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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Uncle George — Part 2

Second part of this classic video from Roué
Lucy, her Uncle discovers, has been stripping for extra pocket-money. The irate man decides to administer a caning to the errant young miss. His niece is made to adopt some very unlady-like positions to receive her just desserts. The cane lashes down onto her trembling, bare bottom several times — the girls squeals and squirms to no avail whatsoever. Uncle George thrashes her tender rear with all his might and expertise. When he has finally finished with her she is made to undress before him before being told to go to bed. We see her mount the stairs, ruefully rubbing a thoroughly thrashed pair of schoolgirl buttocks. She gets into bed for a face-down slumber — should her painful bottom permit it!
Continued from Part 1…
In another scene, Lorelei is spanked in a traditional OTK posture. George pulls her panties down very slowly, coveting his prize. Wonderful close-ups and facials. She squirms. She is sent to bed and must undress slowly in front of him, all but her blouse. All bottom. Then another classic Roué conception, the camera holds her rouged bottom while she brushes her teeth, in just pyjama tops.
Following instructions, she retrieves a cane and nervously returns downstairs in just the skimpy top. She hands George the rattan cane, then positions and sits on a stool in front of him. He encourages her to splay her legs wide as he leisurely contemplates her pussy, her back to us. Some ‘uncle’!  He gets his fill and Lorelei rolls over, stomach centred on the stool, legs again splayed, while he canes her bottom and gazes at the ravine.  Just six moderate and slow strokes while he speaks in his modulated, low, and intimidating tone, a style this actor always used as he tended to the bare bottom in front of him. She is sent to bed, another bare bottom out-of-the-room transition. Simple, elegant filming, for us ranking with Room 2D and several other Roué films we have reviewed.
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  1. Absolutely terrific. A master piece

  2. Shame about the sound problems but great atmospheric video all the same. Alan Bell was a superb disciplinarian. I just love that quiet and yet very firm and authoritative way he had with girls. Would have liked this film to have ended with the strong implication that she was going to be fucked by him. Uncle George deserves his pleasures.

  3. I’m sure she would have been fucked when she’d just been beaten.

  4. Lucy was a very nice subject, and she took both her spanking and caning well. I personally prefer if the chastisement is wholly platonic in nature, with no sexual implications. All that should be left to the viewer. A wonderful film. More like it please.