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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Special Detention 1

From New Blushes 2.11
George Elway peered searchingly out of his classroom. The end wall was virtually all glass and faced onto an enclosed space of grass surrounded by thick shrubs. This afternoon it presented a cold and wintry scene: the grass and shrubs liberally covered in snow under a grey sky which promised more. There was no person to be seen, but of course there wouldn’t be. Nonetheless George peered intently around.
It was 3.45 on a Tuesday afternoon in February and getting dusk already. Round at the front of the school pupils would shortly be leaving, dashing out in their coats and scarves, with no wish to hang about. That was good. George didn’t like the thought of people hanging about. Not when he was going to have a Special Detention. But of course people wouldn’t be hanging about here anyway, at this side of the school. It was not accessible, there was a fence at either end. And outside Room B3, George’s form room, there was additionally that thick screen of shrubs.
Nonetheless as always when he had a Special Detention in mind, George’s eyes made a careful inspection. Seeming to penetrate into every corner. But the cold, wintry weather was good. Who was going to hang about on an afternoon like this? He turned away, glancing at the wall clock and then underneath two girls’ names: ANNABEL ASHBY and BARBARA LYONS.
Annabel was due in a few moments, and she wouldn’t wish to be late. Then Barbara ten minutes later, giving him those first few minutes with Annabel alone. The note on the board said nothing about it being a Special Detention. Quite naturally — because Special Detentions didn’t officially exist.
George Elway rubbing his hands briskly together. In contrast to the weather outside it was warm and snug here in his room. With the prospect of a Special Detention he had turned the radiators up specially. Well, one didn’t want girls all shivery, when they were required to bare their more intimate parts. Shivery flesh was not desperately exciting. Of course it would quickly be warmed up anyway, with the cane. But it was much nicer to have it sensuously warm to start with…
Annabel was naturally right on time. You didn’t want to be late. No. She closed the door carefully behind her, and then walked smartly over, high heels clacking on the wood block floor, to stand submissively at Mr Elway’s side.
She saw her recent essay in front of him on his desk. There was a lot of red biro scrawled over it.
‘We really must try harder, Annabel,’ Mr Elway said mildly. ‘Yes?’
She mumbled something. His hand sharply smacked the back of one knee. ‘Don’t mumble, miss.’ The hand then squeezed where it had smacked. ‘Yes, a lot harder. That is why we are going to have a Special Detention.’
She nervously shifted her weight from one black high-heeled shoe to the other. You were allowed to wear high heels in the Sixth Form and quite a few girls liked to. Generally these were girls who were interested in boys. Annabel was interested and the boys were interested in Annabel as she was a pretty girl, tall and slim, but with a quite full, shapely bottom. It was Annabel’s interest in boys, and vice versa, which had got her where she was now. That rather than her essays, which weren’t as bad as Mr Elway liked to make out. But he had got hold of a little something regarding boys, or one specific boy, which Annabel certainly would not want spread around. And that meant she couldn’t refuse Special Detentions.
‘Alright, miss?’
It wasn’t alright of course but Annabel managed an audible ‘Yes sir.’ Mr Elway’s hand slid up a little, onto the back of her thigh. With the black heels she was wearing white ankle socks, then there was quite a stretch of long trim legs exposed, including quite a bit of thigh, before you came to the short uniform navy skirt. Above this she had a grey jumper over white blouse and red tie. The front of the jumper showed the bulge of her quite good-sized boobs.
Mr Elway’s hand was sliding further up, as he went on about her work. Annabel stood still, pursing her full lips, trying not to squirm. The hand was like some sort of small creature seeing its snug nest. The snug nest Mr Elway’s hand was seeing was, Annabel knew, up under her short skirt. The warm flesh of her bottom in fact, in her tight knickers. And very shortly the hand reached that destination. Finger and thumb gave the firmly resilient bottom-cheek a sharp little pinch through the taut-stretched cotton. She uttered an Eeek! sound.
The hand proceeded to cup the swelling flesh. Gently squeezing. The fingers pinched again and then the hand came away. Mr Elway was getting up from his desk.
‘Barbara will be here any moment now.’ He went over for another quick look outside.
Yes, well, we can make a start. Get the chair out. And then get yourself up on to it. The usual position for the cane.’
Mr Elway couldn’t give Special Detentions to just any girl of course. Oh no. Because a Special Detention definitely did not come within the accepted code of practice regarding dealing with pupils. And dealing with girls in particular. Well the code did not allow for male pupils to be caned on their bare bottoms, much less girls. And caning on the bare bottom was not the only thing a girl might suffer during a Special Detention.
So Special Detentions were necessarily confined to special girls. Girls about whom George Elway had some incriminating or embarrassing information. In pursuit of this he made it his business to know just about everything concerning the school and its pupils. In particular girls in the Fifth and Sixth forms. George’s ear was constantly to the ground, he would follow up any rumour in the quest for special girls. Blackmailable girls if you wish.
George Elway currently had five on his list. Annabel was possibly his favourite and had been on the list since last October, for reasons already mentioned. At about the same time Barbara Lyons, maybe his second favourite, had been caught apparently trying to nick some small items from a stationers, though she denied it. But anyway Mr Elway had got involved and that had put Barbara on the list too.
George Elway gave a Special Detention to one or more of his special girls every two weeks or so. He would have liked to indulge in them more frequently but they were hazardous. There was always the lurking thought of discovery, which try as he would he could never completely dismiss from his mind. He had pondered the possibility of finding some venue that might be more secure. Rather than his room at school which gave onto that little lawn, which though screened was open. Nowhere else seemed suitable, though.
Sometimes he wondered if he might in fact give up his Special Detentions. It would save a lot of bother. But the vague thought of this was always superseded by an unmanageable desire for another session. And anyway weren’t these detentions good for girls? Even though they might fall outside the recommended code. Corporal discipline, it was what teenage girls needed, though modern thought might not always agree. So he continued — and continued to keep his eye open for more recruits.
Annabel dragged the chair out into the centre of the room. Mr Elway’s caning chair. It was a wooden low-backed elbow chair and you had to kneel on the seat facing the back. With your bottom sticking nicely out. Then Mr Elway would flip your skirt up and slide down your knickers…
She felt the familiar shiver of apprehension. Was she sweating? The room was hot. Too hot it seemed. She thought of that cold snow, the cold fresh air, outside. It was a pleasant thought if only because when she came to experience it this ordeal would be over. The Special Detention once more over — until Mr Elway decided he was ready for another. Annabel had been here like this three times already. This was her fourth. But that didn’t make it any easier. She could already feel the fierce sting of the cane, like a hundred hornets…
George Elway moistened his dry lips. Annabel was up on the chair now. Her ripe bottom offered to him, albeit no doubt reluctantly. He reached to flip up her skirt. To disclose the heady contours of her rear in the tight white knickers. He felt the rising excitement. How could he even think of giving this up! His hands at the waistband of the knickers. Tugging them down.
The excitement made him feel slightly faint. Not too faint to handle his cane though. His hand briefly patted the surging flesh.
He cleared his throat. ‘I’m going to give you six, miss. That’s what you usually have, isn’t it?’
Annabel stuttered something. Yes it was what he had given her before. She flinched her bottom. His hand was still there. Fondling the trembling cheeks.
‘But a few smacks first, eh? To warm you up.’
Annabel yelled as his hand stopped fondling and came suddenly heavily down. An explosive CRACK!, juddering the ripe flesh. Her yell was mostly from shock, she hadn’t been expecting it. But it had really stung too.
‘Cut that noise!’ he gritted. ‘Or it’ll be a double dose with the cane…’
Some more hard smacks followed. Annabel took them with muffled grunts and gasps.
‘Right. Are we nicely warmed up…?’ His hand fondled again. And then took up the cane.
He sliced it back… and down….
The THWACK! was echoed instantaneously by a desperate half-stifled cry from the bending girl.
He had given her one more when there was the knock at the door. It sent an extra surge of adrenaline coursing into his blood. A moment’s thought told him not to panic, it was Barbara. It had to be. But with the adrenaline still pounding, he dragged Annabel’s knickers up and pulled her down off the chair. Then he went to the door.
Yes it was Barbara, big-eyed and apprehensive. He curtly told her to enter. He was getting jumpy. He went to the window for a quick look out. There was no one there of course, just the snow-dusted evergreens. At a certain angle he did see something, he realised it was his own reflection.
George Elway firmly thrust silly thoughts out of his head. Back to business. He told Barbara to stand at attention by the board. She would be dealt with shortly. First there was Annabel to finish off. The remainder of her caning. He told her sharply to take her knickers down and get back up in position.
‘Maybe with that break in proceedings, Annabel, caused by our friend here, we will need to start afresh. Six more!’
Annabel gave a distraught yelp. She had already had two vicious stingers. That would mean eight altogether!
‘Quiet please!’ he ordered sternly.
She was back up on the chair, with her knickers slipped down. The two he had already given her had left bright red stripes on the ripe rondures of Annabel’s bum. The rest of the flesh was a healthy pink, induced by the earlier spanking. He ran his hand caressingly over the hot cheeks. Barbara over by the board was looking a bit desperate. It was always a fine point as to what was worse: getting it or having to watch someone else getting it in the knowledge that it would very shortly be your turn.
She winced as the cane now sliced down, producing a frantic yell from Annabel…
Not much later Annabel had been dealt with. She had had another six and was almost in tears as she climbed jerkily off the chair. Mr Elway told her to take her knickers right off and then go and stand at attention by the board where Barbara was. Yes it was Barbara’s turn now.
She was another member of Lower Sixth A, not as tall as Annabel, with shoulder-length brown hair, another very pretty girl. Barbara was wearing black high heels too, but with white knee socks. She had been here before with Annabel of course, because unfortunately for them they were both Mr Elway’s favourites. Now there was the nervous click-clack of her high heels on the polished wood floor as she stepped reluctantly forward.
He had sat down in the chair and she stood nervously before him.
‘Yes Miss. Your work has also been poor and slapdash. The same as Annabel. You both need to apply yourselves. Isn’t that right?’
Barbara mumbled. ‘Yes sir.’ His hand had lifted her skirt, pulling her closer in at the same time. His other hand was already at her bum, in her tight navy knickers. She squirmed as his fingers invaded the cleft between her bottom-cheeks.
Mr Elway was saying some more stuff. The usual. Like Annabel, Barbara knew her work wasn’t any worse than various other girls who certainly didn’t get Special Detentions. Although no doubt those girls would get them if Mr Elway got half a chance.
The lecture, and the groping, went on a bit longer, and then Mr Elway was ready for the main action. His two hands were sliding down her knickers. To bare the full curves of her bottom — and of course her pussy too. Both hands went to cup the nude cheeks. Then he was standing. As he got up one hand was briefly at Barbara’s bare pussy. Briefly there in the crisp curls… and at the moist lips at their centre.
Hot-faced, Barbara climbed up on the chair. Annabel, standing by the blackboard and holding her knickers, watched. Her own face was flushed too. She knew Mr Elway had been groping Barbara during his little lecture. And now Barbara was to get the cane. Annabel’s pulse was still going at a gallop. The caning had left her feeling all hot, though the fierce initial sting had eased off considerably. Had Mr Elway finished with her? He had left her with her knickers off, so quite possibly not. She squirmed her thighs together, feeling her bare pussy. She bit her lip. The cane did leave you feeling all hot. The thought of her boyfriend Robert came into her head. His penis… would she see him tonight?
She looked across at the wide window. The snowy scene. You could see it and also reflections. Mr Elway moving to get his cane. So that it appeared as if someone was outside there, walking across.
Annabel thought briefly of Mr Bodrell. What had she told him? She couldn’t remember exactly, but it hadn’t been much, nothing really, had it? She looked again at where that movement had been. Mr Elway’s reflection. There was nothing now. But that was all it had been, his reflection.
Or was it? To be continued…

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