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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The Way of the Bhagwan

From Blushes 69
‘He didn’t look like a great guru,’ Jenny said doubtfully. ‘He doesn’t even look Indian.’
Sylvie shook her head sadly. ‘If you’re determined to be sceptical you can’t hope to get anywhere. You won’t let yourself believe so of course you can’t. It’s as simple as that. If you won’t believe in the earth and the stars and the force of nature then they won’t mean anything for you. Bhagwan Sanvar has great powers but if you’re negative it won’t get through. You have to let yourself go to experience the Life Force.’
Sylvie and Jenny were both 19 and worked in the bank. On this Wednesday evening they were in Sylvie’s flat for a meal she had prepared. Vegetarian of course; vegetarianism was part of Bhagwan Sanvar’s teaching and Sylvie was a keen member of his group, Hajilana Karma. Jenny had shown some interest and had gone to one meeting. That was partly why she was here this evening, the meal being an excuse for Sylvie to give a further exposition of the Way of Hajilana. Jenny, though, was clearly not yet on the right wavelength; not when she could make superficial remarks about his appearance.
The Bhagwan of course had both European and Indian blood, as he explained to his disciples. He was tuned in to both Western and Eastern mysticism which was partly why he had such great powers. The fact that he didn’t look purely Indian was a superficial irrelevance. Jenny still looked sceptical. Part of the trouble was that she was not in a very good mood. Jenny had been fairly low for a week or so now mainly due to problems with her boyfriend Eric. They seemed to be arguing all the time. Jenny had been low when she went with Sylvie to the Hajilana meeting two days ago. Perhaps it was true what Sylvie said: Jenny was in a negative state, due mostly to bloody Eric of course. That had prevented the Bhagwan getting through to her.
Jenny said she would come to another meeting and try and be positive. Sylvie knew about the Eric problem of course. If Jenny followed the Way of Hajilana she wouldn’t have such problems. Why didn’t she bring Eric along? Jenny was doubtful about that but she would come herself. Sylvie’s meal and perhaps even more the wine she served with it had put Jenny in a more mellow mood. She would go to the next meeting and think positive.
‘She’s been having some problems. Her boyfriend. So she’s got a lot of negative force in her,’ Sylvie said. ‘But she’s going to come to the next meeting and try. I tried to explain that if she’s got these problems she’s in need of the Way of Hajilana even more.’
The Bhagwan was inquiring about Jenny of course. He was always most concerned about new female acolytes, especially attractive ones. Jenny was very attractive, as attractive as Sylvie who was one of the Bhagwan’s particular favourites. Brunette as opposed to blonde but variety was the essence of life. A nicely rounded nubile brunette from what the Bhagwan had seen, though naturally he had not seen all the detail yet. He was extremely keen to see all the detail. To get to grips with it. As he was at this moment to a certain extent with blonde Sylvie.
He had driven her out in the country and they were parked in a quiet and secluded spot. Where they would not be disturbed and where the forces of nature could flow stimulatingly over them. Bhagwan Sanvar frequently brought female disciples here, especially when they were on to Higher Teaching. As Sylvie of course was. Bhagwan Sanvar had her top pulled up. A girl on Higher Teaching when she was taken out in the country by the great guru did not wear a bra or anything else under her top or blouse. So Sylvie’s ripely-rounded tits were bare; bare apart from the Bhagwan’s hands that is, busy massaging the splendid boobs. Stimulating them. Sylvie’s nipples, pinkly erect, showed every sign of being well stimulated. She gave a little moan, such as a girl will when getting this stimulating treatment.
What Sylvie was getting was very much part of Higher Teaching for a Hajilana pupil. Beginners would not get such teaching, it could easily be too much of a shock, a trauma, with the new disciple possibly precipitately removing herself from Hajilana Karma. Equally of course it was not the sort of teaching Bhagwan Sanvar would engage in with a male disciple. There were young men in the group but they were in the minority and their training and teaching was generally delegated to the Bhagwan’s assistants. But Bhagwan Sanvar liked to handle his girl disciples himself. Handle was very much the operative word.
‘Very good,’ the guru commented. ‘Jenny would be an excellent addition to our numbers. Once we got over that little problem and I am sure we would.’ The Bhagwan’s voice when he was thinking about it had the sing-song intonation of the Indian subcontinent (not too much as to sound ridiculous of course) but at other times, as now, this could be less evident and instead his native Lancashire would show through. Native because Bhagwan Sanvar had been born in Bolton and not, as he claimed to his disciples, the foothills of the Himalayas. Born also it must be said of purely English stock. He was 52, short and rounded and with a round, bald head. At Hajilana meetings he would always appear in maroon wool robes but on other occasions he would be more conventionally attired for the English scene, as now in short-sleeved shirt and grey flannel trousers.
Sylvie said a dutiful ‘Yes Bhagwan.’ What his hand was doing was getting her aroused, a good positive reaction to the Master. Shortly, as Sylvie knew, be would proceed to another discipline. One that was physically arousing like this one but painful too. Having your tits played with, massaged, was not painful. Sometimes with that other exercise you would want to yell out ‘No! No more! Please!’ when you were taking it. As, at the beginning, you wanted to refuse what Bhagwan Sanvar was doing now; the palpation of the mammary glands. These reactions were of course caused by your weaknesses. The Way of Hajilana was to overcome the weaknesses of mind and body and thus achieve Enlightenment.
Very shortly the Bhagwan was ready to proceed to that other discipline. His hands left the aroused tits and Sylvie was allowed to pull her top down again. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and they would get out of the car for it. The exercise could be performed in the car if it was not a nice day, raining or whatever, but in the car was cramped. Outside in the one-ness of nature was much to be preferred.
They got out of the car and began climbing the gentle slope of the field. Not too far because Sylvie was not exactly dressed for walking in the country. In particular she had on a pair of white three-inch-high stiletto heels, worn on the Bhagwan’s instruction. He very much liked girls in high heels. The rest of Sylvie’s outfit also followed the guru’s wishes: together with her pale blue sleeveless top, a pair of ultra-brief white shorts plus white patterned knee socks. All very fetching on a girl with Sylvie’s shapely, long-legged form. They walked — Sylvie more accurately stumbled but there was the Bhagwan’s hand helpfully at her briefly clad bottom — perhaps a hundred yards through the tall grass.
The Bhagwan sat heavily down. Sylvie, the well-trained disciple, knew what was required. She got down too, lowering herself across the ample thighs of the Master. Pushing the tall dry grass aside with her hands, smelling the ripe summer smell of dry earth and grass, breathing in the flow of Nature. While Bhagwan Sanvar busied himself with her bottom. The very brief shorts left the ripe undercurves of Sylvie’s bottom-cheeks quite bare as were the soft, pale backs of her thighs. The Bhagwan did not believe in sunbathing, the flesh of his girls should be white, untanned, softly vulnerable. He specified the shorty shorts but the wearer was not to stay out in the sun in them for any length of time. The Master’s hand busied itself with the soft and silky flesh. Stroking, caressing. Plus one or two, the first, sharply stinging smacks.
Sylvie took the stinging smacks with no more sound than a stifled grunt. That was the result of Higher Teaching, you learnt not to yell out. And they were only the first forerunners of what was to come They were nothing to what was to follow. When, shortly, the Bhagwan had taken down the brief shorts and also the skimpy little knicks underneath. Pulled both garments down to the region of Sylvie’s knees. Now it was going to happen. In earnest. A session of one of the Bhagwan’s most frequently practised exercises in Higher Teaching. His hand after just a little groping at the completely bared bottom, slamming down on it with all his force. In a regular, studied rhythm. Onto the twin moons of the cheeks, onto the backs of the softly rounded thighs also.
This idyllic and deserted spot echoing with the repeating pistol shot sound. Sylvie for her part was not entirely silent, although taking this and similar disciplinings of the flesh in silence was advocated for a pupil of Higher Teaching. But sometimes, as now, complete silence was not possible even for a girl well on the road to Enlightenment, as Sylvie was. Gasping grunts and splutterings; also half-stifled yips and yelps. Combined with desperate jerks and writhings, of the legs, thighs, and of course the main target of the Bhagwan’s hard hand, Sylvie’s now bright pink bottom. She was doing her best and not doing too badly. Indeed if a pupil was managing to take it in full silence it would cause questions in the Master’s mind. Was he not hitting hard enough? He would attempt to rectify that; and he might feel it necessary to get up and cut himself a whippy little switch from a convenient bush (hazel was an excellent choice) with which to continue the Teaching. Because however hard a man applies his bare hand it will not compare with what can be delivered with a whippy switch.
Sylvie had experienced a hazel switch across her bare nates. She could vouch that this was true. It was true without a shadow of a doubt: a whole new experience. Sylvie, taking the spanking with her anguished jerks and half-stifled yips and grunts had room in her blonde head to wonder if indeed she might be going to get a switching today. A switch was part of Hajilana Higher Teaching, there was no doubt about that, and if the Bhagwan suggested it the only conceivable response was, as always, ‘Yes Master, I humbly agree.’ But the flesh was still weak. The flesh of Sylvie’s bottom was without question weak as far as a switch was concerned. To be fully Enlightened she would have to welcome it. Perhaps even request it. Sylvie clearly had not achieved that excited state yet. Clearly. It was difficult to believe she ever could. The Bhagwan’s hand was bad enough. Please not the switch, she silently begged. Not today. Perhaps… next time…
But when Bhagwan Sanvar had finished the spanking discipline and pushed Sylvie to her feet… She could see that certain gleam in the brown eyes behind the glasses_ A gleam that could mean… He looked at his watch.
Not late. Plenty of time. Time… for another exercise?’
Sylvie could only answer, ‘Yes Master.’ Though it would be nice to get back because she was due to see her boyfriend. Graham was not into Hajilana though Sylvie was trying to convert him. He didn’t know about this sort of thing, Higher Teaching exercises for female disciples, and he wouldn’t either if he joined. The Bhagwan’s female teaching was not disclosed to male members. Yes, Sylvie wanted to get back and she didn’t want any more exercises. Her bottom was really humming as it was. She was standing but not with her shorts pulled up yet, not until the Bhagwan told her, not until he was ready. Please! Not the switch, her mind begged. I can’t take it… That was weakness to let her mind say that but she couldn’t help it.
The brown eyes behind the glasses seemed to be swimming. The superlative pleasure of teaching a pretty and shapely female acolyte. Standing before him with her shorts and knickers still down; her ripe bottom and also the pretty face a ruddy pink.
‘The switch,’ Bhagwan Sanvar said quietly. ‘We will have a session of the switch.’ His hand going in his trouser pocket and taking out his knife. ‘Go and cut a nice hazel switch, my dear. About as thick as my little finger.’
‘Yes Master.’ There was no other response. Sylvie took the knife, then tremulously asked, ‘C… Can I pull my shorts up?’
The Bhagwan said she could. To go and cut her switch. The shorts and knickers would naturally have to come down again for the switching.
Sylvie was a bit late for Graham but not a lot. It doesn’t take all that long for a girl to have her bottom switched. The actual switching something like five minutes perhaps, bending over and touching her toes with her shorts and knickers slipped down to her knees. Six breath-stopping cuts of the green and whippy switch she had cut, trimmed to two feet in length. Six cuts spaced out so that the pupil could get the full feel of each one. Each leaving its bright red signature across the trembling moons of the pupil’s bottom. Hajilana Karma Higher Teaching. Sylvie’s blue eyes swimming with tears at the end. Swimming, brimming over, rolling down her cheeks. Standing shakily upright again while the Bhagwan’s hand inspected the results.
No Sylvie was not particularly late. Back to her flat and then a quick change because she couldn’t wear the very brief shorts to see Graham, they were strictly for Hajilana Higher Teaching sessions. Now with a dress on, the red marks would still be there on her bottom. Still a slight soreness when she sat down, etc, but the pain, the mind-zapping pain, was gone. Leaving that glow, the sense of extra awareness that the Way of Hajilana brought. The secret teaching of Hajilana Karma.
It was something that Jenny would experience if she joined and then progressed to Higher Teaching. Bhagwan Sanvar was very keen for Jenny to join. In the car again coming back he made Sylvie promise to work on her, make sure she came to the next general meeting. Sylvie of course said she would, said also that perhaps Graham might come. The Bhagwan was clearly not so concerned about that. He was interested in her relationship with Graham though. Their sexual relationship especially. The Bhagwan was concerned that his female disciples did not over-indulge in the sexual act. Once a week was the limit, more than that could affect her adversely, interfering with the body’s natural forces. Sylvie dutifully followed this teaching. ‘Only once a week,’ she told Graham. ‘Not more than that.’ Sylvie didn’t tell Graham the reason, that it was Hajilana teaching, guessing that Graham would not accept that too happily. She simply said they shouldn’t do it more often, not when they weren’t married. If Graham joined Hajilana Karma she would tell him it was the teaching. Graham would then have the knowledge to accept it without getting angry.
Engaging in the sexual act with the Bhagwan was of course something else. Quite different from doing it with your boyfriend. Doing it with the Bhagwan had an enhancing effect on a girl’s body forces. It could therefore take place at any frequency. It was limited only by the Bhagwan himself and the fact that he had several girls (four at present) on Higher Teaching, each one needing the benefit of the Bhagwan’s attentions. Bhagwan Sanvar sensibly did not wish to overdo it or overtax his natural forces. Something like once a week with each girl was sensible. Sometimes two. Sylvie being a favourite pupil not infrequently got it twice a week. Whether or not Graham joined the group it was extremely unlikely that this aspect of the Way of Hajilana would be made known to him. As with spankings and switchings. The mysteries of Hajilana Higher Teaching had to remain just that. Mysteries.

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