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Friday, 18 January 2019

Prefect Selection 1 – Getting the feel of it

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.06
It was the beginning of summer term and Pamela Symonds had just been informed that she had been pre-selected for prefect next year, when she would be in the Upper Sixth. The final decision would be made by Mr Murfield before school broke up, so the pre-selection period would last for the whole of this term. Pam had been told this on Saturday when Mr Murfield came round to tea. This was so that Pam’s parents could be informed at the same time, and they would know what was involved in the pre-selection period.
Discipline was a major factor of course. If a girl was well-disciplined herself then she could inspire this quality in others. So if Pam wished to be a prefect next year she must expect to undergo this extended period of disciplinary training. Mr Murfield wanted this to be quite clear to Pam and also to her parents.
Mr Vincent Murfield was in his forties, urbane and charming; a quite tall and solidly-built man with a trim beard. He had been Head at Fairgrove School for several years and Pam’s mother, Elizabeth, had heard of Mr Murfield’s penchant for discipline from her friend Monica whose daughter Jane was currently a prefect. Discipline was no doubt also necessary for boys who were to become prefect, but Mr Murfield seemed especially keen on the training of girls. Monica Mantley had laughingly commented that his choices for this honour usually seemed to be the better-looking girls. Certainly Jane Mantley was a very good-looking girl — and of course Pam was too.
Elizabeth Symonds had wondered a little about that afterwards and felt a darting frisson of excitement. Would she at 17 have liked the prospect of Mr Murfield’s special disciplinary attentions? She rather thought she would! Clearly there was pain to be endured — but pleasure and pain were undeniably related. Yes she rather thought she would have found it quite unbearably exciting.
She would probably find it exciting now…
Elizabeth didn’t tell her husband this. He might not understand! And she betrayed none of that feeling during Mr Murfield’s visit. Controlling her emotions admirably. As Mr Murfield explained his philosophy regarding the training of prefects, while at the same time making the point of the considerable value to a girl of being chosen. Girls who were prefects had no trouble in gaining university places. And then the core of the whole thing, the central point of his whole visit. If Elizabeth and Roger Symonds were content he would do as was his normal custom in this situation. He would take Pam up to her room…
What did Pam think? Up in her room Mr Murfield came straight to the point. He wanted her to slip down her knickers. He was going to take her over his lap and spank her bare bottom! What could you think, when confronted with this situation?
It was difficult to think at all. Pam’s head was spinning, and this little room, her familiar bedroom, seemed to be spinning a bit too. Mr Murfield had sat down in the chintzy armchair and in that calmly authoritarian voice had told her to take her knickers down. And then…
Was it a complete surprise? Well yes — but at the same time perhaps not really. Because Jane Mantley had once or twice said giggly, whispery things. As had Sarah Ringford who was also a prefect. Giggly things that half-indicated something but when you tried to question them they clammed up. Saying girls who weren’t prefects weren’t allowed to know. And as for boys… ‘Boys certainly aren’t allowed to know!’ Jane had giggled.
And now Pam did know! Or something at least. Because here she was up in her bedroom with Mr Murfield and he was telling her to take her knickers down and get over his lap. While downstairs her mother and father were sitting with their tea still…
Well, there wasn’t a lot of choice. Red-faced, and with her heart really thumping, she did it. Reaching up under her pleated navy school skirt for her knickers. Sliding them down her quivering flanks. And then… stepping tremulously forward.
Mr Murfield’s hand slid up the backs of Pam’s legs to her bare bottom and it sort of took her breath away. His hand on the bare flesh of her bottom! She felt like her legs were going to collapse. Not that that would be such a problem because she wasn’t going to need them right away. Not to stand on at least. Because Mr Murfield, after some mind-zapping fondling at the nude cheeks of Pam’s bum, was pulling her down with his other hand. Across his lap.
Her skirt was being yanked up, round her waist. Then he was pulling her knickers on down, to take them completely off. There was something else too. She could feel a quite big bulge under her. In the vicinity of her pussy in fact. Pam knew what the bulge was. It was Mr Murfield’s penis. His enlarged organ, engorged with blood. That was what Mr Acland, Head of Biology, had told them in Sex Education. Not referring to Mr Murfield’s organ of course but in general. Mr Acland had shown them drawings and diagrams. Pam also had some practical knowledge from boys too, her boyfriend Andrew in particular, but not really a lot of practical knowledge, she wasn’t a girl who went in for that kind of thing. Mr Murfield’s penis was big and stiff because he was excited at having her across his lap with no knickers on, excited at the thought of spanking her bare bottom…
That was what he was doing now. Pam was uttering gaspy yelps. Not that it hurt so desperately, though it certainly stung. But the whole thing — being over his lap like this and with his hard hand smacking down on her bare bum, and also that stiff thing she was lying on — all of it together was just making her feel faint, a bit sick.
The spanking kept on. She was making those yelpy sounds, and kicking her legs about. Then he stopped and she became calmer, though still gasping a bit for breath. Mr Murfield, his hand stroking her bare bum, said Pam hadn’t been particularly disciplined during the spanking, but it had been her first time and no doubt she would learn with practice.
Then he said they would need to discuss somewhat intimate matters. If she went out with boys, and what she did with them. He needed to know all that sort of thing with his prefects.
As Mr Murfield was speaking his hand had gone in between her legs. To Pam’s pussy…
Downstairs she didn’t know where to look. Her father and mother were looking expectantly of course as she entered the lounge again with Mr Murfield following. Did they know what had just taken place? Or could they guess? Pam knew her face was bright red. Her bottom was probably still red too, from the spanking, but at least they couldn’t see her bare bottom. And, she told herself, they wouldn’t guess about that either. Even if they did guess about the spanking. Because it would be just too impossible if they did.
In fact no guessing was needed about the spanking because Mr Murfield right away referred to it. He said Pam was going to need more before she came up to standard. And then just before he left he pulled her knickers from his pocket. ‘Oh… I almost forgot these…’
Elizabeth Symonds had found Mr Murfield’s visit almost unbearably exciting. Forcing herself to sit still and make some sort of conversation with Roger while Mr Murfield was upstairs with Pam! Imagining what was going on!! Afterwards she didn’t think she could question Pam too closely regarding the details of what had taken place. But clearly the headmaster had spanked Pam’s bare bottom. From what he had said — and also he had had her knickers in his pocket!
Elizabeth had indulged in the most delicious imaginings, in which the action was extended to herself. Perhaps Mr Murfield coming round when she was alone in the house, and telling her that mothers sometimes liked to experience what their daughter was getting. So if she liked… And she did of course. Well wasn’t it almost her duty to experience it for herself?
Elizabeth was very eager for bed that night. Eager to have Roger give her a really vigorous fucking. Could Roger guess she was really turned on by what had happened? Yes he could. He himself had been rather shocked by that business of Mr Murfield going upstairs with Pam. Well, more than a little! Mr Murfield had quite clearly spanked Pam’s bare bottom! Roger had had no idea that sort of thing went on. Elizabeth said, ‘Well I suppose it’s just one of his little things,’ as if it wasn’t anything too remarkable. But Roger could see she was excited by it. Both before they got into bed and then with her eagerness for sex.
‘Poor Pam!’ she said with a nervous laugh. ‘But it wouldn’t have hurt. It was probably good for her…’
On Monday Pam got a note at lunch time from Mr Murfield’s secretary. He would like to see her round at his house right after school.
Oh God! Was he going to spank her bottom again? Pretty certainly! It was a really scary thought. But also — scarily exciting. And that other business? His fingers at her pussy! As she had haltingly answered those questions about Simon, her steady boyfriend. Was there going to be more of that? Well again you had to think there pretty certainly was. It made Pam have palpitations just thinking about it. At afternoon break she had to go to the loo. To bring herself off! Pam didn’t do it that often and she’d never done it at school before — but the way she felt she just couldn’t help it.
After that, Pam felt just a little bit less frantic. She had to tell Simon not to wait for her after school of course. She told him the reason: the Head was taking her round to his house to discuss the prefect pre-selection. She had seen Simon yesterday and told him about being pre-selected but he wasn’t to tell a soul, just in case she didn’t finally get it after all. And naturally Pam didn’t say anything about the rest. The secret business of being a girl prefect! As it happened Pam had also spoken to Jane now. Jane had told her something else. Something a lot worse than having your bottom spanked. But maybe Jane had been just joking…?
Mr Murfield was giving her a lift in his car. ‘Alright so far?’ he asked when they got in.
With a secret little shiver Pam said, ‘Yes sir.’
He smiled at her. ‘Ready to have your knickers taken down again? And have that bottom smacked!’
She forced a nervous laugh. ‘Yes sir. If I have to.’
Mr Murfield, backing out of his parking space, said, ‘Oh yes. It definitely is a requirement.’
Mrs Murfield, a pleasant-seeming lady, was there when they arrived. Did she know about the prefect business? If she did she didn’t seem too concerned, as her husband steered Pam through into his study, a high-ceilinged room lined with books.
He closed the door and came over to Pam who was standing a little uncertainly in the centre of the splendid Persian carpet.
‘When you’re a fully-fledged prefect, as I am sure you will be, Pam, I shall be able to offer you a glass of sherry.’
‘Uh… thank you sir…’ And then a shuddery gasp. Because Mr Murfield’s hand had gone up under the front of her skirt.
It was cupping her pussy through her tight knickers.
‘Yes. I like to treat my prefects as grown-up young women.’
Pam shuddered, her face burning, her legs all at once jelly-like. It wasn’t completely unexpected though. Not after Saturday. Mr Murfield had got his hand on her pussy then, after the spanking, when he had asked her those questions. He had played with her pussy… and of course she hadn’t had any knickers on…
She forced herself to stand more or less still. With his hand holding her pussy!
Mr Murfield observed, ‘Yes, a grown-up young woman generally appreciates a little intimate contact I find. A little stimulation. Though naturally only from a close and special acquaintance. And that is the relationship I like to have with my prefects. My trusted leaders in the school.’
Mr Murfield was still holding her. His hand cupping her pussy, his fingers well in between her legs. Pam was doing her best to keep control. Make herself stand still…
He finally took his hand away. ‘Good. Well we must get on, eh?’
Mr Murfield was sitting down in his big armchair. ‘Actually your written work could do with improvement, Pam.’ He reached to pull her in close. ‘Yes. Well that’s worth a smacked bottom at least. I need to keep my future prefects up to the mark…’
He had pulled her down. Pam found herself across his lap. Just like on Saturday in her bedroom. Mr Murfield had her short skirt up and was sliding down her pale blue knickers. She gave a little whimper. She was still all shivery from his hand between her legs. And now… Mr Murfield had her bottom bare. But all this seemed to be at the core of being a prefect. This very personal relationship with the Head. It was the secret side of being a prefect…
She grunted as his hand smacked her bare bum. A stinging smack, but it didn’t hurt too desperately. Nothing you couldn’t take. The smacking continued for a bit. Then stopped.
‘OK?’ Mr Murfield asked. She said a muffled ‘Ye… eess…’ His hand came in between her legs and she was a bit wet there now. She stifled a whimper. Then the hand was smacking again.
A bit later Mr Murfield pushed Pam to her feet. Was it over? It seemed like it. He said she could pull her knickers back up. Mr Murfield got up too. He was going over to the sideboard.
‘I think we might have that glass of sherry after all Pam. You seem very promising.’
Pam said some stuttery thanks. She felt all hot and knew her face was red and flustered. But having her knickers back up made her feel a bit better. Also sitting now on the other chair with the glass of sherry in her hand.
‘Yes. That written work will need some attention of course. And to reinforce that I am going to give you the cane. In a moment, when you’ve finished your drink.’
The words seemed to float in the air and Pam didn’t immediately take them in. Not for the first second or two…
‘Yes. Of course I would want to give you an early caning anyway. As I always do with girls on the prefect pre-selection. I like to know that they can take it without any problems. But let’s say the written work is a good excuse, eh Pam?’
Things seemed to be happening in slow motion now. Like a film being slowly rolled forward. A film in which Pamela Symonds was the central character…
Mr Murfield unhurriedly getting up… and going over to the sideboard… Fetching a cane… The main character Pam then being told to get up on the armchair… Kneeling on the seat… Bending forward… Mr Murfield also bending forward, solicitously at her side… To fold back her skirt and slide down her knickers… And then…
And then it stopped being in slow motion. As that dreadful cane whipped into her flinching bottom. Like a red-hot poker.

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