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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

In Loco Parentis

A charming film from Spanking for Pleasure
M/f; time:32 minutes
Every once in a while CALSTAR just strikes a chord in us; it is probably personal to us. This film has beauty, ageplay, a naughty and illicit premise, and devilish costuming.
‘Sandra’s’ mother has called an older man at home — he is a retired school official with a taste for the old days. Sandra has become impossible and her mother wants to arrange a punishment session. The retiree reminds the mother that the rules have changed — ‘These things have to be done very privately, in my home.’
The gent goes to the window to await the arrival of Sandra. A car pulls up and a schoolgirl gets out. She sees the disciplinarian looking down on her in the street, through shadowy windows, a Henry James scene. Her apprehension is palpable. Sandra is admitted, a trim brunette in school sweater and skirt, blouse, necktie, knee socks, her hair pinned up in the most conservative fashion.
‘Do you know what you are here for?’ ‘I am to be caned.’ Sandra sits nervously, kneading her hands, while the gent circles and scolds. ‘You’re a rebel, Sandra. I’m acting in loco parentis, do you know what that means?’ His acting must be just a bit over the top for Miss Sandra. ‘The whisper of a smile on your face won’t be there any more.’
Sweater off, skirt off, Sandra fills out blue school knickers and has a garter belt. OTK. He takes her knickers down. ‘Open your legs please, stretch your knickers tight.’ After some spanking, she stands and bends over a chair. He takes a close look at her bottom, being empowered by the dignity of a Latin phrase. ‘Take your knickers right off, please.’
Hands on the chair, for a bundle of birches the gent claims not to have used for years. Sandra’s bottom turns fiery red and he gets the first gasps out of her, despite the mild strokes. ‘Painful, my little friend, is it?’ She twitches. ‘I’ll bet you scream before you leave here.’ When Sandra faces him, she covers her front.
Over the chair for his Scottish solution, a doubled belt. Low shots from the floor of a very sweet bottom and some puss. Necktie and blouse off, down to bra, and it is a very exciting sight. Some little schoolgirl! Sandra no longer protects her fuzzy front.
The old gent sends Sandra downstairs to his wife to be fitted for a ‘punishment gown.’ Imagine, the guy’s wife is in the kitchen while he is upstairs, whipping teenage girls. Must be a good fee. While he waits, he puts on his own academic gown.
Sandra returns, in the sexiest of long, high-collar, hospital gowns, tie-ties in the back, ready to be raised or taken off. He explains these robes, his and hers, are for ‘atmosphere… a solemn occasion.’
He unties the back of the gown, has her spread her legs about 2′ apart, and bend over and grab her ankles. he clears the gown out of the way and begins the caning, about 15 strokes. Close-ups of stripes.
Take off the punishment gown.’ Shes down to bra again, with stockings. He wants another close look at the glorious bottom on this little rebel.
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  1. Great film with both a very believable gentleman disciplinarian and a very believable young miscreant. By the end I felt that real punishment had been delivered. The girl was visibly (and audibly!) put through the wringer a bit and looked suitably shaken and frayed at the edges afterwards. But I thought she took it all very well. Nice also that whilst the final cane strokes were being applied we were treated to a good lingering close up of her cunt, almost as though we, the audience, were part of the film and she was being forced to show it to us as part of her punishment. I could have done without the 'punishment gown' however. She was ready for her caning in just her bra and suspender belt (and very nice she looked too).

  2. The gentleman's words about how modern namby-pamby methods of discipline are a total waste of time and that the efficacy of corporal punishment has been proven for hundreds of years until, for some reason, the 'bureaucrats' of the late twentieth century decided otherwise, ring so true. How is it that these people - modern day politicians, 'sociologists', 'psychologists', social workers and other assorted do-gooders - thought that they suddenly knew better than our illustrious forbears down the centuries? That somehow they were more clever? Such staggering arrogance. And, of course, the outstanding results of their genius over the last decades are only too plain for us all to see! No, I'm all for a swift return to the old order and the old, old ways.

  3. One of my fav films the girl and headmaster are both perfect

  4. What a great little film plus believable story.The headmaster very realistic.And tbe young lady superb.Have not come across her before.Did she appear in other similar films???