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Thursday, 7 March 2019


Photo-story from Janus 115
Twenty-two years old, Sonjia is one of those naughty Dutch girls we’ve all heard about. They alone have a reputation for upholding the famous edict of the sixties which (as everyone knows) was “freelove”! But, as Sonjia observes: ‘Dutch girls are no different to British girls except in, maybe, two respects. We are undoubtably more comfortable with our sexuality, while the girls in this country often hide their liberation until it really matters!’ She thought that this was probably the result of that quaint old British notion that sex, ‘isn’t nice!’.
It is pretty obvious that Sonjia has no hang-ups about what she wants sexually. Her admitted motto is: ‘I’ll try anything twice!’
So, what about CP, Sonjia?
‘Spanking is not something which is widely practised in Holland, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. It has never happened to me, but if it did, I would want to watch it happening — from the outside!’
Really, Sonjia? Why?
‘I guess I just like watching naughty things!’
In that case didn’t she think she deserved a thorough spanking?
The cute little Dutch miss pouted that she hasn’t done anything wrong.
Oh, but you have Sonjia. Thinking rude thoughts isn’t very ladylike is it? And besides, your education is not yet complete. If we let naughty girls get away with everything, they are never going to learn, are they?
Her response was a little tremulous. ‘You won’t do it too hard, will you?’
There would be no point in delivering a spanking if it didn’t hurt a little, especially if the girl possessed a bottom like hers. Surely she understood that?
Sonjia was hesitant. ‘I didn’t think I had a particularly nice bottom. It is not one of my best features.’
A large mirror was indicated. Why doesn’t she have a closer look? It would also enable her to watch her punishment and judge for herself.
Don’t forget, you did say you’d try anything twice!
That’s one you owe us, Sonjia.

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