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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Prefect Punishment

Photo-story from Janus 137 and some appreciative letters from subsequent editions.
Lucy Naylor has just turned eighteen and attends a school which incorporates tertiary education. Soon enough she’ll be at college, but right now she’s a schoolgirl still, and wears the uniform to prove it. Lucy would be first to admit she’s not the greatest scholar. She hates Maths, Languages are a nightmare, Biology’s a bore. She’s quite good at English, though spelling isn’t her strong point. It’s games she excels at, being good at sprinting, long jump and netball. She works hard at her schoolwork though, making up in application what she lacks in flair, so when she entered sixth form at the beginning of term she was entrusted with the role of Prefect, of which she’s very proud.
The fact that Lucy’s a Prefect doesn’t stop her being admonished. In fact it makes any offences she might commit all the more serious, because she’s supposed to set an example to the younger girls. Two evenings ago she was seen by Head Teacher Mrs Lumb outside a public hostelry somewhat heady on drink, smoking a cigarette and talking to boys — a disgrace to the school that couldn’t be overlooked.
The following day she was summoned to Mrs Lumb’s office and told that her behaviour meant she could be a Prefect no more, and her record would be marked with a demerit. Lucy broke down and sobbed. She promised Mrs Lumb that never again would she behave in public like that — but please, please to let her remain a Prefect for the few final weeks before she left to go on to college.
Mrs Lumb relented, but insisted that the girl should be punished by being given the chore of cleaning out the stockroom. Well, that didn’t seem too bad. At home Lucy often helps her mother with the housework, so using a vacuum cleaner and wielding a duster and mop wasn’t too much of a hardship for her.
One subject Lucy does enjoy is History, and it intrigued her to learn that from 1923 when the school was founded, to 1967 when the extension was built, what is now the stockroom used to be the Headmaster’s study. Now, in the after-lessons stillness, as she applies herself to her punishment chore, she can’t help wondering how she might have been dealt with in the days when this rather poky little room was the main seat of authority in the school, where the Headmaster himself presided.
Would she have got off so lightly in those days for getting drunk, smoking and talking to boys in public? Her mother sometimes hinted at how dire the consequences of bad behaviour used to be when she was at school, even for things like being late or not handing in homework on time. To Lucy, as her imagination takes control of her romantic sensibilities, she gets a flutter of fear in her tummy as she conjures up the image of the stern male figure who once sat in here behind a polished mahogany desk. How would he have addressed her as she stepped into this room and was curtly ordered to shut that same door behind her? How would she have felt as she stood quailing before his desk, head hanging and heart banging, while he grimly intoned the details of her disgraceful misdemeanours, and uttered the dreaded consequences?
‘Ten strokes of the cane. No, not on your hand — put it back to your side, girl, and stand up straight. Your offence is far too grave to be treated with such leniency. I intend to deal with you much more severely.’
What would happen then, Lucy wonders, enthralled and appalled as the scene becomes vividly real to her. Fright vies with fascination. How would it have been? How shamefully, gut-wrenchingly awful would she have felt? How appallingly, horribly, searingly would it have hurt? Would it have stopped her, absolutely, from ever offending again?
‘Bend over, girl,’ comes a voice, deep and sonorous, vibrant with authority.
Lucy is about to find out.

Letter from Janus 138:
Picture of Innocence
What a little elfin-faced beauty!
I refer, of course, to the lovely Lucy Naylor, (Prefect Punishment Janus 137).
What a picture of innocence in that outfit and white cotton panties, or so it seems at first glance. Concealed behind those twinkling eyes lies a mischievous little madam. If I had my way she would of been caned in front of the entire school!
Janus, you have done it again. Another super model for us to dream about. How on earth do you do it?

Letters from Janus 139:
Hold the Front Page
I wish, quite simply, to register my thanks and congratulations for the magnificent cover which graces Janus 137. It is one of the most breathtaking, utterly arresting prospects ever to have adorned your esteemed publication — an all-time classic.
The image is perfectly realised. The angle of the girl’s head as she looks down and away in shame; the delightfully naive — or slovenly? — way in which her pigtails are tied with elastic bands; the symmetry of her pose — the elbows, the shadowed crease running down her spine… As I write, I’m working my way down from the top. The day I walked into the Janus shop to buy the edition, I couldn’t help but start at the bottom! What a superb specimen it is! Absolutely the kind of trim, firm, girlish behind upon which the angry lines of a fresh caning look so nice. The white knickers are excellent, properly full, but beautifully, achingly taut and, in fact, so tight that we can, if we look carefully, make out the contours of her most intimate parts as the cotton hugs close… Full marks for that detail: a connoisseur touch. And to show no more than the crook of the cane handle in the corner of the image is also a moment of culture and subtle restraint what a contrast to the full-frontal, head-on brandishing of the slipper on the cover of Janus 135 (not really my own taste).
But, above all, my heart leapt at the joyful return of schoolgirl gingham! So long overdue and so proper and right for a summer edition. It is, in sum, a cover of which you, sir, should feel proud indeed. Dress, posture, the lovely, teenaged figure of your model, the freeze-frame calm before the stomach-churning storm of what we hope will be a severe caning. The tableau is clear enough, but the imagination still has room enough to wander.
Yours etc,
…I have long envied the schoolgirlish looks of your models, and I continue to do so. Lucy Naylor is a particularly superb naughty schoolgirl in edition 137. On the surface she is a ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’ girl, but those of us who have been there know that in reality she is just a very naughty young lady, clearly in need of the cane.
I like the use of summer uniform — the simple cotton printed dress from my own school days, to be worn, with a blazer, between the Whitsun half-term and the summer holidays. The rest of the year it was blouse, tie and pleated skirt with blazer. The whole photo-shoot is very good indeed. I like to see shots of the cane across knickers before they are pulled down for a good, bare bottom caning.
One thing I would ask is for a couple of shots across the back of the dress or skirt, this is how I got it at school. Natalie in 138 is equally as good, although I am less keen on seeing her strip off for the cane, however my husband disagrees with me on this!
The cover shots of both 137 and 138 are also extremely good. I hope we will see more of both Lucy and Natalie in future editions.
I think that authentic uniforms certain add to the believability factor. In this respect I have to disagree with your Texan reader, Janus 138, on the subject of knicker colours. No English schoolgirl, even in the most exclusive establishments, was allowed to wear white knickers in the good old days. The popular colours were navy blue and bottle green, and less common were grey, brown and the colour I wore, maroon. Incidentally, in my first year I questioned why we had to wear maroon knickers, and I was icily told by an older girl that it was so that your knickers matched the colour of the marks on your bottom after the headmistress had caned you! A few years later I found out how true this was! So, please make sure your models are as authentic as possible.
Keep up your standards,


  1. The quality of photosets during this period of Janus was very good. I always loved the submissive, vulnerable look of this particular girl.

  2. When i was 14,i finially made my First Holy Communion in the class with the 7 year olds.I had to be dressed like the little girls in a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace socks and white mary jane shoes.Under my dress my parents put a white tee shirt on me as my top with a pair of white toddler extra large size plastic pants like the little girls wore.It was two and a half hours before the ceremony and i was in the outfit and i got into a fight with my 12 year old brother over something and got angry and punched him in the stomach!After he recovered,my parents took me to my room,dad sat down on my bed and i was ordered to lay over his lap.Mom brought the back of my communion dress up and dad spanked me with his hand!The toddler plastic pants fit me tight and made the pain much worse! I walked down the aisle with a sore ass and the leg openings on the plastic pants digging into my leg joints!