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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Special Detention 2 – A Study in Punishment

Continuing from Spare The Rod [sadly I don't have that one] we once again enter the world of severe, and perhaps sadistic, Mr Meads as he continues to administer scholastic disciplines to the errant and wilful Emma Louise. The film begins with a panicky Emma Louise seated outside Meads office, nervously pondering the painful encounter that inevitably awaits her, Meads heightens the tension and the fear by making her wait, a classic psychological ploy of the stern tutor. Once inside Meads office Emma Louise’s efforts to defy the master and even lie to him fall on deaf ears as he follows the rule of school law and tried and tested remedies for the disobedient scholar. Following an over the knee spanking Emma Louise receives a grim warning about the consequences that await her should her grades and attitude fail to improve. Amazingly Emma Louise compounds her sins by copying the work of another student leaving Meads no alternative but to administer the harshest punishments available. In various states of undress, culminating in full nudity, Emma Louise is thrashed, caned and totally humbled by the stern master using a variety of implements and methods. In the final scene we see the beleaguered schoolgirl naked, tearful and humiliated — a study in punishment indeed.
M/f; year: 2005; time: 27 minutes
More stories about ‘St Angela’s School.’ ‘Emma Louise,’ played by an actress who appeared in other films about St. Angela’s, sits biting her nails, awaiting an audience with the headmaster, a notorious spanker. These on-the-bench-outside-the-headmaster’s-office scenes are obligatory for school spankings. Our favourites are at REALSPANKINGSNETWORK, where the girls have to strip naked, put their clothes in a neat pile, and await the door to open for them.
Emma Louise knocks and is directed to wait a little longer. The Head calls her in and immediately criticizes her drab appearance and demeanour, as well as her schoolwork. “The Halcyon days are over for you,” but not for him, because now he can turn his attention to her pants.
OTK, hand spanking on regulation knickers. He makes her quote facts from a history lesson as she is spanked. Enough justification for him. She stands for palm slaps and then is assigned an essay to write and return with.
FADE: Emma Louise returns with an essay, which the Head has learned she plagiarized. He has her grade transcript also; the grades are not bad, but he overrides them and downgrades them all, to make her punishment and whatever else he intends all the more certain.
OTK again, skirt up, panties down. The spanking is harder now. More palm slaps. “Remove your clothes, quickly.” She looks at him in shock, but this is not a complete surprise. She is soon naked, and like many girls in CP films, she has trouble with her blouse buttons. A rather lengthy frontal view as she awaits instructions.
“Stretch over the portmanteau.” He canes her here, and still harder. When she is sent to the wall naked, she faces us instead of the tradition bottom-out.
We invite someone to search the CP video genre to locate the last time the words ‘halcyon’ and ‘portmanteau’ were scripted.
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