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Monday, 4 March 2019


Photo-story from Janus 134 featuring Page 3 model Lisa Bangert
Famous Page 3 girl… a calendar model… every man’s fantasy… face in a million… bottom to die for… out of reach… and out of range. But wait, isn’t that her in the pictures? Lisa, isn’t it? So how come? What is she doing here?
Well, the reason could have been attributed to persistence, persuasion and pestering, of course. After all, everything comes to him who waits or walks softly and carries a big cane. But it isn’t. It is a long story, but only as far as time is concerned. Both the Editor and the Janus photographer have known Lisa for over four years and during that time she has consistently turned down offers to appear in the world’s most famous CP journal.
Slowly and insidiously — like Chinese water torture — Lisa has been exposed to more-and-more of your favourite subject. She has seen the magazine many times, talked to men who confessed an interest in the subject and listened to girls addicted to the adrenaline rush of a good caning.
Then, of course, there may have been thoughts on the sheer eroticism of a hand spanking and the inevitable sexual arousal it sometimes provokes. That sort of thing can often work wonders on an active, enquiring female mind.
But as a sensualist, Lisa gradually became intrigued. We knew that she felt it and she knew that we knew it, but she wouldn’t bend — literally, or figuratively. Until now, that is.
What provoked the sudden change of mind? Someone once said that the only predictable thing about a female is her unpredictability. Besides, any woman will tell you that is her prerogative to change her mind. She will uphold this so-called feminine right whenever she deems it necessary and when it is to her advantage. In doing so, she will pick the most inconvenient, or inopportune moment, to confound any male who is foolish enough to have supposed he knew her well. Ask any husband.
Just when the Editor thought she would never agree, Lisa confounded him and accepted an assignment to model for Janus… and all that it implied!
What changed her mind? Only Lisa can answer that and even she is not sure. Perhaps it was the constant exposure to the subject, or editorial persistence which eventually broke down her resistance?
No, Lisa insisted, it was none of those things. Experienced roués will tell you that a resourceful man can persuade a beautiful woman to do anything (erotically) that he wants her to. The secret is to provide a reason, or excuse she can process in the recesses of her unfathomable mind to justify her actions. If the final decision is OK by her, then it is obviously OK.
The very thought of acting naughty was nostalgic fantasy to Lisa. A chance to dress up and abdicate responsibility was something which had its own particular feminine appeal. After all, doesn’t every young girl like to put on mum’s high heels and pretend to be thoroughly grown-up? But when they get older, the reverse applies — naughty nubile young ladies who are totally aware of their own sexual potency will accept any opportunity that’s offered to regress a decade and don the clothes and trappings of the age of innocence.
Knowing they are sexy demands an outlet and a chance to confirm, flaunt and glory in it. To be a sex symbol and the object of man’s desire is everything.
Now… mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the naughtiest girl of all?

Here are a few samples from Lisa’s modelling career…


  1. One of all time favourites, thank you. She was just so prefect. If only she had been properly thrashed! If only she had reappeared to be dealt with more severely after her final gesture. Tears in her eyes and stripes on her bottom after a real caning!

  2. One of my favourites, too. I concur that a more substantial thrashing would be fitting after her final gesture, as it should be for any girl intent on having the last word! A wonderfully expressive model, particularly in the hair-pulling image which, to my tastes, lands on the right side of sadistic. Thanks for the research in showing some examples of the girl's mainstream modelling. I'd known that she'd had that pedigree, but to see some of the wares here is fascinating. For me, these days, she reminds me in some of her Janus photosetet of the actress Alicia Vikander, which only makes the scenario seem more beguiling. I loved it when Janus did its 'schoolgirl renaissance' during this period of the magazine's history, and the Enid Blyton connection in this particular photoset enhances that.