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Monday, 17 December 2018

My Diary — the misadventures of Christina Winchester 3

From Privilege Club 10
As promised in our last, the lovely Christina teases open the pages of her intimate CP diary to reveal exclusively for readers of Privilege Club some of her most private maidenly secrets. How does this wickedly naughty girl, whose transcendental young bottom is prone to such frequent chastisement, keep those exquisite rondures so smooth and toned to continue to look not only eminently spankable but ready for more? Read on…
Down come my taut white panties and there it is! Perfection! Heaven embodied in two little twin-globes, my immaculate bottom! Impudently pert, delightfully plump, ashamedly proud.
But I bet you are wondering how I take care of such a precious possession. Especially as it is treated with such firm indelicacy so frequently Well, one must compensate for the stern dealings of the palm, slipper, paddle, birch or cane with the finest and most decadent pampering and attention!
Yes, nursing my bottom has become a ritual for me as I allow it the homage and worship that its beauty demands.
Amongst the secret treasures beneath my bed, I have a large cushion made of the most exquisite Indian silk When I return, in tears, to my room with my poor bottom blazing and scarlet-hued, I drag out the cushion and press my tender parts into its soft, soothing coolness. Silk kisses silk and the glowing warmth fills my entire body with a delicious sensation.
I run a steamy bath. I fill it with fragrant oils and bubbles for fun. Then I carefully ease my plump and eager buttocks into the welcoming waters. The oil laps at the firm, youthful skin. It washes over me, caressing and moisturising, soaking into the skin.
I roll on to my stomach and let my gorgeous round buttocks peek, coquettishly, out of the water like two curvy islands. The refreshing air kisses and nips at them. Tickled by bubbles, they rise and fall on the surface of the water with each breath.
I laugh at the thought of my punisher, with swollen hand and arm aching from my thrashing as I lounge in luxurious satisfaction. If only they could see me now. I would poke my tongue out at them defiantly, like a sassy and churlish pixie, and not show a bit of sympathy for the sting in their palm.
When the bath is over, I wrap my perfumed posterior in a fluffy towel, gently patting it dry. Then the cream! Rich, thick Moisture cream to smooth into each cheek of my wonderful bum. I rub it in slowly in a circular motion. As a teenager, I certainly do not need the cream for any cosmetic reasons, but oooooooh how lovely it feels on my flesh and how slippery and spankable it makes my bottom look!
Then to bed, on my stomach of course, the sensitivity of the chastisement still rings true on its subject but the warm rosiness is scrumptious.
The day’s memories are stamped in my head and I relive all the sweet sensations of the punishment. Glancing back at the perfect vision behind, I cannot blame my punisher for their sombre reaction to my naughtiness, for the fact that my squeals and pleas are useless, or for their determination that I will not be dismissed until the world’s most spankable bottom has been given the roasting that it so desperately warrants.
Until next time, dear reader.

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