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Friday, 15 March 2019


From Blushes 82
She waited outside the heavy wooden door trying to hear what was going on inside the room at the other side. Her friend Kathy had preceded her and although she could hear the mutterings of the initiating committee, she couldn’t make head nor tail of what was actually being said. It had seemed an eternity since Kathy and she had requested membership of the exclusive set that they now wanted to join and they had been forewarned that the ceremony to which they had both been invited was not easy nor was it in some ways very pleasant! She knew that there would be some physical pain, and she had not had to guess too deeply what this meant… and there would be moments of discomfort. In the initiation she had been warned she would have to submit completely to the strict ritual of the sect and she would have to do so unerringly without question, protest or hesitation so it was not as though she was being forced against her will. And the rewards of being a member? There were plenty and more than enough. After this afternoon, she would belong, and Cynthia desperately wanted to belong. It was equally true that she did not particularly enjoy the idea that her curvy attractive young body would be the subject of their control and that she would have to be very submissive in her acceptance whilst undergoing the initiation, but one afternoon would not be so bad as all that even if they did raise her bottom to a high state of painful heat.
As the thoughts ran freely through her mind and as she tried to visualise what the initiation itself would be like, she thought she heard a sharp protesting cry as though of one responding to pain. Cynthia smiled because there was no second outburst from the other side of the room… poor old Kathy had just begun and already they had caused her to yelp… she expected she would be the same and, impatiently now, she turned from the door and waited on the other side.
She was surprised the initiation took so long, but after a full hour the door opened and a young girl came to meet her. The girl held a black velvet head-band and told Cynthia that she had to be blindfolded. The shapely blonde was aware of the blind status and allowed herself to be completely blacked out. The girl who had come out to blindfold her then took her arm and led her through the large door. Cynthia was only aware that there was a crowd of youngsters like herself in this room but she let herself be led to what she imagined was the centre. When an obvious falsetto voice demanded that she take off her blouse and brassiere, she felt the tingling redness fill her face as she fumbled and took off her upper garments. When she was naked to the waist she felt her hands pulled behind her and then discovered that she was bending over a piece of furniture on which her body was now pressing against and this made her legs tauter and tauter as her shapely bum became rounder and rounder. The falsetto voice asked her questions that were pertinent to the initiation and she gave the correct answers.
‘Sister Initiate, you will now ask very respectfully for your skirt to be removed.’
‘Please…’ she was angry that her voice was so dry. ‘Please will you take my skirt off.’
She felt the fingers fumbling with the zipper at the side of her lower garment and then it was being tugged free of her body. After she had lifted her feet one at a time the skirt was pulled free. She did not like the enforced immobility of her wrists being pulled high so that she was made to bend so humiliatingly…
‘Now the same request regarding your panties,’ she heard the command.
Cynthia could not help a blush filling her cheeks as she pleaded to have her panties taken down and then they too were removed.
‘You are now in a state of nakedness and it is in this happy state that you will plead for admission and also for the enactment of your full initiation for membership.’
‘Naked… ashamed… I would be grateful for the rest of the initiation ceremony to be performed so that I may be admitted a full member,’ she choked.
As she bent so she felt the first physical contact of hands on her flesh. Her bottom was now being freely stroked and she could only remain bending as those hands felt the full moons of her shapely curved bottom. When a hand sneaked beneath her she felt her breasts being played with and the reaction was immediate. Fingers now joined the two pairs of hands and the intimate area of her sex was being touched. Six hands all on various parts of her body and she was overcoming her natural fear and humiliation and started to respond to a deep inner state of sexuality.

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