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Saturday, 6 April 2019

German Training

From Uniform Girls 31
‘I have had the letter now,’ said Herr Kriegel. ‘A letter of acceptance for the training position. Also the photograph enclosed, as requested. A pretty Madchen as you see, Heidi.’
The young woman thus addressed by Herr Kriegel, standing at the side of his desk, could also be fairly described as a pretty Madchen. Quite tall and slim with curling corn-blonde hair and dressed in a sort of nurse’s uniform: a black dress with a starched white apron tied at her narrow waist and pinned up over her bust which swelled attractively in the tight bodice. Below were shapely legs in sheer black stockings and black high-heeled shoes.
Nurse Heidi Beckner looked at the colour photograph handed to her by Direktor Kriegel. It showed a pretty blonde in a blue nurse’s uniform. ‘Yes Herr Direktor. She looks very nice.’
Herr Kriegel took back the photo. ‘English of course. A young English lady — or girl one should say for age 18. And in England, Heidi Liebchen, I believe they do not have the tradition of discipline. For young ladies I mean. Is that what you think, Heidi dear?’
Big blue eyes wide, Heidi shook her head. ‘I do not really know, Herr Direktor.’
‘But you spent a little time in England. You were not for instance caned by those Englishmen?’
‘No Herr Direktor.’
‘Well that is proof, is it not? I cannot see how any man could not wish to cane a Madchen as lovely as Nurse Heidi Beckner. Who has such a lovely bottom. If you were not caned, Heidi Liebchen, then quite clearly there is no tradition of the cane. Do you agree.’
Heidi produced a weak sort of smile. Herr Kriegel was making a little joke. Although it was not a joke that girls could and did get caned here in Germany. And certainly could and did here in the Nursing Institute where Herr Kriegel was Direktor.
‘No answer, Heidi?’
What was the best answer? Nurse Heidi Beckner was attuned to Direktor Kriegel’s moods and could sense… that the thought of this English girl, and her photo, was having an effect. But of course the English girl was not here now — only herself. Heidi shook her head. ‘I… don’t know, Herr Kriegel.’
The Direktor smiled. The sharp dark eyes behind his glasses were like laser beams. Beams that could penetrate the crisp white apron and the black dress to what was underneath. Penetrate into regions with which he was certainly familiar.
His voice came soft, teasing slightly: ‘Are you wearing knickers, Nurse?’
The words brought a pink flush to Heidi’s cheeks. Yes she had guessed correctly. It looked like she was going to get it for the English girl. ‘Yes, Herr Kriegel.’
‘Hmmm… ‘I don’t know’ is not a very positive answer. I would think my special nurse could be more positive than that. And also perhaps… when she comes in to see her Direktor… perhaps she should have her knickers off? Just in case… there could be some matter to attend to. Yes Liebling?’
Heidi shifted her weight from one black high-heeled shoe to the other. From one rounded haunch to its mate. Blinking the clear blue eyes. ‘Yes, Herr Direktor.’ There was not a lot else she could say.
The eyes behind the steel-rimmed glasses were intense. ‘Well then. Could we have them removed now. Liebchen.’
Herr Kriegel had picked up the photo again. Having another look at the English girl. This English student nurse who was coming here on the Exchange Training Scheme. Would she be in for a shock? The answer must be yes — unless someone had warned her. Heidi was obediently doing what she had been told to do. Her hands lifting the black skirt, slipping up above the dark stocking tops, up above the smooth pale thighs. To her brief white knickers. Pulling them down: over the silky thighs and the tautly-stretched suspender straps, the shapely stocking-clad legs. Demurely stepping out of the brief white garment. Nurse Heidi Beckner had done this before of course, it was not the first time. The English girl, though: when she had to do it for the first time…
‘Good.’ Herr Kriegel had been toying with the photo while remaining very conscious of what his nurse was doing. ‘Now lift the skirt please. And come a little closer.’
Heidi placed the knickers on the nearby chair and then acted obediently to follow this further instruction. To lift her skirt up round the slim waist and thereby display all that was underneath. The stocking tops and the white suspender straps. The pale rounded thighs and of course what was above: her blonde-curled pussy, and round behind the surprising fullness, compared to the slim waist, of her buttocks. It was perhaps not something a girl, even a trained one, greatly enjoyed: having to stand here before Direktor Kriegel like this with everything on show. But by the time you had been at the Institute for almost a year, as Heidi Beckner had, you were at least well acquainted with what the Herr Direktor was likely to wish. Being called into his study always entailed the risk that you would shortly be like this — or in some similarly undesirable situation.
‘A little closer, Liebling.’ Heidi shuffled forward. To bring her body — and her pussy — within centimetres of Direktor Kriegel. Yes, the English girl was certainly going to be in for something of a shock — because one could assume a nurse did not have to do this sort of thing in England.
Heidi trembled as the Direktor’s hand came out. To gently cup her pussy. Direktor Kriegel did not allow any outside social contact for girls who were at the Institute. Neither social nor sexual. No visits from your boyfriend, so a girl could get rather frustrated. Direktor Kriegel liked that: it was his theory that if a nurse was under some degree of sexual tension she would be more alert and would take training better. Certainly she would be on edge, jumpy… especially when the Direktor’s hand… took hold of that very special place.
‘Do you suppose, Liebchen, that the English girl… has a boyfriend.’
What a question! ‘I… don’t know, Herr Direktor.’ His hand was stroking. Squeezing gently. Making Nurse Beckner squirm all over. She had scarcely seen her boyfriend for almost a year. She shivered. Herr Kriegel’s hand was like a touch of dynamite.
‘Probably,’ observed the Direktor. ‘I would imagine such a pretty Madchen would certainly have one. Pretty girls of that age do, eh?’
He was still doing things to Heidi that were making her shake like a leaf.
‘Yes, Nurse. We shall certainly need to teach this English girl some discipline. Our German discipline. And without the comfort of that boyfriend, what a young man can do for a girl… she will be most amenable.’
Herr Kriegel’s hand stopped its fondling, turned Heidi round and sharply slapped the splendid bottom. ‘Let’s give you a little something then. Eh Nurse? A spanking. Not the cane at this moment. Just a spanking.’
He swivelled round in his chair. To give himself room. Pretty Heidi Beckner, still obediently holding her skirt bunched round her waist, was pulled down across the Direktor’s lap. There was no sound of protest. His hand pushed her legs apart.
‘A nice looking Madchen then, Heidi: this English girl. Yes?’
‘Yes, Herr Kriegel,’ the bent-over girl breathed. The Direktor’s hand was in between her legs.
‘And… could you fancy a nice-looking English girl like that? I expect you could, eh? After all this time without that Rudi of yours.’
‘No!’ Heidi squealed. The squeal was aimed partly at what the Direktor was suggesting and also at what his hand was doing. His hand between Heidi’s legs, working at her. Although of course a well-trained girl did not actually complain, or plead with the Direktor to desist, whatever he chose to do. So perhaps in fact the squeal was aimed only at what he had suggested.
He laughed. ‘We shall see. I shall watch carefully. Not that a certain amount of that business is forbidden —between two pretty girls — as you know, Liebling.’ Direktor Kriegel’s hand was still busy. ‘I shall watch carefully — because I am going to put you in charge of part of this lovely English girl’s training, Nurse Beckner. And that will be most excellent training for yourself as well, will it not?’
The hand did a little more of its devastating activity and then came away. ‘Good. Now then. I shall give you a little business. Eh Nurse?’
The hand cracked down. As hard as Direktor Kriegel could crack his hand down, which was with considerable force. He was much experienced in spanking girls’ bottoms really hard. As he was likewise much experienced in using the tawse and the cane. Heidi stifled her yelp as the hand cracked down again. And again…
Jacqueline Wilming had been urged to apply for the exchange though not at all certain that she wanted to do it. Six months, possibly extended to a year, in Germany: the idea was rather daunting when you were just 18. But in terms of Jackie’s future career it would be a very good thing to have done, and Jackie had done German at school, to A Level, so she would not have a language problem. Germans, like the French, it was accepted would not be keen on a student who couldn’t speak the language.
So with both her mother and the people at the Training College urging it on her, Jackie had agreed. She had sent in her application, plus a photograph as requested, half-hoping for a negative reply. Instead she received a letter back of acceptance almost immediately. A letter from the Direktor, Herr Kriegel. He would like her to start at once. That was in fact convenient because Jackie had just finished the first half of her course. Dr Halliway said it would be a good time to go, and complete the second part when she returned. ‘You’ll have a marvellous time,’ he told her.
Not that Dr Halliway knew a lot about the Heitzmann Nursing Institute — or indeed anything at all — but it seemed to be a properly accredited place. It had advertised in one of the nursing magazines that it would like to get English student nurses with a view to exchanging some of its own students. Presumably, Dr Halliway thought, they would hear about any German girls wishing to exchange, but for the moment Jackie Wilming was the only name mentioned from either end. And she was an excellent choice to start something like this: an excellent ambassadress; a pretty and shapely girl, keen but demure, well spoken… perhaps a little bit anxious about the whole business; but she would soon lose that, when she got over there…
One person in addition to Jackie with doubts about the move was of course her boyfriend, Graham Silway. Six months — or even a year — seemed an awfully long time (as of course it did to Jackie herself and not only in respect of Graham). ‘It’s not that long,’ she told him, hoping perhaps to convince herself of it at the same time. ‘You can come over for a visit — and I can maybe come back for a weekend I should think.’
These were only suppositions on Jackie’s part but both seemed entirely reasonable. Jackie in fact had very little detail about anything yet. She had been able to pick out on a map where the Institute was: it was in Bavaria and not near any large towns. Apart from this — well there was only the fact that she would be met off the plane in Hamburg. Herr Kriegel who was to meet Jackie himself had asked her to wear her uniform, partly so that he could pick her out — although of course he had had her photograph.
‘I’ll really miss you,’ Jackie assured Graham the night before her departure. ‘I’ll write every day. And you do the same. And don’t go out with anyone else. I certainly won’t — for one thing there probably won’t be anyone at this place. It seems to be out in the middle of nowhere. But I wouldn’t anyway.’
They had a last rather steamy smooching session. Not full sex because they didn’t, but the next thing to it: on the settee in Jackie’s lounge (her parents had obligingly gone out for the evening) writhing, clinging desperately together, and more specifically manually bringing each other off. It all left them both exhausted, physically and emotionally. Jackie could feel tears coming. ‘I wish I hadn’t said yes. Just think… in 24 hours…’
In 24 hours Jackie was in a hotel with Herr Kriegel. He had been there in the Arrivals Lounge and had immediately picked her out. The blonde head could easily be German, the hair straighter than Heidi Beckner’s but a very similar rich corn colour. And the blue eyes, the somewhat anxious expression to the pretty mouth as she looked uncertainly around… Oh yes. Even better in the flesh than in the photo. He had stepped eagerly forward. Jackie of course hadn’t had the benefit of a photograph but this gentleman in the dark suit and with the sharp eyes behind the steel-rimmed spectacles was showing her a card which confirmed who he was.
‘We don’t want you picked up by a stranger, Jacqueline. That would be unfortunate, and with such a pretty girl not impossible.’ He was taking her arm. ‘And you do speak some German I believe…?’
Jackie had not yet really said anything. She found she was a bit tongue-tied: struck dumb almost. It was nervousness of course, even a touch of panic. In his car Herr Kriegel said they wouldn’t be able to get to the Institute that night, it was too far. So they would stop overnight at a hotel and arrive fresh tomorrow. Would that be a good idea?
Jackie said a meek ‘Yes Herr Direktor.’ If that was what Direktor Kriegel said they were doing why should she argue. He patted her knee. ‘Good girl. I am sure you are going to do very well with us.’ The hand lingered on Jackie’s knee, or more accurately, her thigh. But naturally she had no thought of pushing it away. Naturally.
The hand left Jackie’s knee (thigh) but a little later, on the autobahn now, it came back again. Herr Kriegel, looking ahead at the road and not at his pretty companion whose lower thigh he now had his hand on, asked, ‘Are you wearing tights, Jacqueline? Or stockings. With a suspender belt.’
Jackie didn’t know the German for suspender belt but guessed that was what the word meant. It was a question out of the blue… and somehow it made her more conscious of the hand on her leg. Jackie was of course wearing tights; that was routine with the uniform at the Training College. She stuttered out an answer. The hand was still on her leg. It squeezed.
‘At our Institute our girls wear stockings always. Black nylon stockings with a suspender belt. That is considered smarter and also there are other reasons. It is considered more healthy for a girl’s thighs to be bare and not contained in tights all day. And another reason too. For discipline. With stockings a girl’s thighs are bare for smacking. If there is some minor matter of discipline her thighs are bare and can be quickly smacked; with the hand or the leather strap. The backs of the thighs are of course a sensitive area of the anatomy and excellent for this.’
Herr Kriegel’s hand was squeezing — as if perhaps it was anticipating an early smacking of the thighs of this pretty English girl. The English girl herself… was blushing, and her heart thudding a little bit. She wasn’t misinterpreting what he was saying? ‘For the more serious lapses of discipline it is of course not the backs of the thighs but the bottom. Naturally. I imagine it was the same at your own Training College. Yes? A girl’s bottom for anything considered more serious?’
Jackie managed a strangled ‘No!’ shaking her head to emphasise this fact. It wasn’t a language problem, she knew what he was saying. Except that she couldn’t believe it. Although had she heard somewhere something vaguely about German discipline. No, it couldn’t be…
Herr Kriegel was of course well aware that student nurses in England did not have either the backs of their thighs or their bottoms smacked or strapped — or caned for that matter. It suited his purpose however to express surprise at Jackie’s reply. Discipline was essential and how else would one expect to quickly and efficiently administer it?
He turned to Jackie with a quick charming smile. ‘Don’t worry, my pretty girl. I am sure you will soon get accustomed to our methods. There will be no problem. And now I think first of all… we will stop somewhere to see if we can purchase the stockings. And the suspender belt.’
The hand gave a final squeeze and returned to the steering wheel. Leaving Jackie with her pretty blonde head now chock-full of a kaleidoscope of shocking and unbelievable thoughts. Herr Kriegel had been talking about… smacking bottom. Strapping (bare?) bottoms and the bare backs of thighs. She couldn’t believe it. Could it possibly… be a joke? Some funny sort of German humour?
She didn’t really believe that, though. And if it wasn’t a joke…
They were shortly turning off the autobahn. Herr Kriegel had said… that wasn’t a very nice thought either. Buying stockings and a suspender belt. Especially when Jackie recalled the reasons he had given why girls wore stockings. Or one of the reasons. Oh God. They were entering a little town. A pretty town with timbered houses, but Jackie Wilming was in no state to admire the scene. Herr Kriegel was pulling up in the square.
Out of the car. ‘I’m sure we can find something,’ and he was taking her arm. Yes, here was a lingerie shop. Oh God. Jackie could feel a desperate urge to be on a plane back to England. But Herr Kriegel was guiding her in. A fresh-faced assistant of about Jackie’s age — another blonde too — smiling at them. Herr Kriegel stated what he wanted, for his ‘niece’ he said. And also… was there perhaps a fitting room they could use? ‘Oh ja, ja, mein Herr.’ Certainly. The assistant led them through to the back, to a small room with a full-length mirror and two chairs. She placed on one of the chairs what she had brought: some pairs of black stockings and a slim white suspender belt. Doing a sort of half curtsey to Herr Kriegel she went out and closed the door.
Herr Kriegel sat on the vacant chair and smiled at Jackie. ‘Good. Let us proceed then. To get you properly dressed, Jacqueline. Take your coat and dress off. And of course the tights.’
She was going to have to do it in front of him. In front of Herr Kriegel as he sat eager-eyed on the chair with only this very limited amount of space left between the chairs and the mirror. Jackie could feel herself beginning to perspire — but she clearly had no choice in the matter. Her hands went to the buttons of the light coat she had put on for the plane journey — because she had been shy about displaying her uniform. She had undone the coat in the Arrivals Lounge so that Herr Kriegel could see her uniform, the buttoned it again walking to his car. Now… it had to come off and so did… don’t think about it, think about something else. What? Graham? But that thought made Jackie want to cry. Try and think about nothing…
She had her uniform dress off now. Unbuttoned and then stepping out of it, trying in vain to forget Herr Kriegel sitting this close distance away, his eyes intent. Her dress… and now the tights. Why couldn’t she have done it without taking her dress off? Because… Herr Kriegel wanted to embarrass her, that was why. Wanted to make her stand in front of him in just her underwear. Yes…
The tights slithered down Jackie’s trembling legs. She slipped off her shoes and then fumblingly the tights. There was an awful feeling of being naked under Herr Kriegel’s intent gaze. Standing in just her knickers and bra. Jackie was slim-waisted but with well-rounded tits and haunches — in fact very much like Heidi Beckner when she was stripped off. Red-faced, Jackie reached for the stockings.
‘Take the knickers off too.’ Herr Kriegel was only a couple of feet from her in this tight little room and his voice came quiet but intense. ‘I’d like the knickers off too. So I can see our new student properly, eh?’
The tiny room seemed to have got a lot hotter — and airless. Jackie’s hands were hovering in front of her in a self-conscious attempt to cover her knickers, her boobs in the lightweight bra. Now… she had to take her knickers off.
‘Come on, young lady. Get them off please.’
The room seemed to be dipping and rolling, as if they were at sea. But Jackie’s hands were doing it. Sliding down the brief white knickers. Somehow. Stepping out of them. ‘That’s it. Now stand up straight. And move a little closer…’
Standing close in front of Herr Kriegel on legs that seemed like rubber. In her bra and nothing else. Herr Kriegel’s voice. It seemed to boom in her ears. ‘That’s better. That’s lovely. What a lovely girl, Jacqueline. Have you got a boyfriend? At home in England?’
As Jackie answered a strangled ‘Yes Herr Kriegel,’ his hand softly brushed the blonde bush of her pussy. She made a shocked squeaky sound. The hand lightly took hold of her.
‘Well, you’ll have to do without that boyfriend in the next few months, my dear. But we’ll keep you busy. Very busy. So you won’t have time to think about your boyfriend.’
The hand that was so shockingly holding Jackie’s pussy let go. Two hands on her hips turned her. Her feet stumbling in numb response. Jackie’s back to Herr Kriegel now. Her nude and quivering bottom… Herr Kriegel’s hands on it.
‘Yes, Nurse. We’ll keep you busy. And if there are any little problems… we’ll keep this lovely bottom busy too, Eh?’
Herr Kriegel’s hands fondled Jackie’s bare bottom and then he let go. She could put the stockings on, he said.
Jackie felt incapable of any sort of action, in a state of shock. Somehow, though, her hands were able to act, after a fashion. Although she felt she had no control over them. Pulling on the nylon stockings one by one… and then fumbling on the suspender belt. Struggling a bit with the clasps of the straps. But somehow…
‘Stand up straight again and let me see. Face properly towards me… and a bit closer, Jacqueline. That’s it. Yes…’
Herr Kriegel needed to check things. With his hands. The suspender straps; the tautness of the nylons. Also it seemed… Jackie’s pussy again. At last he pronounced himself satisfied. Everything was excellent in fact. Jackie could put her dress on. But not her knickers. She could leave them off now. ‘Fresh air is very healthy,’ Herr Kriegel assured her.
For the rest of the day Jackie had no knickers on. The new black stockings and the trim white suspender belt under her dress — but no knickers. Back on the autobahn in Herr Kriegel’s Mercedes after going to a restaurant for lunch, and later at the hotel. No knickers. The thought of it made Jackie feel ill — and she couldn’t get the thought out of her head. She had never of course before been out without knickers. Sitting in the car with Herr Kriegel and in the restaurant for lunch and again in the hotel restaurant for dinner… with no knickers on. It was as bad in its way as what had happened in that awful little room. As bad as what Jackie knew was going to happen when they got to the Institute. Or even before that perhaps. Here. At the hotel…
Yes. It did happen. After dinner. Herr Kriegel coming into her room (his was along the corridor). The sharp eyes smiling at her… and Jackie knew he was going to do it. Here. Now. Maybe that was why she had had her knickers off all day. Waiting for this…
‘Now, Jacqueline, I think we might… give you a little lesson. Eh?’ As you say you have not had it before. Mmmm…? Just a spanking.’ He was sitting down on her bed. ‘Come on. Let’s have you over my lap…’
And that was where seconds later Jackie was. Face-down over Herr Kriegel’s lap. With her skirt up round her waist and her lovely bottom bare above the black stocking tops. Herr Kriegel’s hand fondling. Twenty-four hours ago Jackie had been on the settee in her parents’ lounge, locked in that steamy embrace with Graham. It would be fair to say she had not anticipated this. In a hotel room with Direktor Kriegel’s hand fondling her quivering bare bottom. And then the hand cracking violently down…
By late morning the next day they were at the Institute. It was right out in the country, a couple of miles beyond a little village, in its own grounds with a high wall with large, ornate gates that were locked to let the Mercedes in. ‘So you can’t escape!’ Herr Kriegel said, laughing. But Jackie didn’t think it was a joke. She was quite sure that before long she would be thinking only of escaping from this place. But there was going to be no escape; not for six months — or maybe even a year. Oh God!
She tried to steer her mind away from that dread thought. Six months or a year — of what she had already experienced! Last night: over Herr Kriegel’s lap with her bottom bare and his hard hand slamming down on it. Jackie had thought she was going to be physically sick. And after that a night in which half of the time she couldn’t get to sleep, and when she could there were awful dreams waiting for her. Dreams in which she was spanked and caned. And not allowed to wear either a dress or knickers…
But here she was: the Heitzmann Nursing Institute. In the main building. A couple of other girls to be seen: in a black uniform dress, and one girl in a white outfit. And staff: a man in a dark suit like Herr Kriegel, another one in a white coat. Student Nurse Jackie Wilming from England in her blue uniform with the black stockings tried to keep calm and not panic.
Herr Kriegel was introducing her to another girl. Jackie forced herself to catch the name. Nurse Beckner. Heidi. She was a blonde like herself, in that black uniform. A pretty girl, with a sort of questioning look.
‘Our English guest will be in with you, Heidi, as I’ve told you,’ Herr Kriegel said. ‘You will be responsible for her. And responsible to a certain extent for her discipline.’ The eyes behind the steel-rimmed spectacles smiled as if at some private joke…
Heidi Beckner said a dutiful ‘Yes Herr Kriegel.’ She led Jackie along a corridor and up some stairs. To a little room, simply furnished and with two rather institutional looking beds which were not made up, the bed clothes folded at one end. Jackie looked around and shivered. Those beds were not too inviting. And what had Herr Kriegel meant?…
Heidi Beckner made a face. ‘You will see. If you do not know about German discipline. You will soon find out. But I am afraid Herr Kriegel is going to make me help. In your training. Perhaps it is his joke. It is not what I want to do.’
Jackie flushed. She had a sudden inkling of what Heidi meant, of what Herr Kriegel had meant. No! Heidi shrugged her shoulders. ‘I have been to England,’ she said, deciding on some small talk. ‘London. Very interesting.’
Five minutes later Herr Kriegel came in. Heidi stood up, a wary look on her face. Was this going to be it? The Herr Direktor come in to enjoy himself? Of course there were various ways in which he could do that. One would be to spank and cane her (Heidi) in front of the English girl. Make Heidi take her knickers down… and then do it. Or of course…
‘All right, Jacqueline? Settling in with your new colleague?’
Jackie mumbled ‘Yes Herr Direktor.’
‘Excellent. Heidi is a very helpful and friendly girl; I am sure an excellent mentor. And as I said she is also to help with your discipline. We can start that now I think. To show you what is done here. Heidi, will you take Nurse Wilming’s knickers down? And then give her a spanking…’
Jackie looked desperately round. Heidi’s face had gone bright red. ‘Get up on the bed, Nurse. On your hands and knees. Heidi will lift your skirt and take down your knickers. And then a good, hard spanking, Nurse Beckner.’
Jackie could feel the room spinning round her That same feeling as in the little fitting room yesterday when she had to take all her clothes off for Herr Kriegel. It all felt like an awful dream but of course it wasn’t. It was happening. She climbed unsteadily onto the mattress. Onto her hands and knees. Heidi shot a quick glance at Herr Kriegel, sitting on the other bed, and then stepped forward. She hated this. Or did she? Heidi thought she hated it — but at the same time could feel a surge of excitement. As she pulled up the English girl’s skirt. Her hands touched Jackie’s softly rounded bare thighs above the black stocking tops. Yes, there was a surge of excitement all right.
A surge of excitement was also flowing through the veins of Ernest Kriegel. This marvellous English girl on the bed with her superb bottom being bared by his Heidi. In his hand now, taken from an inside jacket pocket, was a leather tawse. He was going to get in the action himself, after he had watched Heidi. The lovely English girl of course… and very likely Heidi too.

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