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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Bare Bottom Exercise

From Blushes 81
Penny and Sandra are standing side by side at attention in Mr Rambold’s gymnasium. In their crisp white uniform — but something else too. Because each girl has a length of stout nylon cord tightly knotted on top of her shorts. Penny’s is bright red, Sandra’s black. The coloured cords are tied round each girl’s waist, with a further length stretching tautly between her legs and knotted to the waist piece at the front and rear.
The lengths of cord pass through the girls’ legs and then tightly up through the clefts of their bottoms so that their bottom-cheeks are sharply defined and delineated.
The cords have been stretched very tight. Painfully tight it would appear. And appearances are not deceptive. Penny grimaces. Turning slightly to Sandra she rolls her eyes. Penny we can see has an extra length of cord leading from her waist which she holds coiled in her hand.
The two girls are alone in Mr Rambold’s splendid wood-panelled gym. Mr Rambold has gone out but he will be back at any moment. And then…?
Penny gives another silent grimace. The cord between her legs is really hurting. Cutting into her pussy. It is another awful experience here at Mr Rambold’s. And of course there is more to come. When shortly he returns.
It is 8 o’clock on this her second day at Mr Rambold’s establishment. The early morning sun is slanting in through the window in the sloping roof to make an almost white rectangle close to her feet. It is hot in the gym. It feels hot even though they have no underwear under their white shorts and tops. No knickers or bras. Mr Rambold doesn’t believe in underwear for his girls. Penny shifts the weight in her legs slightly. That cord is really painful. Cutting into her crotch. But shortly there is going to be something else. Something really scary — and dangerous too. Even Sandra said it was dangerous and scary. It is what they have these cords on for of course.
The lengths of cord have been put on them by Mr Sparks, half an hour ago after their early breakfast. The girls had to report to him in turn in his little room at the rear of the house. Bill Sparks is Mr Rambold’s assistant, a retired naval rating. Penny had only briefly met him yesterday and this morning’s visit to him was her first proper experience. Mr Sparks, in his fifties like Mr Rambold, proved to be really awful — also like Mr Rambold. As Sandra had said he was.
‘Ah our bright new Penny,’ he greeted her when she had closed the door behind her and then stood to attention. ‘And what have you two girls been doing all night? Frigging each other I imagine. Eh? Going at each other’s pussies all night?’
No!’ Penny yelped. Both at awful Mr Sparks’s words and at what he was doing. Because he had moved round behind her and reached round to cup her tits. Squeezing them hard. It was awful what he had said — but not entirely a false accusation. Because they had done it again in the night. At Sandra’s insistence. Sandra seemed very keen on it. But not all night of course. Just the once.
Horrible Mr Sparks eventually let go of Penny’s tits, after an extended groping while he kept on insisting that he knew they had been doing it all night. But he wasn’t finished of course. All he was supposed to be doing was putting the special red cord on Penny, over her shorts. But he was going to make a real meal of it. Especially as this was his first chance of handling the new recruit.
So Penny was made to pull up her top and show him her nude tits. Mr Sparks said he had to examine them, it was necessary with all new girls. He squeezed and fondled her tits again, this time nude of course. Rubbing and pulling her nipples to make them stick out. And then, shockingly, bending his head down and taking first one and then the other of her stiffened nipples in his mouth. Sucking.
Penny, gasping, said she would tell Mr Rambold — but Mr Sparks only laughed. And then he made her take her shorts down. He groped and fondled Penny’s bare bottom — and then got his hand at her pussy. He said he could tell that they had been doing it all night. He could tell from her pussy.
He did at last get on with what he was supposed to be doing, which was to put the cord on Penny.
‘You’re going to really enjoy this. New girls always do,’ he told her as he pulled the red cord as tight as he could between Penny’s legs. ‘It’s an experience they always enjoy. Especially if we drop you and you fall in.’
That of course was what was filling Penny’s mind now, as she stood with Sandra at attention in the gym waiting for Mr Rambold’s return. This awful exercise which the cords were for.
They were to transfer you across to a boat from the shore. An Emergency Transfer. You were pulled across on some ropes dangling in the air. Your dangling body suspended on a hook which was attached to the back of your cord, where the crotch and waist sections joined. You were pulled across above the water like this. Dangling above it. And sometimes… the contraption gave way. Something broke, or came undone… and you fell down. Into that awful swirling water.
Sandra had done the emergency transfer before. And she hadn’t fallen off. It was pretty rare for something untoward to happen and a girl to fall off into the sea, that was what Sandra said. So probably there was no real reason to worry. But Penny was sure she would come off. Plunge down into the deep and oily water. She couldn’t swim very well. She could see herself floundering in that awful cold, choppy water. And sinking. Oh God! And then another thought.
That awful Mr Sparks: he might deliberately do something. Not hook her on properly — so that she would fall in. Yes. Penny no sooner had this thought than she was sure he would do it. Because she had said she would complain to Mr Rambold about all that stuff he had done to her.
She turned desperately to Sandra. You weren’t allowed to speak when you were standing at attention but Penny had to get some reassurance from Sandra.
‘Sandra… What if Mr Sparks.’
Unfortunately Mr Rambold chose at that very moment to re-enter the gym.
Not talking when we are on parade, are we!’ he barked.
‘Uh… not really Mr Rambold,’ Sandra said. Pulling back her shoulders and sticking her tits out.
‘You must think I’m blind — and deaf.’ Coming close in front of her Mr Rambold yanked up her top. Right up so that Sandra’s quite big tits were fully bare. He squeezed her nipples. ‘Is that it, Sandra?’
‘No! No Mr Rambold,’ she gasped.
He turned to Penny. His fingers slid inside the cord which went down from waist to crotch. It was already painfully tight but Mr Rambold’s hand worked in… and yanked. Penny yelled, doubling forward, as the cord cut into her pussy like a sharp knife.
‘This young lady was undoubtedly talking. Perhaps she is not a very quick learner. She clearly needs some more encouragement to her learning processes.
Mr Rambold let go. ‘Stand at attention!’ he barked at the gasping Penny. And then he was striding over to the corner of the room, to the cupboard. And coming back… with a cane.
‘Get over the trestle,’ he snapped. ‘Quickly. Right over. Your hands flat on the floor. Legs stretched out…’
With a frightened little moan Penny did as she was told.
The cane had zipped fiercely into the taut seat of Penny’s shorts. Her stung bottom bucked as she yelled out.
‘Keep it still!’ Mr Rambold hissed. ‘I can see you really need some more intensive…’
‘Training Miss.’
Penny was allowed to get up after six real scorchers to her quivering bottom. But Mr Rambold wasn’t finished. As, red-faced and gasping, she forced herself to stand at attention again, he addressed them both.
‘Yes, I think you both need an extra session. With the cane. Things seem to be getting awfully slack. You, Penny, need to be buckling down more seriously to your training. And you, Sandra, I think need a good reminder that this isn’t a holiday camp.’
‘No! No Mr Rambold please. I don’t think that at all,’ Sandra, with her tits still bared, yipped.
But Stanley Rambold had evidently got the bit between his teeth, no doubt inspired and exhilarated by his energetic go at Penny’s rear. Perhaps he had become too lenient with Sandra — as a result of her cooperativeness of course. But even a cooperative girl needed a sharp caning now and then. And as for this new Penny, she definitely needed more. If she was ever to become a well-trained and of course cooperative girl. Yes, they certainly both needed a little extra something. And there was plenty of time before they went out to the water for their morning’s programme.
‘Come here,’ he said ominously to Sandra.
Kneeling behind her he worked at her shorts. Getting them down. There was no need to unfasten Sparks’s handiwork, he could — with difficulty admittedly — just about get the shorts down while leaving the cords in place.
Sandra gave a little squeal. Mr Rambold’s tugging at her shorts caused the cords to cut into her more sharply — but there was also the anticipation of what was evidently going to come. Pretty clearly something nasty with Mr Rambold’s cane. She had been having a relatively easy time with the cane, but now… Sandra definitely had the feeling that something painful was coming.
Mr Rambold got the shorts right down, as far as they would go with the cord between Sandra’s legs still in place. So that her bottom was fully bare — and most of her pussy hair in front. He gave her bared nates a sharp slap.
‘Get up on the trestle Sandra. On your back, with your legs raised.’
There was a whinnying intake of breath. Sandra had been caned like that in her first days with Mr Rambold. It was a very painful position for caning — and also an extremely embarrassing one. In that upside-down position you had the whole of your pussy starkly on display — and this was going to be pretty much true even how she now was with the lowered shorts held by the cord. Sandra wanted to plead with him. He didn’t really want to do this — not when she was so nice and cooperative in those sessions in his room.
But Mr Rambold didn’t like pleading, not if he was set on doing something. Sandra couldn’t help an unhappy little ‘Please Mr Rambold!’ — but was sternly told to get in place.
Penny looked bug-eyed as Sandra went to the trestle. Then gave a little yelp. Because Mr Rambold was behind her, yanking at her own shorts. Working them down under the cord. Yes she was going to get the same as Sandra. And the full awfulness of what this was now becoming apparent, as Sandra got herself in position. Lying on her back with her arms stretched down along the legs of the trestle. And her legs up. Her legs raised in the air. So that her bared bottom was thrust out. And you could see the whole of her business. Sandra’s pussy. The whole of it on full and awful display.
It was too awful to watch — but equally Penny couldn’t help watching. Mr Rambold with his left hand holding Sandra’s legs straight up in the air like that. And his right hand… whipping in the cane.
It was mind-boggling. The searing cut of the whippy bamboo as it cut into the tautened flesh. And poor Sandra’s desperate yell. Poor Sandra — and very shortly it was going to be poor Penny. She was going to be in that same sickening position. Having to blatantly expose her pussy to Mr Rambold like that. That was dreadful in itself. But… that cane…
Penny flinched as another one whipped in. Closing her eyes.
And very shortly of course it was her turn. Oh God! Forcing herself to go to the trestle as scarlet-faced Sandra, her hands at her glowing bottom, stumbled away. But Mr Rambold decided not to have Penny in that same position. Not up on the trestle on her back, but bending over the end. Well that was something, it wasn’t quite such an awful position.
Oh Christ! But the mind-bending pain was just as bad. Oh yes! It couldn’t be any worse. Gritting her teeth and hanging desperately onto the legs of the trestle. Her poor bottom clenching and churning. No
Oh Jesus please…! Hearing herself yelling out…
Six of them. Six mind-benders. Each leaving its bright red imprint on the soft flesh of her bottom. Penny stumbling upright at the end of it. And was then told… it wasn’t the end. No, Mr Rambold now wanted her in that other position after all. After her six stingers Penny now had to get up on the trestle on her back. Just like Sandra. To be given a further caning.
Because of course a new girl did need something extra. She needed to know what discipline was all about. And then later on it could possibly be relaxed. A certain amount. If she showed she had learnt from those early lessons and was now a tractable and willing recruit. Oh yes.
But this morning Stanley Rambold wasn’t really in the mood for a lot of relaxation. No, not even with Sandra who was a willing and well-trained recruit. Instead he felt like going on a bit. Continuing here in the gym. With his cane. They were due out on the water, the Emergency Transfer Exercise, which was always an interesting session, but there was no hurry for that. Plenty of time. Both girls could do with a. bit more work here in the gym. And also…
Stanley Rambold had had an interesting idea. The Emergency Transfer Exercise that they were going to do. It was a nice warm morning outside. Why not try it with the girls without their uniforms on? In just the cords. Wouldn’t that be very interesting? And clearly it would be. Mostly highly diverting in fact.
So Sandra and Penny were sent back to Mr Sparks. To have their cords taken off — and replaced without their uniforms. They were going to do the exercise in the nude.
It was a mind-boggling concept even for Sandra. She was still feeling somewhat numb from that caning. She hadn’t had a caning like that since the very beginning of her stay. And now this other shocker. The thought of it! Suspended on that hook with nothing to cushion the cord. It would cut into you like a knife.
As for Penny, she had had that extra caning. She felt like she could hardly walk. She couldn’t think, her head was like a cauldron. What Mr Rambold had now said perhaps hadn’t really registered. But in amongst it all, the turmoil in her head and the hot pain still in her bottom, there was still the other. This thing they were going to have to do, wearing uniforms or not. This thing which could drop you into that churning, swaying water. And Mr Sparks who perhaps had already decided to deliberately drop her in.
‘Loo…oook…’ she stuttered as, back in his little room now, he began working on her. His fingers working at those tight knots — but also taking time out to grope and feel. Her tits, her pussy. But Penny didn’t care about the groping, not when she was so scared by the other. ‘Lo…ook… M…Mr Sparks…’
Bill Sparks listened owlishly to what was being stuttered out. Listening while at the same time considering this new idea of Mr Rambold’s. Having the girls nude for the exercise. It was quite an idea and they were certainly going to look highly diverting in just their sneakers and socks and the cords tightly trussing their nude figures. But whether it would be possible to do a transfer like that he wasn’t sure. The cords under the full weight of a girl’s body might just cut too much. Still, they could bother about that later.
He was slowly getting the gist of what Penny was saying. Concentrating his mind a bit more on it — as he let his fingers roam here and there. She certainly wasn’t protesting like before. And the reason for this was slowly becoming obvious. Penny was dead scared of the impending exercise. And also she seemed to have the thought… that he might deliberately drop her in the drink. Yes she was really scared of that. So much so that…
It seemed she would do just about anything to prevent it. Anything to head him off from deliberately dropping her in. Well, well! Bill Sparks had never in fact had the thought of deliberately dropping any girl in. For one thing you would then have the trouble of fishing her out again. But if this sweet Miss Penny really wanted to do anything… why shouldn’t he let her? It would set her mind at rest for one thing.
So Penny was told that maybe they could come to an arrangement. If she really wanted to. She could come and see him right after lunch. Here in his little room. He rather had the idea now that the exercise out on the water would be delayed until the afternoon, what with Mr Rambold wanting to see the girls in the gym again in this new mode, cords on bare flesh. The exercise would probably now be right after the girls’ post-lunch rest period. If Penny came to see him then, they would certainly be able to agree something. If that was what she really wanted to do.
‘Yes,’ Penny gulped. ‘I d…do. I will.’
Mr Rambold did have Penny and Sandra in the gym for the rest of the morning, as they were now wearing just their trainers and socks and the cords. Otherwise nude. The cords were even more unpleasant and painful than before because now they were chafing against and cutting into bare flesh.
Mr Rambold said they looked very smart, he should have thought of it before. Perhaps he would have them like this all the time. It could be their new uniform. And perhaps he would send one of them out, down to the shop to get a paper, like this. Both Sandra and Penny looked a bit sick at this suggestion. Quite possibly they would each prefer a caning — even a very hard one — to the prospect of going out in the street, on public view, dressed (or more accurately undressed) as they were.
But Mr Rambold wasn’t serious, it was a little joke. What he was serious about was… more of the cane. Another session for both of them. The cane once more biting into first Sandra’s and then Penny’s bared nates.
After that to fill in the time before lunch, some exercises. Climbing on the wall bars. Running round the gym. The exercise bike. And with those cords between their legs, tight in their bare crotches, any sort of physical activity was highly painful. At last it was lunch time. That was a huge relief. Yes, but after lunch…
‘I’ve got to see Mr Sparks,’ Penny told Sandra. Sandra naturally wanted to know why. Penny shook her head. It was not something she wanted to talk about.
What was Mr Sparks going to want? Penny hadn’t wanted to think about that. She hadn’t had much time for thinking but certainly she didn’t want to think about it. It could well be something unpleasant. Perhaps highly unpleasant. But if it meant she could be reasonably sure she wasn’t going to be dropped in the water… it would be worth it. But no, she certainly didn’t want to think about it.
It was unpleasant alright. A highly unpleasant something that Penny was only vaguely aware that people did. Until now, in his room with the door locked, Mr Sparks made clear what he wanted.
Kneeling between his legs as he sat in his armchair. Mr Sparks said his trousers felt a bit tight. Could she undo the zip. And then… he didn’t have any underpants on. Maybe he had taken them off specially. So that when she pulled down the zip it sprang out at her. His big thing. Stiff and erect. It seemed enormous.
He wanted her to use her hand first. And she did. Doing it and thinking of that water that she wasn’t going to be tipped down into. Her hand and then… her mouth. No. She couldn’t do that. It wasn’t possible.
But then thinking of the alternative — or what she imagined was the alternative — Penny did.


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