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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Julie Greenaway Tried and Tested

The second in a trilogy of Julie Greenaway stories from Blushes 82
Mr Gannon’s house is not too far from Mr Corfurd’s. Another big house with a large pleasant garden. It is another nice day, this Sunday morning. Nice to be in this pretty, sunny garden. Except of course that it is Mr Gannon’s garden.
Julie arrived 20 minutes ago, riding her bike again. Mr Gannon was expecting her at nine o’clock and she made sure she was on time. It was going to be bad enough, it was bound to be, without possibly making him annoyed by being late. Mr Gannon, who according to Mr Renby is the most important member of the Board of Governors. Apart possibly from Mr Corfurd who is Chairman.
‘Ah Julie,’ he said when she presented herself. ‘Julie Greenaway, yes? And what a pretty girl. They didn’t tell me you were such a pretty girl. Look, go out in the garden, I’ll join you in a moment.’
‘Uh… shall I put these on?’ she asked. Her black high heels. Julie had carried them in the basket of her bike. Wearing her other, more suitable shoes for riding the bike. But Mr Renby had said to wear her high heels for Mr Gannon, with stockings and a suspender belt. She had the stockings on.
‘Yes,’ Mr Gannon said. ‘Yes I should. Nice and smart eh?’
So Julie has the heels on now, with her yellow top and pink patterned skirt. Out here in the garden with Mr Gannon. He is wearing a smart dark suit. Mr Gannon is perhaps Mr Corfurd’s age but tall, distinguished-looking with smooth grey hair. He has to go out to church a bit later but won’t be too long. Julie is to stay here and wait for him. She can stay in the garden if she want to as it’s such a lovely morning, Mr Gannon says.
He is telling her what some of the plants are. With his hand round Julie’s slim waist. Being pleasant and charming, with his cultured voice. He hasn’t said anything yet about it. About why she is her. About Julie’s need for discipline. Training. Or whatever he will call it. But she is not deceived. Mr Corfurd was pleasant sounding and charming too. But that didn’t stop him. Giving her that awful spanking over his lap. And doing the other as well. Before and after. Doing that other with his hand. And also after all of that… giving her a caning too.
So Julie is not deceived. She is certainly not relaxed by Mr Gannon’s pleasant manner. Showing her round the garden. She is not taking any of it in, not really. The various plants and shrubs, the flowers. Because her mind only wants to think of what she is going to get. Whatever exactly it is, but it won’t be nice. It will be awful. Dreadful. The cane? Probably. Another caning like yesterday. To teach her discipline. That cane over the arm of Mr Corfurd’s chair. After he had done all that other.
It doesn’t take too long. For Mr Gannon to start. While still talking about the flowers etc. To introduce the other business, the main business. Asking about yesterday. Mr Corfurd.
‘Tell me about your visit to Mr Corfurd, Julie. Yesterday. How… was that?’
‘A… Alright sir.’ But Julie knows, guesses, he wants details.
‘Yes but what… exactly?’
She has to tell him. Whether she likes it or not. ‘He… caned me. And… spanked my bottom.’
‘Ah…’ Yes that was more like what Mr Gannon wanted to hear. ‘Caned your bottom? Caned… your bare bottom?’
‘Ye… Yes.’
Mr Gannon’s hand, in perhaps a pavlovian kind of response to the word, slides down onto Julie’s rear end. Onto the ripe cheeks on that pink skirt. ‘Did it hurt?’ he wonders.
‘Ye…esss sir.’ Would it help if she said it nearly killed her? Or at least that was how it felt.
‘But sometimes it is necessary. Mmm? To get the idea of discipline properly across. It is sometimes necessary to give a girl a good caning. Across her bare bottom. Yes.’
Mr Gannon’s hand is still at Julie’s rear divisions. As they walk at a leisurely pace through the garden. His hand seems to have found a congenial home.
‘Yes it is sometimes necessary, Julie. And in fact I may decide it is necessary to do it myself. To cane you. To reinforce the message that Mr Corfurd gave you yesterday. For your own improvement of course. I mean you mustn’t think I enjoy caning pretty 18-year-old girls on their bare bottoms. No, if I do it it will be very much as a duty. And equally so for anything else I may decide in this area. You do understand that, don’t you my dear?’
Julie doesn’t answer. She can’t say what she thinks: that she doesn’t believe him. That she is quite sure Mr Gannon will enjoy it. He plans to enjoy it. Like Mr Corfurd and Mr Renby. They all enjoy doing all this. Making her take her clothes off. And then… doing things. The cane. And the rest.
Mr Gannon suddenly looks at his watch. He has to go off in a little while, to church, but he thinks there is time first. In fact he is sure there is. ‘It doesn’t take long, does it?’ he smiles. ‘Yes we will go in and…’
In the drawing room Mr Gannon gives Julie a black academic gown. She is to take her top and skirt off and put on this gown. Right away, because he doesn’t have a lot of time. Mr Gannon goes out.
It is a short, student-type gown which reaches to Julie’s knees when she has it on. She is standing nervously by the settee when Mr Gannon, after only a couple of minutes, returns.
‘Ah lovely. That looks very nice. Let me see. Open it… a little.’
Mr Gannon is sitting down on the settee. Julie parts the gown. She has removed her top and skirt as instructed and is in brief white knickers and bra and suspender belt.
‘Very nice. A lovely girl. Yes, but we do need as I say… Lift the gown up, Julie, and get yourself over here. My lap. We’ll just have… before I go out… a quick spanking…’
Face-down across Mr Gannon’s lap. As she was yesterday across Mr Corfurd’s lap, only then she had just her bra on. It obviously depends on what they fancy. With Mr Gannon it is this outfit. He has pulled the gown up round her waist and is pulling down Julie’s knickers. He wanted her knickers on… so that he could pull them down. Whereas Mr Corfurd wanted her bottom already bare. What… is Mr Renby going to want? The thought flits into Julie’s mind as Mr Gannon’s hand, with her knickers now nicely down round Julie’s thighs, does some fondling and stroking. The smooth and warm bottom-flesh. His fingers drifting into the cleft as they slide over the swelling spheres. Drifting in underneath. But not… like Mr Corfurd. Not like Mr Corfurd… going straight for it. Mr Gannon’s caressing hand does not like Mr Corfurd’s reach straight away for Julie’s cunt.
No. Not now at least. Because for one thing Mr Gannon has to go out. To church. And he does want to give Julie a spanking. So after only that general fondling, feeling-up, which nonetheless has Julie agitatedly gasping in anticipation, Mr Gannon desists and begins the other. Hard, crisp smacks to her unprotected rear. Which bring sharper, more urgent, gasps, yelps and whatever. Because Mr Gannon is laying in with all the strength he can muster. That is a thing about spanking: it is possible to do it full force without any real fear of damage. Whereas with a cane it is necessary to use a little restraint.
Julie has a bright red, glowing rear by the time Mr Gannon decides it is necessary to stop. He is a church warden so his presence is required. Yes, James Gannon is a highly respected member of the community. He is known as a community-minded individual. Although certain aspects of his interest in the community — his interest in the discipline of girls at the College for instance — are not widely known. It will not be known that this morning, while attending church, he has this most attractive first-year student awaiting his return. Clothed in an academic gown and with only her underwear under it. Naturally. Well, it could be misinterpreted.
Mr Gannon will not be long, and will be returning immediately. Julie can be reasonably sure of that. Meanwhile she can go out in the garden again. It is a lovely garden and also a lovely day. Outside, with her still glowing bottom (Mr Gannon has spanked it with all his force), Julie can only wait for what else is to come. She does not know how long Mr Gannon is going to want her. Mr Renby said she would have to see, it could be all day. Then grinning, ‘Maybe for the night. I don’t know, you’ll have to see.’ Julie assumed that was a joke. It had to be a joke. Maybe Mr Gannon would only want her for the morning. Mr Corfurd yesterday let Julie go at lunchtime. Mr Gannon surely wouldn’t want her all day.
But… he hadn’t caned her yet. Just that spanking, which was pretty awful. But Julie knew he was going to want to cane her. She knew it. That spanking was just a start, a preliminary. He said as much. He is going to want to cane her when he gets back. But maybe… Mr Gannon will do it and then she can go, her ordeal will be over. That will be it for this weekend.
Well that won’t be so bad. Will it? Julie wanders somewhat aimlessly in the garden holding the gown tight round herself. Not that anyone can see her here, Mr Gannon’s garden is enclosed, quite private. But still, Julie would not like to be out here without the gown on. In just her knickers and bra, and suspender belt and stockings and the high heels. If she gets a caning and then can go… it won’t be so bad. Although the cane… is diabolical.
It was diabolical yesterday. Over the arm of Mr Corfurd’s chair, her face down in the seat and her bared bottom up over the arm. It was dreadful, the slicing pain of it making her think she was going to die. And it will be the same with Mr Gannon. Julie shivers in the tight-wrapped gown although it is warm out here in the bright sunshine. But if it is over quickly and she can go, she will give Steve a ring and they can do something. Maybe go to Steve’s place and she’ll let him do it. Screw her. On his bed. Yes. Julie doesn’t always let him but… she will need it after the caning. Need something. Steve. His big stiff thing.
But is Mr Gannon going to let Julie go quickly? Give her a quick and no doubt very painful caning but at least get it over with and then let her go? It is not clear when Mr Gannon gets back. His big car crunching up the gravel driveway and then Mr Gannon appearing across the lawn.
‘Ah there you are, Julie. Have you been amusing yourself?’
He tells her to take the gown off. Here in the garden. Which Julie does not like to do but she has no choice. She holds it dangling in one hand as Mr Gannon comes in close. He asks how her bottom feels, his hand reaching round to stroke it through the tight, brief knickers.
Julie half whispers ‘OK.’ The spanking was long enough ago for the sting of it to have gone but Mr Gannon’s hand and his question bring it vividly back into focus in her mind. And with it the thought of the other. Which Julie is sure she is now going to get. The cane.
Mr Gannon, fondling Julie’s bottom through the tight knickers, softly tells her to take them off. Her knickers. Take them off here on the lawn in front of the house. Julie looks unhappily around. It is bad enough standing there in just her underthings but taking her knickers off is clearly a whole lot worse. The garden is quite private and there is no one here except Mr Gannon but… you can still have a nasty feeling. Of eyes peering out from the shrubs all around. Or maybe from the blank windows of the house.
Mr Gannon slaps Julie’s bottom. ‘Come on. Get them off, and then… can you do a handstand? I’m sure you can. You look like a fit and athletic girl. A handstand… I can steady you if necessary, hold your legs. But with your knickers off.’
Face reddening Julie shakes her head. Mr Gannon slaps her bottom again, harder. ‘It’s a test of discipline,’ he says. ‘So come on. Right away.’
It is a test of discipline because clearly it is a very unpleasant thing to be made to do. Julie can do a handstand, no problem, certainly if Mr Gannon will hold her legs when she is up. But being like that with no knickers on… It is an awful thought, as bad in its way as the thought of the cane. Mr Gannon probably holding her legs apart… so he can see every detail of her. Every detail between her legs.
‘Come on, young lady,’ Mr Gannon repeats. ‘I can see you don’t enjoy disciplinary tests.’
Julie does it. Slips her knickers down and steps out of them. And then… the handstand. At her first attempt she falls sprawling on the grass, because not wanting to do it she can’t make herself put the proper effort into it. Mr Gannon is annoyed. At her next try Julie forces herself to concentrate and try to do it. She does. Her legs kick up and Mr Gannon catches her ankles.
‘That’s better.’ He holds her. Julie can feel that he’s not holding her legs tight together. Her feet are apart… and she can feel him swing them wider apart. Mr Gannon holds her like that. With a clear, full view of her. Her cunt. A full view of her cunt. Julie’s arms begin to tremble. Mr Gannon lets go and she collapses in a heap at his feet.
He pulls her up. Grinning at her. ‘You didn’t like doing that, did you?’
Scarlet-faced Julie doesn’t answer. Mr Gannon reaches out and takes hold of her bush. Her pussy. She yelps.
‘You didn’t want me to see this, did you? Eh Julie? Your cunt.’
Mr Gannon’s use of that crude, blunt word adds to the little cameo he has engineered. The little cameo of shock and embarrassment. Julie feels tears coming.
The tears well out and roll down her cheeks. ‘It was just a test,’ Mr Gannon says. ‘A disciplinary test. And we need to have some more tests. We’ll go inside now.’
They go in, Julie sniffing the tears away and carrying the gown and her knickers. She has to go upstairs, to a little attic bedroom. She is to take off the stockings and suspender belt now and wait for Mr Gannon. He will come up shortly, when he’s made a phone call. He will come… to do some more disciplining.
This is going to be the caning. It is bound to be, Julie waiting in the little attic room tells herself. Unless Mr Gannon can think of some other horrendous thing. Like that awful handstand with him holding her legs
apart. Or perhaps it will be a caning with some other awful thing as well.
And when is she going to be allowed to go? When is Mr Gannon going to be through with her? He couldn’t really… keep her overnight? Could he? In this attic bedroom. No, he couldn’t
In the final instalment Julie returns to see Mr Renby…


  1. I always felt that this model and the one who starred in Serenas debut looked alike. The set was the same that's for sure.

  2. 'Mr Gannon' another great Blushes gentleman. Just look at the 1st picture top right and his anger at this slut. Maybe she didn't have a clean bottom or clean knickers.