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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Reluctant Model

From Blushes 54
Cindy was still trying to come to terms with the conversation she had had with Mr Bottomley, the number one agent as far as models were concerned. Her head had reeled under the impact of what he had told her. It had not been a request or a requirement, it had been positively laid out on the line so that there could be no misunderstanding. She had argued and she had protested most strongly and she had shaken her head to enforce her vocal complaints, but despite all that, Mr Bottomley had brought his own guns to bear and had enforced his suggestive instructions with one or two little facts that he had learned about the pretty blonde and it was at this point that she had responded to deeper and deeper despondency regarding the assignment that he was insisting she perform for him.
It was nothing sexual. More was the pity under the circumstances; it was all motivated to a point where she would attend his office, not his studio, but his office no less, and there she was to audition for him. He had then introduced the theme that had shaken her to her very core. He told her that he would spank her!! Spank her bare bottom!!
Who had ever heard of such a thing? Certainly Cindy had been taken off guard at the suggestion that she, a ripe and nubile young lady of twenty-one was going to be subjected to such humiliating treatment. She considered her bum too attractive to merit such shameful treatment. It was just unbelievable. At first she thought he had been joking. One would wouldn’t one? Young ladies of twenty-one, with such shapely bottoms did not go round baring them for a man to spank and punish!!
The suggestion had wiped the smile from her usually attractive and happy face. She had frozen in her seat when he had made the remark regarding her getting smacked on her backside. Bared too. And positioning in several poses for that very purpose.
Normally she would have been able to tell him that he was in no position to demand such a terrible pose or action as far as she was concerned, but he had proved irrevocably that he was indeed in such a position and as he proved his knowledge of one or two little things regarding Cindy, her smile had changed from happy to downright miserable and shocked.
‘No Mr Bottomley,’ she had argued. ‘I’m sorry but I am not going to allow myself to be put in a position for you to do such demeaning and painful things,’ her voice had sounded quite positive and certain.
Then he had put his points and gradually Cindy realised that he was going to be able to do exactly as he had told her. And although she could think of a thousand and more reasons why he should not, there was no doubt that his points were much more persuasive than hers!
Cindy had been proud when she had received the letter from Bottomley Agency requesting her to attend with a view to a modelling contract. Agencies like Bottomley’s did not usually go around asking models to attend, it was the other way round. It was the professional posers who had to queue to get on his books. She was not usually into nude modelling either although she would have been quite prepared to pose topless if the job called for it. Now it was not only topless but bottomless as well; with the one end in view that the bottomless would lead her into the situation of getting punished… on her bare bum!!
Legs weak as water conveyed Cindy to the upper floor office. She felt as though she was going to a fate worse than death. Timidly she knocked on the door and then walked into the large expansive room in which waited the serious-faced Mr Bottomley. He smiled encouragingly although there did not appear to be much mirth in his eyes. He told her to lock the door and her fingers could hardly grasp the key.
‘Now Cindy,’ he said encouragingly. ‘I don’t like glum faces round here, so you will please me by smiling as you disrobe. Show me what an artist you can be… smile girl,’ his voice changed as he snapped at her.
Cindy, feeling sick to her stomach plastered a smile on her pretty face. ‘That’s the way. Think of something nice,’ he told her.
How could she? What an ogre this terrible man was.
‘Now I’ll tell you something. You stop smiling between now and when you are over my knee getting your naughty bottom spanked and I will add a caning to your skin.’
Her lovely blue eyes stared in astonishment. Cane??? Was he serious?? Yes, he most decidedly was, and she was willing to bet that he was hoping for the chance to use a whippy stick on her curvy backside. He was a rotter, a real rotter to make her do this. She only wanted to burst into tears of outraged anguish, and all he wanted was for her to smile. Cindy plastered a smile on her face as she sat at the desk and listened to his instructions. Yes, he would most certainly require a full strip job and then he would require her to bend over to express an attitude of a naughty young lady and he would also insist that she stretched properly over his lap and he would want her to make sure her bottom remained reasonably relaxed whilst his hand transformed the cheeks from the usual nice creamy colour to a red hot shade that would advertise the stinging content that he would introduce to them.
Cindy realised that all the time he was outlining this programme, she had been smiling! She certainly did not want a spanking, but there was no way she was going to merit the cane!
She was standing before him now and his eyes followed every movement of her fingers as she undid the buttons of her white blouse. He insisted in her making a full parade of disrobing. Not just removing her clothes but making a full production of the act. At last, still with the ‘smile’ plastered on her attractive face, she was removing the blouse. Full perfect breasts, encased in brassiere were exhibited before the eagle eyed Bottomley.
She was about to remove the skirt next when he insisted that her titties were uncovered.
Poor Cindy. Still ‘smiling’ she removed the brassiere and her whole body seemed to blush in the nadir of her shame. Well preserved and perfectly-shaped breasts tumbled free and she covered them to hold her precious buds in a pose of defence. That was easily overcame when he had her raise her arms so that the fruit of her bosom responded very attractively.
Then he signalled for her to continue. More and more misery filled her lovely body and she was hard put to it to retain the smiling attitude… the skirt was eventually down at her feet and she was left in the briefest of panties. A slash of cloth really just to cover the essentials.
She took a breath to start to plead with him, took one look at the severity of his masterful countenance and changed her mind. Beneath the smooth skin of her flat tummy, the abdomen itself was churning in knotted humiliation at what she was being made to do.
‘Now the panties,’ he insisted going all the way.
Lord. Oh dear Lord. I shall be naked!! Not a stitch and helplessly unable to prevent him from carrying out this unthinkable and horrible threat. A little, hardly audible sob came from her throat as she slipped the panties down her perfectly symmetric thighs and legs. He gave her a harsh warning about trying to cover up her soft furry bush and then, still smiling like some banal nymphet. Cindy was fully revealed and exposed. Strangely enough, the only area that her mind was occupied with was the rounded cheeks of her bottom. All thought seemed to be concentrated on that area. He made her turn round several times and she was told to walk to the other end of the office. Slowly. She had a very natural and decidedly cute little wriggle as she paced the floor towards the desk at the far end. The office had not appeared to be as big as this when she had entered.
When he told her to ease herself over the desk at the far end, her whole being protested silently. No. No. No. Please, this just cannot be happening. It must not happen: He can’t and must not spank me.
I’m too old. Too big to be spanked. It is too horrific and terrible to even think about. I don’t want him to smack my bottom. It is too nicely shaped and the whole business of being spanked is far too demeaning.
She was in the middle of all these natural arguments when she heard him telling her to walk back to him. Slowly mind.
And still he insisted that she smile all the time. This was twice as bad as anything she could think of. It gave the impression that she was enjoying herself! In her heart she was suffering the agony of the dammed but she did not disillusion herself that soon she would be suffering agonies somewhere else.
He had her walk backwards and forwards several times and each time his eyes were able to focus on the superb structure of her hip-swaying buttocks.
Incredible. That was his judgement. She had the most perfectly incredible pair of nates he had ever seen. Jouncy, and firm without being hard. The rotund cheeks gave him much pleasure as he studied them.
He pushed himself back from the desk and her face was crestfallen when he patted his lap.
‘Please. Please, Mr Bottomley. I’d rather do anything else… anything at all,’ she choked out suggestively.
‘Over you go,’ his voice was not raised and it was not loud. The very soft manner in itself was more threatening than anything else. ‘Or should I get the cane out?’
She walked round to his side of the desk as her stomach began to really churn. It was too degrading, all too horrible and the shameful humiliation filled her with a gut-aching gall.
Oh please… no, no… no, she begged for the umpteenth time. She could feel the rough material of his serge trousers on the smooth plateau of her tummy.
That sensation was forgotten as soon as his hands stroked over and caressed the cheeks so tightly clenched over his lap. Delicious to the touch, he decided. He had time to waste and so let her remain tightly clenched for as long as she was able to keep her muscles in that position. He knew that she would have to relax sooner or later.
Cindy closed her eyes as tears of very real ignominy welled up to her.
His hands were not striking her defenceless buttocks yet, but she could feel the purposeful caresses as he felt both nates freely and her state of hopelessness increased by the second.
‘Please… please, don’t spank me,’ she mewed.
‘But you have been a very naughty girl, Cindy. Haven’t you?’
‘I… I suppose so,’ she had to agree.
This was another trait that he enjoyed. Making them admit that they had been naughty and despite themselves having to agree that they deserved to be spanked. It added to his pleasure and their utter confusion.
‘And naughty girls have to have their bottoms spanked don’t they?’
Now, if she disagreed she would get a bigger hiding! If she agreed she would get a spanking anyway and she did not want to be spanked!
‘I… I don’t know,’ her voice was a miserable sound coming from the carpet to Mr Bottomley’s left!
‘Of course you know. Now come on admit it. Naughty girls have to have their naughty bottoms spanked,’ he was smiling at the loss of control she was having in keeping her nates tightly clenched together. There was a positive loosening of the cheeks just as he predicted and this enabled him to stroke her so that the cheeks themselves responded perfectly.
‘I… I suppose they do,’ she choked out. Her hands had clenched into tight balls so that her knuckles were white.
‘And you have certainly been naughty,’ he progressed his point.
‘I… I expect so,’ the misery in her voice was most pronounced.
‘And therefore you deserve a spanking… on this,’ he patted both cheeks gently.
Oh Lord. No. I don’t want it. It hurts, I know it does. And it is too, too shame-filling. A woman of twenty-one should not be in this position as though she was a naughty girl!
‘Or would you think I ought to cane you whilst you bent over and touched your toes?’ he did not let her know he was smiling!
No!!!!’ it was the most positive reaction he had had from her that day.
‘A spanking then?’ he smilingly teased her.
And still he was enjoying the touch of the smooth-skinned cheeks so nicely rounded and properly bending over his lap.
‘If… if you think I deserve it,’ a choking sobbing sound of abject misery accompanied her reply.
She discovered that his left arm was quite strong. It was certainly strong enough to hold her in that position and she felt as though a steel band was holding her down.
Then Cindy realised that all her dread, all her terror and all her shameful reactions were well founded!
Spank. Spank… Spank. Spank. Spank.
The ultimate pain-filling enactment had started. She felt the shock of contact of her bottom with his descending palm was too awful to describe. It started out as a hurt. Then it transformed to a heated sting and this was increasing as the spanking progressed. Both cheeks of her bottom were reacting in exactly the same manner. There was no area at all of respite and the shame of it all was now underlined with the terrible pain itself. Excruciating sensations of agonised hurt were now permeating through her wobbly nates and gradually her responses became more and more aggravated to a pitch that was enforced because of her inability to avoid the hand that was causing the smarting cheeks to respond to the burning sensations lighting up her fire-filled buttocks.
‘Going to do as you are told in the future?’ he asked unnecessarily. Another of his little foibles.
‘Yes… Yes… I swear I shall do as I am told,’ she shrieked.
‘Exactly as you are told?’
All these demands were emphasised with his hand never once ceasing the constant pistoning motion that was creating pure havoc on her attempts to writhe and wriggle.
Yesss… I promise and swear… exactly as I am told… without question… I swear it… yeeeeeow… aaaagher… Oh Lordie… no moore… not now… please… oiooow… aaaaagher yarrrooo,’ her shrill voice was letting him know that the blazing redness of her bottom was getting through to her.
When he ceased at long long last, Cindy’s voice had changed to a croak. She lay across his lap, the cheeks of her bottom like two balls of fiery filled balloons. Her lovely thighs were slackened and lay open and Mr Bottomley was able to take his time studying another interesting part of the lovely girl’s body. But at that moment, Cindy did not have any thought for dignity, modesty or pride. There was only one emotion going through her and that was the dreadful hotness of pain that was radiating on and through the cheeks of her very red buttocks.
No! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll be good! Ooow! Aaagher! Yeeeow! Ooooweeerch! Mr Bottomley… My bottom! My bottom! Ooh no more pleease! Pleeease! Oh Lord… Please stop now! I can’t take any more! I can’t. I can’t… Please aaaagher… Oh nooo… Ooow… Agher… My bum… My bum… It hurts too much… Ooooowaaaagh!’ she was howling like a baby by this time and tears were falling onto the carpet as they spilled from her eyes.


  1. Top blog fleas ! I’ve got loads of the blushes, uniform girls , Janus mags and would like to share them .....
    Bit of a dinosaur with technology though ��

  2. Wot no caning? You'd have thought that was how the story would end seeing as it was what the young lady was particularly fearing and that the final pictures depict her about to get it in that very exposed and vulnerable position that girls hate the most!

  3. Yes fleas.. top whack. The Blushes and Janus (Moral Welfare) approach is so very necessary in these tough days. Women need to realise that their cunts are public property.