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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Carol’s Christmas

Happy Christmas! This heart-warming seasonal family tale comes from Whispers 6.
‘Jeez! Fantastic! Those tits!’ Dave rolled his eyes and rubbed his crotch. ‘Oh boy, I wouldn’t mind having her give me a nice little wank.’
‘Cut it out,’ said Tom weakly.
‘Ahah! ‘ Dave reached across and punched his arm. ‘You want to keep her all to yourself, young Tom. She gives you a cosy little wank, does she, when it’s just the two of you here?’
Rick, sitting opposite, chortled. ‘It’s not a wank I’d like, it’s a bit of the old in-and-out.’
‘Look cut it out,’ Tom Caulfield was red in the face. ‘You coarse buggers. I bloody wish I hadn’t invited you round.’
There was cackling laughter from his two friends, and more ribald comment. They were in Tom’s sitting room and the young lady in question had just departed, to get her hair done, Tom thought. His cousin, Carol. Nineteen and very beautiful and very well-built as well. And when you were 16 as all of them were that could really get you going.
Carol was in her first year at university and was staying at Tom’s house for the Christmas holidays because her parents had gone abroad for the year. Tom hadn’t really seen Carol for a couple of years and there suddenly, stunningly, she had been: a vision almost from another planet to his 16-year-old eyes when they had met her at the station. Even more of a vision when they got back to the house and Carol took off her coat and scarf — and Tom could feast his eyes on the shape of her as well as the full-lipped, devastatingly dark-eyed face. For under her tight-fitting dress there were mind-blowingly big tits — and a ripely swaying rump.
So, yes, Tom felt the same raw 16-year-old lust that his close friends Dave and Rick did. But for Tom there was something else: he was more than a little in love with this vision. Two days now since she had arrived; two days of heart-pounding walking on air. Yes; quite smitten.
So when Dave and Rick chortled those things! ‘give me a little wank’, ‘the old in-and-out’ — it went through poor Tom like a knife.
‘Cut it out,’ he said again. It was true of course that he thought those very same things, but he hated himself when he did. Hearing Dave and Rick say them was a hundred times worse.
It was anyway almost lunch time and time for them to go. Tom wished now he hadn’t brought them round — but with Carol staying for the whole of the holidays they were bound to have met her.
‘What about this aft?’ inquired Dave. ‘You doing anything then? I mean we could come round again and… do something.’
Tom coloured slightly. ‘Oh, no. I think I’ve got to go out with my mum. Shopping. It’s a bloody bind but she said I’ve got to help.’
It was a lie of course, but he didn’t want them round again right away. They’d only be coming to get another look at Carol. Like before, sitting there gawping at her tits and trying to get a look up her skirt. No thanks.
‘Christ, what a dish! ‘ Dave shook his head in wonderment. ‘Boy, I could really get her down on old Tom’s carpet and fuck the daylights out of her.’
They were trudging away from Tom’s house in the fresh ankle-deep snow. Rick knew that Dave had never in fact fucked any girl so what he would do to Carol Caulfield was purely in the mind. But there was no harm in imagining it. Rick, also with no experience, had the same sort of heady thoughts himself.
‘Did you see when she was sitting on that chair?’ he marvelled. ‘Nylons, not tights, you could see the tops of them and her yummy thighs above. I think I got a quick look at knickers as well.’
‘I did too, pale blue,’ said Dave.
What Rick had thought he’d seen had been white. Maybe it had been pale blue. ‘I bet that Tom’s not going out this afternoon. He just doesn’t want us round there, he wants to keep her all to himself.’ He kicked at the snow. ‘I wonder what that jammy bugger gets up to with her?’
‘I bet he doesn’t get up to anything at all. He’s too scared. Now if she was staying with me…’
‘Or me.’ Rick threw a snowball at a cat. ‘What we should do is kidnap her. And say we won’t let her go until she agrees to fuck. Or at the very least give us a good wank. I bet I’d come in two seconds flat.’
Capturing the mouth-watering Carol was undoubtedly a stupendous idea. Dave said, ‘Yeah, strip her naked and turn her out in the snow and threaten to leave her out there tied to a tree or something until she agreed to put out.’
They looked at each other, hot-eyed, the heady vision swimming in their heads. Dave, who could be a bit more realistic than Rick, made a face. ‘It’s a great idea but I assume you can get into trouble with that kind of thing. Kidnapping has got to be a major offence, ten years inside or something.’
They had reached Dave’s house. He stopped at his gate, chewing his lip. ‘Tom said she was hard up, didn’t he? She doesn’t get much grant or something. What if we offered to pay her — to take her clothes off. I mean that would be something, wouldn’t it? To see everything, her tits and her pussy and everything.’
There was no doubt that it would. To actually see that ripe womanly body in the altogether. And Dave had some money. His grandfather had given him some Premium Bonds and one had come up. £1000. He was told not to spend it but one couldn’t really stop him if he wanted to get some of it out. It would be money well spent all right.
Would Carol do it? Rick said why not, some of these college girls would fuck for money, he had read it somewhere. He punched his friend’s arm. ‘So why not…?’
Somehow that sounded off in the realms of fantasy whereas simply getting her to take her clothes off was much more credible. ‘We’ll have to get her alone,’ said Dave. ‘I mean away from that Tom. He’d go up the bloody wall if we suggested it to him.’
As it happened Dave saw the divine Carol in the nearby town the very next day, and by herself. He was supposed to be looking for Christmas presents but that naturally went right out of his mind on sighting that handsome head of auburn hair and the college scarf. Christ! Heart thumping, he ran over. For a moment, with a growing tightness in the front of his trousers, Dave was too excited to speak. Then the words came: some initial pleasantries and then what counted. Would Carol like to come over to his place tomorrow morning? Because tomorrow morning his parents would both be out — not that he told her that. She smiled her dazzling smile, so that Dave thought his trousers might not be able to stand the strain. And said, ‘Yes, OK.’
Quickly Dave added, ‘Uh, don’t bring Tom.’ He gave a smile — a nice shy smile he hoped, not a leering one. ‘I mean Tom sees you all the time, doesn’t he? And Rick’ll be there.’ He added that in case she might think he planned to rape her or something.
She gave another of those smiles. ‘OK, if that’s what you want. What are you two boys planning for me?’ Dave almost came in his pants.
‘She’s not coming,’ said Rick. Looking out of Dave’s front room window all he could see was snow. Crisp new snow sparkling in the morning sunlight, a beautiful scene no doubt, but there was no sign of any human, no sign of that Carol. It was 20 minutes after the time she had said. ‘She’s bloody not coming.’ After all the excitement he felt really sick. He started to move away from the window but just then, at the gate… he let out a yelp.
They opened the door to her, scarcely able to contain themselves. Carol kicked snow off her boots. ‘Sorry I’m late. I had to do something for Tom’s mum.’ She took off her coat and bobble hat, a yellow scarf today. She looked at Dave, then down at the snowy boots. ‘Shall I take them off?’
Dave said a squeaky ‘Uh yes’ as they both stared at her. A tight yellow sweater that showed her big tits, a navy-blue pleated skirt. And under the sweater and skirt? It was almost too much. They led her into the sitting room. The bottle of sherry was there, on the sideboard, and the glasses. Carol laughed. ‘Does your mother let you drink, Dave?’
She didn’t of course, but then she wasn’t there. Dave gave an apologetic grin. ‘It’s Christmas, isn’t it? So how about a drink.’
They sat down, the two boys on the settee which meant that Carol had to sit on the chair opposite. As they had been in Tom’s sitting room. Carol smiled across at them. Did she have any idea of the sort of thoughts that filled the heads of 16-year-old boys?
She sipped her drink. ‘What are we going to do then? Go for an invigorating walk? And why couldn’t my dear cousin come? I had to tell them I was doing some secret Christmas shopping.’
How did you say what you had to say? They had of course discussed it. Just say it, had been Rick’s idea. That had not seemed easy when just talking about it. Now, with her only feet away, a real live 19-year-old girl, and with those nyloned knees staring at you and you knew that if she crossed them and you were lucky there would be nylon tops, thighs… knickers?
‘Uh…’ Dave took a mouthful of sherry and almost choked. As he coughed Rick blurted out, ‘Tom said you were hard up. I mean at college and that.’
Carol made a face. ‘He’s absolutely right.’ She crossed her legs, innocently no doubt, but giving them that quick heady view of nylon tops, pale thighs and a strip of white suspender. Rick said it.
‘Dave’s got some money. And we’d like to see you with no clothes on.’
It clearly came as something of a shock. ‘You what?’
‘We can give you some money,’ said Dave, red-faced and not only from his coughing fit. ‘To help you out. But we want to see you without your clothes on. I mean… well, we haven’t ever seen a girl without her clothes.’
Carol was slightly pink in the face too. She shook her head. ‘Christ! So that’s why you didn’t want Tom. I’ve heard of Dirty Old Men but not Dirty Young Boys.’
‘No we’re not,’ Dave said. ‘It’s just normal curiosity. All we want is to have a look. Come on, don’t be chicken.’
Bloody Hell,’ Carol shook her head again. The boys waited with bated breath. Then: ‘How much then, you young fiends.’
That was it. ‘Whatever’s reasonable. Nothing fantastic — I mean I’m not made of money.’
Rick said, ‘A fiver.’ Carol after a little pause said, ‘Why not ten?’ Dave said, ‘OK, done.’
It still took some more persuading, as Carol had second thoughts and decided she couldn’t. But having once got her to say that yes they weren’t going to take no for an answer now. Dave added another two pounds to make it 12. Carol had another sherry, then reluctantly got to her feet.
‘You say it’s normal curiosity but I say you’re just dirty little boys.’
Such talk was not going to worry them. ‘Come on,’ urged Rick, shiny-eyed. ‘The sweater first and then that skirt.’
A minor delay as Dave, who did not at that moment have the £12, was made to promise on his honour to pay. Then standing in front of them she did it. The pale yellow sweater and the blue pleated skirt and then a white slip. Their eyes goggled. A light lacy white bra holding those big tits, a brief tight pair of white knickers. A pale blue suspender belt fastening the dark rims of her nylons.
Rick said, ‘Fuck me!’ Dave said, ‘Now the bra.’
Carol reached behind her for her bra strap. The big bare breasts swung free, melon-like, their large nipples semi-erect. Dave licked his lips. ‘Now the knickers.’
Carol glanced at their hot-eyed faces. ‘Isn’t this enough?’ ‘Christ no,’ Rick rasped. ‘Come on.
She slid the knickers down and stepped out of them. There it was, what had been bulging out the tight white knickers. A rich red-brown bush of hair. Carol put a tentative hand in front of it but was quickly told to take it away.
For a moment, Dave, like Rick, was so rivetted by this fantastic sight that he almost forgot. Then he remembered. And reached smoothly behind the settee’s cushion for his camera which had been hidden there all this time. Picking it up and quickly checking the focus and then the bright exploding light of the flash — catching Carol staring with eyes wide in dawning shock.
Naturally all hell then broke loose. Perhaps Carol who was a big strong girl could have handled one of them and wrestled the camera away. But not both of them. A stand-up struggle nonetheless in which both boys got their hands mindbogglingly on ripe female flesh.
Carol eventually gave up. ‘You two little buggers!’ She was almost in tears.
‘I won’t show it to anyone, honest,’ Dave told her. Tight-lipped she reached for her clothes.
‘Hey!’ exclaimed Rick, eyes glued to the ripe flesh. ‘We’re not through yet.’
Bugger off,’ she spat.
‘Look, I said we’re not through,’ Rick told her. ‘And we’ve got that photo remember. D’you want us to show it to… to Tom? And his mother? Tell them you came over here and stripped off for us…?’
Dave added, ‘We can send it to your college as well if you like.’
Carol turned away from her clothes, hands over bare breasts and groin. ‘You absolute little shits.’
But absolute little shits or not they had the whip hand. ‘You’ll get your £12 I promise,’ Dave told her. ‘And I won’t show that photo to anyone. If you’re, well…’ ‘Well co-operative,’ Rick supplied.
Co-operative. They made her take off the suspender belt and nylons so that she was quite nude. Then Dave took another picture of her. ‘Come on, two’s no different than one.’
And then that heady idea they’d had. Outside in the snow. Nude. Carol said she wouldn’t, she just wouldn’t. But with those photos there was no real choice. They let her put her coat on to go out, and her bobble hat and scarf, and a pair of Dave’s trainers that fitted her. Then outside behind Dave’s house in an open area they made her take the coat and scarf off.
Fantastic! It was pretty cold of course, although the sun was out. More than the cold even, Carol was dead scared that someone would come along and there she was in just her hat and Dave’s trainers. Fantastic! Dave took some more shots and then they played this game. Tied a piece of rope to her leg and the other end to a bit of stick stuck in the ground. And then had a snowball fight. Dave caught her a real stinger right square on that big juicy bare bum when Carol turned away, and another would have been right in the tits except she partly fended it off with her arm. Rick got her a good one almost in the pussy.
At the end they ran in and shut her outside, without her coat. Poor Carol banging at the window and finally in desperation threatening to break it. So they let her in and let her have some sherry to get warmed up. She was in a bit of a state all right. Really mad and also half crying as well. Before they let her get dressed they made her get over each of their laps in turn and gave that fantastic bum a really good tanning.
Rick, who went second, right at the end when he had finished spanking her, put his hand between her legs and felt her pussy.
‘We should have made her fuck,’ Rick said when, at last, the tearful Carol was gone.
But there was plenty of time for that or anything else. She was staying at Tom’s for the whole of the Christmas holidays. ‘Bloody Christ!’ breathed Dave in wonderment at the morning’s events. ‘One thing, though, even if we don’t show those pictures to anyone else. We’ve got to show them to old Tom.’
They both started chortling hysterically. Dave gasped, ‘A real fucking Christmas present for him!’ 

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