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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Prefect Selection 2 – Advanced Training

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.06
That caning!! Four strokes!! Each one giving Pam the quite certain impression as she desperately gripped the arms of the chair that it had cut her in cleanly in two!
Sheer murder!!
When it was over she struggled off the armchair. Pam felt like she might never be able to sit down again. Well not for a full 24 hours at least. Her face felt all puffy and her eyes were welling with tears. She blinked them away. Her poor bottom!
Mr Murfield was all attentive now. He had put the cane down and his arm came round Pam.
‘Good girl! You took that very well, considering it was your first time.’
He switched so that his left arm held Pam’s. This allowed him to bring his right hand up under the rear of her short skirt which had slid down into place. She hadn’t had time yet to slide her knickers back up — or indeed been able to focus her mind on the thought of it. So Pam’s burning bottom was still bare up there. She gave a whimpering yelp as now Mr Murfield’s hand took hold of it.
‘Yes. Very good!’
Mr Murfield’s face was red too. He pulled her in against him — and Pam could feel again that firm bulge she had felt for the first time on Saturday when she was over his lap for the first spanking. She had known what it was of course. But now she knew something more. That something which Jane Mantley had told her. If you could believe it!!
Because yesterday Pam had briefly seen Jane, who of course was already a prefect. Jane knew that Pam was on the pre-selection course, it seemed her mother had told her, although no one else was supposed to know yet. Jane wanted to know if Pam had been spanked, and on getting her red-faced confirmation of this, Jane had whispered something else. Not the cane (perhaps she had wanted to keep that as a nasty little surprise for Pam) but something else.
Jane had said a giggly something Mr Murfield would probably want. Next time. Something that had made Pam’s eyes widen in shock.
It was this that had Pam’s pulse going all fluttery now, over and above what Mr Murfield’s cane had produced. That other thing that Pam had said he would want…!! His erect penis…
Pam had never done it. She had never had her hand on one. Not even dreamt of it. But she knew, or guessed, that some girls did. Pam had heard giggly whispers of what they said they had done with their boyfriends. But she had certainly not done it with Andrew, her own boyfriend, they didn’t go much further than kissing. And as for doing it to Mr Murfield…!! But Pam did want to be prefect, and her mother very much wanted her to be. But would her mother want her to do that…!!
In fact Mr Murfield didn’t want it. In spite of that hard bulge he had there. He didn’t want what Jane had said… Want her to take it out of his trousers… and stroke it. So the bulge was there, Mr Murfield’s undeniably erect organ, but Pam wasn’t required to do anything with it. He did rub it up against her. Her soft and quivery belly. But that was all. So maybe Jane had been having her on!?
A final rub against her and then he let her go. She could pull her knickers up now. Mr Murfield repeated that she had done well. She had taken her first caning very well. But naturally it was only the beginning of her training and he would want to see continuing improvement. So the matter of her next session…
‘I would like a session with you in the gym, Pam. Mr Samworth tells me you’re a promising gymnast. I should like to see you go through your paces. Shall we say after school tomorrow? Come to my room at five o’clock. Everyone will have gone home by then so it will be nice and private.’
Pam didn’t want to tell her mother about the caning but finally had to. Elizabeth Symonds had guessed the visit to Mr Murfield’s house might have involved a further stage in Pam’s preparation for prefect and when her daughter got home her questioning was quite insistent. Well, a mother needed to know these things. She finally got it out of her. A caning! And the other thing too: he had fondled Pam’s pussy, both when he had her over his lap for the spanking (there had been a second spanking too) and then when she was kneeling in the chair for the caning.
Pam’s face was hot with embarrassment. She certainly didn’t enjoy having to relate all this. She had hoped to be able to keep it completely to herself, not tell a soul. But at least her mother was sympathetic. She said it was no doubt all part of Mr Murfield’s training programme. Pam would just have to endure it, because she did want to be a prefect. Endure it and of course not tell anyone of these tests she was having to undergo. Including her father. Elizabeth told Pam her father might not properly understand about the tests. He knew about that first time of course, but didn’t really need to know any more details. And naturally she wasn’t to tell her boyfriend Andrew anything either.
But Elizabeth needed to know it all. All the details. It was highly stimulating. It made her feel quite hot! She couldn’t help putting herself in Pam’s position. Having her own bare bottom caned!! The thought of it made Elizabeth’s pussy quite wet! And there was another thought that made it really wet too. The thought of going to see Mr Murfield. Just herself of course, not with Roger…
When Pam knocked rather tentatively on Mr Murfield’s door at five o’clock she found he had taken off his suit jacket and put on a less formal sweater. And he had some things for Pam to put on: not the leotard she normally wore for gym but a pair of pale blue athletic shorts and a white top. It seemed the session wasn’t going to be in the gym after all; instead he told her to go along to Room 4C where she was to change into these things. He would join her in a few minutes.
Mr Murfield put a friendly arm round Pam and squeezed her bottom. ‘No knickers under the shorts. To allow good freedom of action. And nothing under the top either of course.’
Room 4C was not a regularly used classroom, but was available if masters wanted it for any specific purpose. There were some desks piled up at the back but the front of the room was cleared of clutter, except for one or two objects — a hockey stick, items of girls’ clothing — which had been left against the wall or hanging on hooks. In the middle of this space was a plain cream-coloured wooden chair and facing this a full-sized mirror.
Girls always wondered about this mirror. Well some girls did — others claimed they knew what it was for. According to them it was for when certain masters spanked girls. They would spank a girl in front of the mirror with her bottom facing it — and so had a marvellous view of the action. A full view of her pussy every time she parted her legs to even the slightest degree.
Pam didn’t believe this — or she didn’t want to believe it. She had never had to come to Room 4C with a master before. But now she was here with Mr Murfield — or shortly she would be. She could feel her pulse fluttering. It was no doubt going to be awful, mirror or no mirror. But she had better hurry up and get changed, otherwise she would be still doing it with Mr Murfield here. She didn’t want that…
Pam did just finish getting changed before Mr Murfield came in. The white top and the shorts and a pair of gym shoes. The shorts especially felt awful. They were very brief and loose-legged and with nothing underneath Pam felt worse than naked. She felt a desperate desire to put her hand down there to cover her pussy. Mr Murfield, with the door carefully closed behind him, told her to stand up straight.
He placed the chair in front of her and sat down.
‘OK? Shorts fit nicely?’ As he spoke his hand did what Pam had somehow guessed it would. It came out to cup her pussy.
She mumbled uneasily that the shorts were OK. The hand gave her pussy a little rub through the shorts. Then Mr Murfield inserted two fingers in one side. The fingers pushed in between her legs, inside the shorts now. After a moment Pam nervously parted her legs a little, reluctantly allowing the fingers greater access. They slid inside her pussy lips…
‘Did you see that boy at the weekend? Andrew isn’t it?’
She said yes. Mr Murfield wanted more details, like he had before. Sweating a bit now and in a jerky voice Pam repeated that they didn’t do anything. No sex. Kissing, that was all really…
‘But I expect you’ll soon be ready for more, eh Pam? A girl your age usually is. And I’m sure you play with yourself. Mmm…? Quite a lot…?’
Mr Murfield went on like this. While his fingers played with her. She struggled to answer the embarrassing questions. As his fingers stimulated her quivery pussy. The questions got worse. Did she enjoy what he was doing? Was it getting her hot…?
He finally stopped. ‘OK Pam. I’m sure you don’t object to this questioning. But I do need to get to know my girl prefects really well. OK?’
Pam, all trembly now, nodded, red-faced. Her pussy was all wet, but at least the hand had been taken out of her shorts.
‘Good. So now let’s see you perform, eh?’
She was in absolutely no shape for it. Shaking her head. ‘I… I… You’ve got me all shaky, sir…’
‘Oh come on!’ Mr Murfield urged.
Pam had to force herself to perform. Attempt some floor exercises. But her body, all quivery from what he had been doing, just wouldn’t respond in any disciplined fashion.
‘Maybe you need some encouragement,’ Mr Murfield observed. ‘Another touching up with the cane…?’
But it was a spanking. Over his lap as he sat on the chair. The little blue shorts coming down to bare Pam’s bum. Mr Murfield’s hand there. Fondling and stroking. And then spanking. Delivering sharply stinging smacks. To one cheek and then the other. To the backs of Pam’s thighs above the lowered shorts. The hand seeming intent on ensuring that not an inch of bare flesh was left unattended to.
It wasn’t as bad as the cane but those spanks nonetheless really stung. Pam uttering breathy yelps. As she tried to tell herself it wasn’t so bad. Nothing she couldn’t handle. All those other girls who had been made prefect had had to take this. And anyway the spanking wasn’t as bad as having him play with her pussy. That was really awful…
But of course just a little bit later Mr Murfield was playing with Pam’s pussy. He had stopped spanking and his hand was casually sliding in between her legs…
Pam’s mother naturally wanted to know all the details of this latest training session. There was a limit to what Pam was prepared to tell, and she certainly didn’t divulge everything, but Elizabeth got enough to fuel her continuing hot interest. Her mind was anyway now pretty much set on getting involved herself. Well, wasn’t it a mother’s duty to get involved?
So she phoned Mr Murfield…
Vincent Murfield wasn’t entirely surprised. It wasn’t at all unknown for a girl’s mother to show an intense interest. Sometimes they were not at all sure what they really wanted themselves. And then he had to guide them… Yes, he said, he would be more than happy to have a visit from Elizabeth Symonds. Just herself and not her husband? Yes of course. It was a very good idea indeed.
Elizabeth was feeling highly nervous now she was actually doing what she had heatedly imagined. Visiting Mr Murfield on this Saturday afternoon. It was rather like being at school again. A scary visit to the Headmaster! Except that she had never had any visits half as scary as this! Just keep calm, she tried to tell herself. Probably nothing will happen, just a chat… And was anyone else in? Mr Murfield’s wife?
No, no one else was home, Mr Murfield assured Elizabeth as he conducted her in. ‘Just the two of us.’ He could sense her nervousness. He took her arm in a firm, authoritarian grip.
‘Don’t worry, my dear lady. We shan’t be interrupted…’
It all quite took Elizabeth’s breath away. The cane!! Yes! Mr Murfield caned her there in the sitting room. Bending her over the arm of a chair. Having first sternly instructed her to remove her knickers. And then Elizabeth’s pretty summer skirt up round her waist. Her ripe bottom bare!! The thought that this was actually happening made Elizabeth almost faint with excitement. But then that cane…!
‘I’m going to give you it quite hard.’ boomed Mr Murfield’s unemotional voice. ‘Harder than I do Pam or the other girls. You are a mature woman after all and as such I think can take something stronger…’
Oh Jesus Christ!! The pain when it came!! There was no possibility of fainting now. With that white-hot sting searing Elizabeth’s ripe nates. She gasped desperately for mercy. But Vincent Murfield, eyes hotly riveted on her squirming bottom, simply hit her again, quite as hard. And again…
Six in all. And then it was something else. As befitted a mature married lady. Mr Murfield’s hand briefly there at her hot, wet cunt. And then his stiff prick… Elizabeth gave a shuddery, swoony wail as it slid into her.
Two days later it was time for Pam to have another session, round at Mr Murfield’s house after school.
‘Well, how do you think you’re coming on?’ he asked in the car. Pam said a nervous, ‘Uh… OK I think.’
Mr Murfield said he thought so to. Then he mentioned that Elizabeth had come to see him. ‘I don’t know if she told you. We had a most rewarding visit. Your mother is a very lovely woman, Pam. Yes, your father is a lucky man. But anyway your mother is keen for you to make good progress and I told her you were. So far very good indeed.’
It was news to Pam that her mother had visited Mr Murfield, but she didn’t have time to think too much about it. There were other matters to occupy her mind. Chiefly what was going to happen now, on today’s training session with Mr Murfield. Was it going to be the cane again? Oh God, please not!! And that other thing. The thing that Jane had told her. Because Pam had had another chat with Jane. Not really wanting to but Jane had seemed quite keen to talk about it.
‘Well did Mr Murfield want it? You know…’ Jane had rolled her eyes.
Flushing, Pam shook her head.
‘Oh he will! Maybe he just thinks you’re not quite ready. But he is going to want it!’
Was Mr Murfield going to want it? This time?
As it happened he was. That visit from Pam’s mother had given Vincent Murfield a clear green light. A compliant and co-operative mother was always a green light. No need for any hesitation now.
So yes, he made his special little demand. After another sharp caning. Harder this time than before, though not so hard as that which he had been meted out to Pam’s mother. Yes a good zippy caning first, so that Pam didn’t really know which way was up. And then… sitting in his favourite armchair and simply saying what he wanted. Pam kneeling. Between his spread thighs. And telling her to go ahead. She knew didn’t she? Girls nowadays knew all about it, even when they liked to deny they did anything at all with their boyfriends. Yes they knew alright. And this sweet Pam Symonds, she knew. What was what. Even though she liked to act as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Yes she knew. Well look at that mother of hers… Yes sweet Pam knew. Don’t you, sweet Pam? Come on then…

Pam, her bottom red hot from that awful caning, did it. Unzipping Mr Murfield’s trousers. And then pulling out that big hot thing. Taking it in her hand…

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