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Friday, 30 November 2018

Poor Jane on a Bike / Win Jane

From Blushes 72
On the train going up to London from Kent, Jane is looking pensive, nervous. It is Monday morning, 10 o’clock, so the main commuter rush is over and with her in the carriage there are only a woman with a young child and an older man. The man is sitting opposite and Jane has realised he is eyeing her. And the thought has come rushing into her head that maybe he has seen the magazines. Blushes. There are about six issues out now with her in them. Shots showing her bare bum. And also the stories. About her being spanked — and screwed by all and sundry. This man who is eyeing her — has he seen and read all this? Those darting eyes gloating over her body.
She tries to dismiss the thought. He is just eyeing her because men do that. A nice-looking girl alone on the train, they get ideas. More to the point really is Ian, her boyfriend. If he sees those magazines. Some of that stuff was really awful. Ian doesn’t buy those magazines… but if someone else bought one and showed him. Or her mother. If she saw them. Or really anyone Jane knows. It doesn’t bear thinking about. She should never have got into this. But she is in it. With another meeting at the office this morning.
What have Mr Greene and Bill Rawlings got in store for her? Something dreadful probably.
Jane nervously licks her lips. She has had a pretty good weekend with Ian. Screwing him three times in all, which of course put Ian in a good mood. He loves screwing her but then it seems all men do, if they get the chance. Bill Rawlings and that Mike Volker. Those other characters when she was on Grand Canary. Before starting this Blushes business Jane hadn’t really screwed anyone except Ian. And now… If Ian ever guessed… Don’t think about it.
And Ian of course wants to know more about her job. Several times at the weekend (when he wasn’t engaged in screwing her) he asked. She has told him it is secretarial. Christ!
Jane gives a quick glance at the man again. Yes he is eyeing her alright. Maybe wondering where he’s seen her before. And he’s going to suddenly remember. Those magazines…
At the office Mr Greene tells Jane he’s got some more good letters from the readers. Does she want to read them? There’s one that’s especially good.
Jane doesn’t want to, they are bound to be awful. The ones that have already come in are awful, several about school, about various masters caning and screwing her. School wasn’t quite that bad, was it? And Mr Greene has already suggested shooting some photo sessions of those stories. Christ!
Mr Greene says he has got this letter just in that’s really great. The reader has the idea of holding a competition for stories with the best one getting Jane as a prize. Having her for a weekend — to do whatever he wants with her. Mr Greene thinks this is great. To Jane it sounds diabolical. She shakes her head.
Derek Greene grins and reaches behind Jane to grope her bottom. He tells her not to be silly. Yes, he thinks they’ll do it. Run it in the next issue. But meanwhile there is something else. Something Jane is going to enjoy. A visit to a friend of his. A friend who is very keen to meet the delectable Jane. He has got a marvellous big house in the country, with a gym and jacuzzi, etc. Jane will have a really great time.
Jane doubts that but she doesn’t say so. She doesn’t want to appear negative but no doubt this friend of Mr Greene has in mind doing things to her which she won’t enjoy. Mr Greene says Bill will drive her, the house is in Hertfordshire and Bill has to go North and he can drop Jane off. They set off about half an hour later. Jane is to stay overnight at the house.
In the car she asks Bill if he is staying too. He says no, he has another appointment. Jane makes a face to herself. Bill can be a bit awful of course but he’s someone she knows and he’s basically nice and friendly. Whereas being alone with this unknown bloke… and having to stay the night…
His name is Mr Enwood. He tells Jane to call him Tony. He comes out to greet them when they drive up in front of this palatial-looking modern house set back from the country lane in its own grounds. Mr Enwood doesn’t look too bad: ordinary looking really, in his forties perhaps, in shirt-sleeves and slacks, with a welcoming smile. He doesn’t look like a monster, a sadist: but then you frequently can’t go on appearances.
They go inside. Bill says yes please to the offer of a drink but then he has to be off. They go into the plush drawing room. Behind Mr Enwood’s back as he gets the drinks Bill grins at Jane. She nervously bites her lip. They have stopped off at a pub on the way here for some lunch and after that Bill drove down a country road to find a place to park. He needed a break, he said. But of course what he wanted was something else. He wanted to screw her.
Jane didn’t want to screw, certainly not. She never did. Not anyone apart from Ian, that was. But Bill was his usual persuasive self and he humped her on a blanket lying under some trees. That of course is fresh in Jane’s mind now, in Mr Tony Enwood’s plush drawing room. With also the thought that without much doubt Mr Enwood, friendly-seeming or not, is going to want the same. As well as… what else…?
Bill goes off and Jane feels a little surge of panic. Left alone with this stranger who is going to want to do scary, frightening things to her. Today, and also tonight. Sitting on the settee opposite him she takes a nervous gulp of her gin-and-tonic. She should never have got into this. Never. Mr Enwood is smiling at her. Smiling at his prey, she thinks.
‘So. The lovely Jane. I’ve been wanting to meet you ever since I first saw your pictures. As I suppose all those other Blushes readers have. And here she is!’
Jane grimaces nervously. ‘Those awful pictures. I didn’t realise when I took the job… Well, you know.’
‘Those shots of your lovely bare bottom? Being caned, etc? But you must have known what Derek Greene wanted. That’s what Blushes is all about after all.’
Jane doesn’t answer. It was true of course. She had been shown some of the magazines. But somehow the reality of actually doing it hadn’t come across.
Tony Enwood smiles again. ‘I told Derek I’d take some shots of you. I may not be a pro like Bill Rawlings but I expect we’ll get something, eh? In my gym for instance. Jane doing a bit of exercising. Your fans would like that I should think. On the exercise bike for instance. You should be good at that — I seem to remember in one of the bits you wrote you said you liked to cycle round those Kent country lanes.’
Jane gets the tour of the house first, which seems vast, rooms everywhere all as plushly furnished as the drawing room. One of the many bedrooms is for Jane tonight, with its en-suite bathroom. ‘OK?’ Tony Enwood says — and behind her his hand squeezes Jane’s bottom.
She mumbles something. Jane hasn’t got anything with her for an overnight stay, because no one had told her she would be coming here. The hand lingers at her bottom. She can’t tell him not to do it of course. Without doubt having her bottom felt up will be the least of what Mr Enwood has in mind.
His voice in her ear says softly, ‘Knickers Jane. You’ve got knickers on. Do you always wear them? Mmm? Well we won’t want them for the exercise bike. A girl needs proper contact on the bike. Bare pussy on the saddle.’
The gym is a large airy room with big windows opening onto the extensive gardens. There are various items of apparatus arranged around the room, including complicated and rather frightening looking weight-lifting gear. And yes, there is an exercise bike over to one side.
‘Are you fit, Jane? But I’m sure you are with that lovely trim figure. Shall we see? Let’s have you on it in just your blouse. And your sandals. But your skirt and knickers off. Freedom of action is what we want.’
Jane experienced a sinking feeling in her stomach. As she pictures what Mr Enwood is saying. She forces a sick sort of smile. Perhaps he is joking.
No Mr Enwood isn’t joking. Well she didn’t really think he was. Jane has got to take her skirt and knickers off and get up on the exercise cycle. Start riding in just her blouse. Her bare pussy rubbing intimately against that soft vinyl saddle.
She wants to protest, say she won’t do it. But Jane knows she can’t. She’s got to do what Mr Enwood wants. Her hands go to the waistband of her skirt. Her face is bright red, she can feel it. And Mr Enwood? Yes, he has got a camera in his hands now from somewhere. He is going to take shots of her. Of her bare bottom on the bike. The bared cheeks of her bottom wobbling as she pumps her nude thighs. Shots that he can give Mr Greene to print in the magazine.
‘Please… don’t take photographs,’ Jane pleads. As now she slides down her brief knickers. Shakily stepping out of them.
Tony Enwood merely grins, and turns on some extra lights. His eyes are fixed on Jane’s nudity. Her shapely thighs, and the ripe curves of her surging bottom-cheeks. In front Jane has automatically slid her hand across the ripe thrust of her blonde-bushed mound, but takes it away when told to.
‘Not shy, are we?’ Mr Enwood asks. ‘Surely our lovely Jane isn’t shy.’ The camera shutter clicks.
And now the awfulness of having to get on the exercise bike like this. With Mr Enwood of course intently watching. Mr Enwood and his camera. Gritting her teeth Jane mounts. One nude leg swinging up and over. Her pussy slit splitting open, and then coming down on the vinyl saddle. The feeling causing her to give an involuntary gasp. As she sits with her open pussy bare on the cool vinyl.
Jane is conscious of Mr Enwood close behind her, with his eager eye on the camera. He comes close in, and his hand cups under the full moon of one bare bottom-cheek splaying out over the saddle.
‘Nice Jane? Does your pussy feel nice like that? I’m sure it gives a girl a nice little thrill.’
Jane doesn’t want to answer. She gives a nervous little laugh, shaking her head. The feel of the slippery vinyl is arousing though.
Mr Enwood hand strokes the surging swell of Jane’s bared bottom. ‘Don’t tell me that, young lady. It’s bound to be. Sitting on a bike saddle spreads a girl’s pussy open, right? The outer lips spread open so that those sensitive inside parts are in direct contact. Isn’t that right? It must feel great!’
Jane gives a desperate little moan. It’s bad enough being like this, on the bike with no skirt or knickers, without Mr Enwood saying things like that.
‘Yes it is, Jane. No need to be shy. I know a girl can get herself off riding a bike, especially with no knickers on. Working her pussy on the saddle as she pedals. Don’t tell me you’ve never done it, on those rides around the Kent country lanes. Out on your bike with no knickers and getting yourself off as you pedal along. Eh Jane? Dreamily working our bare pussy as you think about blokes with big stiff cocks.’
‘No!’ Jane yelps, face flushing. ‘Please Mr Enwood.’
‘Tony,’ he corrects her. ‘Stand up. Stand up on the pedals, and spread your knees a bit.’
‘Noo…ooo…’ Jane breaths. But Mr Enwood insists, so rather shakily she does. Her knees slightly bent and apart. Exposing her pussy. Which of course is where Mr Enwood immediately slides his hand. Up the inside of one smooth thigh, to Jane’s pussy. It has already become somewhat moist. She gives a shuddery little gasp. Mr Enwood tells Jane to keep still. His fingers slip inside her.
‘Yes Jane,’ he breathes. ‘I think you had already started getting off. Naughty girl.’ And the hand gets to work on her. Mr Enwood’s fingers finding Jane’s clit and getting to work on it.
There is nothing Jane can do of course, she can’t stop Mr Enwood. And she can’t help responding. Any girl will if a man gets his hand in her cunt, with his fingers at her clit. Jane’s hips are squirming as she automatically thrusts herself down on the hand. No, she can’t help it, she is working herself off. And very soon she comes. With big shuddering moans.
‘Lovely. Wasn’t that just what a girl needs?’ Mr Enwood says, his hand still at Jane’s now sopping-wet cunt.
She feels awful of course. It’s always awful when a man brings you off like that. When you haven’t wanted it but he’s done it anyway. It makes you feel reduced to no more than an animal: just an animal with those awful basic urges. This is what Jane thinks. Mr Enwood lets go of her and comes round the front. She avoids meeting his eye.
‘Yes I can see you’re a really hot and randy girl, Jane. Like Derek Greene said.’
That makes it even worse of course. ‘No! I’m not!’ Jane protests, now sitting somewhat awkwardly on the saddle. Her pussy is all wet of course and there is an awful slippery feel to the saddle. It would be nice to have a bath or shower.
But there seems no chance of that. Not yet. Mr Enwood wants some action now, on the bike. ‘Come on. Let’s see this hot and randy girl have a nice work-out. Really working at it, Janey!’
And that is what Jane has to do. Really work at it. Push those pedals round as if her life depended on it. Mr Enwood has his camera, shooting away. And he has now got something else. A long, thin cane!
‘Just in case you need a little encouragement to keep you going, Janey.’
He has whipped it smartly in across the undersides of those ripe bottom-globes which under the bright lights are already gleaming with a thin sheen of perspiration. It was a real no-nonsense cut of the cane and really stung.
No! Don’t hit me!’ Jane yelps. She tries to increase her work rate on the pedals but she has been going hard now for some minutes and badly needs a rest.
Grinning Tony Enwood waves the cane in front of Jane’s face. ‘My little stimulator, my dear. You mean you don’t like him?’
She babbles something, thrusting desperately at the pedals. ‘I… need… a rest…’
Nn… Nngggghhhh…
‘You don’t need a rest, young lady. You need more work!
Nnnaahhh! No! No more!
There is no respite for what seems like forever. Jane thrusting desperately at the pedals under the awful lash of the cane — which slices diabolically in at regular intervals. But finally Mr Enwood does allow her to stop. He tells Jane to stand up on the pedals again.
Jane doesn’t think she can, her legs feel like rubber, but she does somehow manage to raise herself. Whereupon Mr Enwood’s hand goes immediately back to where it was before. In between Jane’s thighs, to her now sopping pussy. It is the last straw and her legs do now give way and she collapses over the handlebars. Mr Enwood’s hand is still there though. Working at Jane’s throbbing cunt.
‘Hot and randy, eh Jane! Even more hot and randy now?’
But he does let her get off the bike. He tells Jane to take off her blouse and bra (both now soaking with perspiration) and hands her a dressing gown to cover her sweat-wet figure. She can have a shower in a moment. But first of all…
First of all Mr Enwood wants to fuck her. He tells Jane he wants it. She shakes her head: she is feeling too weak and exhausted for anything. Even being fucked. But naturally. Tony Enwood is not interested in any refusals. He puts his arm round Jane’s waist. ‘Come along darling.’
Back into the drawing room. He tells her to bend herself over the arm of the settee. And part her legs. With a groan Jane flops down. She can’t refuse — she is anyway too exhausted to refuse. Behind her Tony Enwood pulls the dressing gown up over Jane’s back. To bare the sweat-wet and cane-striped bottom-cheeks.
‘Lovely girl,’ he murmurs. Jane groans as he mounts her. Mr Enwood’s big cock at her wet centre. Sliding up into her.
‘Well how did it go?’ Mr Greene asks when Jane gets back in the office. Bill Rawlings has collected her on the way back from his trip. ‘He’s a nice bloke, that Tony. Did you have fun?’
Jane makes a face. She certainly has not had fun. Mr Enwood may have had fun but that is something else. She shakes her head.
Mr Greene puts his arm round her. ‘Tell me all about it. OK?’
No. She can’t. Jane doesn’t even want to think about it. Certainly not talk about it. That business with the exercise bike… and the rest.
But Mr Greene persists and so Jane has to. The exercise bike and those other games.
Mr Enwood was taking pictures so there will be shots of all that for the magazine, pictures of Mr Enwood screwing her, using that remote camera like that awful Mike used in the Canary Islands, it looks like the same one but it couldn’t be could it? They couldn’t know each other, could they? Jane shivers at the thought, just thinking of them getting together discussing her… planning… scheming, it really would be too much!
She wipes it from her mind, but only to start thinking of Mr Enwood again and all those disgusting things he did. She can still feel his short prickly beard up the inside of her soft thighs, and his wet eager tongue searching her, and how could he do that after he’d had his “thing” there again and again (how many times did he do it? Jane is not sure she can remember). There won’t be pictures of Bill screwing her (on the drive back as well as going up). Well that is something, isn’t it?
Mr Greene is pleased to hear he’ll be getting some interesting shots. And now there are these letters from the readers. That one in particular about the competition for Jane. Mr Greene says he is going to go ahead with it straight away.
Jane claimed not to be very impressed but everyone else in the office thinks it’s a great idea though again of course Jane doesn’t think so. So we would like to invite all readers to send in their very best ideas. A Competition! And meanwhile if Mr P.L. would like to contact us again… Poor Jane.

We asked you all to write and suggest what dastardly situations we could put our little JANE into, just for the benefit of our readers you understand, not for our own personal titillation. Of course it would also be of great value to JANE, both morally and financially.
By far the best letter came from Mr P.L. of Bedford who suggested BLUSHES could run a competition in which the first prize is a weekend in charge of JANE.
BLUSHES would supply the venue and Bill, our resident photographer, would go along to ensure fair play or unfair play as the case may be, and of course record the events for our readers who wouldn’t want to be left out of such a mouth-watering event. Bill says he will also take along Melissa, who is a very good cook and a lesbian dominatrix by chance. (Editor: She should add a little spice). He says it might give the photos a new dimension. Poor Jane.
So get your fantasy on paper, send it along, and we will try to print it in every detail and you might even have it all come TRUE!!

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  1. I wish I knew what happened to Jane during the competition. And such sexy shoes in the last shots.