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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

An Exemplary Student - part 1

I appreciate these things are subjective, but Samantha Woodley must be the most stunning spankee ever filmed. What a face and what a body! Sometimes she can act a bit too bratty for my liking, but this film has her at her best — and dressed as a schoolgirl to boot.
Samantha is a 'straight A' university student who's grades and behavior are so exemplary that she foolishly considers herself 'immune' from any risk of incurring the wrath of her new English tutor and therefore quite safe from his well known use of corporal punishment. For his part, her tutor can only fantasize about spanking his prize student, and hope that she will eventually slip up and make a mistake worthy of punishment. Weeks go by without incident until one day Samantha slips up. Not just a little slip up, oh no, but a big mother of a slip. Now she is well and truly for it, and she knows it. Placing her across his knee her tutor starts to deliver the spanking he has dreamt of ever since he first laid eyes on this feisty young lady with her sparkling eyes, pouting lips and wiggling backside. He relishes the contact of his hand on the seat of her skirt, and tries not to rush the inevitable removal of her skirt and lowering of her skimpy panties to unveil the perfect twin globes of her bare bottom. He spanks her soft round bum cheeks, savoring each and every smack as they turn from blushing pink to bright crimson. When he finally decides she has had enough, he sits her on his knee and talks to her gently about being a good girl in future, but somehow they both know that this is going to be happening again. And happen again it does, only the next time it's much more severe, and she gets more than just a spanking. She gets spanked, she gets the slipper and of course finally she gets the cane. Afterwards she stands meekly in the corner, bare bottom on display, until he comes to comfort her. Oh yes, Samantha Woodley truly is an exemplary student.

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M/f; year: 2007; time: 49 minutes
Ageplay in a school setting: stunning raven-haired ‘Samantha Woodley’ plays a student doing research for ‘Professor Templeton,’ an authentic greybeard post-Mr Chips type. She has heard rumours: ‘You use old-fashioned discipline methods… spanking’ and she is intent to egg him on to achieve exactly that. She is more interested in the process of spanking than in the work she is to do and flashes her jeaned bottom as she leaves after her first interview.
Strictly English fades to a dream scene, where Sam arrives in the most provocative schoolgirl dress — plaid skirt, open blouse, knee socks, and black high heels. Ms Woodley carries this off without peer. In the imagining, he grabs her OTK and pulls her white panties down. Ms Woodley’s bottom deserves the same praise — wide, flared feminine hips; round, high, and hard buttocks suggesting mysterious crevices. To repeat a perfectly useful cliché — she was born to be spanked. This is a gentle struggle, a solid handspanking, some ‘dirty old man’ remarks, and obligatory corner time.
The next scene — back to reality. Templeton reviews Sam’s grades while she connives to earn a spanking, asking how spankings are ‘orchestrated.’ She cracks under the tension, objects to Templeton’s grading, and demands action. ‘Are you going to do it or aren’t you?’ He hesitates and she walks out, but soon returns, hoping he caves.
Oh well, he takes off his coat, positions a chair and Sam goes OTK, wearing a white bare-shouldered blouse and dark skirt. A fast start to the handspanking: ‘You need a bare bottom spanking. Take your skirt off.’ There are white polka dot panties, fitting like they were tailored. He bunches them and spanks, then pulls them down. ‘Oh no, no.’
‘Is this what you wanted in the way of a spanking?’ (speaking to us, by chance?) A fast counted 24, she pops up, a dark fuzzy frontal glimpse, the only time we get one, and she leaves, more content than she wants to let on.
Shift to yet another academic conference scene, when Sam returns in the naughty outfit seen in the imagining sequence. She wants it and he wants it. He mutters approval at her appearance. ‘So you like it?’ OTK, pants down, rousing spanking, closeups of her bottom worthy of the Louvre, funny ad lib dialogue, inciting remarks (‘You can stuff my essay up your ass.’) Lovely corner time; ‘Keep your bottom on display.’ Yes, please.
Back OTK. Nobody has had enough. ‘I have a feeling you are enjoying this.’ ‘You too, Buster.’ As we move toward the climax, ‘Fetch the cane.’ Samantha proffers the cane CP movie style, then drops it in taunting contempt. Bent over the back of a straight chair, bottom exquisitely centred, she takes 12 strokes. ‘Not so funny now, is it?’ She must count the next six, which gets to about 10 because she gets flustered.
She keeps needling. ‘Go on then, I know you like it. Shall I spread my legs? I know you like that… you’re a bastard.’ Each taunt earns more cane, until ‘I don’t want any more, please.’ This little caning ballet finally ends. They embrace — Templeton’s hands feel around her bottom and beyond.
Part 1:
Part 2:
To be continued…


  1. Incredibly hot video. Strictly English has put out outstanding product! Plus Samantha Woodley is as adorable as it gets. Her video for called House Rules is a must see.

  2. Very nice. Samantha Woodley is delightful but I can only hope that subsequent sessions are required. A touch of that cane will do wonders for her.

  3. I trust she'll get a 'C' next time. C for the Cane!

  4. Samantha was, in my opinion, the hottest of the millenial spanking models, and her American brattiness is a huge turn-on when pitted against a middle-aged English disciplinarian who looks like he'd come from Blushes stock. Another cute American girl of note who felt the benefit of British discipline was from a few years earlier, appearing in a Sports College video or two: she really loathed the cane.

  5. Samantha is so gorgeous it's nice seeing her be a naughtygirl getting a good sound spanking on her nice juicy bottom

  6. Wow, what a beautiful girl who is just asking for a spanking, Literally. I think she should have a taste of that old fashion English punishment,The Cane.Bend her over,touching her toes for 6 of the best.BARE bottom.

  7. Samantha Woodley truly was the Queen of Spanking Models. She was a real beauty with a lovely face, fabulous body and an immensely spankable bottom. She was also a decent actress who had great presence in any spanking scene. Nobody did the cute "please don't spank me" shtick with plaintive pleading voice and doe eyes quite like her!

    A big part of her allure for me was that by her own confession she was (unlike a lot of other spanking models) a raging spanko in real life, yet her on screen spankings were very real and really hurt, particularly when she was getting the paddle or cane. Hence, you knew there was nothing fake her spankings, her reactions were totally authentic and there was genuine passion behind it. We are fortunate that Ms Woodley blessed the spanking scene for the best part of decade and while she was synonymous with Firm Hand, the fact that she worked for a number of other production companies and was spanked by many different disciplinarians with every conceivable implement in every conceivable way, means she left behind a fabulous legacy to all of us fellow spankos. But I do miss her and would love to see her back one day!

    An Exemplary Student was vintage Sam Woodley - an extremely naughty cheeky, coquettish, stunningly attractive, sexy girl who was born to be spanked - and invariably gets spanked! As such the chemistry between sassy American brat Sam and the strict, fuddy duddy, old English gentlemen professor with his slipper, cane and old fashioned methods definitely made this one of Sam's best works.