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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Bottom Line I

Another Firm Hand Spanking video, featuring Shannon Carson, Natasha Edwards, Amber Thompson (I think) and the lovely Amy Denison. The version I have is edited to the punishments only.
2M/4f; time:  43 minutes
Serial spankings from this colourful company; more goings-on at a department store. ‘Shannon Carson’ and ‘Natasha Edwards’ are called into the store’s security office. They’ve been assisting friends to shoplift. The matter will be handled “in-house,” by “an old-fashioned spanking,” and girls will have to bring their confederate-friends in for the same. “Let’s begin,” declares Mr. Lyons.
Tall brunette Shannon is taken OTK first, short skirt up, a classic big feminine perfect bottom for CP films. Blond Natasha next. Lyons has her drop her slacks first. Each girl spanked briefly, then the girls get another short round, panties survive, before they are sent off, to return on what promises to be a difficult Saturday morning, with their girlfriends.
Saturday morning, brunette ‘Amy’ and blond ‘Caron’ join. FirmHand can produce the cast. Caron gets tagged as “Miss Attitude” and is not fazed by Lyons’ first spanking. The shoplifting was worth it. Amy next, then Caron again.
Matters need to escalate. All four girls get sets of 10 strokes with a thick leather paddle; paddle-like bruises begin to appear and the sassing backtalk seems to have stopped.
Now comes a rather huge fraternity paddle, which Lyons calls, not inaccurately, a “board.” It could be a cricket bat. To Amy: “Assume the position…grab your ankles. six rocking swats. She is dead silent. The girls are dismissed, checking the bruises on each other.
Dissolve. Someone named ‘Dean Mitchell’ phones Shannon. He wants Shannon and Natasha to report to his house. Uh, oh.
When they arrive, without hesitation, “I need you two to get undressed and stand against the wall.” The girls don’t argue, undress– strip naked, and stand hands-on-head. Both have dramatic tramp stamps, among other tattoos. “What is it with these tattoos….if you want your bodies marked, I have just the thing.”
Both girls have dramatic bodies; good job of FirmHand to reserve this excitement for now. Both girls get sets with the tawse and then the cane, before they may dress and leave.
FirmHand has included some outtakes, the usual line flubs, stroke miscounting, and an entertaining moment when one girl cools her bottom in an open refrigerator.


  1. Perhaps it's just a personal thing but spanking with an American accent is just not the same for me. In films at least. I'd be more than happy to discipline an American girl in person! Plus tattoos are an abomination. They must be the scourge of any modern day spanking movie making. When a girl has tattoos the only possible scenario is one of her being punished for getting them, otherwise they just ruin the whole aesthetic for me. Such bodily defacement has been a terrible trend in recent years.

  2. that is the way I spank the girls at school