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Friday, 4 January 2019

Linda’s Column

From Blushes Supplement 4
Prompted by the remark from G.P. (Hants) that one of the girls in a photo series in Blushes Supplement 2 looked ‘put-upon but plucky’, attributes which persuaded him that she ought to be ‘well whipped, eighteen strokes at least,’ and encouraged by comments about the same girl from other correspondents, we decided to approach Linda (the ‘put-upon’ girl in Blushes Supplement 2) with a proposition.
Since she seemed to have made an impression on a number of readers, we said, would she consider entering into an arrangement whereby she would agree to be the photographic subject of situations we were asked to illustrate by individual readers ‘requesting’ certain themes which they would find particularly titillating?
Linda, who is an unassuming girl and who can only be described as a professional model at all by virtue of the two or three assignments she has had with Blushes, was at first dubious and then disbelieving.
‘Why me?’ she wanted to know. It was difficult to explain — how do you tell a girl that she looks ‘put-upon but plucky’ and that people thought she ought to have her bottom ‘well whipped’?
‘Girl-next-door image’ we said. ‘You could be the girl next door to anyone in any street’. We also said she had ‘perturbability’, another descriptive word we’d borrowed from a reader’s letter. Linda listened politely, then disarmed us by saying, ‘You mean people just like to see me getting my bum smacked, don’t you?’
We said, yes, actually. And caned, and so on.
Linda frowned at the word ‘caned’ and wanted to know whether we meant actually caned and spanked or not.
‘We’d also like you to write a little bit for the magazine now and then,’ we said, avoiding the question. ‘We might call it Linda’s Column — just things about you, and what you think of the readers’ ideas about what ought to be done with you.’
Hopefully Linda’s Column will appear from time to time in the magazine and may become a regular feature.
It will probably depend upon whether Linda — a quiet girl, after all — manages to cope with having to get her knickers down in front of the camera at the behest of people she doesn’t even know, some of whom — to quote Linda — ‘have some very embarrassing-sounding ideas, don’t they!’
Linda’s first photos as Blushes readers’ smackable bottom’ appear in the following pages, accompanied by a rather thin little storyline we thought up as an excuse to get her knickers down at the earliest opportunity. Readers’ own ideas of what we should do with Linda next will be welcomed, and the more those ideas bring blushes to her cheeks the more the rest of our readers will like it, no doubt!

The shoot…

The story…
‘Go to the big bedroom — I shall be up in a minute or so.’
She waits upstairs, at the foot of the bed, her bottom tweaky and big-feeling, and then she has to stand up straight — ‘stand up, girl, when I’m talking to you’ — and then, as always, she has to show him her knickers, not knowing why but supposing that it’s all part of being made to feel helpless and vulnerable. ‘Accessible’ is the word her uncle would use, because that’s how he likes to think of her —
She pulls her skirt up, once across the end of the bed, and she keeps a wary eye on him as he paces around the room to get a good look at her, all part of ‘vulnerability’ on the one hand and ‘accessibility’ on the other. The ‘phone rings downstairs —
She waits, tummy full of butterflies and her bottom feeling naked already, knickers notwithstanding.
A few minutes to wait, the one-sided sound of a telephone conversation downstairs, an anxious glance at the undrawn bedroom curtains with the thought that if she’s going to make a fuss, she’d better do it as quietly as possible or the man next door will hear her yelling and sneak upstairs for a peep into the bedroom from across the alley.
Feet on the stairs, a faint wheeze of breath outside, then it’s — ‘Right! Knickers down, my girl!’
She’s making a fuss after all, and with little thought for how far the sound of her crying may travel. Whether the man next door is out there watching her get it or not she neither knows nor cares. All she can think about is the sting in her unfortunate bottom —


  1. This is one of my favourite sets of Blushes pictures. They have that nice, cosy, intimate quality about them. Didn't realise they'd been used before 'A Tutor For Amanda'. The upside down position at the end of the bed is fantastic. Nice girl-next-door type of girl too (as the article says). It would be nice to think she's being spanked like that next door also! Shall I put a glass to the wall?

  2. Btw it’s the other way round - the above pictures were in Supplement 4 as it says above. A Tutor For Amanda revisited the pictures much later in Blushes 56 where there were also some pictures from Blushes 11. You are right to say her whole look indicates a plainness which makes her all the more attractive as someone to deal with. I too like it when their bottoms are uppermost and the head hangs ‘upside down’ below.

  3. ‘Put upon but plucky’ is a good description of the way she looks. I like the picture where she’s wincing (as the cane cuts in hopefully) and screws her face up - (it makes her now look pretty distressed and unpleasant).
    I also like her where she’s been upended over the bed. (Not plucky now but highly vulnerable should a male get up on the bed and take her from behind in the vulva).

  4. Yes she has a perfect ‘accessible’ look to use uncle’s word. A ‘quiet girl’ who would want to keep her crying low when being dealt with so as not to attract attention. Vulnerable is another word used. I can think of so many suggestions for Linda. She is worried they might include caning. Of course. And so much more. The ‘sting in her unfortunate bottom’ would only be the start - I would get at her breasts and bush continuously as well. Schoolgirl outfits would be my theme first and then many others including a two week stay with ‘uncle’ who would pay unwanted visits to her unlocked single bedroom day and night.

  5. Uncle and auntie, I would make her write out 1000 times naughty girls get caned and fucked and then send her to the Garden Centre in her uniform to buy some of the canes. I would also tell her to explain the Manager and all the staff what the canes were for

  6. Linda has herself a most chubby, soft "smackable bottom" for sure. God gave us such tender, pouty rotundites for punishment & correction (in my Ol' fashioned, traditional opinion!)

    Love the angles & spanking positioning over the bed, of this Uncle/niece scene. It is just a stark reminder of the corporal punishment I gotten on my own bare backside from my father (& mother, more so!) growing up in the 1960s. It was simply normal & necessary.
    Brenda xx