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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Lessons From Her Tutor

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.05
Jane didn’t see that she needed a tutor but Mr Enstein had persuaded her mother she did. Carl Enstein was Head of Languages at the nearby college and also a leading light in the local Fine Arts Society which Anne Sothenby had become very keen on. Mr Enstein was very supportive of her interest and he had even suggested she might become Secretary, with his support. Anne was quite bowled over by this. She informed David, her husband, that Carl Enstein was a really wonderful person, with a tremendous intellect.
David Sothenby had no strong feelings about Carl Enstein, or the Fine Arts Society for that matter. What he did have strong feelings about was fucking his wife Anne, who at 37 was still highly attractive. David, aged 40 himself, seemed to want to do it even more now than when he was younger. So he liked to keep Anne in a nice mood. If she was in a good mood she was generally amenable to being fucked, otherwise no.
All of this meant that when Carl suggested that regular tutoring — by himself of course — would be very beneficial for Anne and David’s 17-year-old daughter Jane, they were already in agreement and no dissent from David.
Jane herself was sure she didn’t need it. Maybe the real reason was that she didn’t like Mr Enstein. She had met him — he had been round at their house a couple of times for tea with her mother — and she had decided she didn’t like him at all. He was shortish with a bald bullet-like head and thick glasses. Maybe he did have a marvellous mind, as her mother insisted, but the eyes behind those glasses had seemed to Jane to go right through her dress and underwear, it was that kind of look, to her nude body. Her boobs… and her pussy… maybe she was being fanciful and maybe Mr Enstein hadn’t been imagining her body but she had got that feeling. Probably if he had been tall and handsome, and a bit younger (Mr Enstein was fiftyish), then Jane would have been quite happy with the thought of tutoring. But even then she was sure she didn’t need it.
Anyway Jane wasn’t being given any choice in the matter. She was still at school of course, with her last year coming up, so her parents made the decision. And though Jane might have been getting good reports from school, Anne Sothenby, dazzled by the thought of being Fine Arts Secretary, was listening to Carl Enstein. While all David Sothenby wanted was a nice good-humoured Anne who in bed would compliantly open her shapely legs and let him climb on top of her. Sometimes also downstairs on the sitting room couch… or with her bending over the table. When Anne was in a good mood she could be very compliant….
So it was agreed. Mr Enstein came round to tea again with Anne and she told him. ‘She is a bit reluctant though.’ Adding with a little laugh, ‘Well, you know what teenage girls are.’
Carl Enstein smiled, with his pleasure at hearing Anne had got her husband’s agreement to the tutoring, and also the pleasure of being here having tea with Anne Sothenby. She was a very attractive woman. He wondered what she would do to get the Fine Art Secretary’s job — over and above sending Jane round to him twice a week, that was. It was an interesting speculation. And she no doubt still had a lovely body… but his main interest of course was delightful Jane. Seventeen-year-old girls could be such a delight! So in need of proper guidance and disciplining…
He patted Anne’s knee. ‘If she’s reluctant it perhaps is an indication that she needs a little disciplining. Girls of that age can get rather out of control if you keep them on too loose a rein. Very frequently a father is too easy on his daughter. It does need another man, and of course these days in schools discipline is almost a dirty word.’
Anne agreed, though not quite sure what Carl Enstein meant about discipline. His hand reached out again and this time gave her thigh a little squeeze. She coloured slightly at the intimate contact from this distinguished man. Jane was very fortunate that he was showing such an interest in her…
He had got the green light and the best policy was to plough straight in, Carl told himself. Show her who was in charge, not accept any nonsense. Jane’s first appointment was for 5 pm on this Monday afternoon, and his clock on the mantelpiece showed just five minutes to go. Outside it was a cool October day but he had a nice fire going here in his sitting room. Nice and snug… if a girl was required to take her knickers down…
Could he demand that on her very first afternoon? But yes, why not? If she indicated any unfortunate wilfulness, any reluctance to be properly submissive.
The doorbell rang at one minute to five and there she was on the doorstep. Not late then, but was there a slightly defiant look, a firm set to the pretty mouth? He gave her a welcoming smile. Jane was wearing her glasses. Sometimes she wore contact lenses, to go out with her boyfriend Rodney for instance, but for this unwelcome visit to Mr Enstein she had decided definitely on the no-nonsense spectacles.
Carl in fact had no problem with the glasses. He actually found them rather sexy on a pretty girl. He took Jane’s coat and ushered her though into the cosy sitting room. He asked after her mother, then sat down in his easy chair by the fire. Not inviting Jane to sit down. Not yet. Instead:
‘Stand up straight then, Jane, and let me look at you. We mustn’t slouch, must we?’
Jane coloured slightly. At the request of Mr Enstein, relayed via her mother, she was wearing her school uniform: white blouse and tie with short navy skirt. Also white knee socks which she especially didn’t like and only the younger girls were required to wear to school. But as Carl had explained to her mother, having Jane wear something she didn’t like, something that made her feel like a small girl, was good for her. Good for discipline.
‘Feet together. And pull your shoulders back a bit more.’ She went redder in the face and looked about to blurt out some defiant refusal, but then perhaps thought better of it. Her arms came straight at her sides and her shoulders back. The posture pushed out Jane’s boobs in the tightish blouse. They were quite large and full for her age: a woman’s breasts almost.
Carl nodded approval. ‘Good. I am going to insist on discipline, Jane. Maybe at your age that’s even more important than the work itself. I discussed this with your mother and she agreed with me. It is something which unfortunately tends to be neglected these days. Don’t you agree?’
She tried to find an answer. What did he mean by discipline? Apart from wanting her to stand with her shoulders back — and her boobs sticking out at him.
Mr Enstein gave a little laugh. ‘In the good old days, Jane, girls of your age would have their bottoms smacked. In the interests of discipline. Have their knickers taken down and their bare bottoms spanked.’
Jane could feel her cheeks burning. The thought of what he was saying made her feel hot all over. So that was what he meant. She shuffled her feet.
‘What do you think about that, young lady? Don’t you think it’s a pity they don’t still do that in schools. Isn’t it a pity you haven’t been over your Headmaster’s lap a couple of times. With your knickers down. His hand smacking down on your bare bottom…’
She shook her head weakly. Briefly she made eye contact with those intent eyes which earlier, in her own sitting room, Jane had imagined looking straight through her dress at her nude body. She looked quickly away. The eyes behind the thick glasses had that same look now. They were no doubt imagining her nude body again. Her nude bottom. This time imagining it over his lap. Her skirt up and her knickers down. His hand smacking down on the bare flesh…
Carl Enstein pursed his lips. ‘This is a serious matter of course. I do think it is important, and something of that sort would be highly beneficial to any girl nowadays. Including yourself, Jane. And your mother agrees. Look at me!’
She forced herself to meet that unwavering gaze. It was as if he could look right into her head. As well as through her clothes of course. Through her blouse and skirt…
‘Well…. we’ll leave it for the moment. But I want you to think about what I’ve said.’
And then at last the subject was changed. Mr Enstein told her she could sit down. Get a chair and bring it next to his. They would now look at some of the work she had brought.
They went through some of her French work for an hour, and then it was time to leave. Jane gave a quiet sigh of relief. Throughout she had had difficulty in concentrating, half expecting that at any time Mr Enstein would seize on some little detail. And then… he would tell her to get up… and take her knickers down…
He didn’t. But then as she was leaving and Mr Enstein was opening the front door for her, he said, ‘Well, don’t forget what I said. About this…’ And his hand slid round behind her. To give Jane’s bottom a firm grope.
Her mother asked how it had gone and Jane blurted, ‘Awful! Really awful. He’s really hateful and I just don’t want to go round there any more.’
Oh really!’ Anne said, and wanted to know what, especially, was the problem. Jane shook her head. It wasn’t easy to put into words. Because Mr Enstein hadn’t actually done anything. Well, apart from that grope of her bottom on the way out. He hadn’t even actually threatened to take her knickers down and spank her bottom. The threat had been there but not actually stated. He had just made her feel really awful.
‘I think you’re being a bit silly,’ her mother said soothingly. ‘And of course you’re going again.’
Carl thought he had done enough now, for Jane’s second visit which was the Thursday, five o’clock again. He had laid the ground work, and had also had a further word with her mother on the phone. Saying Jane’s first visit had convinced him that some disciplinary action was what was needed. Anne had answered, rather nervously it must be said, ‘Well I’m sure you know best, Carl.’ Because she was sure he did know best. And also she really did want that Fine Arts position. She didn’t know exactly what he intended of course. Maybe she would rather not know…
What Carl Enstein intended was a first spanking on this second visit. Well, there was no point hanging about.
It was another of those cold and blustery October days outside and he had the fire lit again. Because this time… well, you wanted a nice cosy atmosphere. When a girl was going to be told to take her knickers down.
He could see she was nervous when he greeted her at the door. Expecting something more this time? He wouldn’t disappoint her!
He helped her off with her coat. And this time as he conducted her through into the sitting room his hand went to her bottom — and stayed there. Not up her skirt, but it was enough to make Jane breathe quite a lot faster.
The sitting room was in semi-darkness, no light on and the curtains half drawn against the darkening October afternoon. The only light came from the flickering flames of the fire. He closed the door behind them and gave Jane’s trembling bottom a firm slap, then went to sit in his chair by the fire.
‘Come and stand here then, Jane. And nice and straight. Shoulders back. You’ve got to learn to do these things without being told all the time. Or we are going to have our bottom spanked. Mmmmm?’
Jane was still feeling that hand at her bottom, still feeling twitchy from it. Now she could definitely discern a greater eagerness in his voice compared to last time. It was more straight at her. The thought suddenly came: he’s going to do it! He was planning to do it this time. Spank her bottom…
She shook her head, her face reddening.
‘I like an answer, not just the head shaking, Jane. It’s not very polite. I really think we do need something. Let’s see, shall we? Lift your skirt. And then… slip your knickers down.’
It was what she had had a premonition of moments earlier, but still Jane couldn’t believe it. She weakly shook her head.
‘Are you disobeying me, miss?’ he demanded in a sharp, authoritarian voice. Jane shook her head again. It was all at once like being in some sort of nasty dream.
‘Then do it! Now! Lift your skirt… and take your knickers down!’
She wanted to make a bolt for the door. But at the same time, in the face of those unblinking eyes and the hard, stern voice, Jane felt herself rooted to the spot. A few moments hesitation and then her hands were responding. Slowly raising the navy skirt….
Mr Enstein briskly urged her to get it higher, right up round her waist. And then the other….
Somehow she was doing that, too. Sliding her navy knickers down.
‘That’s better, Jane. Keep your skirt up round your waist. This is a test of discipline…’
The knickers were down round her ankles and she had the skirt obediently bunched round her waist. Jane’s face in the firelight was flushed a deep red. She was quivering, her bare thighs shaking. The flames from the fire were lighting a warm glow on her soft nude flesh. On her rounded hips and belly and thighs. At the centre there was a neat black bush.
‘Keep quite still.’ Mr Enstein was getting to his feet. Stepping round behind her. Jane’s breath shuddered out as his hand took hold of her bare bottom.
‘Yes discipline, Jane. Isn’t that what is needed? And in a moment we are going to have a proper session of discipline. Not just having to stand with your skirt up and your knickers down. We are going to have a spanked bottom.’
There were both his hands now. Moulding and squeezing the nude flesh of her bottom. It wasn’t possible to believe this was happening. She should jerk herself away. Demand what he thought he was doing. It was quite outrageous… but Jane just couldn’t do any of that. She heard herself pleading, in a quivery voice. Mr Enstein briskly told her to be quiet. One of his fondling hands delivered a sharp pinch to the under-curve of her right bottom-cheek. Then he had let go. He was coming round to sit in his chair again. And beckoning her. She was to get down. Lower herself across his spread thighs…
Jane’s mind seemed to go blank for some moments. And then the flames from the fire were a warm glow on her face. She was down there. He had pulled her down and she presumably hadn’t resisted. She was across Mr Enstein’s lap. Her skirt was still up round her waist. His hand was at her bare bottom again. He was saying something but she didn’t get it, her mind wasn’t comprehending. She could only focus on that hand at her bottom.
The hand was fondling the softly pliant flesh of the cheeks… then it slid in between her thighs which were lying slack, not tight together. She tried to close them now but the hand was already there. Mr Enstein said a soft something…
His hand came away, then pushed her legs apart again. Then the hand went back in between, but this time at the top of her legs. To her pussy. The hand was cupping her pussy. After some moments it came away. The hand was no longer in between her legs but she could still feel the tingle from his hand at her pussy. And she thought: now. It is going to start now. The spanking.
And it did.
Hard, stinging smacks. They really hurt and she was yelping, with the shock of it, and the sharp pain. But over and above that was the sense of being like this. Spread over Mr Enstein’s lap with her legs and bottom and pussy bare. Being forced to submit to him like this. The sense of being ravaged. The sense of being in forced total surrender….
The hand continued to crack down.
Her bottom was hot and raw now and Jane’s hand must have reached behind her, in an attempt at protecting her defenceless rear from the continuing onslaught. But Mr Enstein simply caught her wrist in a vice-like grip, pulling her hand up out of the way. There was no interruption in the spanking.
At last he finally stopped. He said something but Jane’s dazed mind couldn’t take it in. Then his hand was there at her bottom again. At the hot flesh. Not spanking, but fondling like before. The hand pushed her legs apart. Then slid in between. The hand was at her pussy. It was wet now. His fingers found the wet slit between the lips… and slipped in…
She didn’t tell her mother. That Mr Enstein had spanked her bare bottom and also done that other. Jane was going to but then she didn’t. And her mother didn’t press her, just asked if it had gone alright and she seemed happy with Jane’s non-committal response. Maybe Anne was happy enough not to know the details.
Jane wasn’t sure why she changed her mind about telling her. Could it have been because she felt a bit ambiguous about it? She didn’t want to admit to herself that she did feel ambiguous. But she did. It had been awful. Devastating. Yes. But also… exciting as well. Being helpless in Mr Enstein’s hands like that. Having to submit to that awful spanking. And then the other. His hand there, at her pussy. Yes it had been truly awful… but she had almost come when he did it. He had almost brought her off.
Thinking about it that night in bed and shivering. Thinking about those fingers… and thinking about next time. Next time was in two days’ time. Was there going to be more of the same? Well she imagined you could pretty much bet on it.
The next time! Saturday afternoon, an earlier appointment, two o’clock. There was something else already. Yesterday evening Mr Enstein had phoned and asked to speak to her. He said he didn’t want her wearing those juvenile knee socks this time, instead he wanted stockings and a suspender belt. Together with smarter shoes of course not the tennis shoes she had worn with the knee socks.
Jane’s mother had asked what Mr Enstein had wanted, but after a moment’s hesitation Jane didn’t tell her. Instead she said, ‘Oh just a book he wants me to bring.’
Why had she lied to her mother? Jane didn’t really know. But she was wearing the more sexy stockings and suspender belt under her skirt now as she rang Mr Enstein’s bell. There was something else too. She hadn’t worn her glasses, instead she had put in her contact lenses…
Inside Mr Enstein commented on the absence of glasses. She flushed and muttered something. Mr Enstein came close. His face very close to hers.
‘Girls without glasses still have to have their knickers taken down and their bottoms spanked, Jane.’
She was backed up against the wall and couldn’t move. His hand was at the hem of her skirt, in front. ‘And I’d better check down here, hadn’t I.’
The hand slid up the fronts of her thighs under her skirt. To the tops of her stockings. It fiddled with a suspender clasp. ‘Good girl,’ he murmured.
The hand followed a suspender strap on up. It finally closed on Jane’s pussy mound through her brief knickers. She was trembling. The hand pushed her legs apart and then went in there. Along the line of her cunt. His fingers stroked her. ‘You like this,’ he murmured. ‘Don’t you, Jane….’
She protested that she didn’t. But in fact it was terribly exciting. She was squirming, but not resisting…. He stopped and took her through into the sitting room. They sat on the settee, Jane all hot and bothered now from having him play with her cunt like that, when she was scarcely inside the house. He said he had something to tell her.
‘I spoke to your mother yesterday, Jane. She and your father want to go away for a couple of days I understand. So we’ve agreed that you will come and stay here on those days.’ He laughed. ‘And nights too of course.’
This was news to Jane, although she knew her parents had been talking of her mother possibly going with her father on one of his business trips. She shook her head. Could it be true! The thought of staying overnight with Mr Enstein was almost too much to contemplate.
‘We can go upstairs,’ he said. ‘I can show you my little room that you’ll have.’
As Jane rose unsteadily to her feet he added. ‘And I can give you your next spanking up there, can’t I?’
He did spank her in the bedroom. The nice chintzy bedroom that Mr Enstein said she would be in when she came to stay in a week’s time. Mr Enstein sitting on the bed and pulling Jane across his lap. Her heart was really thumping of course. Because being across his lap and having her knickers pulled down was so awful. His hard hand smacking down on her soft bare bottom. Yes really awful. But at the same time it was also so awfully exciting. A real turn-on. And with now the thought also that she was going to be here staying overnight. And what would happen then…?
But what was happening now was quite enough. If not too much. The really awful spanking, and then after it Mr Enstein’s hand between her legs.
‘You like it, I know,’ he murmured.
And though she was stutteringly trying to deny this, Jane knew it was true. She did like it. And she was all wet…
Mr Enstein’s soft voice, as his fingers worked at her. ‘I think you’d like something else…’
What did he mean? Fuck her…? Because Mr Enstein was taking her knickers right off. And then pushing her down on the bed. On her back.
But, it wasn’t that. Not fucking her, though probably if he had wanted to she wouldn’t have resisted, in the state she was in. But it wasn’t that. Something just as mind-boggling though. He was taking off his glasses. And then parting her legs, His face… Up there. His mouth… At her. Her hot pussy. Licking. Sucking.
She almost went out of her mind.
Anne Sothenby made a cooing sound of pleasure.
Sitting with Carl Enstein on their sitting room settee. He had just assured her that pretty definitely she had the Fine Arts post. Secretary. Mr Enstein had his hand up between her parted thighs. His fingers were at her pussy. Sensuously stroking the moist lips through Anne’s brief knickers.
She made more sounds of pleasure. At the thought of getting that so desirable post. And also, certainly, at what the masterful man was doing. And what no doubt he would shortly be doing. When he had her knickers off.