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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

First Week of Term Part 2

Following on from Part 1 last week

Just how much can a young girl’s bottom take? Following their respective spankings downstairs, Brooks and Ellis find themselves awaiting further chastisement at the hands of the Head in the room upstairs set aside for canings. Brooks is sent to fetch the cane and in her absence the plumpish Ellis is once again put over the Headmaster’s knee for another spanking on her poor bare bottom. Brooks returns with cane and the two girls are made to kneel, side by side, on a padded bench and are caned. The less guilty brooks is despatched to the corner and looks on in horror as her accomplice is made to touch her toes for several strokes of the Head’s wicked cane. If you thought that Carol Ellis’s beautifully rounded rear-end was being severely dealt with downstairs in part one of this story, witness this thrashing in part two!
M/2f; year: 1985; time: 45 minutes
[continued from last week’s review] With a nice segue into part 2, both girls have pants at half-mast and are being caned by the teacher. Brooks on the bed; Harris kneels up on a bench. The teacher alternates mild snaps of the cane, as he wanders the room. The girls shrink in fear of the next unpredictable stroke. The punishment is lenient, but the intimidation is wonderful. The girls whine, cry, and sniffle through it all. Brooks is let off, and the video concludes with about 15 increasingly intense strokes to Alice’s notable behind. Nice marks and welts; a face glossed with tears and elegant acting – stoic acceptance that she must be caned and realistic unhappiness with the plight of helplessness without pants in front of a clearly lecherous teacher.
Part 1:
Part 2:


  1. Wonderful, heart warming stuff and what a magnificent bottom that fair haired girl had and so splendidly presented for the delectation of we viewers in the final caning scene. Great moment of (unintentional?) comedy also when Brooks walks back from her visit to the toilet straight into the path of what would have been a descending cane stroke. Love all the tears and trauma, the girlish whimpering and whining. A very pleasant aural accompaniment to the visual treats on offer. Lovely to see a pair of nice, hairy young muffs on display also.

  2. I agree with previous comment - (we all had a full bush in those days). My HM caned me twice and she caned harder across my pants than this fellow did. Also she did not tolerate all the noise but the tears were there. Judy

    1. Such wonderful authentic memories, Judy. Thank you. Young ladies nowadays miss such discipline.

  3. I just think it's a terrific film

  4. I agree wish it was still like this

  5. "You have yet satisfactorily to explain the startling accuracy of your drawing of that (phallic) symbol...discussion of which may well form the substance of a further interview."

    A spicy little hint at the nature of deliberations to come?