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Sunday, 25 November 2018


Captioned pictures from Blushes Supplement 1 which accompanied the story Educating Sandra.
More than meets the eye goes on at some places; this caretaker gets in on the act whenever he can.
A late-returner from the sixth form cross-country run finds the changing rooms deserted and ‘Jobsworth’ distinctly tetchy, having cleaned the mud out of the showers already, particularly as he knows the girl did only a quarter of the proper course and hid from the games mistress in the warmth of the boiler room.
With this information as ‘hostage’ the girl’s fate is sealed.
‘Close your eyes, sweetheart, and think of how much worse it would be if ‘Jobsworth’ told Miss Hendry!’

Anyway, it’s nothing the old villain hasn’t seen before!
‘That’s the worst off — now, get yourself across here — don’t splash mud on the floor, girl! Stick your bottom out — where’s that cane now, hum?’
High and mighty, some of the girls at this place. But this one’s not so snotty-nosed now, is she, eh?
‘Right — let that be a lesson to you, Miss; and the next time you want to hide in my boiler room and dodge the cross-country, you’ll ask my permission, right? I’ll want to be there to keep an eye on you, see!’ (Bet you will, Jobsworth — bet you will!)