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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Lessons from Mr Mildon

From Blushes 68
A school classroom with an old-fashioned blackboard at the front and facing it rows of equally old-fashioned wooden desks; the type with seats attached. The desk and seats are also small, suitable for younger children. It could be a primary school classroom back in the thirties. but it isn’t. There are two persons present: a man, fortyish, with glasses and a neatly-trimmed beard, wearing a black academic gown; and a girl. The girl is tall and shapely, in her late teens, a pretty brunette. She is kneeling on one of the small seats, leaning forward with her forearms on the desk top. The desk and seat are of course much too small for her. She is wearing a white blouse but no skirt. Her full and shapely bottom is thrust out in her kneeling pose and is contained in navy blue knickers. Or not exactly contained because the knickers have been pulled up into the cleft of her bottom to leave the cheeks virtually bare. The man, standing at her side, is gently stroking the silky flesh of one bare bottom-cheek.
‘Frankly Diana,’ Mr Mildon said, ‘I would say you have no chance whatsoever of getting into college.’ He smiled pleasantly. ‘Not the faintest. That’s speaking frankly. And we must be frank, mustn’t we?’
Diana Fifield was in Mr Mildon’s office, standing in front of his desk, on this last Friday afternoon in March. Mr Mildon, with a neatly-trimmed beard and glasses, was head of English. It was 4.30, school had finished for the week half-an-hour ago and the place was largely deserted. Diana was 18, in the Upper Sixth and her last year at St Monica’s. She was a tall girl with a shapely figure in her uniform white blouse and grey skirt; with a pretty, soft-mouthed face framed in shoulder-length chestnut hair.
Mr Mildon’s words brought a flush to Diana’s cheeks. She was really keen to get into college but was well aware that her exam results last year hadn’t been good. Now the same was true for the recent mock exams. She shifted her weight nervously from one leg to the other. Diana was nervous anyway coming to see Mr Mildon.
‘I… I wasn’t feeling very well when we did the mocks. I’ll really do a lot better than that.’
‘No you won’t. You’re no genius, Diana, and the fact is you haven’t done any work. I offered to give you special coaching earlier on but you weren’t interested. You didn’t have the time. And why? Because I imagine you’re out every evening with that Paul Coxley. Doing what we can only guess, eh?’
Diana’s embarrassment visibly increased. She could tell Mr Mildon to mind his own business — except that she couldn’t. She needed his help. She knew she probably wouldn’t do much better in the actual exams. She nervously wetted her lips. Mr Mildon had his eyes on her blouse front. Her boobs.
‘I… I will do better. But… you could help me. I mean you know some of the college people. Please.’
That of course was the real reason Diana had come to see Mr Mildon. He had got people through before who had not seemed to have much of a chance. Girls, that was. Good-looking girls.
Mr Mildon shook his head. ‘But why should I put myself out for you, Diana? When you weren’t interested before. We could have been doing a lot of work together. As I have been with Susan Wenlow. Susan has been making a lot of progress. But Susan is a sensible girl, not out with some boy every evening bombing her mind out with sex.’
Mr Mildon was clearly interested in embarrassing her, making her squirm. But there was nothing Diana could do. She needed his help.
‘I don’t… do that. Please… will you help me?’
Mr Mildon was getting to his feet, a sardonic smile on his face. ‘Why should I, Diana? Are you a nice, friendly, cooperative girl? No.’
‘Yes.’ she blurted. ‘Yes I am. I will be.’
He had come round his desk and was close to her. Mr Mildon’s hand came up. The back of it brushed firmly against one of Diana’s full boobs. That little smile again. Are you really, Diana? A nice, cooperative girl?’
She made herself stand still. A quiet ‘Yes…’
He took his hand away. ‘Show me how much you really want it. Get down on your knees and ask me nicely. Then I might think about it.’
Diana hesitated. Bit her lip. And then got down on her knees in front of him. She felt sick at having to grovel in this manner but had no choice. ‘I… I… really would be grateful… if you would help me…’
Mr Mildon took a step forward. So that he was virtually in contact with her. His hand came round to take hold of the back of Diana’s head. Pushing it firmly forward. She gasped… as her face was pushed into Mr Mildon’s trouser front. He had an erection. Like a big stiff sausage there in his trousers… and Diana’s face was pushed hard into it. She gasped again, instinctively trying to struggle away. But he kept a firm hold of her. She stopped struggling.
After some long moments Mr Mildon released his grip. Diana moved her face, taking deep, shuddering breaths. Her whole body was shaking.
Mr Mildon was also quite pink in the face now or — at least those parts not covered by his beard. He pulled Diana to her feet and put his arm round her waist.
‘Well maybe you can learn to be sensible. If it’s not too late. We’ll have to see. Yes. Alright, I could meet you tomorrow and we could discuss matters. OK? But because you’ve wasted all this time… you’ll have to have something to teach you a lesson. You’ll have to accept that. OK?’
Diana in a shaky voice said yes. She was still feeling the shock of what he had done. Her mind wasn’t really focussing on what Mr Mildon had said, about teaching her a lesson.
He said he would meet her in his car, 10.00 in the school car-park. No one would be there on a Saturday morning.
Mr Mildon drove out in the country and found a secluded place to park. Diana’s heart was thumping. What was Mr Mildon going to do? Or want? What did he do with girls like Susan Wenlow? There had been what he had done yesterday: that had really bombed her mind. Plus there had been his threat, to teach her a lesson. She tried to keep calm.
He turned towards her. ‘Well isn’t this nice, Diana dear? So nice and cosy. But think of all the nice cosy times we could have had over the past weeks and months. If you hadn’t been so silly. So obsessed with that young Paul. A sensible girl who wants to get into college, Diana, should have her mind in her head. Not between her legs.’
She coloured. ‘Cut it out. I mean…’ The sentence trailed off into thin air.
‘You mean what? I imagine you’re doing it. Fucking him, to use the basic vernacular.’
‘No? I don’t know that I can believe that, Miss. Not a big girl like Diana Fifield. A big girl and a very sexy one. Mmm? Don’t tell me you’re a virgin?’
A mumbled ‘Yes.’
Mr Mildon’s hands reached for the buttons of Diana’s coat. Unfastening one. ‘Yes? What do you do then. Suck him? Suck his no doubt ardent erection?’
‘Look… No…’ Mr Mildon’s hand had slid inside her coat. To take hold through the thin blouse of one of Diana’s quite big boobs.
‘Keep still,’ he told her. Keeping his hand there.
Squeezing the softly pliant flesh. ‘You’ve got lovely big ones, Diana dear. I’ve fancied getting my hands on them for quite a while. But you’ve been such a silly and uncooperative girl. So you don’t really deserve help to get a college place. And you’re certainly not going to get one without help.’
Diana wasn’t trying to get his hand away. She had guessed Mr Mildon wanted something from girls he helped. From Susan Wenlow and the other earlier ones. She hadn’t wanted it, the groping or whatever it was, and had refused, imagining she could get through on her merits. And maybe if she had worked hard and not gone out with Paul so much, she could have. But at this late stage… she had no choice.
‘I… really do… want some help,’ Diana said in a half whisper.
Mr Mildon took his hand out of her coat. ‘Unbutton the coat properly. Take it off. Then take your blouse off. Let me have a look at those things.’
Diana bit her lip. ‘No! Please! Someone… could come along.’ Because although the car was off the lane and out of sight from it, someone could come by. Walking a dog… Mr Mildon brusquely told Diana to do what he wanted.
‘I bet you’re not bothered when you’re out with that Paul. Not scared about taking your blouse off then. Or your knickers. Eh?’
Heart thumping, Diana did it. Shrugging out of her coat. Then unbuttoning and taking off her pink blouse. Underneath she had just a lightweight white bra holding those good-sized boobs.
 ‘Lovely,’ Mr Mildon breathed, turning her fully towards him. ‘Sit up straight. Shoulders back. Let me have a good look.’ The brassiered breasts thrust out. He took one in each hand. ‘Mmm… Like being played with, do they? I bet that Paul can’t keep his hands off them.’
Diana didn’t answer. Her face was flushed as she had no choice but to allow the hands to mound and squeeze her tits.
‘Lovely!’ Mr Mildon leaned forwards… His hands slid round under Diana’s quivering arms. Reaching for the clasp of her bra strap.
‘Yes. I want to see them. Properly.’ He had the strap undone and was sliding the bra off. Another whimpered ‘No… Please…’ But Diana again had no choice. Shivering as her trembling tits were bared. Her hands automatically going to cover her now nude boobs but pushed away. She squealed an impotent protest as Mr Mildon’s hands took hold. Caressing and gently squeezing the sensitive flesh. Her pink nipples coming up. Stiffly erect. Mr Mildon bent his head… Diana shuddered as he took a nipple in his mouth. Then briefly the other one.
His head up again. Grinning at her. ‘They like that, eh Diana? Really sticking out and loving it. Yes, well, you are being a bit more sensible now. But as I said we’ve got to have a little lesson for being so silly all this time. And then if you’re fully cooperative see what I can do for you. I can’t make any cast-iron promises but I do know people at a couple of colleges who will usually do me a special favour. OK?’
Diana’s bare boobs, her nipples, were hotly tingling. She was shaking all over; her head was a whirl. What did ‘fully cooperative’ mean? And also…
‘Wha… What lesson… ?’
Mr Mildon laughed. ‘You’ll see. Nothing too desperate. For such a pretty girl who’s so keen to get a place. No…’
His head bent forward again. His mouth closing again on an erect nipple. Sucking it. Diana gave a shuddering gasp.
‘Here we are. Do you know it? Northside Primary School. You wouldn’t have gone here by any chance, Diana? When you were a small girl? It’s closed now of course. Due to be pulled down. But not quite yet.’
They were in the car park with the old school building in front of them. This whole area was due for redevelopment: the school; office buildings; a garage. No, it wasn’t Diana’s old school; she scarcely knew this area. It was now almost 12 o’clock. Mr Mildon had driven directly here after that business out in the country. When he had made Diana take her things off and then played with her nude boobs. Sucking them… But that was all. Diana had feared he would want something else. Perhaps… that other. He hadn’t. But now there was to be… what? This mysterious ‘lesson’.
‘Come on; we can go in. I’ve got a key. There’s no one around of course.’ Mr Mildon was reaching in the back seat to take out a zipped-up sports bag.
The place certainly seemed deserted. A bit eerie. What was going to happen in this place? Something awful? Diana reluctantly followed him to the door. She was still feeling that shock of his mouth at her nipples. And also remembering yesterday.
He opened the door. Inside it smelled dry and empty; but also with that indefinable school smell. There was a corridor with doors on either side. Mr Mildon opened one. It was a classroom. With rows of small wooden desks. Those old-fashioned ones, each with its own wooden seat screwed onto an iron frame. Those desks must have been here since way back. At the front of the room was an old-fashioned blackboard.
Mr Mildon was closing the door behind them. He had put his bag on the table at the front. Now he was unzipping it, and pulling out… something. A black academic gown it turned out to be. He put it on. Grinning at her. And then, like a conjuror producing rabbits, other things from the bag. Holding up a skirt. A very short grey pleated skirt. Then a white blouse. A striped tie. A pair of old-fashioned navy-blue knickers. And then… what? Like a short, wide leather strap.
‘Right. Our lesson, Diana. Diana Fifield gets her bottom spanked. And whipped. OK?’
He wanted her to put those things on. The old-fashioned schoolgirl outfit. And then… There was that wicked looking leather strap. And also something else, already in the room. Standing over in the corner. A cane.
Diana shivered. Shaking her head. Mr Mildon told her to get moving. She was going to be sensible, wasn’t she? Get moving then. Take her things off — everything — and put on the uniform.
Once again she was going to have to do it. It was not nice having to strip off in front of Mr Mildon but Diana’s mind was more occupied with that strap and the cane. He couldn’t really hit her with those! Could he? Her hands automatically doing what they had to. Her blue skirt and then the pink blouse. To reveal her in her white knickers and bra. She had tried to change the knickers under her skirt but Mr Mildon didn’t want that He wanted her to take everything off…
‘Just hold it a mo. And stand up straight.’
Having to stand nude. Showing him her well-developed dark brown bush — and her boobs which of course he’d already seen (and not only seen!). Standing there in front of the window but it opened onto the rear of the building, a waste patch now. No one would be out there, he said. But how could he know that for sure?
‘Because I do, Diana darling.’ Mr Mildon grabbed her nude body. Pulling her to him. His hand pushed her face up… and he kissed her on the mouth. Pushing his tongue in.
‘OK,’ he breathed, letting her go. ‘I can hardly stop myself from something else. But we’ve got to have the other, haven’t we? The cane. And that tawse. So come on.’
Trembling, Diana grabbed for the things she had to put on. The navy cotton knickers first. No bra, Mr Mildon said, so that white blouse next. It buttoned tightly over Diana’s full, firm boobs, making her nipples bulge pinkly out. Then the short pleated skirt, the hem reaching scarcely halfway down her thighs. Also from Mr Mildon’s bag came a pair of white ankle socks, which he made Diana put on with her black heels. Finally Mr Mildon tied the tie for her.
‘Nice!’ he said admiringly. ‘Very nice.’ His hand mounded Diana’s unbrassiered breasts.
‘OK. Now let’s start. Kneel on the seat of that desk.’
It was awkward, and painful. Her bare knees on the hard seat, her legs sticking out under the back rest. Then leaning forward, her forearms on the desk top. Mr Mildon slid the skirt up over Diana’s back. And then pulled the navy knickers right up, into the cleft of her bottom. To leave Diana’s bottom essentially bare. His hand caressing the silky smooth flesh.
‘Had it spanked before, Diana? or caned?’
She whimpered, ‘Not the cane! Please…’
Mr Mildon laughed. ‘Don’t be silly.’ And straightaway began spanking. Hard, painful, stinging smacks to the bare flesh. Diana yelped out.
‘Don’t be silly. This is nothing. Not compared to the tawse. Or the cane.’ While he spoke the hard spanks were continuing. Punctuating Mr Mildon’s words. ‘But you’ve got to have… a lesson, Diana… for being so… uncooperative…’
The spanking finally stopped. Mr Mildon was breathing more heavily. ‘OK. And shall we have the knickers right off for the tawse?’
Diana yelped in fright. Her poor bum was already feeling red hot. But Mr Mildon was pulling the knickers down.
‘Just part your legs a bit…’
The knickers were down to Diana’s knees and Mr Mildon was pushing her thighs apart. She gave a sudden shuddering yell. As his hand slid in from the back. In between Diana’s thighs. To take hold of her pussy.
‘Keep still: I know you love having it played with. Eh? That Paul. His finger in here. And not only his finger I bet.
Diana gave another whimpering yelp. Mr Mildon had his fingers inside.
But could that be worse than Mr Mildon’s tawse? No, was the answer. When not much later that leather strap sliced in for the first time. A desperate howl from the recipient. Oh Jesus! Mr Mildon’s probing fingers were definitely to be preferred to this. The scorching red-hot pain. An impossible pain. As the strap cracked in a second time… And a third… Diana was yelling out… but it was having no effect on Mr Mildon.
‘Does it sting a little? Well, good, it’s meant to. A little lesson, Diana dear.’
The lesson continued. Then a variation. Diana lying over the desk top. Her head down, her smart black shoes on the seat. Then the tawsing resumed. And after that…
‘Now a little touch of the cane, Diana. That should be a new experience, mmm…? If a girl hasn’t had it before the cane can be quite something. A whole new dimension.’
That was a reasonable description. A whole new dimension. Definitely outside a girl’s previous experience. Unless of course she had already had dealings with Mr Mildon. Secret dealings in which to get a college recommendation she was prepared to agree to just about anything. Including the cane.
The cane wasn’t all though. It was pretty awful but it wasn’t all. Because Mr Mildon did want what Diana had feared at the very beginning he might want. In addition to his little fantasies of short skirts and old-fashioned school desks and tawses and canes. Yes, Mr Mildon wanted the other as well.
And if you really needed that recommendation, for a college place, well, a girl didn’t have a lot of choice.


  1. This girl was an absolute stunner. One of the very best of the Blushes girls. I never tire of seeing her pictures. Lovely bottom and body, of course, and a nice brown bush but there's something about her face also. A pretty, believably teenage-looking face with a superbly realistic disconsolate expression. You'd really want to put a girl like this through her paces.

  2. Had many wonderful dreams about this girl over my knees.

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