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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Linda’s Column — Letters

From Blushes Supplement 6
Dear Editor,
As an avid reader of your magazine from issue number one may I add my plea to that of G.P. (Hants) that Linda’s column may become a regular feature (Blushes Supplement 4)?
Linda’s eminently ‘smackable bottom’ surely epitomises what the majority of your readers really want to read about and to look at.
To be sure it is jolly nice to be able to read your yarns of put-upon young ladies with their blossoming tits and curly pussies but in fact your superb photographs of beknickered bums, stocking-framed thighs, pouting peachy pubes and piquant fear-filled faces are what makes your magazine stand out from the majority of the soft porn press: all bare boobs and beaver shots.
Let us by all means see more of delectable Linda. Your first shots of her getting her no doubt well-deserved comeuppance on pages 31 to 38 could hardly be bettered.
What will you have Linda doing next? Please let her retain her schoolgirl uniform of white blouse, grey jumper and mini plaid skirt. By all means let us see more of her delightful bum, page 38 but I for one found her portrait fully clothed on page 33 a tremendous turn on — Superb!
Let us please have another shot of Linda as per the heading of her column, page 31 but enlarged.
Surely Linda’s obviously high class and exclusive public school for young ladies will have an indoor swimming pool? What better venue for the young darling to disport herself in regulation black body-clinging swim costume?
If you need a story line just refer back to Blushes No. 3, page 9: ‘The Victim’.
‘…If you stood too close to the pool you could get pretty wet so sitting back against the wall on a bench was the sensible way to oversee the school’s senior relay team at training… Far better to have them swim a length, clamber out — wet tits against the edge of the pool, firm young hips hauled out of the water, tummies against the coping stone, bottoms up in the air — then run back to the shallow end and dive in again. Naturally they had to pass the bench, their damp bums bouncing inside clinging costumes as they ran.’
Could not this be a ready-made scenario for Linda?
While this may be for Linda a very embarrassing idea it would I am sure, satisfy the fantasies of some of your readers for quite a while.
P. Colesworthy
P.S. Referring back to the earlier numbers of Blushes, could you please reintroduce that most titillating and erotic feature: Illustrators Corner? Linda as a choirgirl would be just fine.

Dear Blushes,
I am writing on behalf of a newly-formed group of bottom-worshippers in Liverpool. We think that Supplement No. 4 was great. We’re eagerly looking forward to the promised regular ‘episodes’ of Linda’s Column.
We particularly like that picture on page 32 (Supplement No. 4) where Linda is standing, facing the camera and lifting up her skirt to reveal that soft, tender, fleshy, succulent bulge of a pussy bursting forth through her white panties. Please let us have some more of such poses. How about the same pose but with Linda clutching a teddy-bear — a look of horror on her face as if in dread of some ‘impending doom’? White panties please.
Martin O’Shea [for all the members]
Name and address supplied.

There will be more of Linda — and her bottom, whether she likes it or not — in forthcoming issues of Blushes Magazines. Look out for them!
[If there were any additional features with Linda I haven't yet found them.]


  1. Shame. It was a great column

  2. There is a lovely and perfect full-page frontal picture of her pussy and tits in Blushes number 11. A contrition position.