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Sunday, 21 April 2019

How Paula is Dealt With

From Blushes 45
My Dear Friend,
How good to hear from you. I’m glad you called. So sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with your latest arrival. Some of these girls really are the limit. No training, these days. However, you asked for my suggestions. I wouldn’t normally risk boring you with my own theories and ideas, but as you’ve asked, I’ll allow myself to indulge in more detail, just this once. From what you say, it seems that Fiona is a real problem. Don’t let the situation get any worse. Sort it out now, is my earnest message to you. Your young lady is not unlike young Paula when she first arrived. If I explain how Paula is dealt with, perhaps it may help you in your approach to young Fiona…
Paula can be a real handful. She regarded herself as an adult when she arrived here; except that her behaviour certainly wasn’t very adultlike. Her tannings have therefore had to be far more severe and frequent than those of her predecessors. She is a very attractive young woman, and she knows it. High-breasted, slim-waisted and long-legged, with a most beautifully-shaped bottom which is always a delight to have to deal with. Paula was given a special punishment outfit which I insist on her wearing whenever I have to deal with her. A simple plain white blouse, long-sleeved, a short dark skirt which ends at mid-thigh, and a pair of ordinary sandals on her otherwise bare feet. She wears her usual underclothes, usually white knickers and bra.
Paula’s punishments usually begin with a sound spanking with my open hand. This is quite simply for the moral effect. The young lady is acutely conscious of the indignity of lying face-down across my lap to have her knickers taken down to her ankles and her bare bottom smacked as though she was a naughty child out of a Dicken’s novel. She never argues when she’s told to put herself across my knee having learnt the consequences long ago. Her face blushes hotly as she waits for the spanking to start, and it isn’t long, I can assure you, before her wincing bare bottom shows an equally rosy glow!
Make no mistake, young women of Paula’s age have very firm fleshy bottoms, but hand-smacking is still very effective. I’ve yet to find any young woman who wasn’t reduced to very real tears by the time the palm of my hand has turned her backside bright pink! As for the physical effect, a good brisk smacking leaves young Paula’s delightful bottom in a very sensitive and receptive state for the more drastic stages which often follow.
Quite frequently I leave her draped across my knees, knickers around her ankles, her short skirt hitched well up her back, but change over to using the back of a large hairbrush. Many of my past young ladies can vouch from personal painful experience that this is a most effective instrument of chastisement. Paula doesn’t like it one little bit, which of course is exactly the intention. The hairbrush smacks down, a painful rhythm, each smack landing upon previously punished bottom-flesh. Paula squeals and sobs, her bare legs waving in mid-air as wildly as her tangled knickers will allow. The smacking continues and Paula learns her lesson. When she finally scrambles to her feet, the young lady is sobbing, and her bottom is ablaze. It will be some time before she tries misbehaving again.
Alternatively, Paula gets up from my knee, smarting from her preparatory smacking and is told to fetch the tawse or perhaps the cane. When she then bends over the arm of the studio couch, her skirt removed and with her spanked pink, tingling bare bottom on display, she knows that as a minimum she can expect six of the very best. Nine strokes is more usual and twelve by no means uncommon. And those twelve strokes, firmly applied, can be very effective punishment, make no mistake. You would agree with me immediately if you had seen and heard the effects, or witnessed Paula’s bare bottom desperately squirming and writhing long after the last stroke of the cane has left a blazing weal across her tender curves. An ordinary bamboo cane from a garden suppliers is quite adequate for the task; smooth and flexible, about three feet long, and no more than just over a quarter of an inch thick. It’ll be perfectly whippy and springy enough to deal with most young ladies. especially if applied with a firm twist of the wrist!
I sometimes feel that twelve strokes of the cane or tawse or a sound hairbrush spanking is not adequate punishment for Paula’s poor behaviour. I therefore decide to postpone the remainder of the treatment until the following day. Naturally, the intervening period is not a very happy time for young Paula, and I suspect she is quite relieved when these ‘second tannings’ eventually arrive.
These always commence with Paula going across my knee to have her bare bottom soundly smacked for ten minutes. She is then told to stand in the corner of the room, her hands on her head, for a similar period of time when she can consider her punishment and contemplate her future behaviour. There follows five minutes of stinging slipper across her bare bottom cheeks; five minutes with a hard leather-soled slipper! And then another five minutes in the corner, sobbing her young heart out. Finally, the young madam receives five more minutes of trusty hairbrush, the firm smooth wood smacking down emphatically across the young lady’s bare backside! Forty minutes of punishment! Paula is very well-behaved after such a session.
There, my friend, is my practical advice to you, regarding your latest young miscreant. A sound methodical tanning is the only answer to the misbehaviour we have to deal with to-day. Take their knickers down — right down and tan their bottoms!
I trust you will now find the confidence and knowledge to deal with your Fiona. Please let me know of the outcome, or if my help is required.
To be continued in How Fiona Was Dealt With in Uniform Girls 31

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