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Monday, 4 February 2019

Secret Lives — Rosaleen Young

The young model and authoress with the ‘World’s Most Spankable Bottom’.
Interview from Janus 153
Fans of Janus publication Privilege Club will most certainly remember the delightful diary series ‘The Misadventures of Christina Winchester,’ depicting the naughty escapades of the teenage temptress and her obsession with her perfect bottom. Exam commitments at school forced her to stop writing for a short time to concentrate on her studies. Miss Winchester, now using her real name, Rosaleen Young, has certainly not spent her time idly. Her career as a spanking model is beginning to soar and her first book of short erotic stories about her life as a submissive and her love of being spanked has just been released.
Q: When did you first realise you were into spanking?
I can’t think of a single incident but a desire to be spanked has always seemed to be a core part of my sexuality. I have fantasised about being punished in this way since childhood (when I used to imagine that I was the nursery rhyme character, Little Polly Flinders spanked by her mother for ‘spoiling her nice new clothes’). I had a very strict Christian upbringing and spanking was part and parcel of normal household discipline. Although I was never aroused by the spankings I got from my parents (usually painful and purely disciplinary) there was a comfort in knowing that someone cared enough about my behaviour to take action to correct it. As I lay in my bed at night, I began to fantasise about all sorts of different scenarios in which my bottom would be thoroughly punished. Sometimes I would even pinch my buttocks as I imagined the sting of a spanker’s hand connecting with it.
Q: Why did you decide to become a spanking model?
Despite my obsession, I remained ignorant to the fact that spanking photography even existed. I did a bit of teen fashion modelling but found it rather dull. I longed for something far more creative and I wanted to tease! At last I began to discover the world of spanking erotica and publications like Janus. My desire was so strong that I decided to write to Privilege Club. I was a bit worried at first. I was of legal age to do erotic modelling but looked extremely young for my age. I was thrilled when they agreed to shoot me and even let me write a regular diary. My very first shoot landed me with the nickname of ‘The World’s Most Spankable Bottom’ and it sort of stuck. I guess that there are worse things that a girl could be famous for (hee hee). I thoroughly enjoyed being able to express my love of spanking in the magazine. The people were so lovely. One kind gentleman even sent me some adorable hand-made wooden paddles all the way from Germany and they were certainly put to good use.
I admit that I really am conceited about my bottom (which is probably why it gets spanked so often). A lot of the concepts in my writing are true to real life. I am fixated by its curves and I do spend hours in front of the mirror gazing at it in different positions and in different outfits.
Q: Why did you write the book?
Writing for Privilege Club helped build my confidence as an authoress. Releasing a whole book is a dream come true for me. So much spanking literature is written by men or older women. Some of it is very good but it rarely portrays the perspective of the spankee. The world of the young, submissive female remains an enigma to many and I wanted to provide insight. I wished to express why I feel a need to be tamed and controlled and what I feel as I am turned over a sturdy knee to have my bottom roasted. For me, writing the book was a journey of sexual awakening and exploration. I loved sharing my thoughts and living out my deepest fantasies through the written word. Due to my upbringing, I don’t believe in sex before marriage but I feel that being a virgin aided my imagination rather than hindered it. I believe that the imagination is the most powerful erogenous zone and it has the added benefit of being limitless. I can be publicly spanked and humiliated by Catherine de Medici (the spanking queen) in one story, birched by a terrifying Victorian aunt or put over a train ticket collector’s knee in another.
Q: How long did it take to write?
I actually worked on it quite slowly and wrote it over the period of a few months. I have a limited attention span and writing short stories suited me down to the ground. I actually was a bit naughty and spent quite a lot of time writing them late at night whilst studying for my exams. It gave me the break I needed from academic work and writing them aroused me so much that the creative and physical release helped to keep me relaxed and focused on my schoolwork.
Q: So, what is your favourite spanking fantasy?
This is a hard one as I have so many and all are very different. Even the stories in the book range from light-hearted spanking scenes to darker, psychological tales of submission depending on the mood I was in at the time of writing. I feel that the reasons for being spanked are often the most interesting part. Sometimes I like to be given the punishment I deserve for being a spoilt brat. Sometimes I like to be an innocent girl, punished for no other reason than the spanker’s pleasure. I often imagine that I am living in the past. I hate the fact that today’s ‘ethical’ society banned the cane before I even started going to school. I like to pretend that it is the 1920s or perhaps earlier and a sound spanking is the customary and expected method of correction for a naughty young girl such as myself. Different positions and implements are fun but I do have a preference for the more traditional aspects of spanking. I am never happier than when I am turned over the knee of a strict headmaster or headmistress and given my due with a dedicated hand.
Q: So what’s in store for the future for the World’s Most Spankable Bottom?
I am always busy and usually working on several projects at once. Recently I have been striving to achieve another of my goals, producing my own spanking pictures and videos. I have been doing a lot of modelling for my own websites and have included some of my favourite pictures here for the enjoyment of Janus readers. My latest adventure was the production of my very first spanking video. I conceptualised and wrote the script and it was filmed a couple of weeks ago at a lovely Victorian Manor house. I was in heaven! I was spanked twice by my aunt, once by her and her friend together and then received a strict dose of the birch and 14 strokes of the cane! I was in tears by the end and my poor bottom was absolutely black and blue for a week-and-a-half afterwards but I loved every second and can’t wait to see the edited movie. I am already dreaming up scenarios for the next one!
A review of Rosaleen’s book Fantasies of a Young Submissive from the same edition will follow.

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