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Friday, 5 April 2019

Examination Time

From Blushes 45
‘Next week, isn’t it? The Exam?’ Mr Lorning shakes his head sadly. ‘Really Jacqueline. Really.’
Jackie looks up and gives a wan smile. She has just gone through one of her examination pieces and is aware that it was not very good. Wrong notes and the whole thing stilted, with no flow to it. She bites her lip.
Mr Lorning comes close, stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. He looks down at the thick mass of medium-brown hair, with its freshly-washed scenty smell. Jacqueline is a very attractive girl but will never make a great pianist: that much can be said for certain. His hands gently squeeze the slim shoulders in the pale blue blouse. ‘To be frank, Jacqueline, you don’t really have a chance of getting through.’ The hands explore the feminine structure of bones and flesh beneath the thin material. ‘Or you wouldn’t have a chance. If it wasn’t that Mr Vauxham is a personal acquaintance of mine.’
Mr Lorning’s hands slide down. Down the front of Jackie’s blouse. To her firm and lightly brassiered breasts. His hands cup them. Jackie’s mouth opens nervously but she doesn’t speak — or indeed attempt to remove the hands. ‘You know that, don’t you, my dear.’
A muttered ‘Yes.’ The hands are gently squeezing Jackie’s warm, soft tits. She swallows. Mr Lorning’s mild voice: ‘But of course you know. You had Mr Vauxham for the last grade. And you got through that, didn’t you? What did you have to do, Jacqueline? Did you have to let Mr Vauxham take your knickers down then?’
Mr Lorning knows the answer to his question of course. Jackie is flushing. It is not pleasant to be reminded of that humiliating scene. As it is not pleasant to think about next Tuesday when she has to go before Mr Vauxham again. Mr Lorning is gently pinching her nipples. ‘You did, didn’t you, my dear?’
She produces a reluctant ‘Yes.’
Mr Lorning gives a final squeeze and tells his pretty pupil to stand. He pulls his chair close and sits down, then turns Jackie so that her back is towards him. ‘Lift your skirt,’ he tells her.
Jackie obediently obeys. Lifts her full, plaid skirt right up round her waist. She has clearly done this before. Underneath she has beige tights over brief ivory-coloured knickers. As she holds the skirt bunched up Mr Lorning inserts his thumbs in the top of the tights and peels them down until they are completely off of Jackie’s bottom. He runs his fingers over the back of one now-bare silky smooth upper thigh.
‘I should think Mr Vauxham would prefer stockings and a suspender belt on Tuesday, Jackie. In fact I feel sure he would. Here, give me it now.’
Mr Lorning means the skirt. He has taken a pin from the arm of the chair and now lifts Jackie’s skirt high at the back, the hem up to her shoulders. He pins it to her blouse on one side and a second pin goes in behind Jackie’s other shoulder. ‘There, Miss.’ His hands are now at Jackie’s knickers. Sliding them down as he has done her tights. Mr Lorning’s voice, gentle and intimate:
‘Don’t you think so, Jacqueline dear? Don’t you think Mr Vauxham will prefer you in stockings and a pretty suspender belt?’
‘I… I expect so,’ Jackie mutters. Her bottom is now bare and Mr Lorning is fondling it. Squeezing the soft bare flesh. ‘Lovely,’ he murmurs. ‘You’ve got a lovely bottom, Jackie. In fact you’re a lovely girl altogether. Aren’t you? Turn round.’
She turns, flush-faced, still clutching the front of her skirt up. Jackie is equally bare at the front of course. More silky-soft flesh centred by the russet brown bush of her pussy. She bites her lip as Mr Lorning takes hold of it. ‘And it’s just as well we’re such a lovely girl, isn’t it? If our playing isn’t any better than it is.’
Jackie makes a gaspy sound, presumably of agreement with Mr Lorning’s analysis of the situation. Most of her mind, though, is inevitably concerned with that hand at her pussy. Those knowing fingers. ‘Ooooww…’ comes from the soft pink mouth. One insidious finger is sliding in along the lips of that ultra-private place between her thighs. Mr Lorning says quietly, ‘Yes. We should spend a lot more time practicing. And not with that young man. Eh? Curled up in a cosy little corner with your knickers off and letting him play with this thing.’
‘I don’t…’ she blurts. Mr Lorning shakes his head. ‘I know what girls your age are like, Jacqueline. And I know what randy youths are like. They’re always after it and if you’re not letting them have the whole thing you let them have the next best. You let them play with it. And get you all hot and bothered, and wet and sticky between your legs, and certainly in no state to think about practicing the piano. Isn’t that right?’
Mr Lorning’s analysis has a considerable degree of truth to it, although Jackie doesn’t like to admit it. She shakes her head. Mr Lorning of course is at this moment doing exactly what he accuses her of letting Mark do. Mr Lorning’s finger has slid in between the now wet lips of Jackie’s pussy and she is beginning to get all shaky. Half of her wants what he is doing because it feels nice, super, but the rest of her doesn’t want it at all, not Mr Lorning doing it and certainly not as she stands here like this in front of him with her skirt pinned up and held up. And anyway there is the thought of the other reason why her skirt is pinned up and her knickers and tights have been taken down. Mr Lorning is going to spank her bottom. A lesson intended to teach Jackie to do more practice. She does practice, a certain amount at least, but unfortunately Jackie doesn’t get any better.
She knows she can’t get any better or at least not without practising night and day and probably even then not a lot better. But she has to do her piano because her mother says so. And she also knows that presumably Mr Vauxham will pass her in spite of her inadequate playing because he’s a friend of Mr Lorning. So if she is co-operative and lets Mr Vauxham do what she lets Mr Lorning do, the chances are she’ll get through…
Very shortly Jackie is kneeling up on the piano stool. All quivery and shaky from what Mr Lorning has been doing and with her skirt still pinned up at her shoulders and her tights and knickers down. Jackie is kneeling to get her spanking. Mr Lorning’s large hand begins splatting solidly in on the fleshy globes of her bare bottom. Gasps and yelps because it really stings — in addition to the general unpleasantness and humiliation of having this at the age of 18. But perhaps Jackie should be thankful that Mr Lorning is prepared to be friendly and co-operative and accept these pleasures in exchange for telling her mother that Jackie is ‘doing very well.’ And getting Mr Vauxham to be equally friendly and co-operative.
When Mr Lorning has finished he takes Jackie over his lap — to indulge in some further pleasures. ‘I shall phone Mr Vauxham to say that you are as ready as you’ll ever be,’ he tells her. ‘And I shall tell him you’re coming in stockings and a pretty suspender belt. And shall we say no knickers as well, as a special treat for my friend?’


  1. Same girl from Half Term Punishments. :)

    1. Yes & we see her tits & pussy. I like the bit in the film where she is unwillingly yanked across his lap and spanked before the bedroom scene.

  2. A delicious little tale. Of course, the naked hindquarters of a pretty young lady, when bent over and raised up for the disciplinary attentions of the cane are the finest musical instrument of all. Maestro, pick up your 'baton' and play! The resulting sounds are music to my ears at least.