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Thursday, 17 January 2019

By Request… Letters

From Blushes 12
Sparked off by an item in Blushes Supplement 2 these two correspondents, along with many others, have been prompted to request the illustration of their own particular ideas in future issues of Blushes magazines. We assure them that we shall be photographing their requests in the near future.
Dear Sir,
I wish to congratulate you on your recent issue of Blushes Supplement which featured the two girls in white shorts. I believe this was one of the all time great CP features and both girls certainly had superb bottoms.
You asked for suggestions on other possible photo-features which were not too kinky. I believe an excellent subject would be a headmaster or other disciplinary figure using a girl to test various positions. For instance to take the headmaster for example, maybe he has never previously been involved in caning girls and wishes to explore the most satisfactory position for any future girl to be caned to take. For this he summons the Head Girl and after explaining the situation requires her to take up the following positions:-
 • Touching toes with legs straight
 • Bending over the desk
 • Bending over the back of chair reaching down to hold front legs
 • Bending over a high stool with hands on floor
 • Bending over a frame similar to one used by girls in white shorts
 • First she is made to take up each position wearing her full uniform with her bottom stretching the back of a tight skirt to the full.
Secondly she has to take up each position without her skirt but with her bottom protected only by skimpy white knickers. These should be the normal type of knickers freely available in Marks and Spencer, i.e. ones that most of us can associate with. In this series of shots she could have her legs either together or slightly apart.
The third series should show her bare bottom displayed in each position, which I think would make a tremendous conclusion.
I obviously hope you take up this suggestion and look forward to the results, which I think would live up to the white shorts girls!
Trevor W., Sussex
Dear Sir,
I thoroughly enjoyed the extended photo feature ‘Punishment Shorts’ in Blushes Supplement 2. It must be the best and most thoughtful photo feature you have yet produced; I am certain that whatever misdemeanour these two thoroughly guilty girls had committed, they will think very seriously before doing it again!
I am writing to suggest that you consider doing a re-run with the same girls, location and punishment frame under the title Punishment gym-knickers. Some schools, I believe, draw the line at bare-bottom punishments, but force girls to strip completely naked except for their regulation school knickers. I would, like many readers, be most interested to see a sustained photo-pictorial with plenty of close up gym-knicker shots.
Incidentally, will the girl on page 30 of the same issue be punished for turning up for caning with socks that do not match?
L. Hooke, Birmingham
Mismatched socks — a reason for further punishment?

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  1. The brunette in the punishment shorts feature is a Blushes favourite. Lovely picture of her about to go over the tressle bare breasted. Her defiant frowning look over her shoulder says it all: extra strokes.
    The lovely brunette is of course Linda of Linda’s column and Amanda from Blushes 56.

    As for mis-matched socks! Unforgivable.