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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

By Request… Punishment Shorts

From Blushes Supplement 2
In the first Blushes Supplement you did a photo series ‘by request’ on suspenders and stocking tops and asked if there were other requests. Yes! I would like a photo series on girls in shorts! There were tantalising glimpses in the series printed to illustrate ‘Educating Sandra’ but that splendid girl was stripped naked too quickly. I do not mean modern athlete’s shorts with those side slits. They are too loose and too short. Punishment shorts should be thin and snug and cover the whole bottom and least two inches of thigh — so that the delicious sculptural shape of the girl bum — is seen as a whole.
For penal whippings in Holland in the 19th century girls were fitted with such shorts (‘drawers’) when being ‘publicly’ whipped within prisons and it was quite usual to drench them with water just before the infliction — making the cotton almost transparent. The Dutch got it both ways; the new emerging prudery had its response — but the weals could be seen as they appeared!
G.P., Hants.
Nice idea, G.P. (Hants); Visions of chill afternoons, echoey rooms and the shuffle of bare feet on cold stone floors. Tight white ‘punishment shorts’ and cold water douches to perk up the sensitivity of bent-over bottoms.
And you think the girls ought to be bare-breasted? How many strokes should the girl-bums be given; ten, twenty? Should the shorts be peeled down after the whipping for the weals to be examined?
Should there be extra punishment for struggling, or is that all part of the humiliation, when the girl simply can’t help herself and just has to kick and wriggle? What about the girl ‘next in line’ being made to witness the first punishment, or should she be kept waiting outside with only the thwack of the cane and the other girl’s squeals to listen to?
What about the thighs, lovely and bare — a few strokes, by way of variety, or should they all be concentrated on the tight-clothed bottom?
Which of the two do you prefer, G.P. (Hants); the ‘splendid girl’ who was ‘Sandra’ in Blushes 7 or does the other girl have more of the look of one who has seen other whippings meted out, and felt the cane herself, in some institution where such things are everyday occurrences?
Should this be allowed, this bending over the horse and wrapping close around the woodwork and ignoring, perhaps, an instruction to ‘keep your legs straight, girl!’; or should it indeed be insisted upon, stretching both wet shorts and ‘girl-bum’ taut for the cane?
Yes, certainly a nice one, G.P. (Hants). Any other requests, anyone — you supply the ideas (not too exotic, please) and we’ll find the ‘girl-bottoms’ to which to administer the recommended punishments.


  1. Fleas although not a story do you have 'the model' from Janus?

  2. Thin, cotton, ultra-tight white shorts are most suitable apparel for girls undergoing disciplinary training. Other than a pair of plimsolls, no other clothing need be worn (as in these delightful pictures). In the spring and summer months at least, this could be the standard kit or 'uniform' for girls sentenced to the 'reform centres', those venerable institutions of the future, set up for the purpose of erasing all young female resistance to the 'new moral order'. What a mouthwatering prospect it would be to imagine a large number of girls in such a state of bare-breasted, semi-undress being drilled to perfection on the parade ground. I would favour the most spartan of regimes, one characterised by around the clock iron discipline, hard labour, vigorous physical exercise, cold showers, meagre though nutritionally sufficient food rations, canings and, most controversially of all, 'comfort' duties (to be undertaken by the prettiest girls). All 18-21 year old lower class girls and young women will fear a period of committal to one of these places, terms which can vary from a month at a gentleman disciplinarian's 'referral' to up to three years by official sentence of a magistrate. Any girl who experiences the rigours and indignities of the 'reform' system will dread the slightest prospect of being returned to it. Many gentlemen will be of the opinion that it “does a girl good” (a lower class girl that is) for her to experience at least a month as an inmate in one of these facilities, a 'short sharp shock' as it were, to liven up her ideas. Indeed, it will be a quite widely held opinion that a one month 'referral' makes a girl appreciate that, whatever the demands of her gentleman disciplinarian(s), they are as nothing compared to life inside a reform centre. It makes them thankful for their lot in life and much more accepting of their duties. To this end, many a gentleman disciplinarian will make the very real threat to a girl on 'National Domestic Service' that she will have to try very hard to please him or else face a spell in 'reform'. This usually proves a most effective incentive towards compliance and subordination. Of course, aspects of the 'tight shorts' regime could be modified to take place within the privacy of a gentleman's home.

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  4. The above brunette would be the first to be selected to provide comfort duties - to her deep chagrin.