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Friday, 14 December 2018

Jane: More Fun on a Bike

From Blushes 79
‘What about this, Janey!’ The Editor hands Jane the letter. ‘This bloke has got a really great idea. Going a little bit further you might say on that exercise bike.’
They are in Mr Greene’s office, just the two of them on this Monday morning. Jane looks at the letter but without focussing her attention. Her mind is still filled with the awful memory of the past weekend. Saturday to be precise. When what had really been inevitable from the beginning of this BLUSHES business finally happened. Ian had found out. Someone had shown him one of the BLUSHES numbers with her in it.
Jane could feel herself on the brink of tears again. Tears flooding out as they had on various occasions since that dreadful Saturday evening with Ian. When she had said he didn’t want to see her ever again. Yes, someone had shown Ian one of the magazines. Perhaps not the worst one but bad enough. Full of shots of her with her knickers down and her bottom bare. Not to mention the stories of course. Stories in which she wasn’t just caned, Jane was being fucked.
She had been just stunned. Sitting with Ian in his car and he had suddenly blurted it out. It was the awful scene Jane had imagined on countless occasions but somehow thinking it could never really happen. She had been struck dumb. Finally she managed to stammer weakly that it was only a joke thing. She had just posed for a few pictures as a bit of fun. And the stories weren’t true. No they were definitely made up.
It hadn’t done any good. Ian had seen the pictures, had read what it had said about her. The fucking, and all the rest. Tight-lipped he had said he didn’t want anything more to do with her.
So this letter that Mr Greene was now handing Jane didn’t immediately mean anything. She couldn’t think… The words on the paper were just meaningless words.
‘It sounds really great,’ Derek Green was saying. ‘Pretty hot stuff. The exercise bike has a plastic prick in place of the saddle. Then I guess you sit down on it… You’ve got nothing on of course.’
Somehow Jane was focussing her mind. The words on the page and Mr Greene’s words… making sense. Yes. She gave a sudden blurting wail.
No! No…ooo! Jesus! No!!
‘Don’t be silly,’ Derek Greene said mildly. ‘It’s nothing to get excited about. Just a bit of fun for the readers.’
No!’ She was wildly shaking her head. And then, half-crying, she blurted it out. About Ian.
‘Christ! That’s awkward.’ Mr Greene had come round his desk and put his arm round her. ‘The boyfriend’s not happy? Still I’m sure he’ll get over it. It’s only a bit of fun after all.’
Jane was sobbing. That awful letter was the last straw. Having that really awful thing on the bike. Having it up her. Especially after the Ian business it was just too much.
Mr Greene was continuing to say comforting things, with his arms round her. One hand had in fact come round and was stroking Jane’s right boob through her thin blouse. And then the other nice firm boob. He turned her towards him, pulling her in tight. One hand now stroking the cheeks of her ripe bum. And Jane could feel pressed up against her that Mr Greene had a hard-on. A stiff erection.
‘I know what you need Janey,’ he murmured ‘Especially if you haven’t had any all weekend.
She realised what he meant. Jane shook her head. Mr Greene had never tried anything before. Not like Bill Rawlins of course, or that awful Mike. But now…
He let go of her and went over to the door. He was locking it. No one else was out there in the other office this morning but Mr Greene was locking the door anyway. Just in case. He didn’t want to be disturbed. Because he planned to screw her.
‘No…ooo…’ she whimpered. But Mr Greene was back and at her. His hands up under her skirt at her brief knickers. Tugging them down her slim legs. Jane was making breathy protests, half-sobbing still, but to no avail. Derek Greene had her backed up against his desk and Jane’s knickers were now off. His hand slid up between her warm thighs, to stroke her pussy.
No! She really didn’t want it. But with all the tension from the Ian bust-up part of her did. A good fuck did ease tension. Jane’s pussy was getting undeniably wet.
‘Yes you do want it Janey. I can feel you do.’ Derek Greene was lifting Jane and sitting her on the edge of his desk. With her skirt up so that it was Jane’s bare bottom on the polished wood. And then, swiping things out of the way, pushing her back. Laying her down on the desk top. Pushing Jane’s bare legs wide. Then he was yanking at his own trousers. Pulling off his belt, pushing his trousers and underpants down. His stiff cock springing out.
A shuddery ‘No…ooo…’ from Jane as she felt it nosing in at her wet pussy. She didn’t want it. Certainly not Mr Greene. Not anyone, except Ian. What she had told herself after Saturday was that when she got here this morning she would tell Mr Greene she was finished with BLUSHES. No more photo sessions. No more awful sessions like the one on that exercise bike. No, no more of that and certainly no more fucking Bill Rawlins and that Mike and that Mr Enwood. It was impossible. No, no more of that and then she could go back to Ian and plead with him. It was all finished and of course she hadn’t fucked anyone anyway, that was just made up. And Ian would say OK she had just been silly and then everything would be alright again.
Yes that was what Jane had told herself. In between the tearful bouts of despair. It was going to be alright again and she was going to tell Mr Greene it was all over. Finished.
But now, here she was on his desk. On her hack on Mr Greene’s desk with her legs spread wide and Mr Greene there. Leaning over her and with his big stiff thing at her pussy. Nosing it in. Fucking her. It was impossible, this couldn’t be happening. But of course it was. He had it right in now.
‘Lovely Jane. You’re really yummy. Oooohh that feels great…’
That screwing was really awful. Not that Mr Greene was so awful because he wasn’t. But she didn’t want to screw everyone. Jane didn’t want to screw anyone. Except of course Ian, and Ian said he didn’t want to speak to her again. Oh Christ…!
Mr Greene wasn’t any help: He wasn’t really interested in Jane’s problems with Ian, not now he’d finished fucking her.
‘What am I going to do?’ Jane wailed as, standing on her feet again now, she struggled back into her knickers.
Mr Greene clearly wasn’t bothered. ‘Oh he’ll come round,’ he said airily. Just give him a few days. He’ll be back, begging for it.’
No, what Derek Greene was interested in was that awful business in the letter. That horrible exercise bike with now this obscene pink thing stuck where the saddle should be. Jane could just picture it. No! There was no way she would do that.
Mr Greene told Jane to calm down and not get so excited. She had to be sensible and remember she’d signed a contract for work. She couldn’t just refuse to do things. And she didn’t have to worry about pictures in the magazine for Ian to see, because they wouldn’t use them.
Jane let out a wail of anguish. Mr Greene had said the same thing last time, with Mr Enwood. Said perhaps he wouldn’t use the photos of her on that bike, but he had. Those awful pictures were all over the last magazine. Jane felt like screaming.
‘No really,’ Derek Greene told her smoothly. ‘That was all a mistake. But this time if we take any shots they’ll be for private use only. Just a few close friends. All great admirers of our lovely Jane of course.’
No!!’ Jane yelped once again. But Derek Greene came on a bit heavy. She had got to be professional, a girl couldn’t just do what she wanted. He reached for his diary. And then the phone.
Yes, it is back to Mr Enwood’s splendid house again. And this time it is not going to be just Mr Enwood, because Derek Greene has decided to drive Jane up to Hertfordshire himself.
‘Yes why not?’ he said. ‘I think I’d like to come and see the action this time.’
Probably it is the thought of that awful dildo, Jane thinks. Mr Greene seems really keen on the idea whereas for herself it is just about the most horrible thing she can imagine. Really dreadful. But she has got to do it according to Mr Greene, it’s part of her job as the BLUSHES special girl. At least he is saying the photos won’t be in the magazine. They are for private use for his special friends, plus that Mr Smith who wrote the letter is to get some prints in return for his great idea.
There is another thing too. That business of Jane being given as a prize to the winner of the best letter. Having to go to a complete stranger for a weekend — for him to do virtually whatever her wants with her. That could be even more horrible than this awful bike business. But Mr Greene hasn’t said any more about that to Jane and she certainly doesn’t intend to raise the matter herself.
It is something else to worry about though: a nasty nagging thought in her head. To make things worse the announcement that Jane was to be given as a prize was in the magazine that Ian saw. Perhaps naturally he had gone bananas when he saw it. ‘I suppose you’ve been given to a whole lot of blokes already,’ was one thing he said on that awful Saturday night.
But for the moment it is Mr Enwood Jane has to worry about. His big house… and that gym. He is waiting for them when they arrive, ready to start the action right away. He is stripped off to a pair of jeans; he says he has been working out and now it is Jane’s turn.
She is given a little outfit to change into: a pair of brief, skin-tight shorts and a tight little matching top. Nothing to go underneath; no knickers or bra. There are white socks and trainers as well. The shorts create an immediate little buzz in Jane’s head. With shorts on… well can Mr Greene perhaps have mind about that awful thing that Jane doesn’t even want to think about? Because with shorts on… well you can’t… do that awful business.
Also when they go into the gym the exercise bike is standing innocently there complete with saddle. So maybe… But on the other hand it takes only a few seconds to remove the saddle from a bike. Oh Christ!
Mr Greene has his camera. ready. He is presumably not planning to be in any of the pictures. That is again going to be Mr Enwood, who now has a broad wooden paddle in his hand. Grinning, he gives Jane a whack across the tight seat of her shorts.
‘Right. Now it’s pretty Jane’s turn for some action. Last time she didn’t seem all that fit, Derek. Or maybe it was just laziness, eh?’
Aawaaaah!! That hurts!!’ The paddle has cracked in again, a lot harder this time, across Jane’s bum.
She is told to start running on the spot. A preliminary work-out. And put some effort in it!
‘Get the knees higher,’ Tony Enwood raps in proper sergeant-major style. Another desperate yelp. He is being very free with that bloody paddle. Derek Greene, smiling, is pointing the camera. Click… Click… Click. Tony Enwood keeps her going at a frantic pace (‘Faster! Higher!’). Jane is gasping for breath, her body straining with desperate effort. The brief top is now soaked, clinging transparently to her bobbing boobs and delineating their ripe red nipples.
‘Maybe she had better take the shorts off,’ Mr Enwood says. ‘More freedom of action. And also I can then get a better shot at her. At that nice tight bum I mean.’
Desperately gasping air into her lungs, Jane glances at the bike. It still has its saddle in place — but for how much longer. Oh Christ! Her trembling hands work the tight shorts down off of her hips, then right off.
Tony Enwood tells her to bend and touch her toes. When she does he slides his hand under the now nude cheeks of Jane’s bottom. She gives a little squeal as he takes hold of her pussy. She is very wet there. His fingers manipulate her.
‘Hot Jane? All hot and wet…’
The hand comes away. Seconds later there is the red-hot kiss of the paddle, cracked in with all his force. Then another.
There are more exercises, now with Jane nude apart from the little top. Lung-searing running on the spot as hard as she can, then bending and stretching. All the time Derek Greene is busy with the camera, taking shots from all angles. While Tony Enwood is still busy with his diabolical paddle, whacking Jane’s bare bottom and thighs at very regular intervals. Jane is near the end of her tether, sobbing for breath, close to tears.
‘Keep it up,’ Derek encourages. ‘This is very good for you. You can do with being a bit fitter.’
Jane is in tears now. It is too much. She is collapsing. Her poor bottom and thighs are glowing red from that awful bat. Her legs and lungs are killing her. She collapses sobbing on the floor.
Mr Enwood hauls her up. One hand gropes her sopping wet pussy. ‘Maybe our lovely girl needs a change of action. A change is good as a rest eh?’ He winks at Derek.
No…ooo!’ Jane wails. Not that awful thing on the bike! But Tony Enwood doesn’t mean that. Not at the moment at least. What he means is he wants to fuck her.
Derek doesn’t object. He is happy to watch Tony fuck Jane, and also get some shots of the action. As for Jane, well no one is actually asking her if she objects. But then they didn’t ask her if she wanted to do all that dreadful work-out with the paddle cracking into her bum every few seconds. No, of course not. The BLUSHES Girl has to do what she’s told, we all know that. Which includes being screwed — and we all know that too.
Derek is lifting a wooden trestle out into the centre of the room. An ordinary carpenter’s trestle about hip high. ‘This will do. Bend Jane over this.’
Jane makes wailing sounds of protest. She doesn’t want to be screwed, not by Tony Enwood with Mr Greene watching. Watching and photographing the action for the enjoyment of his friends. But there is nothing she can do. She is too weak and exhausted for one thing. She is over the trestle now. Face-down with her legs apart. Hanging onto it, too weak almost to think. Tony Enwood is there between her parted thighs. His hand… and then his stiff prick. She groans, thinking momentarily of Ian. Oh Christ! The big prick is up her. Reaming her. Tony Enwood gripping her hips and sliding in and out of her tight slick tunnel. Derek Greene is of course busy with the camera.
‘Well I bet that was nice and relaxing,’ Derek Greene says when Tony has finished. ‘Just what a girl needs after a little work-out. And now I’m sure you’re ready for more. You’ll be just about ready for the bike.’
No…ooo!’ Jane wails. She is standing up now but her legs feel tottery, from all that awful running and then the fucking by Tony. ‘No! Not the bike. Look I’ve had enough. You’ve got a lot of shots. Please!
‘But we haven’t got shots of the bike,’ Derek says. ‘And that’s what we’re after. I know you really want to do it, Janey. It’ll be a big turn-on Even bigger than being fucked by Tony. Have you got that thing, Tony?’
Jane lets out another yelp of protest. She had been hoping against hope and that had helped her to keep going and endure all that other business. Now they were going to make her do it. She could feel herself close to tears again.
Derek put his arm round her. His other hand took hold of her pussy. His fingers slid in where Jane had minutes earlier been thoroughly reamed. He was telling her not to be silly, it was all part of her BLUSHES Girl job, she had agreed that, hadn’t she. Jane shook her head. No, she hadn’t. She was crying again now, the tears sliding down her face.
Tears, though, weren’t going to change anything. Derek stopped fondling her and went to get his camera again. It was time for action. And first of all he said he would like some shots of Jane up on the trestle. Lying on her back… with her legs spread open. Then with them raised…
Jane was doing it. Posing for the shots. Whatever he wanted, not thinking about it. Her mind was on what was going to follow. On the bike.
Derek made her stand on the trestle. Reach up and hang on the ceiling beam. Tony had gone out. He had probably gone to get that awful thing… Hanging on the beam and dancing her legs, as Derek wanted, Jane said pleadingly, ‘I really don’t want that other…’ Derek only laughed.
Tony had got it and it was on the bike. They had taken the saddle off and there it was, pink and shiny, in position. Waiting for her. Jane felt sick. The mere thought of it made her feel sick. Having to get on that bike and… sit down on it. While Derek Greene kept busy with his camera. Click… Click… Click… Shots to show his friends.
That was what he had said. But in Jane’s head, big and really sickening, was the other thought. That Mr Greene might have said that but what he was really going to do was print the photos in BLUSHES anyway. That sickening thought had been there from the beginning gnawing away inside Jane’s head. And if he did, well, it would be bad enough, it would be really awful, having everyone seeing these shots of her on the bike, but the truly awful thing would be that Ian would see them. She knew he would.
That unthinkable thought was now really filling Jane’s head. But there was no way out. No way she could refuse to get up on the bike.
‘Look… please… If I’d… do it. You promise y… you won’t take pictures and p… p… put them in the ma… magazine…’
Derek Greene gave a little laugh. ‘Of course not Janey. Now come on.’
Is this happening? It feels like some awful dream.
Getting on the exercise bike. One foot on the pedal and then her leg over to the other one. Jane is standing on the pedals, not sitting down. If you could call it sitting down because of course there is nothing to sit on, only that diabolical thing thrusting up at her.
Tony Enwood laughs. ‘Come on then Janey, let’s see some action.’ His hand goes in between her legs to grope Jane’s pussy. ‘Come on, I know you feel like a bit of it. Sit down… and let’s see you fuck yourself.’
Is it happening? There is the sense of being in an awful dream but Jane knows it is not a dream, this is reality. She is pedalling now. Pumping the pedals but standing up on them. Derek Greene is pointing the camera. Click… Click… Jane has a last desperate thought: maybe this will be good enough. She’s not actually on the dildo but maybe it will look like it. Maybe that will be good enough.
Then she gives a yelp. From behind her Tony Enwood has taken hold of her nude hips.
‘Come on Miss. We want the proper action. You can’t cheat. You’ve got to have a proper fuck Janey.’
Jane squeals. As she feels the cold plastic between her thighs. And then up at the lips of her pussy. Oh Jesus! Tony Enwood is manoeuvring her… and then it is going in. Jane’s breath hisses out. The thing is in the actual mouth of her cunt. Tony pushes her down… Jane gives a gurgling squeal as it slides up in. Fully up.
‘That’s it. Nice eh? Now give yourself a, a nice hard fuck.’ Holding Jane’s hips Tony slides her up and down on the dildo.
‘How’s that? Come on, start pedalling again. And up and down on that prong at the same time.’
She is doing it. There is a weird sensation but the feeling is not really different from being fucked by a bloke. The big pink prick is sliding in and out and it is a turn-on. In spite of being such a horrible thing. Jane’s cunt is reacting. She doesn’t want to but she is getting turned-on.
Pedalling still Jane tries to blank her mind. Forget Derek Greene who is moving around, getting all sorts of angles with his camera. And forget Tony Enwood who is behind her doing something. Will she come? Jane bites her lip. She doesn’t want to come… but she is definitely getting hot and steamy. She gives a gurgling moan.
‘Are you coming Janey?’ It is Tony, just behind her. ‘Does it feel really good?’
His hands are at her hips. The hands pump her up and down, accentuating her tempo. Jane lets out a wail. Oh! Oooh! Maybe she is going to come. And then… ooooohh!
He has lifted her up, off of the dildo. Christ! Just when she was getting there. And then sliding her down again… Aahh… the big prick is there again, sliding in. She shudders. Tony puts his arms round her from behind… His hands begin to buck her rhythmically… And then Jane realises it is not the dildo now. No it is Tony’s prick that is in her. He is behind her straddling the bike and has got his own prick up her. Tony is fucking her… and she is coming…
‘You were really great,’ Derek Greene tells her. They are in his car now, heading back down to London. ‘Really great and I should have some fabulous shots.’
Jane doesn’t answer. She is feeling weak. Flaked out. After Tony Enwood it was Derek. Then Tony again. Christ! She was exhausted. The feeling that she could flake out for a whole week. But slumped in her seat Jane’s thoughts turn to the cameras. It is full of awful shots. He won’t put them in the magazine. Will he?
She haltingly says it. Derek laughs. No, of course not. Then ‘I wonder what other letters we’ve got. Should be some more back at the office.’