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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Dance School III — Triple Trouble — extra footage

As mentioned last week, here is the additional footage at the end of the Dance School III video featuring Mel Penny (The Sports Mistress and Test of Obedience) and another girl.

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  1. Lovely girl, fabulous bum

    I love the slippering scene (second spanking, from about 7mins in.) It is very simple, spartan & authentic. This is how strict fathers dealt with their naughty daughters in the UK in the 1950s, 60s 70s & 80s. Out came the classic plimsoll, up came the skirt, down came the knickers & a naughty, tender, bare bottom gotten skelped a good'un with the hard, bendy rubber sole. Perfect! Sadly in the 1990s this traditional method of discipline rapidly declined as the naughty step gotten invented!!!

    Such strict 1950s corporal punishment was normal in households in America at that time (sure was for myself) & still is today in 2020, Thank the Lord. Moreover, I always gotten to believe that the British plimsoll was a superior botty smacker for daughters (on sensitive, bare skin, naturally) that our very own all-American paddles.

    The fabulous highlight in this scene is when gorgeous Mel Penny turns around, all forlorn & defeated, & pulls down her 1950s white, cotton panties to reveal her fairy-soft, squishy-white botty for the slipper. Oh my! She is soooooo the naughty, lil' girl next door, Fleas!

    I am age 61 now & this is a scene that I witnessed a zillion times as a child in the 1960s & 70s watching my dear lil' sister's knickers fall down for a whooping with mother's dreaded cane in the living room. That was the punishment. It was darn scary but also compelling (exciting I do admit. Oh my!!) experience for me. More scary for sure, if my own bare botty was next in line for the rod, in front of God. Oh my!

    Sister & me never gotten the slipper (it was not common in the USA) & we also never gotten the strap or the paddle. We were raised with a fine, super-bendy-thin piece of quality rattan which would whip across our bare buttocks (causing serious discomfort!!) when we made our parents cross! Mother was the main spanker in our childhoods, as dad was away on business. Our backsides were always bared for the cane from the first to the last. That was simply how it was done. Quite right too. No need for wishy-washy nonsense in my opinion.
    Great film, thanks Fleas.
    Brenda xx