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Friday, 7 December 2018

Readers’ Letters — Schoolgirl Jane

From Blushes 72
Dear Sir,
Jane is really fantastic! She is just what we’ve always wanted. All the Jane pieces so far are really great. The photo shots and the stories that go with them are all number one. And of course you have asked for readers’ contributions. Well I for one am eager to oblige.
I really liked the Grand Canary pieces but perhaps even more the school ones — or Jane’s going back to school as it is in fact. Poor Jane trying to get a reference and that dastardly English master, Mr Milport, having his way with her. Spanking and caning her bare bottom — and then making her suck his cock. That’s the piece I think is the greatest. And that’s what I’d like more of: Jane actually at school and as your writer said at some point, any girl looking as great as Jane does is certainly going to have to put up with some of that stuff when she’s actually at school, not only when she’s just left.
So I’d like to go back to when Jane is still at school. Her last year, when she is in the Lower Sixth I imagine. We know the Lower Sixth was as far as she got because Jane has admitted in one of her letters that she didn’t do any work, or very little. ‘Could do a lot better,’ etc. Because she was hanging about with that boyfriend in the evenings when she should have been doing her homework. And for ‘hanging about’ read screwing, eh Jane? Your actual fucking, which sensible schoolgirls don’t get into, they wait until they’re a bit older. Fucking the boyfriend. And anyone else?
Well, we can assume from what we’ve read not fucking that Mr Milport, though he does get his nice little taste after Jane’s left. But what about the other masters? I wouldn’t mind betting one of them was getting a bit on the quiet. Maybe more than one of them… But let’s concentrate on one. The Geography master, say. I’ll call him Mr Benson — you wouldn’t want to use his real name anyway.
I’m thinking about Mr Benson because of Geography field trips. A field trip provides an ideal opportunity for a teacher to get to know a particular girl that little bit better. He has assembled a select number of brighter and keener students — plus one or maybe two who are not necessarily all that bright and keen but who have other qualifications — and taken the group off in the school bus to an attractive area of geological interest. The North Wales mountains, shall we say. It is the Whitsun Holiday and Mr Benson and his little party have been blessed with lovely sunny weather.
Jane of course is the one who is no great student of geography but is nonetheless included in the trip. Does she guess why? Maybe she does. Quite possibly Mr Benson has already shown his interest. Little sly suggestions as to how she might improve her marks. And equally sly fingers that from time to time have had a little tweak at Jane’s shapely bum. Which contained in her tight school skirt has trembled so enticingly at Mr Benson’s side when Jane has been called to his desk to discuss her work. To be told no doubt how poor it is but maybe a little extra tuition would considerably improve matters. And the fingers with their surreptitious little tweak. Finger and thumb taking a little pinch of warm flesh, at the soft undercurve of a buttock.
Yes we can be reasonably sure it has happened but Jane has not responded. With still a year to go at school she is not yet too about exams and what she will be doing when she leaves school. Maybe she guesses that Mr Benson wants something at those suggested tuition sessions. The sly pinches have told her that, Jane is not stupid. (Of course our lovely Jane is not stupid!) But she doesn’t want to oblige Mr Benson, he can go and look for his little pleasures elsewhere. Maybe Jane even tells boyfriend Ian what she thinks Mr Benson wants. Perhaps she tells him as they are enjoying one of those marvellous surreptitious fucks up in Jane’s room when her parents are out. Breathlessly telling Ian: she thinks maybe Mr Benson wants it. Giving a little laugh. Ian is indignant, as teenage boys can be if they think someone is after their girl: ‘That dirty old sod…’
But now there is the Whitsun field trip. Jane’s name is on the list to go — but not of course Ian’s (I am assuming Ian is in Jane’s class though I don’t think she has actually told us). Anyway it no doubt comes as a bit of a surprise. A shock perhaps. Ian, as he imagines what Mr Benson may be after, tries to say Jane can’t go but her parents naturally tell her she must. (They don’t know about Mr Benson’s little suggestions or his sly pinches of Jane’s lovely bum.)
So Jane has to go. What does she herself expect? What exactly does Mr Benson want? Because Jane is not naive enough to believe she has been invited as a result of scholastic ability. But maybe it won’t be anything much. Maybe Mr Benson would merely like to indulge in a bit more of his bottom pinching. And presumably she can withstand a bit of that without going berserk. So she tells Ian not to be silly, of course Mr Benson won’t be trying anything. She was joking really when she said that, about him wanting it. Is Ian convinced? Maybe he is. Teenagers sometimes find difficulty imagining middle-aged men can actually want to do it. To actually fuck a girl. Alright, maybe a bit of dirty-old-man groping but nothing more serious. Anyway there is nothing Ian can do.
And what can Mr Benson do? There will be all the others around for one thing. Four other girls and two boys plus Miss Smithson who also teaches Geography and has come along to assist. How can he get at Jane with all these others present? Because we can be pretty sure it is Mr Benson’s intention to get at Jane. What can he actually do?
The first thing he does when they arrive at their hotel is to take Jane aside and tell her he wants to see her in his room right after the evening meal. And here of course he does get in some very stimulating bottom gropes. He has got Jane all alone and he can go to town with it. Really getting at her bum in the smart tracksuit trousers she’s wearing. As Jane breathlessly tries to squirm away…
‘Keep still, Miss. I am trying to talk to you. Will you keep still.’
Yes Mr Benson is talking as he gropes. He is saying that of course Jane shouldn’t be on the trip, it’s only as a very special favour that he’s brought her along. And so she’d better show her appreciation by being very cooperative and not her usual off-hand and unhelpful self. OK? And the other thing is… he knows about her and that Ian. He knows they have been doing it. She has been letting him fuck her.
Mr Benson in fact is only guessing about this. But Jane unfortunately, with the shock of him suddenly coming out with it and also all this grabbing and groping (her tits as well as her bum)… well she unfortunately admits it. A gasped admission that she has been fucking.
Well that of course is most unfortunate. A girl can certainly get kicked out of school if she’s known to be fucking. And there are her parents: they will certainly forbid her to see Ian any more. No, Jane has made a very big error.
Mr Benson of course can’t believe his luck! Especially as it was only a guess. Girls can look you in the eye and steadfastly and innocently deny it when you know full well they’re at it every night. But Jane has admitted it!
No, Mr Benson cannot believe his luck but he is certainly going to take full advantage of it. Right away he tells Jane he is going to dish out a little punishment for her immoral behaviour. The sort of punishment a girl should get. Yes he is going to take down those sexy, slinky track trousers and spank Jane’s bare bottom!
Jane can’t believe it. But then she was very foolish to make that admission. And of course she really shouldn’t be doing it — though girls of 17 will, they do get that hot urge. Especially sexy girls like Jane.
So whether she can believe it or not there is not much Jane can do about it. Mr Benson of course is going on to say that if she doesn’t cooperate he will tell her parents, and also get her kicked out of school. So Jane has no choice. She has to let Mr Benson do it. Let him slide down her track bottoms and then her sexy little knicks. And then first of all we can be pretty certain some real feeling up. Jane’s nude flanks and ripe bottom-cheeks. And no doubt her pussy…
Yes quite a lot of groping — and then it is over his lap. Pretty awful if you haven’t had it before, and probably our Jane hasn’t. (Also awful even if you have had it!) A man’s hand whamming down on a girl’s squashily unprotected rear. Stinging those so-sensitive ripe moons of flesh. Really knocking the stuffing out of her. Poor Jane!
And is that all Mr Benson wants? Just the gropes and the bare-bottom spanking. Or does he want more. That other actual thing. Because after all that humping from dear Ian. So why not a nice friendly fuck for Alfred Benson? Or alternatively something else which is also nice and spicy. Dear Jane getting down between his spread legs. And taking it in her mouth. Well maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. Yes maybe he doesn’t that evening after supper. But instead he is going to want it tomorrow. When they’re out on the mountainside. Yes that will be even more exciting. Out in the lovely fresh mountain air. And with the others around too, or at least not too far away. Yes, a real turn-on.
What he does is get Miss Smithson to take the rest of the group off in another direction to see some rock formations or something, and leaving him with Jane. Jane anyway does need special tuition — and she is going to get it. Mr Benson quickly gets those sexy track trousers down again. This time he has told Jane not to wear any knickers underneath. He gets them down and gives Jane’s bare bottom another thrilling going over. And then this time he does do the other. Yes. Making Jane bend over a ledge. And then… letting her have it.
Jane’s face is really red when they re-join the others. Somehow they must all know. What has just happened. It must show all over her face. That Mr Benson has just had her bending over that rock and had his thing up her. She can’t bear to look any of them in the eye…
So there you are: an episode Jane hasn’t told you about. Perhaps your excellent photographer could give us some shots of the action. And I’m sure there are a few more episodes she hasn’t told you about. Perhaps I can write again with another one.
R.S.T., Southampton.
Yes. Certainly we think that’s pretty good. We showed it to Jane and she just rolled her eyes. We’re going to have to work on her for more school experiences but we certainly like Mr Benson. The Editor.

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