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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

After Hours

A Janus video
M/f; time: 13 minutes
Very early film in the CP genre, we suspect, one step from when spanking films were sold in brown paper bags from under the counter. Crude production values with the feel of a porno smoker.
Jennifer Greenwood has been called into a supervisor’s office at work. Actor Alan Bell plays her boss and reads her performance record. She has been spanked before for infractions, and he is going to have his way with her again before putting her to work as his secretary.
She is directed to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties, very slowly, while she faces us. Naughty, brief girly stuff, probably at a premium on film when this was made. Excellent shots of her embarrassed and frightened face.
Bell carefully positions her OTK; closeup views of her bare bottom. a crips moderate handspanking.
Next phase: she stands; “You can take your skirt off.” She bends over a desk, quite familiar with all the procedures. Bell has a cane. “Stick it out…out…out!” About 10 crisp strokes. He explains the process, with some sadistic pleasure: “First there’s a swish, and then a whack, and then an ‘ooww.'” He makes Jennifer repeat this little mantra as she gasps between cane strokes.
Bell is a demon. “Your ‘oowwing’ isn’t very good,” and he increases his intensity to elicit greater cries. Success.
Jennifer is allowed to dress and leave, being reminded not to be late to report for her new assignment. We’d like to imagine she’ll be doing a lot of work standing up in the future, and in some twists on this plot spanked secretaries have to work without pants for a while.


  1. SWISH! WHACK! OOWW! Another vintage gem. Scenes such as this should be commonplace in British offices.

  2. This is one that passed me by and I thought I have seen most of the Early English vids. She looks like the maid from What Bottoms are for.

  3. Another excellent film. Featuring Alan Bell.

  4. Just so you know, this one is Roue not Janus. Not that I'm complaining though! Great blog thanks a million