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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Room 2D

A stone-cold classic from Roué.
Angelic looking Lucy Palmer, guilty of dropping some hymn books during Choir Practice, is sent to the feared St Angela's Punishment Room. Mr Harris meets her and explains the purpose of the room and has her take her skirt off. She is then made to bend over the desk to await Mr Clark. Before leaving, Mr Harris takes, down Lucy's tight school knickers and a beautifully rounded young bottom is revealed. Mr Clark, a tall, fearful-looking man, enters the room with poor Lucy still laying across the desk, nervously awaiting the impending punishment. She receives several spanks and then the cane is taken down and then the wretched girl undergoes an awe-inspiring thrashing. The tears flow as, stroke by stroke, Lucy takes her beating. She bites her lip and grips the far edge of the desk and we are left in no doubt that Lucy's tears, along with the lashes of that cane, are absolutely genuine.
2M/f; time: 21 minutes
An oldie, and several reviewers have called it one of the very best CP films ever made. We have betrayed our preference for vintage schoolgirl themes with story lines, and this film captures all the nuances. The character ‘Lucy Palmer,’ who has some naughty roles in other Roué films, portrays a schoolgirl who has run afoul of the choir director by spilling a pile of treasured hymnals. It would be difficult to suggest an actress to compete with Lucy’s perfect schoolgirl vulnerability.
Lucy is a curly-blonde, with big blue eyes, wearing a necktie, blouse, cardigan sweater, blue skirt, and white knee socks. She has been summoned to the ‘punishment room,’ and from her pouting and ashamed look, she knows exactly what is about to happen.
Mr Harris, a young teacher whose job it is to prepare Lucy, enters the room, consults the punishment book, and directs Lucy to raise her skirt and display full white panties. Her baleful, desperate facial expressions contribute much to the suspense. As she faces him, Harris slowly pulls down her knickers to her thighs, displaying a full tawny patch of pubic hair. Lucy endures this indignity without a twitch as Harris takes in the sight.
Leisurely, she is assisted to lay bare-bottom over the desk, grasping the edges, frightened blue eyes, buttocks high. A full screen oblique depicts just what a magnificent bottom she brings to the film. Harris can’t resist smacking that target a few times as he perfects her posture and leaves her to await the disciplinarian.
Mr Clark enters, delighted with Lucy’s presentation. After some scolding, he begins a hand spanking. Exquisite close-ups, gasps, facials. This film came from an era when a bottom needed to be warmed before the cane. Clark gets his cane and lays on 12 increasingly severe strokes. Some are filmed from her suffering face, her bottom rising in the background. He circles the desk – Lucy desperately tries to follow his movements to anticipate the next stroke.
“Stand up. I want you to pull your knickers down one more inch.” Clark begins a long, slow caning. Lucy wipes tears from her moon eyes. “Keep that pretty little bottom of yours up in the air… bottom up!” He fondles.
These men are just having their fun with this helpless delectable morsel of a student. To make matters worse for Lucy, “I hear through the grapevine that it’s your birthday today…. take your skirt off!” He leaves to fetch the headmaster, for what seems a school tradition, and Lucy is ready in position for it.
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  1. Classic. Warms the cockles of my heart. Roue and Blushes videos were/are the best.

  2. This young lady was the greatest 'schoolgirl' ever in spanking videos also and not just in this one. Such a vision of lovely, doe-eyed innocence and utterly convincing in the role. Superb bottom too.

    1. Must be may favourite spanking film ever. It was made in 1983 when I was in last year sixth form doing my A levels. Lucy Palmer ( I wonder if it is her real name) looks exactly like an 5th/6th form schoolgirl of the time. Her hairstyle and everything. I wonder how old she was given that the legal age for being in such films was 16 not 18 then. I wonder if it was really her birthday and if she was a professional actress or just the teenage daughter of one of the producers just brought along and told what to do. And given that caning was still perfectly legal at real UK schools then perhaps she had no objections and didn't think it was odd. I wonder given that she must about a year or two younger than me what she does now. Whether she still watches her films with fond memories. Does any know anything about her?

  3. where else does she appear ?

    1. A Roue film called First Week Of Term. Her and a brunette girl being spanked and caned by Alan Bell. Really great film. Lovely to see those big, fearful doe eyes welling up with tears in close up. Such a splendid bottom also being subject to some very enjoyable (for us!) spanking and caning action. I also heartily recommend another Roue film called Caned After School which stars the brunette from First Week Of Term (and Afternoon Detention) and Alan Bell. That girl is really put through her paces in that one. I particularly like the way Bell pulls her white blouse further and further up her back during the caning so that it is eventually all rucked up under her armpits, leaving her bra and tits partially exposed. Does a girl good that kind of treatment during a punishment. I also like the way that she is eventually forced to remove her knickers entirely and made to stretch her legs wider (very wide) for the camera. Such is the severity of her caning she eventually slides off the table she's been sprawled across to slump to the floor in a kneeling position with her blouse and tie all over the place to tearfully plead with Bell for "no more" and that she "can't take anymore" in most heart-rending fashion. Bell, of course, will have none of it and he makes her go back over the table for five more stingers. Good man!

  4. I'm really doubting myself now. I'd always believed that it was the same girl in Room 2D and in First Week Of Term. But now when I look at it they look similar but maybe slightly different to each other also. I'm really not sure. If it's not the same girl I'd be quite surprised as they're both Roue videos from the same era. Are they sisters?! Well, if they are two different girls all I can say is that they're both a pair of absolute smashers and fully the equal of each other as 'schoolgirl' spanking movie actresses. I'm still mostly thinking it's the same girl. For some strange reason, I'd be slightly disappointed if it wasn't.

  5. Ah, does confirm that it is the same girl in both films. Phew! Thank goodness for that!

  6. doe she star in any other videos ?

  7. It’s good to see her cane tears. Nice exposure of her pussy at the end. When they are distracted by the cane cuts, they forget how much they are exposing. It would have been good to see her tits too.

  8. Has to be the most famous spanking film in spanking circles

  9. And for good reason. We all know what else the Head will be giving her for her birthday.

  10. A true joy to watch.

  11. Still my desert island spanking film. Lucy is so crushed by what is happening to her that she can only speak in a whisper. Her arse is certainly big enough to be an embarrassment to her (even a trace of cellulite on a teenager!) and of course it is not only bared but thoroughly flogged, as it should be. I like the fact that she is punished so hard for such a trivial offence, and that no mercy is shown even on her birthday. Which precipitates one of the great pieces of dialogue in all cinema:

    'I hear through the grapevine, Lucy, that today is your birthday.'

    (Barely audible:) 'Yes, sir.'

    'Take your skirt off!'

    Not how pleasingly she begins to cower away from the teachers after plenty of beating. And such lovely, copious weeping.