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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The Training of Julia

Another classic Roué video
Following a complaint from a client the full-bodied Julia is summoned by her employer. Julia’s excuses and general attitude are a cause for concern and it quickly becomes apparent that Julia needs a refreshment course in taking orders without question or refusal as well as general humility. With stoic determination this is begun immediately. A sharp hand spanking is followed by multiple canings and Julia’s humiliation is compounded by having to assume several revealing and embarrassing positions which reveal every inch of her full bottom and most intimate female areas. As Julia’s training continues over several days at one point the original complainant is able to listen on the phone as Julia is caned severely by her strict and totally dominating female employer. Finally as her backside burns with pain she is made to apologize for her disobedience and assure both client and employer of her total compliance in the future.
F/f; year: 1984; time: 24 minutes
Vintage CALSTAR, and right to the point, in the short film format. A familiar domme has Julia on the spot; apparently the domme is a sort of madam, and Julia, in her sweet schoolgirl blouse, tie, pleated skirt, and knee socks, has not been serving her ‘clients’. What kind of customers can they be?
Julia is going to be punished of course, spanked every day for seven days, or until she gets the message. We love slow learners. Madam gets her spanking stool and cane collection, but first Julia goes OTK, bare bottom right off, for a hard handspanking. ‘Please, madam, don’t hit me as hard as my initial training.’ Forced to stand on tiptoes after a session of toe-rises, she takes about 50 inconsequential cane strokes.
Julia strips down to just her blouse, giving us cute frontal glimpses, and goes over the stool for another mild 30 strokes. Madam gets her legs wonderfully wide.
Julia is made to bend all the way over the stool, bottom highest, legs apart — goodness, nothing left to the imagination. Madam suggests this is the position best to please her ‘customer’. This is quite a job Julia has, but we are beginning to get it.
Day 2 of Julia’s penance — she is waiting pants down, cane in her mouth, for the madam, who enters and phones the complaining client so he can listen to Julia’s squeals. Another cane session.
The last day — more mild caning and some nice screaming by Julia, after which she is made to call the customer and make an appointment for next week, presumably to supply what was lacking before. Nice fun.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Splendid stuff. Does anyone know what that piece of church organ music is called? It's very familiar but I just don't know what it is. I've heard it before in connection with Roue productions and it works very well, I think, particularly with regard to movies of a 'scholastic' theme (not that this particular one is one of those).

    1. Handel's 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'. For some reason the company that bought up (or at any rate republished) the Roue videos at one time put it on all of them. It wasn't on the original issues.

  2. A tremendous film well done for posting Fleas

  3. A classic. I find a tad grating the girl's whining in her broad working class, SE/London accent, but the domme has a richly authoritative, convincing voice. Superlatively English.

  4. For me the whiney-voiced thing only acts to make the girl less sympathetic and thus a fully deserving recipient of the cane. I've seen another excellent video with her in it in which she plays a young nurse for whose truculent disposition there can only be one cure. She's like a lot of women nowadays, lazy and always moaning and whingeing. Cane's the best thing for them. Nice arse.

  5. This film features what is possibly my favourite position of all for administering a caning i.e. the pretty young female recipient kneeling bare bottom on a low stool or footrest with torso bent tightly forward and with head and hands touching the floor. For one thing it forces the subject into a rather dizzying and disorienting upside down posture and, for another, her naked, bent over bottom is nicely thrust upwards for the cane's attentions. Of course, it means that much else is on display also and I very much applaud the way in which the lady disciplinarian in this production insists (in quite lurid terms) on a wide separation of the legs so that both she and we the audience are treated to a good show as it were, particularly when the cane gets to work and we witness that plump young bottom and limbs commence their agonised writhings and contortions. Humiliation, after all, is a powerful enhancement to the physical pain inflicted by corporal punishment and a most legitimate one also. For that reason I am very enthusiastic once again on the idea of the young lady in this film (quite an obstreperous and mouthy piece and definitely in need of taking down a peg or two) being made to await the return of the 'client', who she has previously disappointed, in this most dizzying and candid of positions, just as her 'employer' instructs. That does seem to me to be a very agreeable way of letting him know that the young lady now fully repents of her former churlishness towards him and that he can expect no further trouble with regard to her acceding to his future demands, whatever they may be. In this light, I do think that leaving the precise nature of the young lady's original refusal of the gentleman to the fevered imaginations of we viewers was a very nice touch by the film's makers indeed!

  6. Very good. Think she should also be told to take up that position in front of Madam's other girls while they critique her body and give suggestions as to how she might perform better with clients.