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Thursday, 10 January 2019

By Request… Pyjamas

From Blushes 11
Linda’s first proper assignment and she’s as nervous as a kitten!
Dear Sir,
After buying Blushes since its introduction to the market I must say that the standard which is constantly maintained is remarkable. So much so that I decided to purchase my first ever video, Big Girls Do Cry, earlier this year. If I may make one criticism I would say that I was slightly (only very slightly) disappointed not to see either of the two young ladies in the video spanked whilst wearing their pyjamas.
You see I have a, thing about girls being spanked, slippered or caned in pyjamas. I would, therefore like to forward an idea for your excellent Request series.
The series would involve two or three people — mother, (or father or aunty) the girl to be punished and maybe the girl’s friend or spiteful cousin. The story would begin at tea-time, our naughty girl has maybe come home late from school, her mother is furious to find she was made to stay behind in detention and orders the tearful girl to change into her pyjamas. Once changed into her thin cotton pyjamas (possibly with a floral print), she is taken over her mother’s knee and slippered long and hard. Just at the end of her slippering a knock is heard at the door. Mother releases the tearful girl and orders her into the corner with her hands on her head.
When mother returns with either the girl’s friend or a friend of her own (male or female), who may have just popped round, she finds her erring daughter with her hands not on her head but plunged down her pyjamas trying to rub the soreness away.
To teach the girl a lesson she takes her by the ear, pulls her over a chair, takes down her pyjamas and canes her bare bum in front of a highly amused guest. Finally after five bare bottom minutes in the corner, the daughter is sent sobbing to bed. Although this may be hard to follow to the letter and I realise Blushes carries more bedtime punishments than most, I hope you can try to fulfil my fantasy to some extent. I would sooner have a female giving out the punishment but I will obviously leave all detail to you. Many thanks for a great magazine.
P. S. If you could just put a little note in your magazine to advise whether my idea is acceptable I would appreciate it.
MOST acceptable, A.H.A.
Dear Sir,
May I join the ever-growing ranks who must have heaped praise on your fabulous production. It is surely the greatest of its type with the best storylines and the most realistic models and pictures. I suppose I should be grateful to be able to see such a publication.
[Thank you, modestly].
I have noticed in most copies so far, that there is mention of young ladies being spanked prior to bedtime and the wearing and subsequent loss of schoolgirl pyjamas. Is there any chance of a few pictures showing this action taking place, as this is something that really turns me on!
I was fortunate enough to come across a copy of another magazine with many such pictures but there was no story line to go with them. Do you think you could rectify this? I do hope so.
Fortunately my wife does have many pairs of pyjamas for me to spank her through but with your help our fantasies will just grow and grow.
Many thanks again.
J.T.S., Shrewsbury
P.S. Could you please print at least some of this letter in the hope that it may stir other P.J. spankers into writing.
Once again thank you and keep Blushes coming.
Bright ideas for what Blushes should do with Linda next (see Blushes Supplement 4) would be most welcome.
Now, it's no use sulking, Linda. We didn't say it wouldn't hurt — only that it wouldn't hurt much.


  1. Another fantastic set of photos featuring 'girl-next-door' Linda (again, ones I'm more familiar with as illustrations to a later story). I do very much like the final one of these pictures in particular, just a nice way for a girl to present herself to her gentlemen disciplinarians.

  2. The first and the last pictures from this set are in the top 10 of Blushes archive. In the first the contempt and disgust of the punisher for Linda's exposed cunt is evident. It's a difficult but professional duty to deal with these sluts. In the last Linda is fully controlled and totally defeated, breasts exposed, fully frontally exposed, head down in proper shame. Excellent. Thank you Fleas63

    1. I agree entirely that this last picture is one of the best in Blushes. She is ashamed and she has just been caned & told to expose her tits and bush full on. Before caning her again it would be hard not to move her legs further apart and deal with her bush and breasts ‘fully’.

  3. Good analysis. The training and disciplining of girls is a solemn duty also.

  4. Totally agree with the second comment. Absolutely.

  5. To be honest, I don't think I would ever look upon a pretty young lady's exposed cunt with disgust. Pretty young ladies' cunts are nice things, after all. I think it more likely that the gentleman's look is one of general displeasure at the girl's recent behaviour for which she is about to be harshly upbraided and, of course, punished. Perhaps, for instance, she's been seen consorting with a boy? That would certainly justify her being put through some form of sexual humiliation as part of her punishment and the presence of another gentleman, aside from her main disciplinarian, would certainly intensify that aspect of her ordeal (though I am in favour of nudity as part and parcel of a young lady's day to day training regime anyway). Yes, I agree, the superb final picture is one of total defeat and contrition, post punishment. A touch of the cane would not have gone amiss though in the preceding photographs. A mere spanking alone is seldom enough with these girls.

  6. No I agree and I understand your position. Cunts are nice things, as are arse holes. In this case the question is what had Linda being doing with the cunt? Probably been fucking. Certainly masturbating. And she has the sheer lack of shame that leads her to stand fully frontal in the presence of these gentlemen. That is, as you say, probably the cause of the shock and appalled look on the gentleman's face. It is the case however that girls cannot be trusted to maintain full hygiene of the vagina and anus, and in the days (sadly lost) when, like Linda, they normally retained full pubic hair, they needed to work harder to do so. I retain huge respect for the gentlemen of Blushes and Uniform Girls who acted with such dignity and decorum when presented with bare bottom after bare bottom, wet cunts and, well, anuses that we can't judge from photographs alone. A tough job in my view. Later approaches, such as those practiced by the French punishers of 'Spanking and Shame', being later, showed gentlemen having to check the cleanliness of girls' knickers or even smell the arse hole as part of inspection procedures. Guaranteed to extend the humiliation and to give further good reason for disciplinary measures. And yes to caning. But the worst is being exposed, and Linda here is, for life.

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  8. Absolutely wonderful story and pictures. There is something just so appealing about a young woman in pyjamas ....