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Monday, 11 February 2019

Fantasies of a Young Submissive by Rosaleen Young

A book review by Stephen Sims from Janus 153
In her foreword to this erotically stimulating, intriguing and revelatory book, the delectable Ms Young tells how she first addressed her growing need to be spanked. ‘Taking a wooden coat hanger I began to spank my bottom repeatedly, drinking in the sensations that awoke in my virgin flesh. At first the pain was unbearable, and I felt that I could not go on, but then as the burning diffused and spread through me I began to crave more…’
There follows a series of chapters in which Ms Young exposes her most secret and private desires in a manner both brave and profoundly absorbing. In this one book a man can learn more about the inmost erotic workings of the mind of a sensual female than from all the erudite sexual tomes ever written.
And the revelations amaze. For centuries the female has managed to retain a mystique which denies a sharing of the rude and earthy interests entertained by men in their gross and lustful fancies. The myth was that girls were delicate creatures who fended off in horror the vulgar sex-crazed advances of men. What they wanted was soft music, gifts and romance to woo them. Not till then might they deign to submit.
Yet here is a girl, exquisitely beautiful in face and form — and each chapter carries a photo which proves this over and again, till the reader is salivating with his, and I’m pretty sure I can add ‘her’, mounting lust for this wonderfully fragile and innocent-seeming creature — who allows us the liberty to think afresh.
Virgin she may be in body, but in her mind she is most certainly and exhilaratingly not. ‘I want to be ogled, desired, lusted after’, Rosaleen tells us. ‘I find the idea of a dirty old man far more of a turn-on than a trendy guy my own age. A dirty old man would let me be dirty myself, and wouldn’t be shocked if I turned out to be dirtier than he was’.
Yet there is nothing in the least crude in the text of these delicately-wrought stories, each of which explores a different sexual fantasy, or a variation and embellishment of one previously expressed. The writing is as exquisite as the authoress herself — while occasionally, as in the transcendental tale The Marionette, it achieves classical status.
Although every aspect of Ms Young’s lustful yearnings (not anecdotes, please note — these are all in her mind) are explored in delicious detail, such as her narcissistic adoration of her own physical perfections and her self-flagellatory indulgences which lead to cataclysmic self-induced orgasms, her intense masturbatory fancy of being raped mightily in the woods by the great god Pan, or fucked to the hilt in her upthrust arse by a lascivious nobleman, the theme which returns again and again is that of being spanked, beaten and dominated utterly.
Ms Young is in love with her own bottom, and so are we. This peerlessly beautiful part of her is the focus of more of her fantasies than any other. ‘My buttocks hold a bewitching magic of their very own,’ their lovely young owner declares. ‘The flawless curves sweep upwards to gently kiss each other in worship. I could fondle and caress my bottom for hours, and I do.’
The authoress admits that while writing this book she felt the need to take frequent breaks to relieve the sexual tension induced by her labours. This effect is one that her readers — whether male or female — will undoubtedly also find themselves prey to.
Perhaps ironically, the outcome of writing about her own most intimate fantasies in this way is to make Rosaleen Young herself a sexual fantasy to her increasingly ardent and aroused readers. Perhaps this lovely young girl with her liberated admissions is unaware of this, yet I doubt it. There is an acutely intelligent, sensitive and perceptive mind at work here — or might that be ‘at play’? — which must know perfectly well the effect her wondrously decadent outpourings will have on all of us who would love nothing more than to worship at her shrine. And do other things too, of course, that she herself has not shirked to celebrate with such abandon — in fantasy only, of course, so far…
Surely that alone deserves a spanking, doesn’t it?

Here is Rosaleen reading extracts from her book: 

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  1. As pretty and enticing as this young prick-teaser undoubtedly was there's something about her that needed taking down a peg or two. A period of proper moral and disciplinary training at the hands of the 'dirty old men' towards whom she disrespectfully affected an affinity (although in all the films I've seen of her she's being spanked by women, young women mostly) would have done her a power of good.