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Friday, 21 December 2018

Jane for Sale

The final Jane story, from Blushes 83
‘I suppose it’s time to get up,’ Mike says.
Jane says. ‘Um. Yes. have we got to?’
The clock on the side table shows it’s just after eight and the closed drapes are bright with the already high sun outside. It is no doubt already a super day out there and Jane should be eager to get out of bed. Especially as she had so dreaded having to go to bed with Mike. But Jane has never been keen on getting up in the morning. And sometimes Mike isn’t quite so bad. And he isn’t too bad at the moment.
Jane is lying on her back and Mike has his hand between her parted legs. He is stroking her pussy and it feels really great. No doubt it shouldn’t feel great; Jane should tell herself it doesn’t feel anything. It is just horrible Mike amusing himself — and possibly only doing it with some ulterior motive in mind. Quite possibly he is about to drop some horrible bombshell on her. That waiter Marcel. Or one of the other waiters. He threatened last night to make her perform with all of them.
But Jane isn’t thinking about that. She isn’t thinking about her boyfriend Ian either, as she lies here with Mike, although maybe she should be thinking of Ian. Jane is not really thinking of anything. Except that it feels so good to be lying in bed and not getting up, even though there’s that super Grand Canary sun outside, Lying on her back with her legs open and someone doing what Mike is doing.
‘We have to get up,’ Mike says. ‘Go out and shoot some shots. And maybe we could take that Marcel with us. To get some good action shots.’
Mike’s words take a little time to register but then they quickly break the dreamily sensuous spell. Mike is talking about shots of Jane with that Marcel. Shots of him spanking her. Or maybe caning her. And screwing her no doubt. Maybe shots of Jane sucking him.
Yes it breaks the spell alright and brings back hard reality. Which is that Mike is capable of anything. And he enjoys doing the most awful things to her. Just to amuse himself it seems.
Jane starts pleading — but she knows it won’t do any good. If Mike feels like making her screw all the blokes who work in the hotel — or something equally awful — then he will. Pleading won’t have any effect on him.
Mike tells her to stop moaning and anyway they had better get up and go down to breakfast. But not immediately it seems. Because Mike is suddenly hot for her again. Maybe it’s thinking about Jane with Marcel or something, but he wants it. Or wants something. His cock is big and stiff again. And he… is pushing Jane down. Pulling off the bed covers and pushing her head down. He wants her to suck him.
Jane takes it. Thinking for the moment of that Marcel, the young waiter. She had to suck his cock yesterday. Briefly in between being spanked by him and then the screwing bent over the bed. He is very good-looking and she could probably fancy him. In some other circumstances. But he probably thinks she’s just a tart. A girl Mike has picked up, or hired. A common prostitute. Probably he has told all the other waiters about yesterday and they all think that. This thought seems so awful that Jane suddenly wants to cry. As she sucks Mikes cock. She wants to start bawling. Some tears do indeed come to those big blue eyes.
At least Marcel is not with them when they go out after breakfast. It is just Jane and Mike in Mike’s car. Marcel was there at breakfast and Jane couldn’t help catching his eye a couple of times, though she quickly looked away, her face flushing. But it seemed to her the other two waiters on duty also had knowing looks. So Marcel had probably told them. This thought made Jane squirm. But at least it is now just her and Mike in the car with the top down. Maybe Mike had simply been trying to scare her with talk of more Marcel, etc.
Mike drives out again through some of the super scenery Jane saw on her other visit with Bill, but this time they go to a new area. Up the mountain where the road eventually gives way to an unpaved track. Finally when it gets too difficult Mike parks the car. He gets a camera and tripod and a picnic basket out of the back, and gives Jane a red blanket to carry. They continue on foot along the now quite narrow track.
About 200 yards along this track they come to the place Mike has been heading for: a beautiful little blue-green lake nestling in the rocks with a trickling waterfall running into it. Isn’t it a great place for some photographs? Mike asks, and Jane has to agree. He’s probably brought girls here before, she thinks. Perhaps girls Mike has picked up and is going to ship out to Africa as prostitutes? Jane half believes that story they were shooting when she was here before and Mike really did that. But anyway at least that waiter isn’t here. It’s only Mike. Only.
Mike takes the camera. He says he’ll take some shots of her right away because there are a few little clouds bubbling up in the otherwise clear blue sky. Jane on the red blanket. She is wearing a white top and matching shorts, with ankle socks and sneakers. She spreads the blanket out and then poses on it, standing with her hands on hips, tits thrust out.
Mike tells her she looks good. But the BLUSHES readers are going to want to see a bit more action from their lovely girl than that of course. He takes a few more angles and then tells Jane to lie down. On her back. With her legs apart… and her hand in the crotch of the shorts. Playing with herself.
‘We should have brought that dildo!’ he laughs. ‘Why didn’t you think of it?’
Jane certainly doesn’t want the dildo. She recalls that yesterday when Mike was messing about with it — bringing her off with it in fact — he also had his camera there. Did Mike take shots of her with that awful thing. And if he did… they wouldn’t use them in the magazine, would they?
‘Don’t worry about that,’ Mike tells her. ‘Let’s concentrate on what we’re doing. Are you doing it? Have you got your fingers in your quim? We don’t want any faking.’
It is pretty awful doing this for the camera. But Jane is doing it. The shorts have got wide legs, they’re not her tight shorty-shorts, and there’s no problem getting her fingers in. And in the crotch of her knickers.
‘Yes. I’m doing it,’ she grimaces. Jane’s fingers are at her slit. Finding her clit. It’s awful… but it’s also a definite turn-on. Lying on the blanket and doing this. Looking up at the camera. ‘This won’t go in the mag, will it?’ she asks. Mike only laughs. Jane makes a wailing sound. Mike tells her to smile. Look as if she’s enjoying it.
‘You are enjoying it. I know you are. Hot Jane.’
‘I’m not really!’ But she is.
The camera clicks some more. From different angles.
‘OK. That’ll do for that. You haven’t come yet? Now let’s have the shorts off. And your knickers. So the camera can see what naughty Jane is actually up to.’
Jane is not sure she wants that. In fact she is sure she doesn’t. ‘Get them off!’ Mike growls.
Still lying on her back Jane pulls down the shorts. Off over her sneakers. And then her brief knicks. Then on Mike’s instruction she pulls her top up above her boobs. She has nothing on under the top, no bra, so her boobs are bare. Mike tells her to play with her tits. Pull her nipples, make them come up. And open her legs wide.
The camera is going click!… click!… click!…
Recording the action from different angles. It is again pretty awful stuff, lying with her legs spread wide, her knees slightly raised. To give Mike’s camera a perfect view of her open-mouthed cunt. Lying on the blanket like this with her fingers up squeezing her nipples. It is awful to think she could appear in the magazine like this… but it also definitely arousing. Jane’s nipples have stiffened up. She is feeling hot.
‘Now frig yourself,’ Mike says. ‘Your fingers in that hot pussy. Frigging it.’
‘No Mike! Please,’ she moans. ‘Don’t make me do that.’ But Jane doesn’t feel any strong aversion to doing it. On the contrary part of her is eager to do it. Lying with her legs wide apart and frigging herself in front of Mike’s camera. It’s awful but she’s in the mood now, it’s a real hot turn-on. If Mike says she has to do it.
‘Keep on. That’s great. Bring yourself off. Think of that Ian back home. Think of him watching you do it with that Marcel. Sucking Marcel.’
Jane makes a strangled moaning sound. She doesn’t want to think of that. No way. But it is nonetheless a big turn-on though. And she is getting there. Jane’s pussy is all wet now. And her fingers are really going at it.
She comes with a high-pitched shuddering squeal. Then flops back exhausted. Mike is putting the camera down. Then coming down on the blanket. Kneeling over her. Jane closes her eyes. She has that good feeling that you get after coming. Drained but feeling great. Mike’s hand comes in between her legs. Taking hold of her aroused cunt. She groans.
‘Ready for some more?’ he asks.
‘No Mike! Uuhhh… I feel like sleep. I need some. Oh! Oooohh… I don’t think I got any last night, with you at me all the time.’
Mike gives a short laugh. ‘You can always take a little more, Janey. I don’t know how that boyfriend keeps up with it.’ He is getting up now. And unzipping his jeans. ‘I’m going to get some sun… and screw you at the same time. How does that sound?’
Jane protests. She’s whacked out! She can’t. But Mike naturally doesn’t take any notice of her protests. He’s got all his things off now, except his sneakers which he’s put back on. He is bending over her. With a big erection of course. Jane moans again. Mike is kneeling between her legs. Putting it in.
Afterwards, after a little rest, Mike turns his attention to the picnic basket. He’s got a couple of bottles of wine, and fruit and some snacky things. Jane pulls her knickers and shorts back on and takes a glass of wine. What now? Is Mike going to want any more shots? Spanking ones perhaps? Not that she enjoys being spanked, not at all, but BLUSHES of course is keen on it. The readers are very keen on spanking.
Jane doesn’t want to ask, afraid perhaps of putting ideas in Mike’s mind that might not already be there. But with Mike a girl should assume he’s got plenty of ideas in his head already. Unpleasant ones mostly. And Jane very soon gets confirmation of this.
Sipping a glass of wine (Mike has said it is French: Cotes Du Rhone Villages 1988 which is very good) he now tells her: two other blokes are due to arrive shortly.
It comes out quietly, in a matter-of-fact way, but it is like a bomb going off in Jane’s head. She gasps, ‘What…! What blokes? Wha… What for…?
Well what does she think they would be coming for? To try their hand at fishing in the lake? ‘For some more shooting, Janey dear,’ Mike tells her. ‘What else?’
Wha… What shooting…?’
‘Well, one of them should be bringing a cane.’ Jane lets out a frantic squeal.
‘Isn’t that what the BLUSHES readers want? To see their lovely Jane get a bit more caning. Of course it is. Caning… and the other of course.’
They are going to do a bit more of that story, Mike tells her. The white slave one. The story about the girl being kidnapped and drugged, and then sent off to Africa to work in a brothel. And in fact these two blokes are actually involved in that. In real life. Mike thinks this is a great joke.
No! You’re joking. Please say you’re joking, Mike…
Jane is almost having kittens. Mike shakes his head. Unconcernedly pouring himself another glass of wine. ‘No, it’s true.’ Smiling at her. ‘They’ll probably fancy you, Janey. Well, I’m sure they will. They’ll probably want to buy you off me. I wonder what you’re worth?’
Jane goes into mini-hysterics. He’s got to be joking. But she doesn’t think Mike is joking at all. He would probably think it was a joke, though, to give her to these blokes. Well, look at Mike and that Marcel.
Jane feels a frantic impulse to run. Somewhere! Her eyes flit wildly round — but all they see is the lake with the high rock surrounding it on all sides.
Unless you could climb those rocks the only way out is back along the way they came — where probably even now these two vicious blokes are getting closer and closer.
Jane lets out a frantic yelp. Like some wild creature trapped in the forest. What can she do? Nothing. Except she scampers behind a rock. ‘Don’t run off!’ Mike laughs.
No, Mike hasn’t been joking. Two blokes do shortly appear from along the track. They look like white-slavers to Jane: swarthy Mediterranean types, one middle-aged and the other maybe late 20s, in faded denims. They are each carrying a bottle of wine —and the older one does also have a cane. Oh Christ! As they laughingly greet Mike Jane feels another urgent need to pee again, although she has just been. But anyway she can’t go now.
Mike introduces them. The older one is called Frank (or Franco) and the younger one Tony. They grin, as their eyes rove over her. What has Mike told them? Jane feels sick. He hasn’t really told them she’s for sale…?
He pours them some wine. Asking Jane if she wants some more but she shakes her head. Then he calmly asks Franco: ‘What d’you think then. About my girl. What sort of price?
She is going to be sick. He is trying to sell her. Franco looks Jane up and down again (his eyes have already made a minute examination of her body), then says a figure. It doesn’t mean a lot to Jane because she hasn’t really got the exchange rate sorted in her head yet. But… it is a price on her. She can’t believe this.
Mike is shaking his head. ‘You’re joking,’ he says. ‘This is a lovely young girl just out from England. Those blokes will go mad about her. Look, take a look with her clothes off. Get your things off, Janey dear. Let these characters see what you’ve got.’
She can’t take her things off for these two horrible guys. Especially if it’s so they will buy her. This is too horrible for words. She is going to cry, she can’t help herself.
Get your things off,’ Mike repeats. ‘Or Frank will hit you with that cane. A couple of real sharp ones. Is that what you want?’
Jane begins sliding down her shorts — as tears slide down her cheeks. Her shorts come off. And then her top. She stands in front of the three men in just her brief knickers. Is this just some really awful joke of Mike’s. He can’t really.
‘You… You said you w… wanted some more shots…’ she manages.
‘Oh yes. Yes we do. Caning ones. Do you want to do some caning ones, Janey?’
‘Yes. Al… Alright.’ Jane feels like she’ll do anything — if it means not being sold to an African brothel.
‘OK, we’ll do some. Franco can give you a few nice ones — while he’s thinking again about what you’re worth. OK Frank?’
Frank says, ‘Sure Mike. I’ll make her swear a bit, eh?’ He slices the cane through the air.
What is worse: having the cane or that other? The other thing has to be worse — although the cane is really awful. Mike has caned her and that was just about as bad as you can think of. And this Franco will be as bad, she can tell that. From the look of him.
But Jane can take it if it means the other won’t happen. She won’t be sold to these dreadful characters She wants to plead with Mike: Look, we’ll shoot some caning shots. And then you’ll say you were just joking about the other. About selling her. She’ll do the caning… and screwing too. If that’s what they want. But not…
Mike has got his camera ready again. Jane is made to bend over, over a rock ledge. With her bottom in the tight white knicks sticking out for the cane. She gets down. Franco gives a cackling laugh, and fondles her bottom. She tenses herself. It is all a joke. Isn’t it…?
Oh Christ Jesus!! Her bottom feeling as if it has been sliced in two. But it is all a joke…
So was it a joke? That was the last ever Jane article so we may never know…