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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Trestle

A Cheek-to-Cheek video. Not sure whether this was originally part of the Naval Discipline video (also featuring Vida Garaman) or always standalone. Fine stuff either way.

I believe the main spankee may be called Sarah Jane Hamilton.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Yes part of Naval or Military discipline with Vida Garman. I got it on VHS tape in the 1990s from SFP on mail order. I've still got both those tape, but my VHS recorder/player broke a couple of years ago and no one sells them anymore.

  2. I’ve seen VHS machines in some charity shops, keep your eyes open, or try eBay.

  3. There are some specialist online retailers who refurbish VHS players and sell them on.

  4. Cheek To Cheek put out some really quality product. Even the trailers for their vids were luscious. The women that starred in them also were also in several issues of blushes and uniformed girls also. They use to sell them for download on sites like spanking college/total spanking etc etc but I think those all shut down due to the censoring law in England now. You can still find them online if you look hard enough.