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Friday, 22 March 2019

Social Counsellor

From Blushes 45
‘Mr Willent,’ Steven said. ‘Your Mr Willent. What’s he like?’ Jane gave a nervous little laugh. ‘He’s not exactly my Mr Willent. But he’s alright, I suppose.’
‘Come on. All right isn’t saying much. What is he like? What… does he want to do?’
Jane said, ‘They don’t necessarily want to do anything. They might just want to talk. Just someone coming to visit and talk may be all they want.’
That was what they told you on the introductory course. Social Counselling for Senior Citizens. ‘Your client may simply wish to talk. A nice friendly chat over a cup of tea. That may be all that is required.’ But everyone knew, as Steven knew, that that wasn’t all that most Senior Citizens (male ones of course) wanted on a Social Therapy visit. And if they wanted something else… from their attractive female visitor… well the attractive female would have to supply it. That was Social Therapy.
It wasn’t voluntary work of course: otherwise there would no doubt be great difficulty getting volunteers. Social Counselling for Senior Citizens was a State service and therefore citizens of the state were assigned to do it. Specifically young married women without children. Married women with children were of course already performing a key state role: producing and rearing new citizens. It was only right therefore that those without children should perform a similar important duty for society. Social Counselling for Senior Citizens was one a number of such key duties they could be assigned to. There was always a supply of suitable young women because in the first two years of marriage a young woman was not allowed to have any children.
‘But your Mr Willent doesn’t only want a chat,’ Steven said. ‘Does he? I imagine 90 per cent of them aren’t looking for that. What does he want? Does he want to fuck you?’
Jane said, ‘There’s no need to be so basic.’ Steven was moving over on top of her. Sliding her nightdress up and getting over on top of her. It was early, half an hour before Steve had to get up, so there was time. Later, after he had left, Jane would have to get ready. To go to Mr Willent’s.
‘What then?’ Steven persisted.
Jane finally said, ‘Spanking. If you must know. Spanking my bottom. Does that turn you on? That he’ll be spanking my backside?’
Steven didn’t answer as he entered her. Jane thought of Mr Willent as Steven began fucking her. Mr Willent. It would be only her second visit and he was her first assignment. On that first occasion last week Mr Willent had been quick to spell out what he wanted.
Steve, on top of her, between Jane’s spread legs, said ‘Wearing stockings and a suspender belt, I suppose?’
Jane gave a little groan. She was in the mood for it, for sex, partly because she was not looking forward to going to Mr Willent’s again.
‘No. Not a suspender belt. Some little ankle socks if you must know. He gave me these ankle socks to wear with high heels. My black ones. I suppose that turns him on. Oh Christ. I’m not looking forward to it. That spanking. It was awful.’
Steve didn’t say anything. He was probably thinking of her in the ankle socks and high heels. Then he said, ‘Anything else? Or just the socks and shoes?’
Jane gave a throaty little laugh. ‘What do you think?’ Then, ‘I don’t like it, you know. I don’t enjoy Mr Bloody Willent doing it.’
Jane put the ankle socks on when she got to Mr Willent’s place. Parked in his driveway she slipped her black heels off of her bare feet, then replaced the shoes over the ankle socks. She hadn’t wanted to wear them leaving the house, thinking they looked odd. Jane glanced in the car mirror. She had her glasses on. Last time she had worn her contact lenses but she had mentioned that she wore glasses. He said he wanted her to wear them this time. ‘I’d like to see you in them. Yes glasses and the ankle socks and your high heels. Nothing else perhaps?’ He had been joking. Presumably.
Mr Willent was ready for her, opening the door as soon as Jane rang the bell. His eyes drinking her in: Jane in a blouse and short skirt, with her glasses and the ankle socks and her black high heels. His eyes opening wide. ‘My word! Very tasty. Those glasses do something for you, you should wear them all the time. Yes, you’re a very spicy young lady, Mrs Carthew.’
On the table in his sitting room was a surprise: a bottle of champagne. ‘It’s my birthday!’ Mr Willent said. ‘We’re going to celebrate. Champagne and my new Social Counsellor. Just what the doctor ordered, eh?’ He slid his hand up the back of Jane’s skirt. Up the underside of one slim bare thigh to the tight brief knickers above.
The hand gripped Jane’s bottom. ‘Knickers, Mrs Carthew? Hmmm. You could have left them off, eh? And didn’t I suggest coming in only the socks and high heels?’
Jane squirmed as the hand groped her bottom. ‘I… thought you were joking. I couldn’t come like that.’
Though presumably if he insisted… you were told that you had to do whatever the client wanted. That had been spelled out at the introductory course. Including sex. ‘Sex is of course excellent therapy,’ the instructor had told Jane and the three other young women who had been with her. ‘And you’re all married women so there’s no problem, is there?’ One girl had said, ‘Do we have to. I mean I thought… well, it was just a rumour. That you had to do that.’ The instructor had laughed and shook his head. ‘Is it a problem?’ The girl, red-faced, had said, ‘Yes it is.’ ‘Just tell yourself it’s therapy,’ she was told. ‘We must look after our older citizens. And of course he may only want a chat. There’s no accounting for taste, is there?’
Mr Willent didn’t only want a chat. He had made that clear right away last time. At least he didn’t want the other — or he hadn’t then. What would that be like, Jane had asked herself. He wasn’t an unpleasant sort of bloke really — apart from his wish to take her knickers down and spank her bottom, which she hated. Steve hated it too, she knew he did, although he tried to pretend it didn’t bother him. She hadn’t wanted to tell him, and hadn’t until this morning. It was only this morning that Steve had finally kept on at her. Before that he had pretended he wasn’t really interested. Perhaps Steve had thought she was having to fuck Mr Willent and he hadn’t wanted to have it confirmed. Finally, with the second visit today, he had needed to know. Had it been a relief when she told him? She was only getting her bottom spanked. Or at least that first time…
Mr Willent was talking. ‘Shall we take them down now? The knickers. I think you should have them off for our celebratory drink.’
He had sat down and pulled Jane towards him. Both his hands now up under her skirt. Fingers hooking in the top of her knickers. Oh Christ. It hadn’t taken him long to get started again. Jane made herself stand still as her pants were slid down under her skirt. What was Steve thinking about right now? About this? Perhaps he didn’t really believe her, perhaps he thought she did have to fuck Mr Willent but she wouldn’t say so. Having to do that would be worse, even though he wasn’t really a horrible bloke. Worse than this. This wasn’t really so dreadful… Jane tried to tell herself that as the knickers came down… and she had to step out of them. Bare now under her skirt. Mr Willent’s hand came back up there. She gave a little squeal as it took hold of her pussy. ‘On the nest last night, Mrs Carthew?’
She shook her head. It was none of Mr Willent’s business. He had done this last time. Played with her pussy. Got her hot and excited because you couldn’t help if someone was doing that to you even if you didn’t want them doing it. Mr Willent’s voice came soft and silky as his fingers worked. ‘Like this, do you, my dear? Like it being played with?’
Jane shook her head, conscious of her body beginning to react… ‘C…Can we have some of that champagne? Pl… please.’ Anything to distract him from what he was doing.
‘All in good time, young lady. We’ll have a little drink when you’re ready for it. When you’re a little bit hot and steamy. And then you’ve had your bottom spanked. A first going over. Mmmm… I’m sure you did have this in action last night. Yes? I have that feeling…’
‘No!’ she blurted. Jane’s cunt was getting hot now. In fact all of her was getting hot. And she knew what was going to happen. Like last time. Mr Willent getting her all hot and bothered and then… pulling her down over his lap. To start slamming his hand down on her bottom. Like a fiendish Chinese torture.
Jane was right; that was exactly what Mr Willent was going to do. His fingers were in her hot slot, in between the now wet lips. Finding those super-sensitive places. Jane could barely stop herself from squealing out, and thrusting herself greedily against his hand that was driving her crazy. Then when she was about to go over the top — to come, or perhaps go out of her mind, or possibly both at once… Mr Willent abruptly stopped. And…
‘No!’ she squealed. ‘No, please…’
That didn’t help with Mr Willent of course. Possibly he liked to hear those frantic cries. Probably they added to the flavour. As now he pulled Jane down across his lap. Yanking up the loose skirt at the same time so that it was round her waist as she came down. Hips and bottom, rounded thighs and legs, with Jane’s hot pussy flashing between the thighs: all barely and entirely vulnerable as Jane was upended. The ankle socks and high heels, swept off the ground, flailed helplessly in the air.
And then of course Mr Willent’s flailing hand. Cracking devastatingly down. And that thought now filling Jane’s head, the same thought as last time when she was like this with Mr Willent’s hand cracking down: which was that being fucked by him couldn’t be worse than this. Not as bad as this hard hand slamming in on her poor bare bottom while his other hand held her vice-like round her waist. The hand slamming in, on her smarting buttocks and the backs of her thighs. On and on. And then stopping… but only to go in between her legs again, his fingers at her cunt, bringing that close to the boil again… And then once more her bottom getting it.  SLAM!… SLAM!… SLAM!…
Afterwards there was the champagne. Jane didn’t want it, she didn’t want anything, she was just so devastated by that spanking — aided and abetted by the intermittent and equally devastating grabs between her legs. She felt so awful that if she could have found the spirit and the strength she could have thrown the glass at Mr Willent — though naturally anything like that could get her into serious trouble. A complaint from a client to the authorities was treated very seriously. For something of that sort — serious anti-social behaviour — you could easily be sent away for a spell at a Rehabilitation Centre. That, for a pretty young woman, was something to be avoided at all costs. Anyway, Jane no doubt wouldn’t actually have thrown the glass, she wasn’t stupid. The thought was a little consolation in her shell-shocked state, though, and as yet the State couldn’t monitor your thoughts.
Jane didn’t want the champagne, or didn’t think she wanted it, but she drank it anyway. It was Mr Willent’s birthday — or so he claimed — so she should be especially nice. Doing exactly what he wanted, although you had to do that anyway. Jane had a second glass and by this time was feeling slightly better, or less awful. Jane’s bottom, bare under the loose skirt, was still glowing, though, and she was still shaking, her legs trembling, feeling like matchsticks that might snap in two at any moment.
‘What shall we have now?’ her host asked. And answered himself. ‘Some exercises I think. You can put your knickers back on, Jane — and take off the skirt and blouse.’
Oh Christ! Exercises! Whatever that meant it sounded impossible after two glasses of champagne on top of what had gone before. There hadn’t been anything you could call exercises last time. Jane said a nervous ‘I can’t…’ But she at least had her knickers back and was fumbling them up under her skirt. ‘I… can’t do exercises…’
‘Exercises,’ she told Steven when he asked about her visit to Mr Willent. Had it just been the spanking again? Jane said, ‘He made me do exercises. And he had some champagne. He said it was his birthday.’
‘What exercises?’
‘You know. Bending and stretching. Dancing. That sort of thing. In my knickers and bra. And after that with nothing on. Well, except the ankle socks and my high heels.’
‘Oh yes, the ankle socks and heels,’ Steve said. ‘Mr Willent wouldn’t want you to take them off. And lots of spanking.’
Jane made a face. There had been lots of spanking. A lot more after that first session. ‘I hate it,’ she said. ‘It hurts — and it’s awful. But I have to be nice and sweet. Yes Mr Willent, if that’s what he wants. I don’t want to be sent to a Rehab Centre, do I?’
Steven agreed that she didn’t. Then he said, ‘Did he fuck you?’
Jane coloured slightly. ‘Do you have to use that word? No. I told you what he wants. Bloody spanking.’
But of course Mr Willent had fucked her. This time. Later on in the morning. Upstairs on a bed. It hadn’t been so bad. Not as bad as the spanking. But she wasn’t going to tell Steve. ‘I hate all this,’ she said. But of course it wasn’t going to end in a hurry. It would be another year and more before Jane could get pregnant and thus be excused her Social Counselling duties.
It would get worse because at the moment she had only the one assignment, to Mr Willent. And in fact the next day Jane received notification of a second assignment. A second client. Mr Harfield the name was. Naturally she would have to continue with Mr Willent as well.
As it happened Mr Willent had sent in a very good report on Jane. She was entirely satisfactory. No complaints whatever.


  1. Lying to your husband, that should be a crime too.

  2. Some girls dealt with by the particular roue in this photoset were rather too fulsome to be convincingly dominated by him. This model, however, is trim enough to look the part over his knee (- the 'Baldy Guy', as he has sometimes been nicknamed).

    1. I have to respectfully disagree. I don't see physical prowess as really being the key asset with regard to a girl's disciplinarian or trainer. Surely it is situational context and psychology which are the most important factors? In actual fact, one of the things I found most appealing about the Blushes publications was that so often the stories were illustrated with photographs of pretty young ladies being disciplined by those two old grandad figures. Such a very nice pastime for gentlemen in their later years. Good for the young women concerned too.

  3. I accept your general point but the chap in question here reminds me of the short bald guy in The Benny Hill Show who would routinely have rings run round him by the buxom Hill's Angels - an association which, no doubt quite unfairly, colours my view.

  4. Ha! Ha! I quite like the thought of Hill's Angels finally receiving their bare bottomed just desserts from the gentleman to whom you refer! That would be justice indeed! I must say I've never made the connection before now (though I know what you mean). However, I do think you're being a little unfair on the Blushes man. I think he can looks quite the ('scary') part in many stories, the photos illustrating Special Detentions 2 for instance (Sunday, 23 December 2018). Meanwhile, thank you for putting me in mind of those lovely Hill's Angels!

  5. This may be of interest too!

  6. Thank you for the shares! The first clip, with the bikini-clad troupe swaying to the Bee Gees, immediately enflames Blushes-style fantasies. The brunette on the far left (I believe Cheryl Mortimer) would, for example, make a delicious substitute, over the schoolroom desk, for the model in 'Lessons from Mr Mildon' from Blushes 68 (Thursday, 13 December 2018), while cheeky blonde Sue Upton, on the far right, did sport a school uniform in another Hill's Angel number, as I recall. Your second clip exactly illustrates my point about the beleaguered short chap, though on reflection I must concede that his Blushes counterpart would likely be able to impose some proper discipline on all those fit, fulsome girls, without too much further ado. He is, after all, the same chap who is certainly capable of handling Gillian, in 'Tutoring Gillian' and 'Gillian's Further Education', from New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.01 (Tuesday, 31 January 2017) and 2.03, and he repeatedly makes quite an impression with the cane (I'm thinking, for example, of a photo set accompanying a story called 'Stepping Stones' - from where, escapes me - in which, as a schoolmaster, he delivers an agonising thrashing to a uniformed blonde with a crimped, big hairstyle. This is the same model who, dressed as a nurse, received a smacking from him across his lap as he sat up in his hospital bed as her patient in another photo-set that I can't quite place for now: a Benny Hill skit but without the humour!)

  7. Yes, I know which pictures you mean with the pretty nurse and the 'bald gentleman' in the hospital bed. I too am struggling to place the actual story but in my mind the photos are suggestive of a young nurse pulling back the screens around a bed in a hospital ward only to find, to her considerable horror, her former elderly disciplinarian, someone who perhaps she had fled from and thought was now in her past, sitting there in bed as her patient. Back in his presence, of course, the rightful hold he once had on her is now powerfully resumed. There's a blend of surreal humour and weird menace to the whole thing which, of course, makes them a very effective set of pictures.

    Yes, the 'Gillian' pictures with 'our man' are superb, especially as the pretty young lady's facial expressions really capture her revulsion at being groped and pawed by such a man in that way. Thus he's a very effective choice for the role.

    Back to Benny - here's the routine featuring Sue Upton as a lollipop licking schoolgirl. It's a brilliant and funny sequence which would get the politically correct new puritans of today foaming at the mouth with indignation for so many reasons (not just sexual ones)! And our 'little bald man' is very comically to the fore!

    Here's Hill's Angels again with a routine which will hugely appeal to fans of Blushes style physical exercise regimes for girls:

    Lastly, this is something I just stumbled over in my 'research'. Don't know what the hell it is, a beauty contest of some sort obviously ('Election of the XXI National Spring Queen: Parade in bikini' is the translation) but I'm sure most Blushes fans will enjoy the parade of scantily clad young nubile flesh on show. Nice because it looks like it's being held in a community centre or school hall or somewhere and the girls are very sweet and lovely looking! I'd like to think that the judging panel comprising the 'two old men' from Blushes, 'George Canford' (from Girl Training 1998, first story on this blog) and that chap with the beard (Public Relations Work -13/11/18 for instance, a superb story btw) and a few other 'Blushes' gentlemen regulars were all sat there on the front row, drinking it all in. I've often thought that a very useful innovation for beauty contests would be a round in which each girl has to take a bare bottomed spanking over a gentleman's knee followed by a caning. Points would be awarded on the basis of how well each girl took her punishment (the least 'fuss' made etc).

    1. Ooh damn! I forgot the link!:

  8. Oh my God, have a peek at this too:

    The #metoo crowd in UK would have a fit if this was presented as what weirdly looks like everyday family entertainment on our screens. What the National Guard or whoever it is are doing there I don't know. The first two girls are very beautiful and very beautifully presented however. But later on girls with those dreadful tattoos appear. The only thing I can think to do with girls who defile their superb young bodies in that way is to cane them! (Well, I suppose I can think of one or two other things!)

  9. The best part of Benny Hill was that it was so successful. That must really grate the current unfunny mob. Would have hated to have grown up now trying to laugh at Jack Whitehall.

    1. I seem to remember Ben Elton going on about how Hill's final credit chase sequences encouraged park rapists or something. Not long after that, ITV pulled the plug on Benny. Not long after that he was dead. Cue a lot of denials and crocodile tears from Elton.

  10. Wasn't there two dancing birds on crackerjack as well at one point during the enlightened days of British entertainment?

  11. Regarding that Hill's Angels routine in which schoolgirl Sue Upton memorably, and repeatedly, licks her lollipop, Jack Whitehall might be forgiven, while frothing at the mouth, for overlooking the fact that the whole thing was a parody of the rival, derivative troupe Hot Gossip, whose male dancers are being sent up by Benny himself and 'our man' in a way which of course, and rightly, would be unthinkable now. The girls' fashions in that one were very contemporary, combining post-punk and disco attitude – certainly in need of disciplinary intervention.

    The other, physical exercise Hill’s Angels number certainly ticks boxes for Blushes readers and I, for one, am reminded of 'our man', again, dealing decisively in a gym with an 80s, pouting fitness girl, shorts down over an exercise bike, wearing a sweat band around her forehead, in 'Two Stripes Rule', a photo-set in Blushes: A Collectors' Edition no. 11.

    The National Spring Parade clip is certainly a find. For the bare-bottom spanking round of the competition, I'd suggest the following assignments:

  12. Girl 1 (from 1:12) - to the thin gentleman with the rather distinguished-looking, combed-back silver hair at the temples, who specialises in dealing with willowy young women in his own inimitable, gangly-armed, over-the-knee spanking style (See, for example: Saturday, 2 March 2019, 'Julie Greenaway Tried and Tested', Blushes 82)

    Girl 2 (from 1.43) - to the heavily set man with the formidable spectacles who never has any difficulty dealing with modern girls (See: Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 'Sophie’s Special Fitting Session' from Blushes 93)

    Girl 3 (from 2:08) - who needs a grandfatherly spanking from our ubiquitous 'other' short gentleman, all shirt sleeves and braces (See: Monday, 18 March 2019, 'Exercise for a Working Girl', Blushes 45)

    Girl 4 (from 2:35) - trim enough for our very own bald gentleman to handle, and probably in need of a caning for what appears to be a slight case of gum-chewing

  13. Girl 5 (from 2:55) - possibly rather feisty, and therefore a suitable match to the gruff, portly, huff-and-puff grey-haired bottom-smacker who would certainly overwhelm her (See: Sunday, 10 March 2019, 'Plumbing the Depths', Blushes Uniform Girls 43)

    Girl 6 (from 3:24) - a 'personality type' who needs the smile wiping off her face. Just the job for the bespectacled stalwart of 'Half Term Punishments', a lookalike of 70s TV character actor Russell Hunter? (See, Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 'A Civil Servant Collects', Blushes 1)

    Girl 7 (from 3:54) - has a swagger which needs to be spanked out of her, perhaps by that other bespectacled star of 'Half Term Punishments', the one who sports a full head of grey hair (See: Sunday, 28 October 2018, 'Hot Amanda' Blushes 43)

    Girl 8 (from 4:22) - an exciting challenge for Blushes' somewhat fey looking roue, who I am sure shall rise to it (See: Saturday, 16 September 2017, 'Payment Behind - Part 4', Blushes Supplement 17)

    Girl 9 (from 4: 49) - possibly a spitfire, and best punished by a stout father figure such as the imposing gentleman seen, for example, on Saturday, 1 September 2018 in 'Getting Julie Started', New Blushes 2.18

  14. Girl 10 (from 5:15) - nicely petite, delegate-able to the punitive Headmistress seen on Saturday, 23 June 2018, in 'Silly Pictures Etcetera', Blushes 71

    Girl 11 (from 5:44) - a big bottomed girl, and therefore fair game for the aforementioned, redoubtable 'George Canford' of the blog's first post

    Girl 12 (from 6: 17) - certainly has moves, and deserves to be spanked by the relatively young, but nevertheless old-fashioned, 'Mr Leslie' seen on Saturday, 2 June 2018 in 'Rock On', Blushes 23

    Girl 13 (from 6: 46) - that pronounced chin makes her look tough. Needs a good, hard spanking from Blushes' latter-day beard (See: Thursday, 17 August 2017, 'Musical Chairs Etcetera', Blushes 84)

    Girl 14 (from 7: 15) - quite the stunner. Hand her to Alan Bell, with compliments

    Girl 15 (from 7: 44) - my personal favourite, and she's been teasing us relentlessly by swaying her hips while bearing that branch. Should be spanked by the jumper-wearing fatherly gentleman who clearly has a penchant for cuties (See: Saturday, 20 January 2018. 'In a Gentleman’s Employ 3 — Hints for Young Ladies', Blushes 29)

    Girl 16 (from 8:09) - to "that [other] chap with the beard (Public Relations Work -13/11/18)", who will certainly put her through her paces

  15. Thank you for your rather exhaustive ploughing through the archives of Blushes' spankers. Off the top of my head I wouldn't have thought there were so many and I can't think of anyone you've left out. I do tend to agree with you about number 15. The one who came after her was rather nice too. And yes, all that rhythmically undulating girl flesh is rather mesmerising! I was intrigued by the slightly paganish 'rites of spring' aspect about the whole affair what with the leafy head dresses and those branches and the election of a 'Queen of Spring'. Kind of like the highlight of the year at Lord Summerisle's High School for Girls. So I've looked it up. Monte Hermoso it transpires is an Argentinian coastal resort in which the 'National Spring Festival' takes place every year, the main attraction of which is the election of the 'National Queen of Spring'. So now you know!

  16. Almost enough to inspire a trip to Monte Hermoso, though now I'm fearing I'd risk ending up like Edward Woodward to Christopher Lee's Lord Summerisle! On Blushes' spankers: if one sets aside (as I'd prefer to do) the occasional younger 'dudes' and Noel Edmonds lookalikes, there are still three or four older gentleman I can think of that I'd have wanted to have placed at the festival - but I'd run out of girl contestants to assign, and I was also having trouble finding the gentlemen's photo-sets on the blog. (They're around her somewhere, I'm sure!)

  17. Of course, I was forgetting 'Ken Barlow'! Here he is disciplining young Tracy for coming home drunk after midnight from the local disco (for some unfathomable reason ITV pulled the plug on that particular episode). (Tuesday, 4 April 2017)

  18. Btw, I can't help thinking about the dramatic transformation wrought on the happy scene once the canes do go into action. Sunny smiles and gently undulating flesh replaced by anguished shrieks and howls and tears and a rather more frantic movement of teenage torsos and limbs.

  19. If it's having the most resilience and stoicism that wins a girl the crown of festival queen, then each Blushes roue with a teenage contestant to thrash will naturally do his damnedest to make sure she's a loser! As for the girl who does,in fact, win, she should be made to fill her diary with individual visits to each of the gentlemen who have sat on the panel...

  20. My original thought was that each girl would be spanked and caned on stage by an independent official or officials. The panel of judges would merely cast votes based on the stoicism of each girl's 'performance'. But that would be just one round. Another round could be that each girl would visit the home of each member of the judging panel and then each member of the panel could cast votes on each of the girls' performances in the bedroom.

  21. I should imagine that the second round would need to occupy at least three weeks. With 16 girls due to make home visits to each panellist on, let's say, the basis of one visit a day, I imagine the gentlemen would appreciate the odd day off in between visits to recover strength: the business of making all those bedroom-based judgements would be quite draining. Actually, 17 girls. Because (if there are no objections) I'd really like to add to the roster the beautiful brunette who is the second girl in that other bizarre clip featuring the National Guard. Precisely how each gentleman conducts his second round evaluations should be a matter for him. Whatever else occurs, I trust that as a minimum each girl will depart each bedroom with a blazing red behind and in floods of tears.

  22. PS: I should say, visits to hotel rooms, rather than home visits, as I imagine the full complement of Blushes panellists will have chartered a flight to Argentinia for a stay at the resort for this pageant and contest.

  23. As pleasant as this Election of the National Spring Queen event is I suppose I was thinking in more general terms about a 'Blushes Beauty Contest' rather than just this particular event alone. Ideally the roues would take turns in sampling the wares as it were a good few weeks before the event. Of course, plenty of little blue pills would be on hand to help them in their exertions. There would be no need to use hotel rooms because, in the society of the near future, middle class 'er indoorses will have learnt to tolerate their husbands' little hobbies and interests and to give the girls, National Domestic Service conscripts all, hell about the house for it the rest of the time. And yes, whatever else the girls are put to in the bedroom, tears and hot bottoms will still very much be the order of the day! They don't get off that easily!

    Another round which could be incorporated into the contest would be the 'Exercise Round'. I'm sure Blushes enthusiasts will have no trouble in picturing what I have in mind - naked girls subjected to the most rigorous and draining of physical exercise routines, including our beloved 'upside down cycling'. Points would be awarded on the basis of both quality and length of performance. Points could be deducted by how many times the independent adjudicator feels the need to intervene with the cane for the purposes of encouragement.

    Another round could be one in which girls have to answer questions on the ideology of the 'new moral order'.

    A 'mud wrestling' round is another idea.

    I have been wondering what the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes could be and still haven't really come up with anything yet. However, for the girl who comes last I think the 'wooden spoon' prize could be a two month spell in a 'Reform' or 'Rehabilitation' centre. That should give the girls a real incentive to try hard and take the contest seriously. After all, prettiness alone will account for only one set of the available marks. The rest of the marks are very much up to the girls' own efforts. Ultimately the girl who comes last will only have herself to blame.

  24. On the assumption that the winning girl is not just a pretty face but also prettily articulate in expounding the ideological tenets of the New Order - as well as being physically fit with lots of stamina - she should spend her year as Blushes Queen touring girls' colleges, campuses, youth clubs and National Service training centres, being paraded as an ambassador and role model and thrashed in educative demonstrations on stages and platforms throughout the land.

  25. Yes, a poster girl for the regime. I very much like that idea. Young women need such role models extolling a healthy life of strenuous physical exercise, no alcohol, no tattoos and, of course, obedience to the patriarchy.