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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Nicely Finished

From Roué 22
David Mellors-Brough was my C.O. when we served together in fast patrol craft in the Channel during the war — that is, until I was hauled away to hospital, shaking and shocked, by one too many of those actions which the bland and matter-of-fact David never described as more than ‘A number of sailors noisily trying to kill each other.’
A genuine eccentric, given to odd socks and a passionate interest in gall-mites, his voice was well-bred and soft. The crew would have followed him anywhere, if only out of curiosity. Which says much for the man’s qualities of leadership, for he severely punished any misdemeanour. He tolerated nothing less than absolute obedience and efficiency.
Only twice did I see behind the oddball, detached mantle drawn around him. Once he joked about his surname — he thought the Mellors part suggested the intrusion of an earthy gamekeeper into his family at some time. And later, when I returned on board, mesmerised by the breasts of a girl with whom I had been to the cinema, he shook his head.
‘Relatively unimportant, old boy — a woman’s bottom is the best feature of her. ‘What’s her bottom like, heh? Surely you felt it? Firm, soft, big, small? The bare female bottom is a poem of curve and form — I read once that great artists always painted the female bum with a rearing erection… would have thought it was easier with a brush! Ha-ha-ha!!’
By chance we met in London after the war. Over dinner, now a friend and civilian — no longer my C.O., he told me the following story, revealing that, alongside the passion for gall-mites, lurked a penchant for the correction of naughty young ladies, who were disadvantaged, tamed and shamed by the very fact of an older man lifting their clothes and lowering their knickers, to bare their delectable bottoms for the sting of a good spanking. Perhaps he was right about the horny-handed game-keeper!
The war had been over for four years and David was in the Alps spending a few weeks ‘Walking the meadows and smelling the plants.’ To his hotel by chance came Elaine Faraday, widow of one of our flotilla officers who bought it a month after their wedding. Delighted to see her again, David gave her dinner.
She lived ten miles away, owner of the isolated Forest Lodge.
‘I take girls of 16 to 18, mostly daughters of war-profits nouveau-riche who have proved a handful at home. The parents are trying to buy their families on to the next social-ladder rung, so I give 20 little darlings a year of deportment, etiquette, manners and discipline — and fill in the blanks with some formal education.’
‘Sounds fine.’
‘It was until two or three months ago. Now I have a clique of three rebellious young bitches who are encouraging the others to misbehave. Worse, my teacher of deportment, a failed fashion model of 24, is associating with this trio. I think there is a touch of lesbianism there, but I can’t prove it.’
‘Tan the bottoms of the lot of them!’
‘Oh David, the staff is all-female, and it wouldn’t seem right! Rigidly-enforced rules have worked up to now, with only extra work as a punishment!’
David looked at her thoughtfully.
‘I suggest that you engage me as a teacher… of natural history, perhaps. I can reinforce classwork with field trips in the meadows. And I’ll put some discipline into the little bitches — through their bare bottoms!’
‘Oh David, would you? That would be wizard!… But what if the parents object to the spanking?’
‘Make the most satisfying gesture of all to them — sack me at once! I don’t want a salary just feed and house me, and if my plan doesn’t work — you’ve lost nothing!’
Elaine smiled warmly ‘What a marvellous idea!!’
The tall, grave, blue-eyed man was soon put to the test by the Forest Lodge girls. During his second lecture the troublesome three, Michelle, Caroline and Janet, formed the front row. As David talked, the hems of their frocks inched up their thighs to the silk-stocking tops. Then slowly they slid their bottoms forward, and let their knees slowly part.
‘…Has a palmate leaf and…,’ his eyes dropped, and he looked intently at the coloured knicker crotches taut against puffy lips — at one, then slowly to the second, and across to the third.`
Then his eyes solemnly met theirs. His eyebrows rose questioningly.
‘Do you ladies wish to leave the room?’ he enquired.
Curls tossed as they smilingly shook their heads.
‘In that case,’ smiled David, ‘I am flattered, for there can be only one other reason for the damp patch each of you has between the legs.’
Colour flooded into their cheeks and, as the rest of the class giggled, three pairs of shapely thighs clamped together, and disappeared as frock hems slid down over them.
A week later, in the quiet study adjoining his bedroom — these were his quarters in a remote wing of Forest Lodge — David waited for the arrival of the girl who taught deportment to arrive. Civilly he had asked her to come at 7pm to discuss certain matters. His fingers drummed on his desk — she was 20 minutes late.
Kay Arundel’s entrance was practised and insolent. Her hair was swept to the crown of her head emphasising one of her best features, tiny shell-like ears that complemented the delicate form of her heart-shaped face with its high cheekbones. Around her long, slim neck was knotted a small chiffon scarf, and in white silk blouse and tight, hip-hugging skirt she strolled elegantly into the study, hips swaying.
David stood up and smiled.
‘Yes?’ she enquired.
He motioned her to a chair. She shook her head.
‘I’ll stand! My time is too valuable to waste talking to you for long! What do you want?’
David took a deep breath. ‘When I was walking in the woods before dusk last night I saw you in an embrace with Caroline and…’
‘So?’ she interjected, her face beginning to blush.
‘Your sexual inclinations are your own affair, Miss Arundel. But for the sake of discipline it is important that a small gulf — a little barrier — is maintained between teachers and pupils, and I would suggest that…’
‘Oh, a peeping tom, eh? At first we thought you might fancy fair-haired boys with long eyelashes — but you’d rather watch girls, would you?’ she sneered. ‘The light wasn’t very good, was it! Want me to tell you what Caroline and I were doing while your hand gets busy under your desk?’
She saw the flash of anger in his eyes as his chair crashed back on to the floor. He strode past her and locked the door. Then he walked slowly back to her.
‘Yes, Miss Arundel, I would like that! But if I want to use my hand as you suggest, I will do so in front of you!’
Having lost the initiative, she blustered: ‘If you think that…’
Fingers like steel bands clamped round the nape of her neck, propelled her to the desk, and thrust her head down against the blotting pad. David momentarily glanced at the teacher’s wriggling hips, the tight skirt outlining the skimpy knickers beneath, and he admired the fashionable, high-heeled, London-made shoes he saw as, with one heel and then the other, she tried to kick back into his shin.
‘The details you promised, Miss Arundel?’ His hand flashed down across her squirming buttocks — three times in quick succession.
Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!!
‘Owwwwwwww! she yelled.
‘The details, Miss Arundel?’
Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!!
‘The details, Miss…’
‘Oh no, no, please no… I’ll tell you!’ He let her stand.
She sniffed. ‘Well, Caroline and I…’
‘What about Michelle and Janet?’
She blushed. ‘Yes, all four of us, we like to…’ Her voice trailed away.
He reached to the nape of the neck. ‘Yes?’
‘Oh no, please… we often… f-f-feel each other… you know, kiss and undo our frocks… and s-s-stroke each other’s nipples.’
‘Is that all?’
‘I saw your hand up Caroline’s frock, and hers was up between your legs!’
‘Y-y-yes, that too!’
‘What too?’
‘Well, we put our hands in each other’s knickers and, you know, feel.’
‘With the hands?’
‘N-n-n-no fingers.’
‘Do they only feel, those fingers?’
‘Oh please don’t make me…!’
‘Do the fingers only feel, Miss Arundel!’
‘N-n-no! They g-g-g-go in and, er, out, until we each get that lovely shuddery feeling!’
‘Thank you, Miss Arundel!’
He walked round his desk and opened a drawer.
‘Can I go now, Mr Mellors-Brough?’ she asked.
‘Oh no, young lady, you are going to have your bottom smacked!’
‘But you have just spanked it!!’
‘No, I spanked your skirt with your bottom in it — now I intend to deal with your bare bottom.’
‘Oh please, please, don’t do that to me!’ she implored.
From the drawer he took out a short cane, a tawse, and a long plastic rule. Wide-eyed, she bit her lip.
‘As this is the first time, Miss Arundel, you will only get the rule.’
Picking it up, he thwacked it in his hand, moved round to the front of his desk and leaned against it as she stood before him, a sly look coming into her eyes. ‘David,’ she wheedled.
She pushed her pert little breasts out, and her hard nipples stubbed through the silk stretched across them. She looked down at them then raised her long eyelashes and looked at him.
‘Would you like to feel these?’
‘Yes,’ he said quietly.
‘And put your hand up my clothes?’
He nodded.
‘And finger inside my knickers where it is all warm and damp?’
‘That would be lovely!’
‘I might let you put something else there instead of your finger… would you enjoy that?’
‘I’d love it!’
She reached and took his hand. ‘Let’s go to your bedroom.’
‘Well, you have just said what you want to do to me and…’
He shook his head. ‘I answered your questions honestly, but right now your bottom is to be beaten!’
‘Oh, you are horrid!’
He grinned.’ Yes, aren’t I? Now lift your skirt to your waist.’
‘Will you turn your head away?’
‘No, I want to watch!’ came the reply.
Her long slim fingers plucked the sides of her skirt and started to work it up. Then, thighs clamped together, she wriggled her hips as the hem rose. It cleared her stocking tops, and the pink frilly suspenders holding them tight to her ripe thighs came into view.
David shook his head admiringly. ‘Congratulations on the finest pair of legs I have ever seen, Miss Arundel. I’m glad you can afford expensive silk stockings to set them off!’
At last her skirt was at her waist, tight enough to remain there of its own accord. She dropped her hands to her sides.
‘Shall I lower my knickers?’
He shook his head. Flicking the rule against his leg his eyes travelled the length of her. Her knickers, deep pink, were of fine lace, and the lifting of the skirt had drawn them so tight against her pubic mound that the pout of in-rolled lips was clearly outlined. Some soft, stray hair curled teasingly out just above.
Putting the rule down, he stood upright before her. She looked up at him apprehensively as his fingers slowly undid her blouse buttons to the waist, then drew it open and down, baring her shoulders and exposing her pair of small, rounded breasts. Briefly his thumbs hardened her pink nipples, then left them alone.
As he knelt on one knee, she felt his strong fingers hook into the elastic of her knickers and draw them sensuously down over her hips completing her exposure to his eyes as they were lowered clear of her neat hirsute triangle.
David left them, a jumble of lace, clinging just above her knees.
Picking up a cushion, he placed it over the back of an old-fashioned leather armchair. Taking the rule up again, he pointed with it.
‘Bend over that!’
Deliberately he had made it rather high for her, so when she draped herself over she was on tiptoe, her head way below her bottom, and from behind she was so exposed as to be almost offering that which girls normally choose to hide under silk and lace. David noted that it was neat, compact and, when he drew his finger up between the lips, (bringing a gasp from Miss Arundel) soft, damp, hot and yielding.
She felt him move to the side. His hand pressed into the small of her back; she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and the buttocks of her superb bottom clenched agonisingly. Then there was the swish of the ruler before…
Swish-crack! ‘Oooh…!’
Swish-crack! ‘Oh no-o-o!!’ Swish-crack! ‘Oh please… p-p-please!!’
Swish-crack!! ‘O-o-oh, my bottom’s…’ Swish-crack!! ‘Please, D-D-David…’ THWACK! ‘Oh, Mr Mellors…’ THWACK!! ‘…Brough, please stop…’ THWACK! ‘Oh sir…’ THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!!
She heard the rule clatter on the desk where it was thrown. The sting in her bottom was dying away, but a great glow was building in her buttocks, and between her legs was a great, trembling, wet movement, a twitching, an itching. She pressed down, and rubbed slowly against the lumpiness of the cushion.
‘Stand up!’
She staggered upright, hands on her well-spanked bum. He sat in the chair, his back towards her.
‘Come and stand in front of me,’ he said over his shoulder.
Crest-fallen but obedient she faced him, knickers round her ankles whence they had slid as she shuffled round to him, hands massaging her hot bottom, breasts looking even rounder and nipples hard, erect and, it seemed, stretched and vibrant. When his travelling eye reached her hairy, glistening triangle, she pushed it out invitingly towards him.
He resisted the temptation to gather her in his arms and sweep her away to his bed, for this had to be the first vital step in the disciplining of the Forest Lodge girls.
‘Miss Arundel! In future, you will keep your hands off the nipples of Michelle, Caroline and Janet, and your fingers out of their knickers. Understand?’
She nodded tearfully.
‘You will take an active part in maintaining discipline at Forest Lodge! I will support you by spanking the bottoms of pupils at your request — just send them to me. You will establish the correct pupil/teacher relationship.’
‘Yes, Mr Mellors-Brough,’ she whispered.
‘If you don’t, Miss Arundel, I will see to it… that the whole school, pupils and tutorial staff, will be made aware of the fact that you have lifted your skirt for me…’
‘Oh no, please, no!’
‘…That I lowered your knickers with your permission, opened your blouse and let your breasts hang bare before my eyes…’
‘Oh sir, I could never hold my head…’
‘And that briefly I stroked your nipples and ran my finger between your parted legs…’
‘O-ooh! Not ever, please, please, please!’
‘Don’t worry, Miss Arundel, it will be ‘not ever’ as long as you do your job professionally and competently to the satisfaction of Mrs Faraday and myself!’
‘Oh I promise, honestly I do! Can I pull my knickers up and drop my skirt, please?’
‘Of course. Then off you go, young lady, it’s getting late!’
When Elaine heard, confidentially, from David of Miss Arundel’s bottom-warming (but not the threat he had hung over her) she was apprehensive that the tutorial staff would walk out en masse. But he asked her to give his system a reasonable trial, so she reluctantly agreed to instruct the staff that, for all but the most trivial of offences, every naughty pupil was to be sent to him for chastisement, with a note detailing the misconduct.
To Mrs Faraday’s relief, the staff quietly accepted the new instruction, and also it was quickly evident that Kay Arundel was imposing a very firm discipline on the girls, including the clique of three. Whether their intimate relationship still persisted was not clear.
To David’s surprise, 16-year-old Gina was his first pupil offender.
Daughter of an English clothing manufacturer and a minor Italian film star of the early thirties, she was a typical high-spirited, good-natured schoolgirl who ran, shouted and giggled where others walked, whispered and smiled.
‘She,’ said the note that a trembling hand passed to him, ‘has REPEATEDLY distracted the class with her giggling, does not pay attention, and CONSTANTLY loses books! She must be made to realise that she is no longer in the NURSERY!!’
David smiled to himself — Gina had really upset the middle-aged Scots gentlewoman who tried to instil ladylike conduct into the Forest Lodge girls!
Gina’s big eyes misted with tears as he read the note to her, and the sight of the cane, tawse and rule on his desk made her bite her lip with fear. Seeing this, he gathered them up and returned them to his drawer, then sat down in an upright chair in the centre of his study floor. He beckoned her to him.
‘Is this true, Gina?’
She nodded miserably, a big tear rolling down each flawless, rounded young cheek.
‘Well, your bottom must be spanked, mustn’t it, young lady?’
Her cheeks were now wet with tears.
‘Lift your frock!’
Slowly she obeyed.
‘Higher! To your waist!!’
Her stockings were silk, and expensive — but twisted. Trust Gina! He knew that, when he turned her around, the seams would be awry. Her knickers, frilly and embroidered with tiny flowers, were stretched taut by the growing ripeness of her curved belly and hips.
‘Take your knickers down!’
Gina turned modestly to the side and, thumbs in the elastic at the waist, pushed them to her knees. Drawing her frock to her waist again with one hand, the other modestly covering her sex, she turned clumsily to face him. She stood there, knees together, knickers a dainty confusion above them, the toes of her neat half-heeled shoes turned slightly inwards, and sobbed.
‘Get over my knee, young lady!’
She shuffled into position, and he helped to place her properly on his lap. The fullness of the little minx’s buttocks surprised him. No wonder her knickers had been stretched — there was a lot of young schoolgirl to go in them!
He wasted no time. Six times, quickly, the palm of his big hand rose and fell across the quivering white bottom. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
Her little shoes drummed on the floor as she sobbed and cried. Then he helped her to her feet and, as she stood holding her rounded, smarting bottom — all modesty forgotten, he quietly talked to her of her need for improvement.
Then, as her sobs continued, he sat her in his lap, put his arm around her, and comforted her. She stopped crying, and snuggled against his shoulder. Only when her bare bottom, hot and squirming, began to make his trousers feel overly tight did he set her back on her feet.
She sniffed, and smiled. With her blouse cuff she dried her eyes, then wriggled her knickers up again, and shook her frock down.
‘You can go now, Gina. And if you should visit me again, dry your eyes with a handkerchief, not your cuff!… Yes, I know you forgot to bring one!. Remember next time!!’ He was smiling when he said it.
Four evenings later, over a pre-dinner sherry in David’s study, Elaine commented on Miss Arundel’s miraculous improvement since his arrival, and David, in fairness, revealed the threat he had hung over the young teacher after her bottom-spanking. Elaine shook her head slowly.
‘This whole business of spanking young adults puzzles me. Beyond the quick hand-spank of naughty children I know nothing about it.’
‘My dear Elaine, the simple threat and act of spanking sparks off a host of emotions before, during and after. Don’t you realise that?’
She looked bewildered.
‘Has any man ever dragged your knickers down?’
‘I have always effected any removal of them that seemed desirable or necessary.’
‘Does the thought of a man doing it excite you?’
‘Of course not!’
‘I don’t believe you, my dear! You are now breathing quite heavily! Biologically, man is the hunter, woman the prey. When it is inevitable that the woman’s bottom is to be spanked, the prey can be said to be cornered. Knicker-removal, symbolically as well as practically, gives man access to that which the woman has sought to deny him. Bottom-spanking is, I suppose, his cry of triumph, proof of his capture. Woman either accepts it docilely or struggles. Her ultimate surrender is the more passionate for his hand-stinging domination. Even young women whose bottoms are not beaten as a prelude to submission nevertheless feel an elemental thrill at being mastered as their private places are exposed.’
Elaine was silent. But she was panting, and her eyes were closed. Her tongue, running round her lips, left them wet and glistening. Her eyes opened. ‘Perhaps we should go down to dinner, David.’
As they rose, there was a knock on his door.
‘Come in!’
Miss Arundel entered.
‘Oh, I’m sorry…!’
‘Don’t worry, Miss Arundel. Can I help you?’
‘Er… yes, Mr Mellors-Brough. This afternoon, Caroline blatantly challenged my authority — she threw a book at me. As I was writing a punishment note to you, Michelle and Janet threw books as well, and shouted that if she went, they all went. I’m terribly worried, as the younger girls will be influenced one way or the other by what is done now!’
‘I’ll deal with the matter,’ said David. ‘Have all three of them outside my study tonight after dinner — say 9.30. And leave it to me!’
On the teacher’s departure, David turned to Elaine. ‘Tonight will either finally establish discipline here, or ruin it. I intend to be very unorthodox, therefore I need you to witness what happens. If you sit well back in the darkness of my bedroom, you can watch everything through the open door without the girls being aware of your presence. I’ll also open the fanlight over my study door so that we’ll be able to hear what is said outside.’
Elaine nodded. ‘I’ll come up at 9.15.’
Both Elaine and David listened to the chatter outside the door.
‘He took Gina’s knickers down and smacked her bare bottom!’
Janet: ‘He won’t drop my knickers!’
Michelle, laughing: ‘Impossible to pull mine down — I’m wearing cami-knickers!!’ Prolonged merriment.
Caroline: ‘I’ll go first — if he lays a finger on me I’ll scratch his eyes out!’
David opened the door. Caroline walked forward with a smirk on her face, but he looked over her shoulder and beckoned.
‘Michelle! You first!’
With a cheeky grin and a shrug of the shoulders Michelle sauntered into the study. David closed the door behind them both.
‘You know why you are here, Michelle, and what you are going to get.’ He pointed to her full, flowered skirt. ‘So lift that to your waist.’
Confidently smiling, she did so, pale-blue cami-knickers coming into view. But as he advanced, the smile left her face, and she backed against the wall.
‘You can’t take these down, can you.’
In a flash she was pinned against the wall by his left arm across her body. Slowly his right hand went down between her legs to the cami-knicker crotch and slid inside, forcing her soft, clenched thighs apart and, as his fingers undid the two pearl buttons, the back of his hand pressed up against her spongy, hairy warmth. When the damp, creased crotch-piece was hanging down obscenely between her legs he released her and stood back.
‘Now lift all your clothes to your waist.’
She rushed for the door, but David grabbed her firmly around the waist and, carrying her under his arm, locked it and pocketed the key. Then, none too gently, he dumped her in a kneeling position in the leather armchair, her head and arms draped over the back.
He leaned the cane against the chair, and roughly bared her bottom by dragging her clothes up and tucking them tightly into the skirt waistband.
As David’s strong left hand curved over the nape of her neck, Michelle surrendered. Her rounded young ivory-white buttocks were his to use as he wished.
Swish-Swish-SWISH! ‘…Oooooooh!’ His strong, tennis-playing wrist was only moving the cane a couple of feet, but the last nine inches of its whippy, stinging length was being laid with perfect timing and maximum effect down and across the writhing, jerking young curves of the bared schoolgirl bottom. It left angry red lines across the agonising buttocks.
Relentlessly he went on, swish-swish-swish as she squealed and pleaded.
‘Oh, p-p-please… n-n-no more! Oh, I can’t stand any more! Please!!
After an eternity of caning, or so it seemed to Michelle, her punishment stopped. She heard the cane clatter to the floor.
‘Stand up, Michelle!’
As she did, her skirt dropped again into place.
‘Can I go now, sir?’ she tearfully sniffled, holding her bottom.
‘When you have buttoned your cami-knickers up.’
She turned her back to him.
‘Face me, Michelle!’
So, as the fire in her bottom raged, she had to claw her skirt up again and, under his gaze, part her legs and clumsily, with trembling hands, secure the crotch pieces together again, a task the harder because of the hot wetness that was making the buttons slippery.
When she finished, she dropped her skirt and stood with curly head hung down.
‘Send Janet in, Michelle.’
She nodded tearfully and, holding her bottom, slowly left the study.
Janet took her caning without a struggle. On her departure he asked her to tell Caroline to wait, and went into the bedroom to Elaine.
‘There’s only the ringleader to go now. Can you see?’
She nodded. He noted with interest that her face was deeply flushed, and her long dress was very creased across her upper thighs. No, he thought, it can’t have been raised that high, not Elaine!’
Through the fanlight they heard Michelle and Janet telling Caroline how sore their bottoms were and her reply that he was going to get scratched and if he used his strength to pin her down for the cane, she wouldn’t let him know that it hurt at all.
He opened the door. ‘Come in, Caroline!’
She stood hands on hips before him as he leaned back against his desk.
‘Haven’t you seen enough of girls bottoms?’
He smiled and stood up. ‘What else do you suggest?’
Surprised, she dropped her hands to her sides and, stepping close to him, looked up into his eyes. Her lips were wet.
‘At 18 I think I have something to offer…’
His hands went to the front of her frock and cupped her rounded young breasts. He bent his lips to hers, and her arms stole around his neck. As her little pink tongue wriggled in between his lips her hands came up, pushed his away, and adroitly undid a line of buttons. When she pulled his hands back his fingers met the rigid pink nipples of two warm, round, bare breasts. As his fingers stroked she groaned in her throat. Her nipples became larger, hotter and harder under his caressing and, when her tongue was frantically writhing against his, he let his right hand slide down. She drew her hips back to give it room and, as his fingers gathered up the front of her frock, she parted her silk-stockinged thighs. Inside the elastic of her knickers went his hand. Palm to bare belly it slid down then curved inwards to the hot centre of her emotions. And as his second finger stroked that which was hard and erect in all that softness of hair and pouting lips, Caroline swayed and slowly squirmed like a temple dancer, groaning and grunting until a jerking replaced the squirming, and her body tensed as she went on tiptoe, his finger stroking with a heavier touch, and now rotating. With little hip movements Caroline rubbed herself slowly against the moving male finger until, all at once, she stopped. Her knees trembled, she shuddered, and a long drawn-out ‘Aaaaaaargh!’ escaped her wet lips as her body went rigid before collapsing against him. He stroked her hair.
‘Aren’t you going to spank me?’ she said after a while.
He smiled. ‘After you have given me this pleasure? How could I, my pet?’
She left on shaking legs. As the door closed he went into the bedroom, and switched the light on.
Elaine stood up and, staring wildly into his eyes, drew her long evening dress to her waist, and whispered: ‘David, I want you to be the first man to take my knickers down, the first man to spank my bottom, and the first man, for a long time, to……’
As, behind the closed bedroom door, there was the rustling of clothes, the smack of hand on bare bottom, the whispered ‘Oh Elaine, Elaine,’ and ‘David, darling, darling,’ the slight creaking sounds of a bed, the groans of coming satisfaction and the murmuring of drowsy after-glow endearments, the row outside the study raged.
‘You deceitful cat, Caroline! We heard it all. “Oh, I’m going to scratch his eyes out, I am.” But we got caned bottoms, didn’t we? But to escape a tanning, what does the brave Caroline do? Lets a dirty old man feel her!! We’ll never speak to you again!!!’
They didn’t quite send Caroline to Coventry, but no longer trusted her leadership, so the troublesome clique ceased to exist. Thus, copying Caesar, David neatly divided to conquer.
‘…Of course, old boy,’ my former C.O. said, ‘I could not, in honesty, stay on at Forest Lodge, for the problem no longer existed. But it was an interesting exercise!’
As it was after midnight, the lounge of David’s hotel had emptied. When he looked at his watch I took it as a sign for me to be going but he held up his hand.
‘Not unless you must! I want you to meet someone!’
I grinned. ‘Elaine?’
‘Heavens no! Blasted woman wasn’t interested in gall-mites at all — was quite rude about them actually — said that…’
He looked over my shoulder. ‘Ah, there she is!’
I turned to see a lovely young woman walking towards him elegant even in a heavy roll-necked sweater, tweed skirt and brogue shoes. She was waving a large book and a transparent box with a bug in it.
‘Taken all evening to run it to earth, darling, but you were right — Eriophyes avellanae it is! Found on filberts as well as cobnuts…!’
 ‘Excellent! Now Kay, meet Charles, an old shipmate of mine!’
She smiled, shook hands, and turned to drop book and box and take her coat off.
I raised an eyebrow to David. ‘The former Miss Kay Arundel?’
He grinned. ‘The present Miss Kay Arundel… actually we’re just spanking good friends.’
As Kay bent over to pick up the book and box again, David stroked the neat bottom of the present Miss Arundel.
He sighed and smiled happily, ‘And she’s such a naughty girl!’

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