. And why don’t we have the sex-starved Miss Sinclair showing a bit more of her overheated flesh. Pull that vest up Vicky. Right up. Let me see those hot boobs.’
Red-faced Vicky dragged the vest up, until her ripe boobs were fully uncovered. Anita took hold of them. Squeezing the big thrusting nipples.
‘How would you like these caned Vicky. Wouldn’t that give you a nice hot thrill?’
Vicky stuttered, ‘N… No Miss. No…’
Perhaps it was only a nasty threat, to scare Vicky. Sarah, with her own tits hot and sore from Miss James’s hands, shivered at the thought. At any rate Miss James was starting with something else. She held out the cane, for Sarah to come and get, and then sat on the stool. Vicky had to get down on the floor. With her head right down, her face in contact with the bare polished boards between Anita James’s slim legs. And with her ripe nude bottom starkly raised.
Anita commenced to whack her hand stingingly down on the up-raised cheeks. Sarah could hear shuddering gasps from Vicky. It wasn’t the cane but it nonetheless looked pretty awful.
‘This is just a little opener…’ Anita was gasping with her efforts. ‘You hot… little bitch.’
She stopped for a moment. ‘Aren’t you?’ And Sarah saw her hand slide down underneath, below the now redly-glowing nates and in between Vicky’s quivering thighs.
Anita glanced over at Sarah, who bit her lip. The blonde teacher laughed, still with her hand between Vicky’s legs. At last the hand came away.
‘Get up now,’ she told her. ‘Yes you are a hot little number, aren’t you? Your pussy’s red hot — and really soaking. Well let me see how affectionate you are. Because I’m doing all this for your own good. Put your arms round me. Round my neck.’
Vicky did it, her arms stretching up and her body pressed in against Anita, between her parted thighs. Anita held her with one arm, and recommenced the spanking with her hand. Her hand rhythmically whacking in, for some minutes. When she stopped she grabbed a handful of hair and roughly yanked Vicky’s head back — and kissed her fiercely on her mouth.
When the kiss finally finished she looked across at Sarah. ‘That was to show her that we’re all good friends Sarah darling. And this really is for your own good. Just remember that —especially when we come to the cane.’
The cane for Vicky came shortly. After Anita had briefly had her over her lap for a final spanking session. But the cane then, which Sarah had been holding all this time. The cane for Vicky with her kneeling on the stool. The cane zipping mind-bogglingly in on those spank-reddened cheeks. Vicky had been making gasping, grunting noises with the spanks. But now there were desperate yells. Frantic squeals of anguish.
Sarah could only stand and watch. The whole performance had been mind-bending. And now, very shortly now, it would be her own turn.
Miss James did want to see them alone afterwards of course. Each of them separately. In her room this time. Sarah was the first, the next afternoon.
‘Yes come in Sarah. How lovely to see you again. And now just the two of us. Isn’t that nice?’
Sarah was told to lock the door. And then come and sit down, on the sofa with Miss James. She was wearing a scarlet housecoat and what was underneath?
The events of the previous afternoon were still reverberating in Sarah’s head. Vicky… and then herself. Herself on hands and knees on the stool. With Miss James sliding down those skin-tight tights. Miss James’s hands fondling her nude bottom… and her pussy. And then the first fierce cut of the cane.
‘Would you like that Sarah? Those awful men I suppose. Sumden and Driggs. I imagine they would go quite mad with excitement if you were handed over to them. Frantically stripping you… and… Can you imagine?’
Sarah could imagine. Would it be worse than Miss James? Oh yes, there wasn’t much doubt. It would. It most certainly would.
‘Yes? And you wouldn’t enjoy it? Because I suppose some girls could be turned on by that sort of thing. But not our dear sweet Sarah? Oh well, it may not be necessary. We’ll have to talk about it. But first of all…’
First of all Anita James wanted a little excitement. A little enjoyment. She wanted to take her pleasure, with sweet and lovely Sarah. What she wanted first of all was for Sarah to get down. Kneeling on the floor, between Anita’s spread thighs.
As Sarah has suspected Anita James had nothing on under that brilliant housecoat. And now she wanted Sarah’s face there. In between those lovely bare thighs. At Anita’s pussy in fact. Yes that was the pleasure the blonde teacher wanted. A pleasuring from Sarah’s trembling mouth.
Her hand softly stroking Sarah’s bowed head. ‘Really nicely now dear. I’m going to have to cane you afterwards, but maybe not too many.’ She laughed softly. ‘Maybe just twenty. Or maybe thirty.’


  1. Fantastic work Fleas!

    Do you have an old Janus or Februs story which I think was called Grandmother's Remedy? Its about a girl who's behaviour doesn't improve under the cane so Grandma recommends stinging nettles as a last resort

    1. Can't find that. The closest I can find is a story in Janus Vol 5 No 12 in which a posh wife beats her husband's mistress with a bunch of nettles.

  2. Shame! It was a great story from memory. Naughty girl who regularly got the cane but was still bad, the deal was made that she was only allowed to go to the end of school disco if she submitted to Grandma's remedy!

    If I recall her boyfriend's squeezes were very welcomed to ease the sting

    Maybe it wasn't Janus? Either that it was a particularly creative dream!

  3. Great photoset above. Love the idea of the young mum ... the smaller girl ... being beaten.

  4. Lovely. Yes - she will have to be caned afterwards - they will both have to be caned! Learning how to please another woman is only the beginning of their journey into sexual submission. They will learn that there is no trade off here! The cane will be a part of their ongoing reprogramming. By the time their Mistress has completed their training they will be only too willing to find pleasure in everything that is demanded of them - whether that be with their mouths, or by opening their legs, or by baring their bottoms for the cane.

    No doubt they will soon get share her bed together!